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2722 3rd Street, #204, Santa Monica, CA 90405

* High-caliber leadership experience in new business development, territory man
agement, strategic planning and industry networking initiatives in global start-
up, stable and turn-around business environments.
* Proficient as a top revenue generator performer in all aspects of the busines
s process, including competitive analysis, brand positioning and executive relat
ionship building.
* Effective hiring, deployment, development and supervision of top-notch manage
ment, staff and field employees.
* Extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business pro
tocols, particularly in Japan, Pacific Rim and North America; Permanent US Resid
ence; Fluent in Japanese and English.
* University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 1990 - 1992
Executive MBA
* Pepperdine University, Los Angeles, CA 1982 - 1985
MA in General Psychology
* University of Massachusetts, Boston, Boston, MA 1979 - 1982
General Science
* Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan 1971 - 1975
BA in Political Science
* Ishijima International Inc. Los Angeles, CA 2007 - present
* Consulted with Morgan Stanley in Japan about Japanese exhibition industry for
the potential buyer of the exhibition chain.
* Promote the US sustainable media to Japanese qusi-governmental publication.
* Tried to raise fund for the Copenhagen Conference for United Nations Art proj
* Twentieth Century Fox Japan Inc., Tokyo, Japan 2003 - 2006
Sales Director
* Was in charge of expanding and improving the market position of this leading
Hollywood film distribution unit.
* Managed direct engagements and collaborative sales models via industry partne
rs to optimize the entire business development process.
* Instituted creative booking strategies for up to 20 titles released each year
* Established and grew major relationships with multiplex exhibitors for in-the
atre marketing programs, resulting in up to 20% higher box office revenues.
* Hired and supported new staff for a new position, Forecasting Systems, to tra
ck and analyze all industry data relating to box office activity in Japan.
* AMC Entertainment International, Inc. Tokyo, Japan 1995 - 2003
Vice President - Japan
* Recruited to set up the corporate office and expand brand presence in the hig
hly competitive Japanese marketplace.
* Personally negotiated with distributors, scheduled movie screenings and imple
mented a comprehensive strategic growth plan.
* Succeeded in building, opening up and staffing five separate multiplex sites
with 79 screens, ten managers and numerous staff.
* Aggressively facilitated significant change in general Japanese culture and i
ntroduced a more American-style experience to movie-going, surpassing all compet
itor activity.
* Set up the first AMC Theatre in Japan in Canal City-Hakata in 1995; achieved
an increase of 100% in attendance, from one million to two million, in one year.
* SEGA Enterprises Ltd., Tokyo, Japan 1994
General Manager
* Hired to leverage industry contacts and drive new business opportunities for
setting up high-end theme parks and amusement centers around the world.
* Continued to utilize expertise in business analysis, resource allocation and
market segmentation.
* King International Group, Los Angeles, CA 1993 - 1994
* Deployed industry knowledge and market expertise to identify deals for Japane
se clients looking to penetrate the US entertainment marketplace.
* Prospected for and opened up a variety of deals with $2million.
* Dentsu Inc., Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 1983 - 1993
Vice President
* Was in charge of a team of five professionals in handling business projects w
ith operating budgets of over $500,000.- to open up and expand market penetratio
n and brand positioning through this satellite office of a global leader in mark
* Built and grew significant relationships with leaders in the business world,
universities, think-tanks, non-profit associations and government agencies.
* Promoted to this position through levels of increasing responsibility after i
nitial hiring as consultant because of the excellent work performance.
* Performed extensive market research in the entertainment and motion picture i
ndustries in order to identify new business opportunities.
* Personally evaluated and selected the architect to coordinate this firm's inv
olvement in the Osaka New International Airport/Rinku-Town Project.
* Negotiated the participation of the State of California in the "Garden and Gr
eenery Expo" in Osaka, Japan in 1990.
* Designed and produced Japan week L.A. for the Los Angeles Japanese Consulate.
* Organized and executed "The Shogun Age Exhibition" at the LA County Museum of
Art in 1985.