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Brand Identity Guide


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Think Brick

Brand Guidelines ensure that the visual design elements of Think

Brick are applied correctly in every application in which the Think
Brick logo is identified. Published guidelines are essential for
providing consistency in all communications. These guidelines
should be followed to give Think Brick a uniform identity, greater
visibility and powerful marketing possibilities.
The purpose of the guidelines is to create uniformity in the visual image of Think Brick.
It is important that the standards are strictly followed, especially in regard to those
concerning the Think Brick logo.
If you would like to be supplied with brand artwork or have any questions regarding the
Think Brick Brand Guidelines please direct them to the Marketing Department.
Telephone: 01344 885651, Email:

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Building the Think Brick brand

Brands are icons of our society reflecting our personal

preferences, values and lifestyles.
A brand is not something tangible, such as a label, logo,
style and feature; it does not consist of rational features
and benefits. A brand is created in the hearts and minds of
the consumer. Brands are an emotional connection –
beyond rational reasoning and logic, product superiority,
product attributes, or technical specifications alone.
The importance of building Think Brick’s brand identity is
vital to our success as an organisation. It reflects the mood
and tone to be captured in whatever piece of
communication – advertising, newsletters, brochures, signs,
websites, etc. Branding captures the thought that every
point of contact that an individual has with Think Brick
should reflect the same tone. But, having the same tone
doesn’t necessarily mean that every piece of
communication must look the same.

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The logo

The Think Brick logo is a 3 colour identity. It can also The Think Brick logo is comprised of 4 main elements:
appear in CMYK (using the breakdowns below), black,
1. Horizontal type
or reversed out of one of the primary colours that it is
made up of. These 3 primary colours are: 2. Vertical type
3. The blocks
4. The strapline

PMS 1525 PMS 361 Black 1


C. 0 C. 69 C. 0
M. 58 M. 0 M. 0
Y. 100 Y. 100 Y. 0
K. 10 K. 0 K. 100


223, 122, 28 84, 185, 72 0, 0, 0 3


DF71AC 54B948 000000

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Correct usage of the logo

The Think Brick logo has been specially designed as a

unit and must not be recreated. These correct variations
of the logos are supplied with the official brand aftwork.
Consistent application of the logos will reinforce Think
Brick as a brand.

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Clearance space and positioning of the logo

As shown here, the logo should always have a minimum Preferably, the logo should always appear right-aligned
of clearance space around it. This ensures clarity of but can be placed at any height on the page depending
communication and prevents the logo from becoming on application. The logo should be at least the X
lost or crowded. distance from the edge of the page or perceived border.


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Incorrect use of the logo

The correct variations of the logos are supplied with the official brand artwork.

• Do not change the appearance, shape or size of any element of the logo. • Do not cut off any part of the logo.

• Do not use the elements of the logo independently from one another. • Do not change the proportions of any part of the logo in relation to the other parts.

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For continuity and simplicity, we use only two typefaces in our communications.

For headlines: For body copy: Where Frutiger is unavailable, Helvetica must be used,
however it is preferable to use Frutiger Light as body copy in
DIN Schrift (Mittelschrift) Frutiger Light
all communications. This is a universally available typeface.

ABCDEFabcdef ABCDEFabcdef This applies to business documents, correspondence,

promotional materials, displays, product labels, signs, web
pages and other media.
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyz
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyz abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwzyz
0123456789 0123456789

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Tone and style of imagery

Photographs and Illustrations make strong impressions Images that show the benefits of brick should be used.
on our audiences. They also play a significant role in Additionally, we should always be sensitive to our
conveying brick as the material of choice. audiences and their cultures when selecting images for
our communications.

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Promotional products

Promotional products may bear the Think Brick elements Please contact the Marketing Department for approval.
as long as the logo specifications are adhered to. Telephone: 01344 885651, Email:
Merchandise, clothing, awards and other promotional
applications must adhere to the logo specifications.

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The Think Brick artwork files are available from the

Marketing Department. Telephone: 01344 885651,
The logo is also supplied in jpeg format for use in
applications such as PowerPoint presentations and
websites. EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) files are vector
artwork and are the recommended format for printing
because they are a very high resolution (800 dpi) and
feature transparent background areas. These files have
been saved as Adobe Illustrator EPS files compatible
with version 5.0 to the most recent. They are both
Macintosh and PC compatible.
Jpeg vesions of the logos and all imagery are supplied as
high resolution jpegs - these must be used as a second
preference to the eps logos supplied.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. What are Think Brick’s Pantone Matching System (PMS) Colours?

A. Think Brick uses three main pantone colours, these are: PMS 1525, PMS 361 and Black.

Q. What is Think Brick’s Typeface?

A. Frutiger Light should be used for all body copy, where this is not possible it should be replaced with Helvetica. DIN
Schrift (Mittleshcrift) should be used for headines.

Q. When the background is more than 50% value, which logo should I use?
A. The reverse (white) should be used.

Q. If printing in one-colour, can I print the Think Brick logo in that colour, even if it is not one of the
acceptable colours?
A. No, but you can print the reverse in a colour bar.

Q. Is there a standard placement for the Think Brick web address?

A. Yes, it should be right aligned with the logo, but can appear anywhere underneath it on the page.

Q. Can I use the Think Brick logo in a headline?

A. The logo must never be used as part of a headline or in body copy.

For more information regarding the Think Brick Brand Guidelines contact the Marketing Department.
Telephone: 01344 885651 Email:

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