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1x Information Support Services Officer, “**, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT+00:00 2007, Uncontrolled Copy, (c) 8S Licensed Copy: Hilary Fran December 2008 ves 13,220.10 English Version Portable fire extinguishers ~ Part 9: Additional requirements fe EN 3-7 for pressure resistance of CO2 extinguishers: xtncturs dcone pale Pate 9: Exgenons ‘gba Feuer Tel 2utey i EBircnncta MEN 7 thes 3 rsionco > ASE one Dent on sn recion ces exter a Saye ars Fooeeser “This Ewopean Sinan was approved by CN on 2 October 2008, cen mamvor ae bun acme wih ho CENICENELEC era Regu whi put ha conor a Ese Ee ee nero ey aration, Up a red bepapic referee cone rich aot ‘Stangrd i Spina on aca fo te Conta Sarat orf any CEN mamber, “This Eurponn Sided ents toe ol vorb (Engh, French, Cumin) Avenon any ha rage msde Tris Euaponn Ser! or sown nnguage ana noid oe Con Sera hash sua sas 5h fi ‘eros. ‘CEN mort ere raralstegads bode tA, ab, Con, Cech Reptile, Danmar, Earle Cel Fes CE mer edd iy ater, aa, Nearant, Nowe, Peed, Poa, Roma, ‘Soran storon, Spa, Sweden, Swtzerand an Unie’ Kno COMITE SUROPEEN DE NORMALISATION SUROPAISCHES KOMITEE FOR NONUNG 86-1050 Brussel: (02006 GEN Ags of exoaon ny form aby any ears reser Fel Mo. £3 9.2006: ‘Setdeaa to GEN nena embers 3 j 2 x g 8 z 3 2 3 2 & § i i | § : i £ e i é 8 3 5 2006 (FE) Contents Manufacturing ofthe assembled extinguisher. Final assessment of the assembled extinguisher. 4 General 72 73 ‘Annex A (informative) Classification ofthe diferent parts of an extinguisher. ‘Annex B (informative) Filing ratlo for CO, ‘Annex ZA (formative) Relationship between this European Standard ar ‘of EU Directive 87/23/EC.. tho Essontia! Requirements ‘Table A.< — Classification ofthe altferont parte of poriets fire sxtinyiitar, Table B.1 — Filing ratio for CO Table C.4 — Cylinder neck thread dimensions = = a ‘Table ZA.1 — Correspondence betwoen this European Standard and Directive 97/2S/EC . Foreword “This document (EN 3-9:2008) has been prepared by Technical Commitee CEN/TC 70 “Manual means of fre fighting equipment, the secretariat of which Is held by AFNOR. “his European Standard shall be gven the status ofa national standard, er by pubication of an Kenia ox! Tp endoreemort et the itt by June 2007, and confcing national standards shale wivrewn st ho Wee tune 2007, “This document hes been prepared under a mandate given to CEN by the European Cornmision ont fv Frys Fine Trade Association, and supports essential requirements of EU Directive 97/2300 For relationship wth EU Directwe 97/2/CE, see intrmative Annex ZA, which f an ine part is xsunsi ‘This dooument is nuded in a srs of Euopeun Standards planed to cover: 8) classification of res (EN 2) b) mobile fre extinguishers (EN 1866)" EN'3 consists ofthe folowing parts, under ihe general tte “Portable fre extinguishers" — Part 1": Description, duration of operation, class A and B fire fest — Part 2°: Tightness, delectc tes, famping test, special provisions — Part 3: Constnition, resistance fo pressure, mechenical tests — Part 4”: Changes, minimum required fire — Part 5": Specification and supplementary tests __. part 6: Provisions for the attestation of conformity of portable fre extinguishers in eovondence with EN 3 port 1 topart5 _— Part 7: Cheracteristcs, performance requirements and test methods Part 8: Additonal requirements to EN 3-7 forthe construction, resistance fo pressure and mectvancal tosis for extinguishers with 8 maximum allowable pressure equel to orfower then 30 bar Part 9: Adsonal requirements fo EN 3-7 for pressure resistance of CO, extinguishers Port 10°: Provisions for evaluating of confonnty ofa porto ire exingivo fo FV 2 it 7 pecorino to CENICENELEC Infomst Reguaons, the tional standard aries ho ing i Terai ecis Europeen Standard Aust, Beitr Cyprus, Crach Republi, Dern ran, Goat Cretan, dard, reand, tay, Laie. Lituana, Lembourg, Mei, Nether, Non sve Romania. Slovak, lovers, Spain, Swaden, Swizertand and United Khgdor. * yyndravm and replaced by EN 2-7, 22 EN13.8 and 3.0 update and amend EN 3-2, On pubteaton ofthese EN 3-3 wil be wittan 2 prparaon 3-10 update end aends EN 3-8. Onpuileaflon of EN S-10 EN 8 wb withrawn, Licensed Copy: Hilary Franoux - Information Support Services Officer, ***, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT}+00:00 2007, Uncontrolled Cop) 1 Scope ‘This European Standard specifies the rules of design, assembling, inspection and ‘esting of CO, portable fre ‘extinguishers as far asthe pressure rik i concemed, NOTE Annex give the casefcatton of to diferent parts fofming te assembly othe potable extinguisher. 2. Normative references ‘The folowing reterenced documents are indispensable forthe application of this document. For dated reference, ‘only the edition cted applies. For undated references, the eles edition ofthe referenced document (nctuding ry amendments) applies EN 3-7:2004, Portable fre extinguishers —- Part 7: Charactostic, performance requirements end fst mothocs EN 3-8:2008, Portable fre extinguishers — Part 8: Addtional requirements lo EN 3-7 for the canstructon, ‘resistance to pressure and mechanical fests for extinguishers wih @ maximum allowable pressure equa 0 or fowar then 30 bar EN 629.1:1996, Transportable gas cylinders — 25 taper thread for connection of valves fo gas cylinders —- Part 1: Specttcaton F EN ISO 11116-11999, Gas cylinders — 17E taper thread for connection of valves to ges cylnders — Pert 1: ‘Specitcations (SO 11116-11866) EN ISO 15245-1:2001, Ges cyiinders — Parafel treads for connection of valves to gas cyinders — Part 1: ‘Speaaication (180 15248-1:2001) 5 180 6718:1901, Bursting discs and bursting disc devices 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the terma and defintions given in EN 3-7:2004, EN 9-8:2006 and the following apply. iting rato rma ehowabl measured Kot 4 Materials 41 Genera Non meta materi for oto operating divine rs ot ei by hs Ewopan Sander 42 Material compatiitty ‘Materials of components that may be In contact with the cortenis shell be compatible with bth Hs wana ane the material of other components Licensed Copy: Hilary Franoux - Information Support Services Officer, ****, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT+00:00 2007, Uncontrolled Copy, {¢) 2S) Destyo 6.4. Cylinder and operating devices “The thread of the cylinder and operating device shall be in accordance with and marked with the appropriate cots, ‘see Annex C. ‘Operating devices with paralel threads shall Incude @ means of automaticaly venting any pressure from th ‘extinguisher before complete disengagement, . NOTE By nature oftheir shape taper treads rurally vent before combi dsongagoment 6.2. Filling cette ‘There Is @ relationship between the filing rao, the meximum allowable pressure anki the maxis air temperature depending on the pressure-lemperature curves of carbon doxkle. Commonly used fing retin = 10,607, 0,675 and 0.750, and the corresponding maxcenum allowable pressures at 60 °C ere show in Anncx 8.3 Operating device “The operating device Isa pressure accessory that can be fitted with the bursting disc. ‘The thread of the operating device shall be in accordance with Annex C and shall be slamped, engrave! o: ‘embossed withthe specfied code. 5.4 Bursting disc Extinguishers shall be fied with a bursting disc, which shall comply with 1SO 6718. ‘The bursting disc at (Tig, 2) °C shall operate at @ pressure between 1,1 /'S and the fest pressure of the ‘extinguisher P7, inching all manufacturing tolerances. NOTE PS ofthe extinguisher assembly cannot exceed the? of any component ofthe extinguisher aseanbiy. 5.5. Hose and nozzle couplings ~ Prototype testing 5.5.4 Requirements ‘The coupling systems given below shell function throughout the operating temperature range of tho re extinguisher Coupling systems shal be designed and fited in such a way that they cannot damage the hose. The Durst pressure shall be equal io or greater than the appropriate value below when tested in accordance with 5.5.2 45 times the pressure developed et Trqq the test being carried out at (20-5) °C — one specimen, 4.25 times the pressure developed at gy, the fest being carrtod Out a (Tg, 8) 000 sp — operating dovicethom - opsrating devieahoze: — operating device hosefhom — operating device horn!nozzto. 552. Test conditions “The burst pressure shall be established by Increasing the pressure to the minimum allowable burst pressure fi {ime not lees than 30 # maintahing that pressure for a further 30 8 during which failure shall not occur end ix Froreasing the pressure at a maximum average rate of 10 baris util the point of fare. itary Franoux - information Support Services Officer, ****, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT+00:00 2007, Uncontrolled Copy, (c) 8S! Licensed Copy: EN 2-9:2006 (B 6.4 Resistance vo tupact 56.1 Test Conditions TSgys 874 TS, aimed by the manufacturer shail be used forthe tests § 62 and Annex D. 66.2. Requirements ‘When tested in accordance wit D.1, extinguishers shal not show evidence of bursting, breakage or ejection of components 5 6 Manufacturing of the assembled extinguisher ‘The compatbity between the trend ofthe cfinder andthe treed ofthe operating deves shel be check ‘The manufacturer's declared torque between the operating device and the cylinder and the operating device avd the buraing dsc shall be uilse. v ‘Manufacturing process shall be defned and controlled and shall not adversely affect the design characteristics. ‘The identitcation and tho traceabifty of the materials for all pressure retalning paris shall be ensured by the manutsturer ater reception of theee materials. This is realised by applcalon of adequate procedies, ieral to ‘he marufacurer, such as batch coil raceabity. . 7 Final assessment of the assombled extinguisher TA General The evaluation of the inlegraion of the dierent parts ofthe extinguisher shal be checked by: — document basis a te design stage: — the curation of operation shall be as folows: 1) st 7gq ration cf opron hal tbe mare han the ve xabaod ta lpr + 20°; 1) Ty duration of operation sallnot be more than 25 tines the value estabshed at + 20°C Compliance shal be demenststed using an epproprice sampling plan 7.2 Validation of accessories Fitngs(excudng bursting csc subject o pressure shall meet the folowing requirements. For ftings in Category! or aril 3 § 3 of Drecive 977230, complance ena be demonsrated by pressure testing componeris sles fom production using an adequate sampling pian. Ai tings (exciting bursting dsc in Category Io higher shall be subwne toa prnatno ts “The test pressure PT sha no be less than 1,43 nes the maximum allowable pressure Ps ‘The test pressure shall be mabiained for a minimum of 30 s and the Mtings shall remain tight and show ao dangerous defect. Frtings include operating devices, hose assembles. The ftings need not be tested as part of tho complete ‘extinguisher but te test equipment connection and blanking features shall repkcate the adjacant components ranoux - Information Support Services Officer, “**, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT+00:00 2007, Uncontrol Licensed Copy: Hitery 2 Walldation af the eign nent Check the conient of each extinguisher by weight o aneur iis nol overiioe 8 Marking 84. Operating device = The thread code shall be marked (Annex C) 8.2 cylinder = The thread code shal be mato (Anne = test pressure in ber, with te lettre "PT" before and followed by “BAR oF "bar. Tie marin stl bo oss engraved or embossed. 8.3 Extinguisher assembly “The extinguisher assembly shal be marked wih: —— mark the extinguisher manufacturer as registered, fr idenicton; — seria or batch number ofthe extinguisher _— year of manufacture ofthe extinguisher, which canbe representa bythe four digs, e.g. 2002; — tre nko, including permanently etached accessories (necassary fr refiling); volume ofthe body —t; — maximum allowable pressure ofthe extinguisher assembly with the letters “PS” before end fokowext by "Ie" or "bar", — maximum fing mass — kg; — contained gas. — operating temperature range of the extinguishar assembly (Ty! Te) ‘The markings specified above shall be permanently marked. ‘See also marking requirements specied in EN 3-7. ; "1%, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GMT+00:00 2007, Uncontrolled Copy, (c) 8S: Licensed Copy: Hilary Franoux - Information Support Services EM S.8:2008 (E} Annex A (informative) Classification of the difforent parts of an extinguisher In the framework of New Approach Directive 97/29/EC Pressure Equipment, the diferent paris forming the ‘Sesembly ofan extinguisher can be classified gs indicated in Table At. ‘Table A.1 — Classification ofthe differont parts of « portable fre extingulsinor es PresureEqupmen Detvo 7 Part Type gupment category | yer sea [iopoy tt 7 Operating doen Prosi ecconry [At 8 § 8 ot oatogoyt in freon of ON er etegoy ian Mod win wt scenes) _ Howe Pie a 353 rae 7 Yorte ~ [renee ecomeoy [ar 353 rete 7 Buring oe Sety season in tient calgary ~ Filling ratio for CO, Tablo 8.1 — Filing rato for CO, HL BZ UEP UOW ‘seve JEOIUO SS0/\I8g HoddNg UONeUIOYU) - xnoUes. Kiel} :kd09 pesusoT] & 8 a s 5 : 5 i : 3 i ij 3 j 5 i i 2 gE e i § “Thread code (lobe stamped, engraved or embossed on the body andthe operating device), Portable CO, fire extinguisher thread sizes Annex G (normative) ‘The thread shal correspond o Table C1. 10 Table C.1 —-Cylinder neck thread dimonelons “Thread code 2° TENISO 182454 ENO 'ary Francux.- information Support Services Officer, “**, Mon Jan 29 14:34:16 GHIT+00:00 2007, Uncontralied Copy, Licensed Copy: Awe (normative) Impact tests D.1 Gonoral Reaitancs to inpact by Fting weigh NOTE e056 “The test shal be cariod out on four potable fre exngushors Mad wit all ocosselae th a at Ho pressure during normal operation ° Fill the extinguishers wih waler or a sulable iquld, to between 88 % and 92 % by Wolume, es er Fors, ‘complete with valve and internal tings. D.z Testat 18inin NOTE Alow toeze depressant may beaded te provent he fresing ate contained quid ‘Adjust with nlrogen the pressure of two extingushers to such a pressure, that at TSquy. the eisined pressure ‘corresponds to the pressure of CO, a his temperature in an extinguisher normally fled With CO, atk intended fi ratio, ‘Then condition these two extinguishers fora period of 24 Wat (TSqiq #2) °C. Wain 1 min of the removal ofeach extinguisher from the conditioning chamber it shall be subjected to the topo test ‘One extinguisher shall be tested horizontally ans the other vertical Both extinguishers shal be tested with th safaty dave in postion. D3 Test at TSinax ‘Adjust with nirogen the pressure of two extinguishers to such a pressure thal, al TS,,, the attained pressure ‘corresponds tothe pressure of CO, at tis temperature in an extinguisher normaly itd with CO, otis inlended fi rato, Then condition these two extinguishers for a period of 24 a TSpq, 82°C: Within ¢ min ofthe remove ofthe exinguister fram ths condoning ees Bn foe a! feet, One extinguisher shal be tested horizontally andthe other vera. ‘Both extinguishers shal be testod vith to safety device in postion, EN 9-8:2008 (8) D4 Apparatus ‘cylindrical steel weight, wih fat surfeces, measuring 75 mm in diameter and weighing 4 kg, placed in sini: ‘wich wil allow i fo freefall vetelly froma height A (in metres) calculated by the folowing equation, with & ‘minim of 180 hemo ‘where 1s the tte mass, ln klograms, ofthe full extinguisher in complete working order, DS Procedure lace the extinguishers on la nd gt surece, on n each ofthe folowing postions — vertical, nts nora poston; . presingageinst he euracs, — horizontally, in uch a poston thatthe device which seals the un For each extinguisher, slow the weight ofl freely from height #, onto the device which sets the unit, the pot cf Impact being determined by he auforty carying out the test. ; 3 g 8 2 i : | z i = 2 i 3 : § Anwox 24 (informative) Relationship between this European Standard and the Essential Requirements of EU Directive 97/23/EC ‘This European Standard has been prepared under @ mandate given to CEN by the European Conumizsion io ‘provide a means of conforming fo Essential Requirements ofthe New Approach Dirocve. ‘Once this standard i cted in the Official Jourel ofthe European Comnmusiken under hat Dione cs implemented as a national standard inal least ane Member Site, compliance withthe vsuses of bis ine ‘given in Table ZA.1 confers, wihin tho ls of the scope of thie standard, & pesumpien ef confer win Corresponding Essential Requirements of hal Diecve and associeted EFTA rogulaions ‘Table ZA:1 — Correspondence between this European Standard Bnd Directive 07/28: Ginwselay MENT Esional Requirements of | Gialiying Remarkstas ‘Directive o772a/eC ea as 3 Sate Raiding a eparei 6 rT 7 a7 3 7 aa WARNING — Other requirements end other EU Directives may be applicable to the product(s) fai win ts cope of this standard

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