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From a reasonable point in your career, elaborate on the following numbered questions for each employer and/or position.
While space and timing may encourage you to place your different employers under each numbered question, please keep
answers grouped “together” for each position you describe. If needed, cut/paste the 17 questions below for as many positions
as you will address.

1. Describe the company and/or division, unit or business you’re part of ($$size, #emps, products/services, customers)
2. Why was the job was available?
3. How did you become aware of the opportunity?
4. Why were you the chosen candidate?
5. What were they expecting of you or this role?
6. Who did you report to by title? Describe the supervisor(s)
7. Describe the size and nature of the team you oversaw, if any. Titles of direct reports.
8. What did you find once on board and in the role? (talent, resources, systems, issues, etc)
9. What other challenges or issues did you face and how did you handle them?
10. What did you accomplish or achieve?
11. What mistakes were made, or might you have changed in retrospect?
12. What did you like the most in that role?
13. What was least enjoyable in the job?
14. What would your supervisor/peers have thought your strengths were/are at that time?
15. What would your supervisor/peers have thought your weaknesses were/are at that time?
16. Why did you leave that role and/or company?
17. In looking back on that role, what did you take away of value?

Rate yourself on a 1 to 10 (Low to High) scale of where you are right now regarding the following:

Your current level of "Positive Mental Attitude"?

Level of passion / enthusiasm for the type of work you’re doing / just finished doing?
Your degree of career satisfaction?
Where is your level of self-awareness?
What is your level of trust of your talents and abilities?
Where is your level of self-confidence?

Please consider and respond to the questions below which you are comfortable answering. For any question where a personal
discussion is a better means to share your thoughts, make a note and we’ll cover them when we speak again.

• In situations of significance, how do you make decisions?

• In general, what do you like to do? What are you passionate and enthusiastic about?
• Describe the pace and environment you prefer to work in.
• Share a pressure situation you were in and how you dealt with it?
• How do you stay organized?
• Describe how you’ve responded in a situation where your work was criticized.
• How do you show anger and frustration? What causes it?
• What's your definition of integrity? How would others see this in you?
• What personal characteristics have or can interfere with your accomplishments?
• What is the ideal role for you? Where have you come closest to this in your career?
• What two/three things could you do to improve your overall effectiveness? What have you done previously?
• What qualities have you liked in two/three current and prior superiors?
• What qualities have you disliked in two/three current and prior superiors?
• What should a good leader be responsible for?
• How do you generally approach a new position to make an impact in the shortest amount of time? In essence, how
would you approach a new role to maximize the potential for success?

Email your information back to Rick Jacobson’s office as soon as practical, preferably before meeting.

“Pursuing the Best” The

Windham Group
P.O. Box 558 • Green, Ohio 44232-0558 • • (330) 899-9961
“Pursuing the Best” The
Windham Group
P.O. Box 558 • Green, Ohio 44232-0558 • • (330) 899-9961