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The newsletter from your community website – The Hedon Blog Issue 2

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Hedon harbours a great ambition!
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News Hub
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in the town's
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THE TOWN OF HEDON owes its existence to the ancient waterways that linked it to the
River Humber. Hedon was originally settled as a haven – a safe harbour – for medieval
sailors seeking refuge from the perils of the Humber. By the 13th Century Hedon was a
wealthy place boasting the 11th largest port in England.

The last remnants of the town's ancient harbour on Havenside were land-filled in 1974. But
thanks to a growing group of visionaries the idea of bringing water back to the Haven has
gained credibility.

The Hedon Navigation Trust has been working over the last decade to build support for
the restoration of the Hedon Haven. The ambition is to enable small boats to navigate the
route from the Humber and moor at a new marina at the Hedon Haven. A lock or boat-lift
system would allow small boats would pass to and from a marina. A caravan and wildlife
park would complement the marina creating a visitor attraction that would attract people
from across the region.

It is not just the Navigation Trust that has embraced this idea: The East Riding Council in its
long term plans for the region recognises the value of this project and sees Hedon as a key
and strategic employment site of potential regional and national importance through “port-
related economic development” which refers to the possibility of opening the access
from Hedon Haven to the Humber estuary and extending a rail link from Hull Docks.

Find out more at

Search for 'Hedon Blog' or type

POLLING DAY on Thursday 5th May saw the election of two new councillors to represent
local people on the East Riding Council.

Mike Bryan and John Dennis are the newly elected Conservative councillors joining
veteran Independent Councillor Ann Suggit in representing the South West Holderness
ward for the next four years. All three councillors hail from Hedon, serve on its Town
Council and have all been Hedon Mayors.

Councillor Mike Bryan Councillor John Dennis

8 Alison Garth Calegarth, Ivy Lane
Hedon Hedon

HU12 8LW HU12 8BL

01482 898542 01482 899214

Conservative Conservative
E-mail: E-mail:

Councillor Ann Suggit

70 St Nicholas Gate The information here has been taken
Hedon from the East Riding Council website
HU12 8HS

01482 896811 Look for 'Council and Democracy' and

then 'Councillor Finder'.


Your Hedon Town Councillors East Riding Council – South West

elected for four years: Holderness Ward Results:
Votes: Elected: Votes: Elected:
1,846 John Dennis Conservative
1,218 Ann Suggit 1,723 Mike Bryan Conservative
1,094 John Dennis 1,529 Ann Suggit Independent
993 Mike Bryan
699 Neil Black Not Elected:
681 Brenda Goldspink 1,130 Brian Stockdale - Labour
663 Jim Lindop 1,025 Carol Williams - Labour
615 Diane Storr 916 Neil Watts - Labour
609 Allen Marshall 656 Steve Sloan - Liberal Democrat
561 Sarah Jordan 619 Janet Selkirk - Liberal Democrat
521 Gordon Thurston 568 Adam Lonsdale - Independent
514 Thomas Henry Goldspink 507 Ken Wilson - Liberal Democrat
453 Frank Harold Norman
'LOCAL NEWS' is something that matters,
or is of interest, to you in your local area. It
is something that a new project hopes to
discuss in some detail.

News-gathering and news-sharing

websites like the Hedon Blog, the Paull
Village Hall website and Beverley's concentrate on our 'communities
of place' i.e. where we live. Their 'niche' is
our street, neighbourhood, village or town
and they strive to bring together everything
useful about that place under one virtual

The people behind these local websites

have different motivations for doing what
they do: Some are redundant or student
journalists, others are community activists or
groups with a sense of civic duty - but all
share a passionate belief that reporting the
local news and providing local information
This network would dig out and investigate
can play a useful part in improving our
local issues - hold local authorities to
communities of place.
account and strengthen local democracy,
and be a source of positive press around
Hedon Blog founder and Editor, Ray Duffill
which community action could ferment.
(that's me!) hopes to build on the hyperlocal
model by establishing a Hedon Local News
The News Hub would research what the
Hub which will have definitive aims to build
local news-needs of the Hedon community
a 'local news infrastructure' that can lead to
actually are - and then plan to meet these
better informed, engaged, and active local
while providing a community news service.
communities in Hedon.
It would involve those who have news to
The Hedon Local News Hub would aim to
share – community groups, local businesses
be a constituted body bringing together
– having a clear mechanism available to
volunteers, local communities, voluntary
reach local newspapers and other media
groups, local business, training providers
that can draw in funding to provide a
dedicated news-gathering and news-sharing
The network of citizen-journalists and
service in the town - and build a network of
community reporters would ensure that
community citizen-journalist reporters
stories, news and information about the
with access to training and technical support
town was dug-out. Those involved would
have opportunities to get training and
technical support to aid them in that task.
“Better informed,
engaged, and active If you would like to get involved, have
advice or information to share, or otherwise
local communities in wish to express an interest in this idea, then
please e-mail and put
Hedon” "News Hub" in the subject line.
takes place on Saturday 9th July 2011.
every third Friday of the month in the
Keyingham Village Hall. The next
meeting is Friday 20th May.

SAX MAD play 70′s, 80′s and 90′s

Motown hits and are live at The
Station, Hedon on Saturday evening
21st May, come early to avoid
disappointment! Plus: Quiz Night 26th
RADIO HUMBERSIDE. Classics will also be on offer at the
Crown Inn, Paull on Saturday 21st May
All gardeners are welcome! as the venue hosts its Soul Night with a
specialist DJ
Categories are:

Best all-year-round garden (small, SCARECROWS - EARLY NOTICE

medium, large)

Most colourful garden (small, medium,


Community / Group

Container / Patio Garden

Entry forms are available from the Hedon

Town Hall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Fridays between 9:30am and 2:30pm.
Telephone 898428 or 310261. Paull Village Hall will once again
sponsor the Paull Annual Scarecrow
Closing date for entries is Thursday Festival.
30th June 2011. This popular event will take place this
year on Bank Holiday Monday 29th
The Car Boot Sales, in aid of St Andrew Church, Paull, take place on the first Saturday of
every month. The dates of the next sale days are:

Saturday 4th June 2011

Saturday 2nd July 2011

They take place on the Sports Field on the sea front. Once you reach the village follow the
arrows to guide you to the spot. Gate will open for sellers from 8am and the charge will be
£5 per car. The public are invited to come along from 9.00 a.m. Parking on the field is
50p per car. For further information please contact Paul Cross on 07711797200
LOCAL HULL HISTORIAN and Ripperologist (someone who studies the Jack the
Ripper murders) Mike Covell visited Preston and Hedon in February to research
the case of an unsolved murder that took place 120 years ago.

Mary Jane Langley, 18, was murdered on 30th July 1891 on Long Lane (now Neat
Marsh Lane), Preston – her throat was cut. A man was arrested and appeared
before local magistrates, but no one was charged with the murder.
Although not revealed at the time, Mike
Covell was investigating the links
between the Preston murder and
Frederick Bailey Deeming.

Deeming, a suspect for the Preston

murder, was a Victorian conman and
bigamist who killed his wife. He was also
a serial killer in both Britain and Australia.

After his execution for murder in

Melbourne, Australia in 1892 it was
suggested that he was also the infamous
‘Jack the Ripper’ who carried out the
Whitechapel murders in London!

Mike Covell is the leading local expert on Mike Covell next to Mary Jane
the Ripper murders having lectured on Langley's grave at Hedon Road
the subject and featured on local TV and General Cemetery
in newspapers. He is expected to give a
lecture on the Preston murder in the near
future DOMESDAY MAP is a website created to
show the settlements that appeared in the
Mike runs an investigative Blog into the Domesday Book. You can search for
subject. Find Casebook: Jack the places near you, and see their population,
Ripper From Hell, From Hull at: size and owners in 1086. Hedon does not appear in the Domesday

Book but Preston has two entries!

The 'owner' of Preston (Burstwick) was

Drogo of la BeuvriËre and consisted of
Entry for 71.4 households with 42 villagers. 5
Preston in smallholders. 6 freemen.
Preston itself was 'owned' by Baldwin of
Domesday Flanders and consisted of 56 villagers. 7
Book smallholders. 1 priest. 3 men-at-arms.
Featured business:
Our FREE Business Page lists local
companies, shops, pubs, etc, based in the
HU12 postcode area.

By getting your business listed it is

possible for local people (and those not so
local) to quickly find you online including
your address, telephone number and
website if you have one. A Google
Location Map is also added.
The Station on Souttergate, Hedon has
certainly transformed itself over the last two But we also want the Business Page to be
years. In 2009 the pub was facing an uncertain a source of local business news and
future. With dwindling custom it seemed that information. By linking back to the listed
the pub might even close! businesses regularly via topical items and
articles, it will help ensure that internet
But everything changed in July 2009 when search engines find your business more
Carl and Jackie took over the reins at The
Station! So please do send us your local business
news; your successes, special offers,
Good beer, a warm welcome and good promotions, new-starts, retirements, staff
company have been the core attractions at the awards, training undertaken, photographs,
pub. However, the regular quiz nights, etc, to email:
entertainment and willingness to try something
new have also added to the pubs winning Get your business listed at:
Following the pub's successful Royal Wedding
Garden Party then it has been proven that the
venue is ideal for children's and other parties.
Parties in the large dining room and afternoon
tea area can be followed by play activities in
the huge beer garden - you can book your own
bouncy castle.

And the ideas keep on coming.... Jackie is

looking at putting on a Music Night and is
asking for young or mature musicians who
would like to come into the station and play
their music for the regulars to get in touch.

Meanwhile Carl is keen to attract football or

cricket teams that would like to to play from the
station ring.

If you can help with either initiative contact

Carl or Jackie on mobile: 07707 636 876
Tours of Waste Water Treatment Works


which probably unfairly attributes the
odours emanating from the Yorkshire
Water Waste Water Treatment Works
on Hedon Road to the hamlet of Salt
End in Preston Parish – is under the
spotlight once again.
24 odour complaints have been received and recorded by Yorkshire Water or the East
Riding Council between 28th March and the 1st May 2011. Additionally the odours became
an issue in the local elections, with most of the candidates referring to the odours in their
leaflets and statements.

Yorkshire Water is keen to demonstrate to local residents its efforts to reduce odours from
the Treatment Works. They have organised a series of seven presentations about the site
over the weekend of Saturday 21st May – Sunday 22nd May, each followed by a tour of
the Treatment Works. The events are aimed to disclose to residents the work that goes on
at the site. In particular they want residents to find out more about the £3.2m construction
of a new odour-control unit.

Local residents should have received a letter explaining how to book a place on one of the
presentations and tours (note the tour is not suitable for those in wheelchairs or for those
under 16 years of age). Further information is available at

You can find the Hedon Blog

on Facebook at:

Police Surgeries June 2011

2nd June 16th June

From 7:00 PM until 8:00 PM From 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM
Thorngumbald Parish Council Building Church Hall, Preston
HU12 8SA

4th June 16th June

From 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM From 2:00 PM until 3:00 PM
St.Andrews Church, Paull Co-op café, Hull Road, Hedon
HU12 9QQ HU12 8DJ

Police surgeries are an opportunity for you to meet privately with a member of the
neighbourhood team to discuss any policing issue of concern. These are drop-in events so
you may have to wait a few minutes.
The newsletter from your community website – The Hedon Blog
This Community Newsletter has been produced by the Hedon Blog primarily to provide local
news and information about the town and its surrounding villages. It's aims are threefold:

1) To promote a positive image about the places in which we live.

2) To encourage people to get involved in their local communities and benefit from local opportunities.
3) To encourage people to use the Hedon Blog and other means of networking locally.

The Hedon Blog is a voluntary endeavour that is part of the family of websites
and is published DAILY. It can be found at (Search for Hedon
Blog on Google or your favourite Internet browser).

The Hedon Blog is always seeking news, information and details of upcoming events to share with
our readers. Visit the website for information or email us at at any time.

We also invite your comments on all our articles and ask you to join the local conversation! Also
contact us if you fancy having a go at writing articles and features for the Hedon Blog.

We hope to produce a limited printed version of this newsletter, eventually on a monthly basis, but
that really depends on securing enough interested local advertisers. The next newsletter will be
published on Monday 16th May 2011.

Please submit your local news, information and notices for the next issue by Friday 1st
July 2011.

This is Hedon Golden Jubilee Gardens

The inscription reads: "Gifted by

the Hedon Jubilee Committee in
commemoration of the Queen's
Golden Jubilee 1952 – 2002"
More photos at
•••• • –•• ––– –• in Holderness, East Yorkshire, UK •••• • –•• ––– –•