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Shamim & Company

Shamim & Company




Shamim & Company


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) The greater Social reformer

and guide in every sphere of life. My affectionate parents who taught
me the first word of speak and supported me morally and financially
throughout my studies.

Shamim & Company

Shamim & Co. (Pepsi Cola)

Shamim & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1964, Shamim & Co. is a franchise of Pepsi
Cola International Which deals in CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks).
Mr.Allah Nawaz Khan Tareen was the founder of the company and also
chairman Pepsi Cola International have 9 (nine) Franchises all over Pakistan. Shamim &
Co.(Pvt.)Ltd. Jail Road Multan in one of them covering 18 District&135Stations.Shamim
& Co. Multan has very committed staff and this is the reason that it captures More than
70% share of market share.
Company has now serviced new experienced & competent sales staff & increases this
share form 70% to 80 or 90%. As for as Distribution / Placement is conserved company
has a very well-establish distribution network covering whole of the franchise areas.
Depending on the potential of the town we have one and more than one distribution in
each town. Sale supervisor / Sale officer is responsible for all the activities of that
distributor. He looks after the stock availability, contingencies and all the routes covered
by the salesman of that distribution. Salesman training is also a main responsibility of
sale supervisor.
Company has invested too much money in shape of Coolers, Visi Coolers, Counters and
Cabin. Which are offered to those shops which are producing good sales to promote sales
& oblige these shops? All the services matters of coolers and maintenance and look after
of these assets are also the responsibility of our sales force.

Mission statement
Our mission is to be world premier products company focused on convince foods and
beverages. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to investors as we provide
opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, our business partners and the
communities in which we operate. And in every thing we do, we strive to act with
honesty, fairness and integrity.

Shamim & Company

The company operates through well experienced, loyal and hardworking employees. The
first and the most basic plan it to train them according to the changing technology and
computerized environment, and satisfying their needs and requirements. Upgrading the
plant structure and installation of the new machinery are other plans. The company is
planning to increase its sales force and development in its infrastructure in the coming
time period.

The vision statement is “we were number 1, and we will be number 1”. Their collective
success depends on their healthy balance strategies the organizations needs and the needs

of their employees and their families.



General Manager General Manager General Manager General Manager

Technical Sales Finance Operations

Manager Manger Sales &

Manager MIS Manager Admin
Production Marketing

Manager Quality Manager Research

Manager Finance Manager Personnel
Control & SIS

Manager Account Manager Shipping

Shamim & Company

Management of Shamim & CO.

It Includes:
Managing Director: Alamgeer Khan Tareen
GM Sales& Marketing: MR Amir Hameed
GM Production: MR Ijaz
GM Finance: MR Sohail Butt
Manager Managements Accounts: Mr Ch. TAHIR Ameen
Manager MIS: MR Rizwan Zafar
Manager HR.D: Miss. Parsa Habib
Manager Shipping: Mr Major Farrooq
Department of Shamim & Co. Multan which I have visited
HR Department
First of all I submitted my CV to Mr.Afzal who is tracking officer in HR Dept. He took
the test for internship and after getting through the test he called me for internship. I
started my internship from HR Dept.
First day I learned about the hierarchy of HR Dept. of Shamim and co. which is
Ms. Parsa Habib HR Manager
Mr. Afzal Team tracking officer
Mr.Tahir Mahmood Asad Junior Officer

HR Manager
Hierarchy of HR Department

Team tracking officer

Junior Officer

Shamim & Company

HR department plays a vital role in each organization.

Ms. Parsa Habib is manager and looks after all the activities in this department.
The basic functions of this department are:
• Job analysis
• Recruiting
• Selection
• Training
• Feed back
• Career development
• Transfer and promotions

My activities
• In HR department I have observed the procedure of recruitment of any employee.
• In HR department I have observed the procedure of training of any employee.
• In HR department I have observed the procedure of test of employee.

• The role of HR dept. should be enhanced and its function should be increased
to all major departments.
• Employees Motivation.

Finance department
This is one most important departments of this organization. This department made the
financial plans of the organization, they analyze their resources and
then concise other reports and gives the whole budget the organization can afford.
Mr.Sohail Butt is general manager and looking after these departments. The
departments which come under Finance department are
Managements Accounts Department
Coordination accounts departments
Banking and insurance department

Shamim & Company

Supply chain management department

Managements Accounts Department

This department is working very efficiently under the leadership of
CH. TAHIR AMEEN. He is a manager of this department.
This department is very well established, having devoted workers.
The basic function of this department is to get data from production and
MIS department to prepare report.
• Daily stock position
• Ammanat Comparison Report
• Filled Stock position
• FIFO implementation Report
• Daily raw material yield report
• Daily production Losses Report

• Daily CO2 Production Report

• Labor Cost Tracking Report
• Shift wise record of daily transactions is maintained.
• Reconciling physical stock with MIS reports
• Posting on balance sheet register
• Maintenance of stock FIFO system
The whole company’s function depends upon the reports generated by this department.

My Activities
• I learned the measurement of bottles liquid.(incentives)
• I learned different reports like losses report, production report, throughput report,
estimation stock report etc.
• I also studied the Procedure of different taxes implied.
• I observed the procedure of all reports to E-mail the MD.

Shamim & Company

• I worked Mr. Khalid and learned the all reports related to the accounts management
• How do transfer the stock from factory to godown.
• I studied the reports of syrup.(use in production) to calculate what is appropriate
stock level in a depot, when liquid should be sent and in what quantity.

• It is a very difficult task to manage vehicles parking at unloading pad,
providing way to forklifts transferring empty to the plants, and maintaining
lanes properly. Trunks and other vehicles have to wait for hour in queue for
their term.
• No financial or statistical technique is used to calculate what is appropriate
stock level in a depot, when liquid should be sent and in what quantity.

Coordination Accounts department

Mr. Khuram Shahzad is assigned the task of payment in the form of voucher.
The payments make to facilitate the customer and Employees. These department
payments on the basis of Banners, posters, signings, gifts, discounts, schemes counters
and general and department expenditure. These payments subtracted from annual
expenditure and Publicity budget.

My Activities
• In this department I have studied the budgeted for publicity and general budget.

• I make publicity bill on the basis of location and make a voucher of

employees TADA expenses.
The future programs of the department are:
 Networking with depots
 Internet development within organization
There should be formal web site and e-mail accounts of employees in the organization. A

Shamim & Company

small computer books library will help the staff to add their skills.

Supply chain management department

This department proves to back bone for the company. MR. Abdul Qadir is looking after
this department. It performs various functions that are
• Generates inventory reports
• Policy making
• Contacting with suppliers
Planning for future activities regarding inventory
This department analysis daily stock reports and generates inventory reports showing how much stock
is available.

It also performs the functions of policy making. It includes

• Policy designing
• Implementation
• Amendment
In this regard different policies about different activities
• Supply chain policy
• Driver policy
• NR Policy
• Plastic policy
• Mobile phone policy
• Cash shortage policy
• Plastic shell policy
Other function of this department is to manage the supply of raw material. Supply chain management
dept. manages the supply of
• Caps of bottles
• Bottles (both glass and plastic bottles)
• Cartons for pet bottles

Shamim & Company

• Plastic shells TOT’

As the supply for inputs is very much important for any production company, because if
supplies of raw material do not arrive at the production department, it will stop
production process. As a result production can not be available to consumer. It will create
the shortage of finished good of the company and will damage its image in mind of
customer. Therefore great responsibility stands on this department. This department
contacts directly with the suppliers to make sure that supply of required material will be
available with in expected time period.

My Activity
In supply chain dept. I observed the procedure of demanding from the suppliers and
different suppliers also related this department.

Supply chain management depart should be properly working.
Supply chain management depart should be white wash properly.

Banking and insurance department

The basic function of this department is deals with different banks for certain financial
activities and different matters concerning bank.
Mr. Abdullah deals with all the activities related with banks. Banks related activities are
Advance / Credit
In this department we concern with
 Insurance Limits (taken from banks and premium on this limit as a specified
percentage that is committed between bank and company. Premium is paid one
time in year mostly)
 Lease (in this regard direct lease and sale lease is concerned)
Foreign Trade
 In foreign trade activities are
 Imports (99% is concerned in imports)
 Exports (only 1% is related with exports)

Shamim & Company

 In this regard
 Demand drafts
 Pay order
 Online fund transfer
 Advance payment
 IT (international trade)
 In this regard we have to pay
 Custom duty
 Federal excise tax
 Income tax
 Sales tax
 Insurance Company
Insurance Related
Another function of this department is to provide and manage the
insurance of almost every type.
Three parties are involved at the time of insurance
 Surveyor
 Pepsi Company
Surveyor is a third person hired by a company. Function of surveyor is
to check whether that plant correctly or not.
It deals with insurance activities like
 Insurance of Machines
 Insurance of vehicles
 Insurance of employee’s health
 Insurance of buildings
 Insurance of computer
 Insurance of furniture etc…
Finance related
 In finance related the prepare

Shamim & Company

 Audited financial statement

 Assets reevaluation on annual basis
My Activities
 In banking and insurance department I observed the lease policy
 In banking and insurance department I observed the insurance
 In banking and insurance department I observed the Bank
related queries
 I learned how they prepare Audited financial statement.

Cash department does cash handling (collection and payment). The major part of cash
collection is from dealers and salesman based on their settlement sheet and daily sales
report. Cash payment is done on the vouchers issued by accounts department. Payments
include employee's pay, bills, allowances, procurement expenditures and day to day
general expenses.

Account department
The job of the department is to maintain books of accounts. There are following main
activities of accounts.
 Issuance of purchase vouchers for raw material, plant and machinery and general
store items
 Check payment of payroll to employees including wages, overtime, bonuses.
 Handling of monthly tax statements.

My Activities
Computerized general ledger system is working and shows the result of each
transaction up to balance sheet and income/profit and loss statement.
 In account department I studied the procedure salaries payments to the

Shamim & Company

 The main responsibility of the department is checked the time of entering and
leaving the factory.

Audit department
Audit department plays an important role in this company. Mr. Nadeem is a manager
and looks after all activities in this department.
There are two types of empty in factory.
• Production empty at factory
• Shipping empty at factory
Mr. Nasir counts all empty in both places of all the brands. He also verified the empty
that is signed by the second shift duty and reports to MIS, Audit manager and shipping
department Mr. Waseem check loading and unloading at factory and report to above
three departments. Hafiz Mushtaq makes the repot of breakage in factory and reports to
four depts. MIS, Sales office, Audit Section, have itself.
On the basis of this report Mr. Imran makes these reports.
• Glass position
• Daily pallot movement
• Daily plastic shell position
• Broken plastic random sampling %age
• Khan Pur daily cash receipts and payment report
• Plastic shell losses report
• Washable dirty empty report
• Daily glass and plastic shells quantative reconciliation
• Shift wise conveyor breakage %age report
• Production empty at factory
• Shift wise production empty report t factory

My Activities
• In Audit department I worked with Mr.Nasir and made the reports of empty
at production and shipping.
• Also I check the loading and unloading at factory.

Shamim & Company

• I learned how to prepare the reports like less position daily pallot movement,
production empty at factory.


The PEST analysis examines changes in a marketplace caused by the following factors.
 Political changes
 Economic changes
 Social changes
 Technological changes

Political changes
From one party to another in control for example the rise in private healthcare and
privatization under conservation governments.
Non-alcoholic beverages fall with in the food category under FDA. The government
plays a role with in the operation of manufacturing these products in terms of regulations.

There are potential fines set by government on companies if they do not meet a standard
of law. The following are some standards of the factors that could cause Pepsi -cola
company’s actual results to differ materially from the expected results described in their
underlying company’s forward statements.
Changes in law and regulations, including changes in accounting standards, taxation
requirements,(including tax rate changes, new tax laws and revised tax law interpretations
and environmental laws in domestic or foreign jurisdictions. Changes in non –alcoholic
business environment. These, include limitation, competitive product and pricing pressure
and their ability to gain or maintain shares of sales in global market as a result of action
competitors. Political conditions, especially in international markets, including civil unrest,
government changes and reinstruction on ability to transfer capital across borders.

Economic changes

Shamim & Company

Economic factors affect the purchasing power of potential customers and the firms cost of
capital. As reaching for new products would cot less the Pepsi-Cola company will sell its
products for less and people will spend as they would get cheap products from Pepsi Cola.
Before the attacks on September 11, 2001 united states was starting tot see the economy
recover slightly and it is only just recently that they achieved the economic level.
Consumers are now resuming their normal habits, going to the malls car shopping, and
eating out at restaurants. How ever, many are still handling their money cautiously. they
believe that with lower inflation still to come, consumer will recover their confidence.

Social changes
Involves changing attitudes and lifestyles. The increasing number of women going out to
work, for example, led to need for time-saving products for home.
Many citizens are practicing healthier life styles. This has affected non alcoholic beverages
industry in that many switching to bottled water and diet colas instead of beer and other
alcoholic beverages. The need for bottled water and other more convenient and healthy
products are in important in the average day to day life.
Consumers from the ages of 37 to 55 are also increasingly concerned with nutrition. There
is a large population of age range known as baby boomers.
Since many reaching an old age in life they are becoming more concerned with increasing
their longevity. This will continue to affect the non-alcoholic beverages industry by
increasing the demand overall and in their healthier beverages.

Technological changes
Creates opportunities for new products and product improvements and of course new
marketing techniques, the internet, E-commerce. Some factors that cause companies
actually results to differ materially from the expected results are as follows:
The effectiveness of company’s advertising, marketing and promotional programs. The
new technology of internet and television which use special effects for advertising through
media. They make some products look attractive. This helps in selling of products. This
advertising makes the products attractive. This technology is being used in media to sell
their products.

Shamim & Company

SWOT Analysis
• Quality in terms of product service

• Quality of people (trained, motivated, committed)

• Better sales planning

• Vital role in economic development

• High profit rate

• Rapidly increasing market share

• Strong image of PEPSI in consumer’s mind

• In time service of supplies and technical assistance

• More installation of post mix machine

• Strong financial position

• Rapidly increasing market share

• Poor feed back from employees

• Insufficient salaries

• Monopoly of distributors cause harm to company

• No advertisement budgets for post mix.

• No signage’s of post mix in the market

• No promotional activities in post mix.

• No availability of spare parts.

Shamim & Company

• No proper workshop for post mix.

• New style management

• New brand introduction

• Low cost skilled person availability

• Opening of new outlets

• Strong consumer commitment with Pepsi.

• Coca- Cola is on its way to get market share

• Amrat and Makka cola also trying to get market share

• Changes in consumer purchasing power
• Increase in competition
• Inflation
• Due to blame of religious group
• No proper employee’s orientation programs

Proper environment about internship should be developed so that internees can get proper
knowledge about company.
Company should be rewarded the internees.
Recommendations & comments
• As the climate of Pakistan particularly Multan is very hot. The people will like
sweet soft drink as that of Pepsi cola .So there is a need to have slightly sweet
• There is no idea of planned career development in Shamim & Co. career
development can be in terms of Job rotation, transfer & promotion. It improves
the organization’s ability to attract and retain talented people, anticipating

Shamim & Company

changes & helping employees to learn new skills and improve utilization of
personnel abilities.

• Motivation is the willingness to exert high level of effort to reach organizational

goals. The general level of motivation in Shamim & Co, employees is very low
and they are dissatisfied with their jobs and pay scales
• Implementation of rule should be made sure in the organization at any cost.

• There must be some channel to communicate employees’

problem/suggestions/comments directly to the top management e.g. suggestion
box. These suggestions should be d\discussed in quality control meetings.
• No attitude survey or any internal research has ever conducted by the HR
department to get insight of employees thinking.
• Once best employee of the month award is for each department.

• Very good working environment in each department.

• Very good working an responsible staff.

• Good inter relations among employees.
• Each department is using available resources properly.

• Each department’s manager has good power to control, coordinate and

communicate with its staff.