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Neuqua Valley Symphony Orchestra

Concerto Showcase
This year’s application consists of:

1) A recording of the soloist performing his/her solo.

2) The application form

Soloists must turn in a completed application by Friday, September 17, 2010. The
NVSO directors will listen to all application recordings and invite approximately ten students for
a live audition.

Live auditions will be held Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Auditions will take place in the
choir room. Warm-up area will be the orchestra room.

Students are required to provide their own piano accompaniment and accompanist
for the live audition.

See the attached repertoire list of approved solos for your instrument. To receive approval
for solos not listed, please submit a request for approval in writing to an NVSO director. Include
the composer, piece and movement you wish to perform.

Criteria for Selection

• Soloist performance is of high quality

• Compatibility with other works on the program

Variety of instruments/voices is a consideration when deciding the final program.
It is not likely that two of the same instruments or voice types will be selected.

• Length of selection
One movement of a concerto lasting 12 minutes or fewer is ideal.
Length of vocal solos may vary.

• Difficulty of accompaniment
Accompaniment can be successfully prepared by the orchestra

• Availability of orchestra score and parts

• Preference will be given to Full-Year members of the NVSO

Neuqua Valley Symphony Orchestra Concerto Showcase

Soloist Application
Record yourself playing your solo and burn it to CD. Complete this form and submit it
with your recording to Mr. Bauer or Mr. Schwaegler no later than Friday, September 17,

Name:________________________ Grade:_______________


Composer Name:____________________________________

Solo Title (include mvmt):____________________________

Estimated length (in minutes): _________________________

Private Teacher:_____________________________________

I have read and understand the selection criteria for the

2011 Concerto Showcase.

Soloist Signature:__________________________________ Date:__________

Ensemble Director Signature:________________________ Date:__________

NVSO Director Signature:___________________________ Date:__________

To receive approval for repertoire not listed below, please submit a request for approval in
writing to an NVSO director. Include the composer, piece and movement you wish to perform.

Arias from Opera/Oratorio possibly with recitative are Mozart Concerto, B-flat major, K. 191
generally recommended. Seek approval for specific works. Vivaldi Concerto, P. 70 in A minor
Concerto, P. 137 in E minor
VIOLIN La Notte, B-flat minor
Bach Concerto No. 1, A minor Weber Concerto, F major, Op. 75
Concerto No. 2, E major Andante & Hungarian Rondo, Op. 35
Beethoven Romance No. 1, G major, Op. 40
Romance No. 2, F major, Op. 50 HORN
Bruch Concerto No. 1, G minor, Op. 26 Dukas Villanelle for Horn & Orchestra
Haydn Concerto No. 1, C major Haydn Concerto No. 1, D major
Concerto No. 2, G major Concerto No. 2, D major
Lalo Symphonie espagnole, Op. 21 1st mvt M. Haydn Concertino, D major
Mendelssohn Concerto, E minor Op. 64 Mozart Concerto No. 1, D major, K. 412
Mozart Concerto No. 1, B-flat major, K. 207 Concerto No. 2, E-flat major, K. 417
Concerto No. 2, D major, K. 211 Concerto No. 3, E-flat major, K. 447
Concerto No. 3, G major, K. 216 Concerto No. 4, E-flat major, K. 495
Concerto No. 4, D major, K. 218 Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, Op. 94
Concerto No. 5, A major, K. 219 Telemann Concerto, D major
Saint-Saens Intro & Rondo Capriccioso, Op. 28
VIOLA Albinoni Any concerto
Handel Concerto, B minor Arutunian Concerto
Hoffmeister Concerto, D major Haydn Concerto, E-flat major
Stamitz Concerto, G major Hummel Concerto, E-flat major
Telemann Concerto, G major Torelli Concerto, D major
Weber Andante & Hungarian Rondo
CELLO Albrechsberger Concerto
Bach Concerto, C minor Jacob Concerto
Boccherini Concerto, B-flat major, G. 482 Grondahl Concerto
Haydn Concerto, C or D major Larsson Concertino, Op. 45, No. 7
Martin Ballade
BASS Walker Concerto
Dittersdorf Concerto, E or E-flat major
Dragonetti Concerto TUBA
Broughton Concerto
CPE Bach Concerto, D minor PIANO
Boccherini Concerto, D major Bach Concerti
Chaminade Concertino Beethoven Concerto No. 1, C major, Op. 15
Haydn Concerto, D major Concerto No. 2, B-flat major, Op. 19
Ibert Concerto Concerto No. 3, C minor, Op. 37
Mozart Concerto No. 1, G major, K. 313 Concerto No. 4, G major, Op. 58
Concerto No. 2, D major, K. 314 Grieg Concerto, A minor, Op. 16, 1st mvmt
Telemann Suite, A minor Haydn Concerto, D major
Vivaldi Concerto No. 2, G major, Op. 10 Liszt Concerto No. 1, E-flat major
Piccolo Concerto, C major Concerto No. 2, A major
Mozart Any Concerto
Albinoni Concerti HARP
Bach Concerti Dittersdorf Concerto, A major
Barlow Rhapsody of Oboe Gliere Concerto, E-flat major, Op. 74
Cimarosa Concerto, C minor Handel Concerto No. 6, B-flat, Op. 4
Handel Concerto No. 3, G minor Saint-Saens Morceau de Concert, Op. 15
Haydn Concerto, C major
B. Marcello Concerto, C minor PERCUSSION
Mozart Concert, C major, K. 314 Creston, Paul Concerto for Marimba
Telemann Concerto in D, E, or F minor Druschetzky Concerto for Timpani
Vivaldi Concerti Hovhaness, Alan Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints
Milhaud Concerto for Percussion
CLARINET Rosaro, Ney Concerto for Marimba, Finale mvt
Mozart Concerto, A major, K. 622
Spohr Concerto, C minor, Op. 26 SAXOPHONE
Stamitz Concerto, E-flat major Glazunov Concerto for Saxophone
Weber Concerto No. 1, F minor, Op. 73
Concerto No. 2, E-flat major, Op. 74 *A Euphonium player may audition on music
Concertino, E-flat major, Op. 26
originally composed for cello, bassoon,
trombone, etc.