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Gas & Steam Flow

Model 415

■ Displays mass flow, corrected
volume and energy flow
■ Accepts 4-20mA and frequency
flow inputs
■ Temperature and pressure com-
■ Dual ranged DP transmitter
■ Operates from 14-28V DC
or AC mains
■ Simplified programming
■ Data logging output

Overview RTD or 4-20mA

temperature inputs
The 415 Steam and Gas Flow
The backlit alphanumeric display sim-
Computer incorporates the following
plifies programming and provides a
compensation equations for gas and
clear indication of all parameters, as
well as engineering units. The 415 is
■ Ideal Gas Law using temperature
fully programmable and all operating
and pressure correction, but where
parameters are entered via the front
compressibility correction is not
panel keypad.
The instrument is available with direct
■ General Gases where compress-
RTD input (415R) or with 4-20mA
ibility is calculated using the
temperature input (415A). Both
Redlich-Kwong1 state equation. This
accept a 4-20mA pressure input.
equation is suitable for gases
which have known properties and Wide range
information on common industrial of flowmeter inputs
gases is provided in the operating Inputs from a wide range of flowme-
manual. ters are accepted, including vortex,
■ Natural Gas using the NX-192 turbine, orifice plate, averaging pitot
equation to calculate super com- tubes, wedges and target flowmeters.
pressibility. Also, where two differential pressure
■ Steam Equations for both saturat- transmitters are used across an ori-
ed and superheated steam. Mass fice or similar device, to increase the
and energy flow rates are calculat- measured flow range, both DP trans-
ed using standard equations to mitter inputs are accepted and scaled
determine the specific weight and separately with automatic crossover.
enthalpy of steam.

A C C U R A C Y • Q U A L I T Y • P E R F O R M A N C E
Gas & Steam Flow Computer
Model 415

A scaled output, suitable for driving ■ Dual Range (Stacked) Differential

remote totalizers, is a standard feature. Pressure Transmitters where two
Options include an isolated 4-20mA separately spanned transmitters are
re-transmission, high and low flow used across a common flow device
alarms and an RS232/422 output which such as an orifice (both square and
will operate on either the mass, correct- linear inputs).
ed volume or energy outputs, depending
■ Non-Linear Differential Pressure
on which value is programmed as the
devices such as laminar flow tubes
default display.
or VA meters. A 20 point correction
RS232/422 Output Enables Data curve can be programmed to com-
Logger Operation pensate for any non-linearities
The RS232/422 option will output all in the flowmeter.
parameters displayed and has the
unique ability to print flow rates and Parameters
totals at programmable time intervals. Displayed
This enables the 415 to function as a Information is displayed in a number of
data logger when used in conjunction windows which can be selected using the
with a printer or other storage device. DISPLAY key.
Protocols are provided for standard
roll and column printers as well as for
computer interfaces and a real time Flow rate of the mass, corrected vol-
clock provides time and date. The totals ume or energy is displayed in units per
can be programmed to reset via the front day, hour, minute or second.
panel, after each print or at 24:00 hours. Total of the mass, corrected volume or
energy. A reset key on the front panel
Flowmeter Inputs enables totals to be reset, or the key
The 415 accepts most flowmeter inputs can be disabled during set-up. Totals
including: are displayed with 8 digits.
■ Frequency producing flowmeters
Gas Flow
such as vortex, turbine or positive
Corrected volume at base conditions
(m3 or ft3)
■ Volumetric flowmeters with 4-20mA Mass (kg or lbs)
outputs such as vortex or turbines Temperature (°C or °F)
with a frequency to current converter
Pressure (kPa or psi) in absolute or
on the output.
■ Differential Pressure devices such Compressibility Z, for general gases
as orifice plates, averaging pitot Super compressibility Fpv for natural gas
tubes, wedges, cones, elbows or tar-
Steam Flow
get flowmeters, where a square law
relationship applies. Mass (kg or lbs)
Energy (MJ or Btu x 1000)
■ Linear Differential Pressure devices
Temperature (°C or °F)
where the 4-20mA output is directly
Pressure (kPa or psi) in absolute or
proportional to the flowrate.

A C C U R A C Y • Q U A L I T Y • P E R F O R M A N C E
General RS232/422 Option
Display 2 line x 20 character (5.5mm high) Type Both RS232 and RS422 are provided.
alphanumeric backlit LCD. (Note: When using the RS422, multi-point communication
Keypad Sealed membrane keypad with four keys. (RS485) can be implemented with up to 32 instruments
connected to a common bus).
Transducer Supply
8-24V DC field adjustable, 65mA max. Function Printer and computer protocols are fully
Power Requirements programmable.
DC Supply: 14 to 28V DC, 300mA typical (no options). Printer A print is initiated on each reset or at a pro-
AC Supply: AC mains set internally to 95-135V AC grammable time interval.
Operating Temp. 0 to 55°C. (Note: Protocols are provided for roll and column printers).

Facia Sealing IP65 (Nema 4X) watertight. Computer An ASCII based protocol enables all dis-
played parameters to be read and the totals
Approvals to be reset.
Electrical ETL (US) approved to UL508 and CSA Baud Rate 300 to 9600.
Data Bits 7 or 8.
Frequency Input
Parity None, Odd or Even.
Range Data Logging Output generated at intervals of once
Minimum: 0.25Hz on Rate, 0Hz on Total a minute to once every 24 hours. The totals
Maximum: 10KHz can be programmed to reset on each print
Input Circuits Accepts most sine, logic and proximity or at 24:00 hours.
switch inputs. Time A real time clock is provided to give time
K-factor Range 0.1000 to 999,999. and date on each output.
Non-Linear Correction 4-20mA Output Option
Up to 10 correction points.
4-20mA Inputs Function Outputs flow rate in mass, corrected
volume or energy. The 4 and 20mA
Input Types Flow (2 ranges), pressure and temperature. points can be programmed to provide
Input Impedance a fully scaled output.
250 ohms. Resolution 10 bits.
Measurement Range Accuracy Better than 0.1%.
Pressure: 0 kPa abs (0 psia) to 100,000 kPa abs Maximum Load 500 ohms internally powered. 950 ohms
(10,000 psia) from external 24V DC.
Temperature: -273°C (-459.4°F) to 1200°C (2192°F) Isolation Output is isolated.
Span (flow) 999,999
Relay Output Option
Accuracy 0.05%.
Circuit 250 ohm resistors connected to a common Function High and low flow rate alarms based on the
signal ground (current sinking). flow rate in mass, corrected volume or ener-
Non-Linear Correction
A 20 point curve can be applied to the Maximum Ratings
flow input. Power: 250VA.
RTD Input (Model 415R) Voltage: 250V AC, 30V DC.
Type Platinum PT100 Current: 5 Amps.
Range -100°C (-l48°F) to 200°C (392°F). Ideal Gas
(Note a wider temperature range can be handled
via a 4-20mA input). Display
Accuracy 0.1°C. Corrected Volume: m3 or ft.3
Mass: kg or lbs.
Linearity The non-linearity of the RTD is internally
compensated for. Temperature Range
-273°C (-450°F) to 800°C (1472°F).
Pressure Input
Pressure Range 0 kPa abs (0 psia) to 100,000 kPa abs
Type Absolute or gauge. (10,000 psia).
Span Absolute or gauge pressure is programma- General Gas
ble at 4mA and 20mA.
Atmospheric If a gauge pressure sensor is used, the Gases Handles most gases for which the critical
atmospheric pressure is programmable. temperature, pressure and specific gravity
are known.
Pulse Output Compressibility Calculated using the Redlich-Kwong1 equa-
Pulse Width l0ms (negative going pulse). tion.
Duty Cycle 49 pulses/sec. max. Temperature Range
Output Open collector transistor will sink l00mA -273°C (-450°F) to 800°C (1472°F)
(RTD has a more limited range).
max. (Note: Suitable for driving remote counters or
PLC's.) Pressure Range 0 kPa abs (0 psia) to 100,000 kPa abs
(10,000 psia).
General Gas Steam
Gases Handles most gases for which the critical Calculations Uses 1967 IFC Formulation (ASME)
temperature, pressure and specific gravity equations to calculate specific weight
are known. and enthalpy of steam.
Specifications Compressibility Calculated using the Redlich-Kwong1 equa- Types Saturated and Superheated.
tion. Temperature Range
Temperature Range 20°C (68°F) to 800°C (1472°F)
-273°C (-450°F) to 800°C (1472°F) (RTD has a more limited range.)
(RTD has a more limited range) Pressure Range 1kPa abs (1psia) to 100,000 kPa abs
Pressure Range 0 kPa abs (0 psia) to (10,000 psia).
100,000 kPa abs (10,000 psia). Saturated Steam
When measuring saturated steam, it is pos-
Natural Gas sible to omit either the pressure or temper-
Calculations Uses NX-192 equation to calculate ature sensor since, on the saturated line,
super compressibility Fpv. there is a corresponding pressure for all
Temperature Range
-40°C (-40°F) to 115°C (240°F)
Pressure Range 101.325 kPa abs (14.69 psia) to
34,380 kPa abs (4985 psia).
Specific Gravity Range
0.554 to 1.000.
Carbon Dioxide 0 to 15% mole. Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Nitrogen 0 to 15% mole.

Ordering Information
When specifying please indicate model(s) required using the following method.

415 R. 1 0 A C
Basic Model Special Options
0 - No Option
Temperature Input
4-20mA -A
Pt100 RTD -R Power Supply
Mounting A - 110V AC
Panel -1 D - 14-28V DC
Field -2

Standard Options
0 - No option
1 - Isolated 4-20mA output
2 - RS232/422
3 - High/low alarms
4 - 4-20mA and alarms
5 - RS232/422 and alarms

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