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Short Term Course on Scope of the Course The course may be viewed as a consolidated

form of a semester long, graduate course on

Advanced DSP
The course aims at providing a comprehensive VLSI DSP system/architecture design.
coverage of techniques for designing efficient
Design Techniques VLSI architectures for DSP. Towards this,
Participants from academia may thus find the
course to be useful to develop similar courses at
architectural optimization both at block level as their respective institutions. Alternatively, the
well as at logic level will be considered. The key course may also be used as a reference by
issues that will be taken up are as follows : industrial professionals interested in VLSI design
of signal processing and communication systems.
• Graphical Representation of DSP The course assumes minimal prerequisites - an
Algorithms undergraduate level knowledge of digital circuit
• Retiming for Throughput design and elementary DSP operations is
Maximization sufficient for one to be able to attend the course.
• Multiplier less Filter Design
About the Speakers
• Parallel structures
• Bit Serial Digital Filters Prof. Mrityunjoy Chakraborty obtained
• Redundant Arithmetic Bachelor of Engg. (1983), M.Tech. (1985) and
• DSP Architectures: Datapath and Ph.D. (1994) from Jadavpur University, IIT
Kanpur and IIT, Delhi respectively. He joined
IIT, Kharagpur as a lecturer in 1994, where he
• Speed-Power-Area-Accuracy presently holds the position of a full professor.
• Synchronous vs. Asynch. Designs Prof. Chakraborty has held many invited,
• Memory Bandwidth Management visiting positions in reputed universities abroad.
• DSP for Embedded Applications He is currently an associate editor of the IEEE
Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part I.
Earlier, he served as an associate editor of the
July 11 - 15, 2011 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part
I (2004-2007) and part II (2008-2009), as a guest
editor of the EURASIP JASP and a TPC member
for many important IEEE conferences. The
teaching and research interests of Prof.
Coordinator Chakraborty are in digital and adaptive signal
Prof. Mrityunjoy Chakraborty processing, VLSI signal processing, wavelets and
( DSP for wireless communications, in which he
has guided several Ph.D. students and published
Department of Electronics & Electrical extensively.
Communication Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Prof. Anindya Sundar Dhar obtained Bachelor
Kharagpur - 721302 of Engg. in Electronics and Telecomm.Engg.
from Bengal Engg. College (1987), followed
by M.Tech. (1989) and Ph.D. (1994) from Registration Fees Short Term Course on
IIT Kharagpur. He is presently an associate
professor in Electronics and Electrical • Rs.8500.00 for teachers from universities/
Advanced DSP
Communication Engg., with teaching and colleges. Design Techniques
research interests in VLSI architecture design • Rs.14,000.00 for people from industry.
for real time signal processing and • Rs.5500.00 for students/research scholars 11th – 15th July, 2011
communication. Prof. Dhar is a key person in [please enclose a bonafide certificate from
the various VLSI related activities in the parent institution].
institute and has been offering many Registration Form
challenging courses in this area over years, ** Registration fee includes accommodation,
apart from carrying out guided, independent breakfast and all meals, course material Please complete the details below and
and sponsored research in the above areas. and course fees. mail along with the registration fee to :

About IIT, Kharagpur Prof. Mrityunjoy Chakraborty

Important Dates Department of E. & E.C.E.
I.I.T., Kharagpur 721302 (W.B.)
The IIT is located at Kharagpur, an important Last date for registration : 3rd June, 2011
railway town about 116 km west of Kolkata. [Complete application should be received by 1. Name (Mr./Ms) : ________________
the coordinator by this date]
2. Category : Academic/Industry/Student
[For registration as student, please enclose a
How to Apply : bonafide certificate from parent institution.]
Interested persons may apply in the
format given herewith along with the 3. Organization : ___________________
registration fee, paid through a demand
draft drawn in favour of `CEP-STC, IIT 4. Address : _______________________
Kharagpur’ and payable at Kharagpur.
The number of seats is limited and thus 5. Tel. Nos (O, R, CP) : ______________
candidates are advised to register early.
6. E.Mail ID : _____________________
Contacts :
Kharagpur is well connected to almost all 7. Highest Acad. Qualification : ______
part of the country by train. There are Prof. M. Chakraborty, Prof. A. S. Dhar
frequent train services from Howrah railway Dept. of E. & E.C.E., IIT, Kharagpur 8. Veg. / Non-Veg. : ________________
station to Kharagpur. The institute is about 5 721302
km away from Kharagpur station and can be 9. Bank Draft No. : ________, Dt. _____
reached by taxis, auto-rickshaws, cycle- Email : amounting Rs. ______drawn on ______
rickshaws etc. IIT, Kharagpur is the oldest
IIT in the country and is the first among Phone : 03222-283512 (O), 283516 (O) [Important : Payment to be made strictly by
equals in terms of diversity in curricular as 03222-283513 (R), 283517 (R) bank draft, drawn in favour of CEP-STC,
well as extra-curricular activities. IIT, Kharagpur, payable at Kharagpur.]