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10 India Tribune January 21, 2011

Thousands attend New Year fete at Hindu Panchangam for Year 2011 released
Hindu Temple of Atlanta BY RAVI R PONANGI
Atlanta, GA: A Hindu Panchangam
Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Rahukalam,
Yamagandam, Abhijit Muhurth,
BY MAHADEV DESAI Narasimhan wished a happy New Year (calendar) for the Year 2011 contain- Durmuhurtham, Varjyam, daily transit of
Atlanta, GA: Despite heavy rain, over and good luck to the vendors. ing the data required for devout the moon and the sun changing times,
5,000 devotees and visitors from all over As the day progressed and the weather Hindus was released here recently. It lagna and chogadia tables, daily plane-
South-East thronged the Hindu Temple improved, more devotees arrived at the contains detailed data of festivals, tary positions, and more).
of Atlanta (HTA) Riverdale, Georgia, in two temples and after offering prayers, eclipse dates and all other information South Indian and North Indian
the morning of January 1 to celebrate a went around visiting and shopping at useful to a Hindu for various occa- community festivals.
joyous and spiritually suffused Navodaya HTA Gift Shop and also at various sions. It can also be accessed to at the This unique calendar was made by
2011 festival. booths selling saris, household appli- Web site the well known scholar and Panchang
All the devotees in the Balaji and Siva ances and gadgets, jewelry, beads, art- The Hindu Panchangam is calculated
Temples wore dazzling ornate fineries work, math tutoring, devotional music based on key aspects like longitude
and colorful garlands. The dedicated CDs and DVDs. Service booths also kept and latitude, time zone, sunrise, sun-
busy helping visitors with set, and moonrise timing. Therefore,
travel bookings or auto the Hindu calendar produced in India
insurance. Some promi- cannot be used outside India. But
nent not-for-profit organi- addresses all these
zations — Art of Living critical aspects by providing a calendar
Foundation, Amma Cen- for each region. It covers most of the
ter of GA., Isha Foun- cities/countries across the globe.
dation, and Gaudiya The daily use of this Panchangam
Vaishnava Organization helps one to understand and monitor
The Executive Committee of Hindu Temple of Atlanta. — also set up their booths the prevailing celestial forces of each
to disseminate informa-
day. The concepts of good timing and
priests performed archanas throughout tion about their organization and forth-
bad timing and how at certain times
the day blessing all the devotees, who coming events. One of the booths,
every thing seems to be following
came to offer their prayers. The chief manned by Meherchand Lanka dis-
along smoothly, while at other Pundit Mahesh Shastriji.
priest, Sri Gopal Bhattar, performed a played beautiful paintings by Atlanta’s
moments things just don’t come
ceremony chanting shlokas and shower- talented artist Dr. Sivananda Nyaya-
together. The calendar gives informa- Siddanti Pundit Mahesh Shastri of
ing his blessings on the newly elected pathi. Dr. Nyayapathi is an accom-
tion about auspicious timings and bad Seattle, who is also well known as
HTA president, Dr.Jayasree Moparthy, plished portrait, landscape and still life
timings. Seattle Shastri. Shastriji made this
and her Executive Committee. And artist, who has exhibited his paintings in
priest, Rangachari performed another many galleries and also won awards. He
Some of other features in mypan- Panchangam available to different cities
ceremony in the auditorium, with also conducts art classes in Atlanta. The include: worldwide through his Web site at
shlokas, conferring his blessings on the paintings at the booth were donated by NASA’s high precise JPL at free of charge.
vendors. Temple manager Lakshmi him to the HTA for silent auction. ephemeris calculations using drikh Shastriji lives in the greater Seattle
ganitha (calculation) area, WA. He learned the Yajurveda,
Tutorials for novices to calculate the Dharmshastra, astrology and
own muhurth Panchangam from his grandfather,
Shastrashuddha, festival dates cor- Pundit Maganlal Devshankar Shastri.
rected for the location as per Shastriji knows Vedic, Krishnamurthy,
Dharmashastras. and Western Astrology. He is also an
Panchangam for more than 350 honorary priest for the Hindu Temple
cities with detailed information (sun- and Cultural Center in Bothell,
rise, sunset, moonrise, Tithi, Vaar, Greater Seattle, WA.

Indian American charged in

biggest US insider-trading case
New York: US Federal regulators have lion from trading on the information.
charged the co-founder of a New York So far the SEC has charged 27 people
hedge fund and three others includ- in the case.
ing an Indian American executive in The SEC said Feinblatt and Yokuty
what has been called the biggest insid- received material nonpublic informa-
er-trading case in US his- tion from Roomy Khan, a
tory. former Intel Corp. execu-
Sunil Bhalla, a former tive, who pleaded guilty
senior Indian American in the Galleon Group
executive of tech company criminal case and is coop-
Polycom, was charged on erating in the govern-
January 10 with hedge ment’s continuing investi-
fund Trivium Capital gation.
Management, its co- In about 2003, the SEC
founder Robert Feinblatt, said, Khan befriended
analyst Jeffrey Yokuty, and Bhalla, a producer of net-
Shammara Hussain, an working applications for
employee at a consulting voice, video and data
firm that did work for networking based in
Google. Pleasanton, California.
In a civil case filed in a New York Bhalla in 2005 obtained advance
court, the Securities and Exchange information about sales and revenues
Commission alleged Bhalla and for Polycom’s fourth quarter and
Hussain provided confidential infor- passed that information to Khan, the
mation to Feinblatt and Yokuty that SEC said. Khan earned about
enabled them to make about $15 mil- $330,000 in illicit profits, it said.