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Ref; SJB/INS/CONT/BKL/108/11 Date: 21.04.11
Sub, Quotation for fabrication of “INSULATION CONTAINER” 10’Feet on TATA 407 Cabin and Chassis. Reg.
With reference to the above, in response to your enquiry we had with you and undersign. We have quoted
our estimate and detailed specification for fabrication on same vehicle. Material and Labour charges with taxes
s following details.
SPECIFICATION: BASIC STRUCTURE: SIZE: 10.’ Feet Length, 6.5’ Feet width (inner), 6’ Feet Height.
SUBFRAME : MS “C” Channel 4” x 2” (100 x 50 mm) Long frame mounting with canvas
Packing with “U” clamp fittings with MS angle frame by 35x6mm flooring structure.
CROSS BAR : MS “C” Channel 4” x 2” (100 x 50 mm) Cross member fittings with side frame.
FLOORING : MS 3 mm plate, 100 mm thick PUF, tar sheet, 12 mm water proof plywood, 1.6mm aluminium
sheet with welding providing and fitting.
STRUCTURE : MS 3 mm plate folding section fabrication with four corner pillars and runner.
PANNELING : Exterior: MS Sheet pressing with 18G thick covering with welding at all sides.
Interior: 100 mm box section pillar for sides and roof. 100 mm thick PUF, 4mm plywood,
tar sheet, 18 G thick aluminium sheet with beading for four sides and roof.
DOORS : Rear double door fabrication with locking arrangement. Door seal rubber providing for water
Leak arrest, heavy duty locks and hinges providing and fittings.
ACCESSORIES: Cabin top air guard, Tools box, Battery box, Danger light guard and at back fittings.
Container top fibre solution pasting for water leak proof.
ELECTRICALS: Parking light 4 Nos. Roof light, 2 Nos. wiring providing and fittings.
PAINTINGS : Complete body painting, front and back yellow painting with RTO letter painting.
Material charges, Payment in the name of “Tamil Nadu Steel Corporation” Rs: 1, 00,000.00
Material charges, Payment in the name of “RVS Auto Associates” Rs: 55,000.00
Labour charges, Payment in the name of “JAYASAKTHI BODY WORKS” Rs: 40,000.00
Total (Rupees One Lakh Ninety Five Thousand only). Rs: 1,95,000.00

Option: Stainless Steel Sheet interior covering: Rs. 2,25,000.00 Rupees Two Lakh Twenty Five Thousand only.

NOTE: If you need single invoice 12.5% tax additional. Or double invoice 4% tax additional to 85% of material
cost from total cost. Existing Hi deck body exchange Rs. 20,000.00 (Rupees Twenty Thousand Only)
We hope your valuable order to us.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best services and attention at all times.
1. Delivery period 20 days.
2. Payment mode: Advance 75% and Balance 25% against delivery of the vehicle.

With Regards


R.RAVICHANDRAN. Managing Partner. Cell: 9962055851.