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Agricultural Management Assistance Program - Maryland

Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) provides cost share assistance to agricultural producers to
voluntarily address issues such as water management, water quality, and erosion control by
incorporating conservation into their farming operations. Producers may construct or improve water
management structures or irrigation structures; plant trees for windbreaks or to improve water quality;
and mitigate risk through production diversification or resource conservation practices, including soil
erosion control, integrated pest management, or transition to organic farming.

Resources High Tunnel Practice Pilot

NRCS Programs Specialist Tom Morgart reported on a new NRCS Practice Standard – High Tunnels. He
discussed highlights on the new practice – A High Tunnel is similar to a greenhouse with no electric, no
fans, and no heat source and uses a plastic cover. The structure must be placed on existing cropland; it is
not for animal use. Plants must be grown in the soil, not in any pots or containers. Its main purpose is to
extend the growing season. The practice is considered to have a four (4) year life span.

AMA - The High Tunnel practice will be eligible through the AMA Program.$200,000 will be available, at
$2.00 per square foot, with a size of no more than 2,178 square feet. An alternative would be to have
more than one structure, but the financial assistance will not exceed the 2,178 square foot limit. Organic
and sustainable farms have expressed interest in the pilot.

Financial Assistance for High Tunnels

In Maryland, seasonal high tunnels and associated system practices may be eligible for financial
assistance through the Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) program. To be eligible for AMA
financial assistance, applicants must meet producer eligibility requirements. In addition, high tunnels
must be commercially manufactured, meet NRCS minimum materials and lifespan requirements, and be
installed, maintained, and monitored as required.

AMA financial assistance is limited to 2,178 square feet (SF) of high tunnel per farming operation. A 30 ft
x 72 ft (= 2,160 SF) structure would be the nearest size to this financial assistance maximum. Commonly
available 26-foot wide sizes are 26 ft x 72 ft (= 1,872 SF), and 26 ft x 96 ft (= 2,496 SF). A structure that is
larger than the payment maximum can be installed, but payment will be limited to 2,178 SF.

The seasonal high tunnel has an expected practice life of 4 years and needs to be maintained for at least
that period of time. In addition, high tunnels that receive AMA financial assistance cannot be used to: (1)
provide a feeding area and/or shelter for livestock or poultry, or (2) to store equipment and supplies.
During the 4-year lifespan, the tunnel cannot be outfitted with electrical, heating, and/or mechanical
ventilation systems.

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Monitoring the Effectiveness of High Tunnels
High tunnels will be implemented in Maryland as part of a national “pilot project.” AMA program
participants will be expected to keep records of annual maintenance costs; starting and ending dates for
crops produced under the cover; quantity of crops produced; and the type and amount of nutrients (N-
P-K) and pesticides applied. Participants will need to provide this information to NRCS annually for three

Potential Sources for High Tunnels

Note: This list is for informational purposes only. It is not all-inclusive, nor is it intended to endorse
these manufacturers and/or suppliers.
A.M. Leonard, Inc., 1-800-543-8955
E. C. Geiger, Inc., Box 285, Rt. 63, Harleysville PA 19438-0332, 1-800-4GEIGER.
FarmTek – Growers Supply, 1-800-245-9881;ft1_coldframes_hightunnels.html
Four Season Tools, 1-816-444-7330
Haygrove Tunnels,
Ledgewood Farm, 1-603-476-8829
Maryland Plants and Supplies Inc., 1-800-248-2818
Nolt's Produce Supply, 1-717-656-9764
Penn State Seed Co., Inc. 1-570-675-8585
Rimol Greenhouse Systems, 1-877-RIMOL-GH
Walker Plants, 1-856-358-6493

For additional information concerning AMA program eligibility and to submit an application, visit your
county NRCS Field Service Center.

Tom Morgart
Phone: (443) 482-2927

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