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Name : Dewi Firmayanti Saleh Class :C

Id Student : 321 409 095 Words : 845


Do you know about what the council member did when they Paripurna Meeting??? Actually

never one is suspect that council member is meeting discussed about country problem exactly

passionate watching Video sex and confounding to Himself, our like Indonesian People, PKS, and


Firstly, what did the council member doing that to be certain abash to himself because it case to

be expose in the Media in Indonesia and some other state, and everyone is see and read that to be

certain will not be likeable and abhor the council member like that. Very much website in Internet is

exposing this news and some society giving the comment about this case as society opinion (Guntur

Harimurti, Society): The council member like this must be give punishment in order that are in the

effect being learn to the other member for next time. Certain this case explained that make him be lost

out, no one is likeable, and if this case proven to be that DPR member watching video so he will be

giving the punishment and will be out from PKS.

Second, this case certain is damage ourselves like Indonesian nation to other nation. Especially

the press in media that spread to world and make us embarrassed, the state is having a lot of Muslim

people but the council member doing sad deed and mustn't be doing also that is not proper for allowed

by council. Just the council is doing that our feeling embarrassed, besides if the council member that is

very confounding. The certain council will be having opinion as (Fajar Kurniawan Hartono,

Society); the qualities partly of parliament member in Indonesian, full of desire, use the blind salary.
(Kusworo, Society): AFFLICT...!!! TRAGIC...!!! whereas the million Indonesian people life

underneath to life standard that suitable, the council member is decorous that note bane believed by

society like representative aspiration turn out deed their not more better than someone not have

education,,,, then Mr. the council member is decorous don't desire free!!. (Poengky Indarti, Eksekutif

Imparsial) “Exactly, Ariel giving punishment. Especially, the this council member is clearly doing that

when be true thinking destiny people is refusing DPR new building and embarrassed.

Third, the member DPR case this also have impact for PKS that popular his name, especially

that party is very popular to introduction Islam to be certain PKS very embarrassed with this. This is

getting response from people about variety of statement in website KOMPAS.COM as (Emha Nafi,

Society): If Arifinto back out PKS will be end. The Better bargained one people than PKS. “What

Arifinto doing that be disagreement PKS as Party is Popular his name. So will be serious, it like bitten

the DPR image to people and that can’t give believes too. Beside that the representative kaukus

political woman Indonesian (KKPI) Tari Siwi Utami: This to be certain party must be think in order

that not embarrassed and don’t lose the party. Properly the DPR member that will drop out by party

because society will think the new member that can be guide Indonesia to the best state. That opinion

did evidence is people very angry and cross about that and they like the changes for this country.

Forth, for this case have impact to see is loss Indonesia State. But to be certain this state loss

about it, because the state that have conviction and arranged by religion about the good and sad thing

no one be suspect the council member that decorous and choosy by people for finish the problem in

DPR precisely he doing the sad thing as it and make the all people embarrassed. When Indonesian Will

improvement and compete with other state if the leader as arifinto??? No one knows about that.

Properly society only wants the best four countries and state. And community will give the statement

“the Leader can make it, why our not???

In internet also I look some society opinion is carry as arifinto opinion that it not expressly

opened by him when he learn new Ipod that bought by him and the moment that e receive new email
from him friends and whom he don’t know the point is video sex. This talk explained by (No name,

Society in “According To me not suitable if we judge and slander before the all

complete and clear, the council member also human and certain doing mistake and whoever when

meeting certain will be feel bored so that not suitable if we direct slander, let law that talking.

This case very lamentable by all people because the leader should become example for society

but they exactly is doing the bad thing and properly this case is damage state, party, society and

himself. However if he true doing that so law in this state will be going and give him punishment. Also

this is the warning for leader in order that to pay attention their attitude like council member that must

be keep morality don’t only enjoy while other people got a bad fall.