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Our Consult and New Patient Exam
Our Consult and New Patient Exam

At Wellness Revolution clinics we offer Revolutionary

Health Strategies.
Dr. Lee recommends that our patients start out with a
consultation, and then proceed to our step two.

New Patient Exam. (step one)

The consultation is a 30 minute office visit. In that
office visit Dr. Lee and the patient will discuss all health
concerns and determine which health path would be best
suited for them.
At that visit Dr. Lee will suggest a health package.
Which could include all or a few of the services we offer
here at the clinic.

Your next step would be our second step.

New Patient Exam.

(Step two) includes the following:
Energy Body Balancing Therapy
This is our unique procedure where we bio-imprint your
top fifty stressors from Spectra Vision into a
personalized bio-scripting vail. This vial is what we call
your Master Stress Vial (MSV) or Kryptonite since it
will weaken all your energy points and testable muscles.
Through manual muscle testing we can determine your
priority system for healing through the brains priority
system. We also use other bio-scripting vials to put in
your hand and access the relay switches in your brain to
re-program your nervous system. 

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Our Consult and New Patient Exam
Is a two-part protocol that addresses allergy reduction
and emotional balancing. You will learn more about this in
your consult and report of findings. Using the newest
LazX green and red lasers.
MG-33 Tensegrity Therapy
A powerful and relaxing cellular exerciser with its origins
from Dr Papimi‛s research with cancer patients. Is is our
patient‛s favorite for fast pain relief as well PEMF‛s are
like a spark plug or catalyst for energy production in the
cell. Just like a car needs oxygen, fuel and ignition
(spark plug), so does the human cell need fuel (glucose),
oxygen and a “spark plug” or ignition. This ignition is
PEMF or pulsed magnetic energy from both the earth
and movement/exercise on the earth.
Cellular Detox (footbath)
The Cellular Detox uses direct current not alternating
current to create an ionic energy field in the foot bath
similar to the energy produced by the human body. This
energy is sub-threshold, meaning that the patient
generally will not feel the treatment: the Cellular Detox
creates energy by altering the electron and proton load
in water to create an electromagnetic
(“bioenergetically”) altered water environment. The
patient places their feet in the “Bioenergetics” water to
receive the flow of appropriate ions. The energy flow
from the Cellular Detox increases the flow of
appropriate ions. The energy flow from the Cellular
Detox increases the body‛s energetics, or simply
translated “life-Energy”. Thus, allowing your red blood
cells to become more electrical and asset's
detoxification 60% thru the breath, 30% thru skin, 7%
colon, 3% bladder.
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Our Consult and New Patient Exam
New Patient Exam

(Step 3) includes the following:

We call this our lifestyle visit. We will discuss, food ,

water, magnetic fields, and do a nutritional evaluation.
Dr. Lee will go over all the tests and results in a ROF,
and he will suggest a health plan for you to follow.

This visit also includes a cellular Detox and Tensegrity


Our office procedures are unique, in the sense that we

look at the whole body and the individual to make
recommendations. We do not treat disease or diagnosis,
we treat the whole person. We take into consideration
the nutrition, emotional, energy, subluxations, traumas
and toxins of each patient when suggesting a health plan.
Our goal is to educate and help you to understand what it
is you need, to be the healthiest you can be. We also
understand that it is your body, your health, and your
choice, on how you decide what is right for you.

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Choices after your report-of-finding (ROF) include:

Packages of Combined Therapies

Individual Therapies (see lists that follow)

Weight Loss-Fat Emulsification

Allergy Detoxification/Desensitizing

Chiropractic Adjustments

Nutritional Supplement Evaluation

E.A.V. and Homeopathic Evaluations


Auricular Therapy

Cold Laser.

Emotional CPR
Center Point Release based on German New Medicine

Spectra Vision Biofeedback

Spectra Vision is a form of biofeedback that measures
your body‛s energy system. Not only does it measure
your energy, it also identifies what is stressing or
weakening your body. This technology allows us to
identify the remedies and treatment necessary for
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Health Plans
Optimal Nutrition
The most powerful tool we use for evaluating nutritional
problems is the Spectra Vision technology. Spectra
Vision can tell us which vitamins, minerals , amino acids,
enzymes, and hormones are out of balance in the body.
We will test you for necessary vitamin, mineral, herbal
and homeopathic support. We will coach you on what it
will take to get you nutritionally balanced. Also we use
the Zyto “Balance” biofeedback system for evaluating
your nutritional and supplement needs.

Maintenance Chiropractic Adjustments

and/or Temporary Relief Care.
We recommend that all of our patients are checked for
Spinal Subluxation Complexes. Good old fashioned
Chiropractic is s till in fashion with us. We are skilled in
most all of the recognized Chiropractic Techniques. If
Chiropractic adjustments are all that you desire, then
you may schedule your next appointment to see the
doctor with our front desk. Discounted Spinal
Adjustments are available on our Good Samaritan Days
on the second Tuesday of every month. by appointment

· If you have insurance coverage, then you will be

reimbursed quickly by your insurance carrier. For
your insurance purposes, we are an “out of network”
provider. You pre-pay for services and we will
provide you with a Super bill to turn in to your
insurance carrier for reimbursement to you directly.
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Health Plans

Color and Sound Re-patterning

Color therapy and sound therapy have been used by healers for
thousands of years and they are used in our office to help balance
your nervous system. Color and sound have also been shown to
correlate with certain parts of the body, organs, glands and even

Low-Level Red and Violet Laser (6535nm & 405nm)

Low-level lasers penetrate into the skin and work by restoring normal
cellular function. Physiological effects include improve metabolism,
circulation and tissue healing. We use the laser to stimulate weak
areas of the body. Also know as cellular modulators, these lasers
have FDA approval for pain relief and treatment of acne. In some
cases an additional 780nm infrared laser may be recommended for
home therapy.

Connective tissue Release Therapy

Our percussion instrument has enough energy to free up restrictions
in the connective tissue or fascia and can reduce or remove muscle
spasms, scar tissue and organ restriction. This helps increase your
range of motion, improves lymphatic, detoxification, and enhancing
the body‛s energetic pathways (i.e. the acupuncture meridians).

Auricular Therapy/Acupuncture
Twenty thousand physicians in Europe have turned in their
prescription pads and replaced it with Auricular Medicine.
Auricular Therapy is specific Acupuncture of the Ear.

Fat Emulsifying Cold Laser

a new body-sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour

the body without invasive surgery. To emulsify adipose tissue which
then releases into the interstitial space. Then the excess fat is
passed through the body during its normal course .of detoxification
This procedure allows the patient to continue their daily activities
without interruptions from surgery, pain, wounds or garments.

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Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathy's are very safe liquid remedies packaged in a 1/2 oz.
bottle with a dropper or spray for easy administration. The remedies
are taken under the tongue. They are made from minute amounts of
substances from plants, minerals, flowers and laser light. The
remedies are all natural and formulated to stimulate healing and to
support organs. These substances are diluted to as much as one part
per ten billion and beyond! Scientists have theorized that
homeopathy may work in the body similar to enzymes or hormones
which can be found in similar minute quantities yet have very dynamic
actions in the body. Homeopathy‛s are regulated by the FDA and will
not interfere with prescription medications.

Hormonal and Neurological Reflex Balancing

While holding the bio-scripting vials we find the weak reflex points on
your body. Then we stimulate these points by finding and releasing
the emotional conflicts associated with the energy leaks in your body.
This reflex treatment will correlate with the findings on your
Bio-coherence and Spectra Vision Scan. This will be a very important
piece of the puzzle in order to balance your body‛s endocrine system
and stabilize your metabolism.

Family Integration
It‛s not uncommon that the stress of family dynamics can cause
health related stresses in one‛s life. Resolving these disrupting
energy patterns can be a major breakthrough for both the individual
and the family members. A family member or members will have to
experience an initial wellness appointment before a group clearing can
take place

Couples Integration
Many times, in couples integration clearings will deal with the core
issues that seem to be holding each other back. This is a journey of
discovery for two people who are willing to take the necessary steps
to improve their relationship. Great strides can be made in couple‛s
integration by clearing previous programs that hinders communication
and by releasing negative core beliefs.

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visits and service fees are based on pre-paid discounts, higher
fees prevail if paid on the date of service.

New Patient Wellness Evaluation

New Patient Lifestyle visit

Wellness Office visit

Chiropractic visit w/eye lights & cold laser

Package of six Chiropractic visits

Packag of 12 Chiropractic visits

Nutritional Evaluation and Scan

(this fee may be used as a credit toward purchase of


Package A comprehensive health plan

Package B comprehensive health plan

Package C comprehensive health plan

Family Integration (two visit pkg)

Couples Integration (3 visit pkg)

Four Week Wellness Program for Out-of Town Clients

(A prescheduled two-weeks, pay half down)

One Week Wellness Program for Out-of-Town Clients

Cellular Detoxification Program (footbaths)

Pkg of 10

MG-33 Tensegrity Therapy

Pkg of 5

Pkg of 10

LazRx green Laser allergy protocol (12 visits)

Fat Emulsifying Laser treatment Pkg A. 18 visits Pkg B. 30

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Package A:

This is a series of five treatment visits and one re-evaluation. This

is a popular treatment program among our patients because it focuses
on balancing the major stress factors found on your original scan.
This is a program to balance organs, glands, and brain relays. Some
allergies can be identified and reduced. This is a great way to
experience the benefits of our wellness program at a reasonable

· 6 Wellness Office Visits that will focus on your top major health
goal in both treatment and evaluations.

· 6 EMOTOX Office Visits

· 6 Chiropractic Adjustments

· 1 Re-evaluation to monitor your progress and further assist in

your healing support.

· 10% discount on all supplements, and homeopathics.

· 7footbaths & 7 tensegrity treatments

Package B:

This is a series of twelve treatment visits and two re-evaluations. A

comprehensive program is for the client who has placed their health
as a top priority. Typically, once you have completed the initial
evaluation visit and experienced what this treatment can do for you,
then there will be no doubt that this is right for you. 10 Wellness
office visits that focus on balancing the major stressed organs
found on the scan

· 12 Wellness Office Visits that will focus on your top major

health goal in both treatment and evaluations.

· 12 EMOTOX Office Visits

· 12 Chiropractic Adjustments

· 2 Re-evaluations to monitor your progress and further assist in

your healing support.

· 10% discount on all supplements, and homeopathics

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Package C:

This is a series of eighteen treatment visits and three re-evaluations.

We will have the available time to focus on multiple health goals with
comprehensive visits, to do whatever is necessary to help you along in
the healing process. This program fully focuses on the stress factors
found in the Scan and the ridding of the toxins that have accumulated
through your lifetime.

· 18 Wellness Office Visits that will focus on your top major health
goal in both treatment and evaluations.

· 18 EMOTOX office visits

· 18 Chiropractic Adjustments

· 3 Re-evaluations to monitor your progress and further assist in

your healing support

· 10% discount on all supplements and homeopathics

· 21 footbaths and 21 tensegrity therapies

Payment Plans Available

L>I>G>H>T> ( Let In Gods Healing Touch)


We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with

the care that you have received during the first week of treatment.
All we ask is that you follow our recommendations and communicate
with us any concern you may have and give us the opportunity to make
it right.

Conversely, if you feel we have exceeded your expectations above

what you have paid for, we are happy for you to make a further
payment to us, and we agree to accept it with gratitude. In fact we
regularly receive great testimonials and even gifts from many of our
satisfied patients. So we hope you find our guarantee reassuring.

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David G. Lee, D.C.,Ph.D.,C.Ad.,

Received his first doctorate degree in 1983. Second Doctorate in

Public Health, 1998. Still in private practice today, he has
participated and collected extensive credentials; including: Licensed
Doctor of Chiropractic in Georgia; Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in
Florida; American Disability and Evaluation Research Institute;
National Association of Disability Evaluation Physicians; Consultant
for State Farm; Allstate, Colonial Penn, Geico, The Hartford,
Progressive Insurances companies; Continuing Education Instructor
for American Medical Association‛s A4M, Logan College, Life
University, Nutri-West Pharmaceuticals, College of Addictionology
and Compulsive Disorders, Lead Nationwide Instructor for Brimhall
Wellness, cold Laser Instructor Erchonia Medical, C.P.R Wellness,
Nationwide Lead Instructor, Professor of Pediatrics and Senior
Clinical Proficiency Life University, Nationwide sole Instructor
Phytobiophysics U.S.A.; Auricular Medicine; Acupuncture; Activator
Methods; Medix Microscopy and Terrain Flow Techniques; Thompson
Techniques; S.O.T.; Applied Kinesiology; past local Atlanta pro sports
team physician and frequent guest speaker on radio and television
programs. Dr. Lee is available to speak to your church or group on
health related topics.

He is happily married with three children, a son-in-law, and one


We are grateful for the incredible technology that we have and the
modern equipment available. We acknowledge that the word “doctor”
means teacher, and that the healing in this place comes from God‛s
Goodness, Grace, and Mercy, Our philosophy is to spread the good
news with such abundance that the bad has no place to survive.