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Agape Foundation, May 8, 2011

What we are going to discuss in this article may not lead us to

concrete conclusion, but at least we can find some additional
enlightenment about the future, which most of us dread about.
Above all, some shades of hope and lights will be given here so that
we will view the coming future both its dark side as well as its
beautiful side, and how we can endure the dark to be able to see the
dawn, and above all, meet the morning and live the ensuing day –
read: eternal day!

So, let’s begin our discussion.

In my previous article, I quoted the New Revelations about which

our Father discussed the periodic land-sea shift or interchange. This
land-sea shift does not necessarily equate to the much publicized
pole shift. There is not conclusive evidence yet to consider land-sea
shift to pole shift, and there is no clear evidence as well to think that
the land-sea shift will happen simultaneously with the pole shift.

In the following paragraphs we will see some more clarifications.

The Scripture I was referring to was from “The Household of God”

to wit (This a statement from our heavenly Father known to our
patriarchs as Abedam):

Pole Shift every 13,555

Household of God
Volume II, Chapter 7

When Abedam had turned over Ghemela and Lamech to the

patriarchs, He stepped up to the other four married
couples and said:

2. "Listen! What I am going to say to you, you shall soon

put in action, that is, not today but on the following
working days.

3. “This is what I tell you: In the bowels of the earth

there is a kind of rock of a reddish appearance and less
hardness than other rocks. When it is lifted its weight is
more considerable than the weight of another rock of
equal size. This rock takes its origin from the rays of the
sun, which are absorbed by the earth, and is found
everywhere in the mountains, where alone passages exist
in the moisture of which the power of the absorbed
sunrays accumulates. Here, under the influence of the
other, nocturnal, celestial body, it develops a force and
counter-force (polarity) of its own, finally becoming
gradually firmer and more consolidated. And every
13,555 years, as the earth's water with the half-
completed circuit of the sun changes its polarity [Note:
from the word pole, e.g., North Pole, South Pole], through
this almost 7000 years lasting inundation this rocky mass
collected in the passages is so thoroughly seasoned that
when the water recedes it is already so abundant and solid
that it can no longer be dissolved during the next 13,555
years. Although its water level may have gone through
several thousand cycles, the raw residue of this rock has
not deteriorated but on the contrary been only improved.

4. "Behold, until now this rock has been used by no one

except for some time by a royal son of the city of Enoch.
However, he was only shown the dross of this rock; yet the
earth since its beginning has suffered countless thousands
of such changes in its water level.

5. “There is much good hidden in mountains for the wise

who have love. I am revealing this to you so that you should
use it wisely.

6. "Gather it and purify it in the fire, and in due course I

shall tell you through your spirit how and to what end you
shall use it.

7. "Once you have mastered the art, teach it also to your

brothers, but teach them all also the wise, unselfish use of

8. "I have prepared new dwellings for you and have

equipped them with everything expedient in the practice
of the new art. The spirit will teach you all how to use the
available tools. Although some of you have been trying
since the earliest times to reproduce the tools given you
by Me, no one really succeeded since you did not find the
right metal. However, since I have now shown you the right
one, you will now be able to make the same tools as the
ones you used to receive secretly from Me ready made.

9. "However, just as I have at all times given you all this

for nothing, so you must do also. And since you will be busy
in your endeavor to benefit your brothers, also your
brothers should be concerned with supplying you with food
and drink.

10. "But you shall not ever demand this in return for your
work; what they will bring you, eat it and enjoy it
gratefully. Likewise, no one shall demand something from
you because he gave you something. Let love alone rule
your mutual conduct.

11. “The thus prepared metal you may name Sideleheise


12. "Be perfect in all things and mighty in the living love,
and I shall always be among you and with My blessing hand
draw you, teach you and prepare you in all perfections.

13. After this instructive speech of Abedam, Adam

stepped up to Him and asked Him:

14. "Holy, most loving Father! You have a while ago

mentioned the changing level of the earth's water. Behold,
if thus the sea should soon swallow up our presently
inhabited lands, what will become of us? "Could You not
give us a hint on this, provided it be Your holy will?"

15. And Abedam smiled at this question and then said to

Adam: "Adam, if you must by all means worry, worry about
something better, for this concern is rather foolish.

16. "Imagine from now on a period of thirteen thousand

years. Truly, at that time and in the completely changed
circumstances of your existence, the nature of the earth
should worry you very little, - and the people inhabiting
the earth at that time will have time enough to withdraw
from the returning flood; for its rising and falling occurs
so slowly that the difference is only noticeable from
thousand to thousand years. Moreover, all the water will
first have retreated from this northern hemisphere.

17. “Therefore, look, how idle and futile is your foolish


18. "I tell you, as well as the rest of you: Strive above
all for the purity of your hearts and the true inner love
for Me, but do not be concerned about the control of
the heavenly bodies, for only I know how to direct and
properly sustain them, and My might, strength, power
and wisdom are forever sufficient for the whole of

19. "I tell you: At nighttime you see clusters of stars

faintly glimmering down to you from the endless depths of
the vast infinity, and the last inhabitants of the earth will
still see them in remote times to come, yet the old earth
was not founded as yet when they had already perished
after an existence lasting almost eternities.

20. “This fate will also be shared by this earth and this
visible heaven; but My Words and My children will not
ever perish.

21. "Would you, Adam, not like to worry also about that?

22. "This is why I tell you: Do not be concerned about

the things of the world, but let Me care for
everything; for with all your concern you cannot even
create a mote.
23. "Since you want to care, care only to be without
care so that your hearts might become pure and more
and more filled with the true, inner love for Me. For
the eternal, indestructible life consists in that you
recognize Me at all times and love Me above all. Amen."

Thus, ends the words of our heavenly Father.

Try to keep in mind several points regarding our topic today: the

From verse 3, we can gather the dry land –sea shift is associated
with the pole shift, or at least polarity change, to wit:

“under the influence of the other, nocturnal, celestial

body, [the iron metal] develops a force and counter-force
(polarity) of its own, finally becoming gradually firmer and
more consolidated. And every 13,555 years, as the
earth's water with the half-completed circuit of the
sun changes its polarity [Note: from the word pole, e.g.,
North Pole, South Pole], through this almost 7000 years
lasting inundation this rocky mass [iron] collected in the
passages is so thoroughly seasoned that when the water
recedes it is already so abundant and solid that it can no
longer be dissolved during the next 13,555 years.”


The Edgar Cayce predictions talk of Pole Shift. That is, North-Pole

What is this pole shift?

There are two types of pole shift:

1) magnetic pole shift which has scientific evidence to have
occurred a number of times in the past, averaging roughly one
million years, but in the last 4 to 5 millions, the average has
increased and a shift is occurring approximately every 300,000.
Interestingly, the last shift was about 700,000 years ago, meaning
that we are now overdue for one.

A 180 degree shift of the magnetic pole requires hundred of years.

Because of this and because of the weak nature of magnetic field,
this type of pole shift is not thought to be capable of producing
major earth changes, or catastrophes.

2) rotational pole shift is expected to produce major changes.

However, no scientific evidence yet exists that this had occurred in
the past. We know that a great amount of energy is associated with
the rotation of the planet. Therefore, a greater force is needed to
change it. One theory is the approach of a large astral body (ex.
Nibiru) passing nearby or actually colliding with the earth.

In 1934, Cayce stated that rotational pole shift, not the magnetic
pole shift, was the type to occur.

“…and there will be the shifting of the poles – so that where there
has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more
tropical, and the moss and fern will grow.”
3976-15, January 19, 1934

As of May 8, 2011, today, in the Philippines, there has been a

substantial never-happened before change of the weather, such as
that what we consider to be summer or dry season of the year here,
during months of February to April, has been mostly rains and cold
weather! There is almost no summer!

Interestingly, there was no astral body that caused it. And there has
been no major catastrophes associated with this shift as well.

So, it may be less horrifying than what they pictured!

By the way, there are two kinds of North Pole: magnetic and true
north. Magnetic north is several hundred miles from the true north
pole. Because of this, the compass does not point towards true north,
but toward the magnetic north pole.

Edgar Cayce Predicts – Your Role in Creating a New Age,

Mark Thurston


There has been some confusion regarding what actually is the shift.
Now, we have the pole shift and the land-sea shift.

In the Book of Revelation through John, we are shown of a vision of

a time when mountains and islands or dry lands disappear,
specifically during the 7th last plague:

[niv]The seventh angel poured out his bowl into

the air, and out of the temple came a loud voice
from the throne, saying, "It is done!"
Rev 16:17 [kjv]And the seventh angel poured out his vial
into the air; and there came a great voice out
of the temple of heaven, from the throne,
saying, It is done.
[niv]Then there came flashes of lightning,
rumblings, peals of thunder and a severe
earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever
occurred since man has been on earth, so
Rev 16:18 tremendous was the quake.
[kjv]And there were voices, and thunders, and
lightnings; and there was a great earthquake,
such as was not since men were upon the
earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
Rev 16:19 [niv]The great city split into three parts,
and the cities of the nations collapsed. God
remembered Babylon the Great and gave her
the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his
[kjv]And the great city was divided into
three parts, and the cities of the nations
fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance
before God, to give unto her the cup of the
wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
[niv] Every island fled away and the
mountains could not be found.
Rev 16:20
[kjv]And every island fled away, and the
mountains were not found.
[niv]From the sky huge hailstones of about a
hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they
cursed God on account of the plague of hail,
because the plague was so terrible.
Rev 16:21 [kjv]And there fell upon men a great hail out of
heaven, every stone about the weight of a
talent: and men blasphemed God because of
the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof
was exceeding great.

In my previous analysis and article, I presume this to coincide with

what the Father spoke as land-sea shift which occurs to the planet
every roughly 14,000 years.

This also I thought to equal to the Mayan prophecy for 12-21-12!

Now, all of this suddenly loses support after today I read from The
New Revelations of Jesus Christ, Volume 17, Chapter 34,

stating the obvious timing of the next major dry-sea shift to occur
8,000 to 9,000 years from A.D. 30 when the angel Raphael said that,
to wit:

[10] [Angel Raphael:] “Look at the high mountains around

us. Many thousands of years ago they were more than
twice as high, and the valleys were more than twice as
deep as they are now – measured from the top of the
mountains. But at that time such deep valleys were still
completely uninhabited. They were exclusively lakes with
all kinds of gigantic aquatic animals in it.
[11] Then the great Lord and Master of eternity let terrible
storms with lightning break out. They crushed the high
mountains, and the deep valleys were formed with the
rubbish. Instead of the big lakes, soon big mighty rivers
flowed over the filled-up plains of the valleys, and with
their power they rolled the smaller pieces of stone on the
bottom continuously around, by which they were crushed
even more, and consequently became even much smaller.
For, all the sand in the streams, rivers, brooks and seas
existed because of the continuous as much as possible
reducing of the real gigantic high mountains of the
prehistoric times into the finest parts. When the valleys
were filled up in this way, the Lord made the rivers slowly
but surely to dry up, and so its shores turned slowly into
fertile land.
[12] And what happened in the prehistoric times of the
Earth is still happening today, although on a smaller scale.
And so, you see that God the Lord is in Himself the eternal
Order, and does not need to hurry in any way. For it is
precisely His highest happiness to see how in the whole
eternal infinity everything comes forth, and has to come
forth, in perfect order, one from the other. Therefore, your
question why the regions on the solid Earth were not made
habitable at once was really superfluous.
[13] Look, I still will tell you something more. The great
sea will be shifted every 14,000 years from the south of
the Earth to the north or from the north of the Earth to the
south. From now in about 8,000 to 9,000 years the great
ocean will be high above this mountain, on which we are
standing now and are talking about it. On the other hand,
in the south, big regions will be made dry, and men and
animals will find sufficient food there. At this occasion,
again a few, until now unripe and uninhabited places on
the northern half of the Earth will become ripe and
habitable for future human generations. That means, as
soon as the northern half of the Earth will again be free
from the sea.
[14] Now I think that I have said sufficiently to you who
are a scientist of nature…”
Less 2,011 years, today, so, the next land-sea shift will not
be sooner than 6,000 to 7,000 years from now! Or on A.D.
8,000 to A.D. 9,000!

I stand corrected.

So, what can we expect this coming 2012?

Not a major dry land-sea shift, to be sure, now that we

have solid evidence: the direct clear statement of
archangel Raphael. But probably Revelation 16:17-21’s
severe global quake will occur. What is this quake if not the
land-sea shift? Before I have read the statement of
archangel Raphael today, I first thought the land-sea shift
is equal to the severe earthquake in Revelation 16:17-21,
or the 7th last plague when mountains and islands fled
(which to me, means “disappeared” or “sunk”).

If the New World or New Era or the Millennium is a new

earth, that is, new land, then, new land must indeed
appear. And this must mean new land appearing from the
seas or old dry land being made fertile?

If dry land – sea shift will not occur until A.D. 6,000, and
no major land-sea shift yet to occur this coming A.D.,
2012, then, how will the new earth come? Through old dry
land made new – made fertile and lush?

That is not impossible. Bible prophecy, especially in Isaiah,

supports that:

[niv]In a very short time, will not Lebanon

be turned into a fertile field and the fertile
field seem like a forest?
Isa 29:17 [kjv]Is it not yet a very little while, and
Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field,
and the fruitful field shall be esteemed as a
[niv]till the Spirit is poured upon us from
on high, and the desert becomes a fertile
field, and the fertile field seems like a
[kjv]Until the spirit be poured upon us
from on high, and the wilderness be a
fruitful field, and the fruitful field be
counted for a forest.

[niv]You will go out in joy and be led forth

in peace; the mountains and hills will burst
into song before you, and all the trees of
the field will clap their hands.
Isa 55:12 [kjv]For ye shall go out with joy, and be led
forth with peace: the mountains and the
hills shall break forth before you into
singing, and all the trees of the field shall
clap their hands.
[niv]Instead of the thornbush will grow the
pine tree, and instead of briers the myrtle
will grow. This will be for the LORD's
renown, for an everlasting sign, which will
not be destroyed."
Isa 55:13
[kjv]Instead of the thorn shall come up the
fir tree, and instead of the brier shall come
up the myrtle tree: and it shall be to the
LORD for a name, for an everlasting sign
that shall not be cut off.

The 12-21-12 Mayan Calendar prediction seems to indicate

this 13,000 plus or roughly 14,000-year period when they
mentioned the 26,000 years cycle in which falls 12-21-12.
Its proponents spoke that this will be a time of planetary-
solar alignment (our sun will align with the center of the
galaxy), pole shift, and the resulting upheavals (storms,
hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods, etc)
on earth as the earth is being stirred by the forces.

But will dry land sink and new lands appear out of the sea?
Not at this time, if we go by the words of angel Raphael.

This is for our guidance, as well as to give us hope and

encouragement as we also come to see beauty in the
future, especially after the doomsday scenario. It will be a
silver lining behind the cloud, as they say. We are to
endure the midnight in order to live long enough to see the
dawn and the new light.

How are we going to endure or pass through the midnight

of this present era and civilization?

If we listen to the Lord in His New Revelation, it is through

love in our heart, no, not the selfish kind, but selfless love,
can we endure and pass the difficulties.

For those of you who want to know what this kind of love is
and how to exercise this, in contrast to the present death-
bringing selfish love practiced by mankind, you can read it

We are not precise in our knowledge about what this

closing in midnight is, except for a few hints from our Lord
and from His prophets. In Matthew 24, as well as in
Revelation’s symbolic 7 trumpets and 7 last plagues, we
come to know what this midnight is going to be.

In this article, we have tried to discuss one phenomenon or

two said to be part of this midnight hour of this dying
human era and civilization. We have talked about pole
shift, mentioned the severe earthquake, the disappearance
of mountains and islands, etc.

We have clear statement from God’s angel that 21-21-12 is

not going to be the major land-sea shift but probably there
will still be land sinking and new land appearing from the
sea due to the severe earthquake prophesied in Revelation
16, causing cities to collapse, physically as well as
economically. The financial system, communication
system, transportation system will collapse after huge
buildings- headquarters and offices – went down into
heaps of debris, broken glasses, pulverized concrete, and

Then, the same prophecy states about huge hailstones, as

heavy as 50 kilos, falling from the sky.

Then, earthquakes, thunders, lightnings, rumblings, etc.

(v. 18, Rev. 16).

No man, however strong and proud, would be able to


Only by what the Lord told us can we stand and endure.

What is that?

It is LOVE. Love that is activated by faith. It is the faith of

the mind towards what the Lord teaches and has
forewarned that activates the living love in our hearts.
When this is the case, then, salvation is assured.

This love, called divine love from the Lord’s Holy Spirit, is
what will save us from the coming death and catastrophes,
and see us through the new earth and new heaven,
enlisting us as worthy and blessed members of the New
World, New Earth.

To know and to learn about this kind of love, what it is,

and how to activate it now, you need to read our Lord’s
end-time messages, revelations and teachings found in a
number of websites including

This will help make your faith and love active and alive.
And take note of this: what was ark in Noah’s flood is love
in today’s midnight.
In other words, it was ark that saved man from Noah’s
flood, it is now love in your heart that can save you from
the coming midnight and judgment. Because this love
would reconcile you to our Father in heaven, Who, as our
Lord Jesus Christ, will “save us from the hour of our
death”, as our prayer states.

So, if there is one thing that you are to know more and
learn and practice, it is DIVINE LOVE. Because Divine Love
will make you humble, and repent of your sins, asks for
forgiveness, be forgiven by our Father and Lord, and
hence, be saved from the darkest hours of our era and life,
to be given to see the silver lining behind the clouds, to
see the dawn and meet the new morning – the Wonderful
World Tomorrow!

So, forget all other worldly pursuits, and focus on LOVE,

not the selfish love, but the selfless love.

Again, only our Father and Lord Jesus can teach you this.
In the New Testament, He commanded or charged us “TO
OURSELVES” but how, when, where, and why?

These are not clearly told in the New Testament, only


Only in the books known as The New Revelation of Jesus

Christ are we taught extensively this KIND OF LOVE.

These books are free – you can download these 25

volumes as well as its accompanying other books, totaling
to 50 volumes in all, all free, from

These books will be the textbooks to be used in the New

Era. But it pays to read and know them now, minutes
before that New Era comes. Because, these books contains
the formula how to be able to be counted worthy to live in
that New Era!
So, we are going to close this article. I’m sorry that we
have not yet come to full understanding about our future,
but at least we see it now in more concrete form, and less
dreadfully, thanks to the way out of the darkness.

Hopefully, in the coming articles, as we come to find more

revelations regarding the subject, we can shed more light…
for the happiness of everyone.

The New Revelations books are so many and so thick that

we can not unwrap all at once regarding a subject. We
have to read and study more, to find more.

If you have information to share, or inquiries and

clarifications to make, etc., you can contact us at:


0910-9158-369 (Philippines)