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Batch – 0002 (2009-11)


Course Instructor: ANIRBAN DUTTA


Course Title : Service Marketing

Subject Code : MM-405
Batch : MBA (2009-11)
Instructor : Anirban Dutta
Sessions : 40 hrs.
1.0 Course Objective:
Today service sector is the largest contributor of the economic development of all the developed & developing countries so service marketing
has a great importance today. The objective of this course extends the basic knowledge of the service marketing and application into the service
sector. Students will learn how to take a strategic decision in the global business era with the help of service marketing.
Text Book:
1. Lovelock, C., Wirtz, J. & Chatterjee, J.: Services Marketing; Pearson Education
2. Zeithaml,V.A., Bitner, M J, Grembler, D.D. & Pandit, A.: Service Marketing;, TMH
Reference Book:
3. Srinivasan R.: Services Marketing; PHI
4. Rao, K.R.M.: Services Marketing, Pearson Education
5. Apte, G.: Service Marketing; OUP

2.0 Evaluation System:

Slot Test : 15
Group/Individual Presentation/Quiz : 10
Attendance/Participation : 05
Lecture Topic Reading material /Text Book Pedagogy
1. Service Marketing: Introduction, Need and Text 1
scope of service marketing, Reasons for (Text 2 Pg-590-98)
1-2 growth of services, Contribution to Lecture
economy, Different types of service sectors
– traditional and new, Trends in service
sector, Impact of technology on different
service sectors
2. Service Concept: Definition, Text 1& Text 2
3-6 Characteristics of services, Tangibility Lecture
continuum, Marketing mix for services -
product, price, place, promotion, physical
evidence, people & process
3. Consumer Behaviour in Service Text 2 Case: Starbucks:
7-10 Marketing: Service Experience- moments Delivering Customer
of truth, customer needs, expectations, Service
perceptions, zone of tolerance, customer (Text 2 Pg-682)
satisfaction, understanding the differences Lecture
among customers
4. Service Strategy Planning: Understanding Text 1 Lecture
11-12 the customer and competition, Positioning
services, Service triangle concept
5. Planning the Service Environment: Text 2 & Text 1 Case: Giordano
13 Physical evidence, Servicescapes - types (Text 2 Pg-620)
and role, customer response to Lecture
environment, guidelines for servicescape
6. Creating the Service Product: Creating Text 1 Lecture
14-15 service product, Customer value hierarchy,
Flower of service, Service product mix,
Branding service products
7. Service Marketing Communications: Text 2 Lecture
16 Elements of promotional mix for services
8. Pricing of Services: Foundations of Text 2 Lecture
17-18 pricing, How service prices are different,
Approaches to pricing
9. Distributing Services: Distribution in Text 2 Lecture
19-20 service context, Direct channels,
franchising, agents and brokers, electronic
channels, Strategies for effective delivery
21-22 Slot Test

23-24 10. Designing and Managing Services: Text 1

Designing service delivery system, Lecture
Service blue printing, Quality function
deployment, Customer as co-producer
11. Different Services: Nature and Ref:3 Project Work
characteristics of financial, hospitality,
health-care, educational & professional,
logistics, entertainment services and
their respective marketing mix analysis
12. Managing Demand and Capacity: Text 1 & Text 2
25-26 Capacity constraints, Demand patterns, Lecture
Strategies for matching capacity and
demand, Wait lines and reservations
13. Service Quality: Service quality, Text 2 Case: People, Service, and
27-30 Integrated Gap model - to identify and Profit at Jyske Bank
correct quality problems, Measuring and (Text 2 Pg-600)
improving service quality Lecture
31-32 Project Presentation
14. Building Customer Relationships: Text 1& Text 2 Case:General Electric
Goals of relationship marketing, Medical Systems
Understanding customer-firm (Text 2 Pg-665)
33-34 relationships, Relationship value of
customers, Customer profitability Lecture
segment, Targeting right customers, Relationship
development strategies, Relationship
challenges, Life-time value
15. Managing People: Critical importance of Text 2 Case: People, Service, and
35-36 service employees, Problems and Profit at Jyske Bank
difficulties of boundary-spanning roles, Lecture
Strategies for delivering service quality
through people, Service leadership and
37-38 Slot Test

Anirban Dutta
Course Instructor