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Leave Management System Web Demo

Wed - Sept 26, 2007

Leave Entry
y Web entry leave request form. Entry point is through ADW - absence entry y Sho
rt term leave requests will create corresponding absence y Entitlement Checking
once dates and times are entered
Leave Form Creation
y Leave form customizable for each absence code/leave type y Leave form can disp
lay and collect specific leave type data (i.e required documents, information re
garding bereavement request etc.) y Required documents received by HR can be rec
orded (though not stored) online.
Leave Creation and Inquiry
y Automatic leave record creation and interface with OPS and BAS y Status notifi
cation for both employees and managers y Inquiry on leave at any stage of the pr
ocess will display details of leave request and approval up to the current state
Routing and Authorization
y Routing and approval system for leave authorization. y Approval route is custo
mizable for each absence code/leave type y Authorizer may be required to approve
leave, or may just be configured to receive email notification (or both) y Appr
ovals accessed through new Application called Task Manager
Routing and Authorization ± con¶t
y All previous data and actions displayed at each stage ± building the complete fo
rm. y Leave applications can be redirected to other authorizers for one-time app
rovals y If similar selections exist for the applicant and or more than one auth
orizer, the last one selected is final. This can allow HR to override certain in
formation like GL selections etc. if the leave configured to end with HR. y Butt
ons on Authorizer screen determine action to be taken ( approve, deny, redirect,
etc). May be several approve buttons, but only one should have final approval a
Leave System Benefits
Online submission and routing ensures faster, more accurate processing from subm
ission to approval Enforces form completion through required field validation En
titlement and budget checking / validation Customization of form by leave type
Leave System Benefits ± con¶t
Less duplication of effort Replaces hand-written forms with clear data. Immediat
e creation and update of leave records Simultaneous creation of leave and absenc
e Proper matching of leave and absence record because they are linked at the poi
nt of entry
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Task Manager
Bereavement Application
Bereavement Leave Schedule
Bereavement Leave Application
Bereavement Confirmation
Bereavement ± PRM Confirmation
Bereavement Leave ± Principal Section
Bereavement Leave ± HR Section
Bereavement Required Documents
Bereavement ± View Change
Bereavement Close Warning
Bereavement Leave Cancellation
Other Leaves Authorizer Comment prompt
Other Leaves Invalid GL
Other Leaves ± Valid GL
Professional Development - Redirection
Professional Development ± Customer Validation