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VIJAYESWAR KORIMILLI Phone: 408-823-7549

Santa Clara, CA. Email: vkorimilli@gmail

- To obtain a challenging position as a senior software or Java engineer.
- 8 years of work experience in Enterprise and Web application software de
- Expertise in Core Java and J2EE technologies
- Strong in Object oriented analysis/design, UML modeling, Classic design
- Experienced in the use of agile approaches and test-driven development.
- Strong communication, analytical and problem solving skills.
- Experienced in multithreaded programming environment
- Hands-on work experience in various frameworks as SOA, Struts, Hibernate
, Spring etc
- Experienced in implementation of enterprise integrations with open sourc
e as well as commercial products as Lucene, Adobe Acrobat, Documentum, Vivisimo
- 24 Hour Fitness, CA (January 2008 - present)
Senior IT Consultant
Responsible for analyzing business requirements, architecture, design, developme
nt, deployment, support for various modules and projects; Worked with a large te
am using agile methodologies to design/implement a service oriented architecture
project by re-architecting an existing application; Implemented encryption for
payment information and exposed as web service
- Fair Isaac, Bangalore (February 2007 - December 2007)
Senior Software Engineer
Responsible for driving design and implementation of application enhancements, t
ask planning, code reviews, providing mentorship to team members; implemented si
ngle sign-on with external system; coordinated release and deployment to custome
r production systems.
- MetricStream, Redwood Shores, CA. (April 2001 - January 2007)
Senior Technical Lead
Core server team member for MetricStream’s platform; Worked closely with product man
agement team to convert requirements into design and implementation; Supervised
team to implement various product modules from inception; Sole developer in impl
ementing an online community portal; Implemented full text Lucene search; Improv
ing performance and scalability of third party application integrations; Added f
eatures for internationalization; Implemented third party search engine clusteri
- Masters in Computer Science (Graduation: May 2001. GPA - 3.7/4.0)
University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana
- Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Graduation: May 1998, GPA - 3.6/4.0)
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
Languages: Java, J2EE, C++, SQL, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, DHTML, AJ
AX, XML, XSLT, XPath, PL/SQL, Velocity, UML, C#, ASP, Perl, Scheme
Web Services: Apache Axis, Spring XFire, SOAP
Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux, Windows
Frameworks: SOA, Struts, Spring, Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
Databases: Oracle (10g), SQL Server 2005, MySQL
Open sources: Hibernate, Apache Axis 2, Bouncy Castle, Lucene, Guice, HttpUnit
, Rhino, Ant, Apache Roller, JUnit, EasyMock, Commons Logging, Castor, iBatis, X
Doclet, LIUS
Web/App servers: JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, Weblogic
Tools: Eclipse, PMD, JUDE, JDeveloper, Documentum, Vivisimo Clustering Engine,
JProfiler, SVN, CVS, Jmeter
- Outstanding performance award for delivering MetricStream’s Document Management Sy
stem module currently being used by various MetricStream customers.
- Employee of the Month award for commitment in supporting and resolving critica
l customer issues.
Member Services
Duration: Oct 2008 – till date
The existing self service web application for managing member information was en
hanced to provide additional capabilities for the club members. As part of this
project the existing web application was re-architected to a service oriented ar
chitecture (SOA). It included implementation of java services for exposing vario
us services of the club.
- Worked with Business Analysts from requirements gathering until project comple
- Analyzed and created system architecture design for various modules.
- Implemented services for login/registration and payment activity modules.
- Provided technical support during implementation and rollout
Duration: Jan 2008 – Sep 2008
The project enables members to enroll in a program called EasyPay. This program
enables members to pay directly using their membership number instead of using
a credit card at the time of purchase in a 24 Hour Fitness club. The necessary w
eb services were designed and developed as a part of this project.
- Worked closely with Business Analysts on system specification.
- Created system architecture and implemented activity, sequence and class diagr
ams (UML)
- Designed database objects and interfaces.
- Implemented web services and encryption for credit card information retrieval.
- Provided development support during QA, UAT and rollout meetings.
- Supported system post go-live.
Duration: Feb 2007 – Dec 2007
RE/MAX is a hosted web application for real estate agents that provides informat
ion on properties (commercial and residential). It includes capabilities for ref
errals, document management and search across agent profiles and office location
- Worked with Business Analysts to understand requirements
- Designed enhancements for the existing application.
- Supervised and guided a team of three engineers to design and develop various
- Managed application servers, provided periodic software releases and supported
hardware infrastructure upgrade processes.
Enterprise Compliance Platform
Duration: April 2001 - January 2007
The Enterprise Compliance Platform is the foundation for many of MetricStream’s prod
ucts such as Compliance Management, Risk Management, Document Management, Issue
Management etc. These products address a growing range of compliance issues that
affect business operations by delivering regulation-specific functionality base
d on industry best practices.
The platform is developed using J2EE-based infrastructure with capabilities for
workflow management, document management, email-based delivery of alerts and not
ification, and real-time reporting and analytics. The system has role-based secu
rity and can scale up to the needs of the largest multinational companies.
- Senior member of the core platform server team
- Guided a team of four engineers to design and develop core product modules
- Led various third party product integrations with MetricStream’s platform
- Worked closely with product management team to deliver Document Management Sys
- Designed key adapters for file storage and file viewer components
- Implemented Lucene search for MetricStream platform for all document format ty
- Worked with 3rd party Company’s engineering team to resolve critical scalability i
- Implemented new scheduler features for home grown multithreaded server.
- Led the scalability of ComplianceOnline web portal using server side caching a
nd code optimizations.
- Implemented a community web portal similar to Yahoo Answers for Compliance dom
- Implemented Ajax based web portal for the platform.
- Implemented 3rd party search engine clustering
- Added features for internalization (i18n) of MetricStream’s product.