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1. Payment of School Fees:
1.1 This school fee policy will be reviewed annually at the Annual General
Meeting (AGM) of parents.
1.2 Parents will be sent a copy of the revised school fee policy after the AGM
and all parents enrolling new pupils will receive a copy of the policy.
1.3 Fees must be paid in full by the last school day in June. Alternately, parents
may sign a contract (in person at the school) undertaking to make payment
in instalments that will render the fees fully paid in not more than 10
instalments within that school year, beginning in January.
1.4 Overdue accounts will be handed over to a debt collection agency, with the
option of further recourse to other forms of legal action permitted by the
South African Schools’ Act.
1.5 Fees are to be paid in one of the following ways:
a) To the class teacher, who will issue a receipt and submit cash to
financial officer/secretary. Financial Officer will issue a receipt for
teacher’s records, then capture on computer.
b) New admissions: Payment is made to Financial Officer/Admission
Officer who will issue parent with a receipt, pass the payment
details on to Class Teacher and enter on computer.
c) Direct payments into school fund account at Standard Bank.
Branch: Briardene Branch Code:
043626 Current Account Number:
Original deposit slip must be sent to class teacher who will make
2 copies - one for teacher & one for Financial Officer who enters
on computer. Original will be returned to parent. A school receipt
will not be issued as deposit slip serves as proof of payment.
1.6 Arrear fees for accounts already handed over to a collection agency will not
be accepted at the school.
1.7 The school does not accept credit cards and cheques.
1.8 A pro rata fee will be worked out for late enrolments and mid-year
1.9 The school fee does not cover excursions, certain stationery items or

2. Statements:
2.1 A statement will be issued to those parents with outstanding accounts
before these accounts are handed over to the collection agency.
2.2 All progress reports will carry the balance of school fees owing.
2.3 It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they read all reminders,
newsletters, reports and statements which make reference to school fees.
The exorbitant cost involved in posting +/- 1300 statements would result in
a steep increase in school fees. Therefore all statements, letters, reports,
etc. are handed to pupils. Parents and teachers are expected to keep
reminding pupils of their responsibility in this regard.

3. Exemptions:
3.1 Applications for exemption from the payment of school fees close at the
end of January.
3.2 Only those parents whose financial circumstances change after January
may apply after the cut off date.
3.3 Application forms must be collected in person from the Financial
3.4 Application forms must be returned in person to the Financial Officer and/or
treasurer together with documentary proof of the parents’ financial
circumstances. Applicants will be interviewed.
3.5 Applicants will be notified in writing as to whether they are successful or
3.6 Successful applicants will be expected to offer their services to the school
in some mutually acceptable form or other.

3.7 Who qualifies for exemption?

a) Total exemption: Foster children & those in children’s homes
or institutions
Parents/Guardians who earn less than 10 x school
fee a year
[Example: 2011 fee is R600.00 10 x R600 =
R6000 a year
Therefore, only if a parent earns less than
R6000.00 a year do
they qualify for a total exemption.]
b) Partial exemption: Parents who earn less than 30 x school fee a
[Example: If the school fee is R600.00 and a
parent earned less than
30 x R600.00 = R18000.00 a year, they would
qualify to pay a reduced fee.]
c) Conditional exemption: Parents who experience a serious, but
temporary, financial setback may apply to have
their payment date extended. However, fees still
have to be paid within that year.
d) School’s feeder area: Only those who live close to this school will be
considered. Parents/Guardians who bypass a
primary school closer to their place of residence
and who pay to transport their children to this
school will not be considered.
3.8 Steps for parents/guardians in the exemption process:
a) Check to see whether you qualify for exemption (3.7).
b) Fill in an application form from the school. The secretary or one of the
deputies can help if you have
c) Attach documents that prove your [you and your spouse/partner’s]
financial circumstances. These
documents must be originals.
d) Hand in application form personally with documents to Financial
Officer/school secretary/Treasurer
who will go through the application with you, asking for clarification
where necessary.
e) Wait for the School Governing Body (SGB) to respond in writing.
f) Successful applicants will be required to assist the school [See 3.6]:
 One child = 15 school days service
 Two or more children = 30 school days service
f) If dates provided are inconvenient, parents should inform the school
early enough so that alternative
dates that suit both parties may be agreed upon.
h) Applications need to be made every year as exemptions granted
are only valid for one year.
i) Allow members of the SGB a short interview at school or your home,
should this be requested.

Original policy adopted at the Annual General Meeting at Ferndale Primary School
On Saturday, 17 November 2001. Reviewed and approved at the AGM of
Saturday, 23 October 2010.