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Volume 1 Issue 2

Applying the Law of Attraction and

May 16, 2011 Getting Results. Pt. 2
W hen we look around we see so many
people that are going through so many
different things. It seems as if things
stand that when the bible speaks of the heart
it is speaking of the seat of our mind, will
and intellect and not the organ in the body
that people have never faced are coming from that circulates blood. When our heart is sin-
out of no where. gle toward God that means that we have set
our affections toward believing God over
The hardest lesson that you will ever learn will what our natural senses may be telling us.
not be taught by a person but by the circum-
stances you face. Our thoughts and character are Go to the doctor, be willing to be obedient to
one and the same. True discovery of a person’s the treatment. However, have it set in your
character is only revealed in the mist of the cir- mind, “the
the only real reason I am going to the
cumstances they face. A man’s circumstances doctor is to allow him to tell me what illusion
will always be in direct agreement with their of illness the enemy is using”.
using” Then come
inner state, character and what they hold as true home and get singleness of mind, will, and

on a subconscious level. intellect toward what God has said about

sickness and watch your healing manifest!
Proverbs 23:7 KJVR For as he thinketh in his
Sage Martin Wilson

heart, so is he: 1 Peter 2:24 KJVR Who his own self bare
our sins in his own body on the tree,
The bible says in Matthew 13:58 that Jesus was whose stripes ye were healed.
in a certain place, “And he did not many
mighty works there because of their unbe- The reason that I call sickness an illusion is
lief.” A belief is nothing more than a thought because I believe the bible over any symptom
that you keep thinking until it solidifies into a I may have. The bible says, by whose stripes
modality or consistent pattern of thinking. ye were (past tense, back at the cross) healed.
Wilsoson Leadership

Our healing took place when Christ die in our
Even Jesus, God manifested in the flesh, could place. So in all actuality, we can only have
not change these people circumstance, because symptoms, because our healing took place
of their belief. There are people in churches that 2000 years ago.
are coming to the alter Sunday after Sunday,
week after week allowing anointed men and Many doctors will tell you upwards to 95%
women to pray for them. I truly belief that of all sickness starts out psychosomatically.
prayer works, but many are not getting results Which literally means the person thinks
because they are not taught the importance of about sickness, weather consciously or sub-
changing the way they think after the prayer is consciously, until a physical manifestation
prayed. takes place in the body. This is because of the
STRESS of the thought of sickness.
James Allen, the author of the famous writing,
“As a Man Thinketh” says, “Man is buffeted by Let me leave you a big pill to swallow. Sick-
circumstances as long as he believes himself to ness is the result of sick thoughts. You plant
be the creature (controlled by) outside condi- corn you can only get corn. You plant good
tions.” You can immediately change your con- thoughts you can only get good results. You
dition when you understand that God created plant bad thoughts you can only get bad re-
you and has given you access to His power. sults. Sick thoughts manifest sickness.
That power comes the moment that you choose Thoughts of health and what God’s Word
to believe what he has said about your situation says will always produce the health desired.
over natural appearance. You have to believe
God beyond your circumstance.
Sage Martin Wilson, Sr
The bible speaks of serving God with
Singleness of Heart”.
Heart It is important to under-