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Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) Tandoori Chicken (2 pieces breast and leg) (Served with Basmati Rice) (Served with Basmati Rice)
Crisp patties stuffed with spiced potatoes Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt and Chicken Curry
and green peas. 3.50 spices, broiled over mesquite in tandoor. 12.95 Chicken cooked in blend of tomatoes and Lamb Saag
Vegetable Pakora (6 pieces) Chicken Tikka spices. 14.95 Lamb cooked in spinach and herbs. 15.95
 resh vegetable slices dipped in garbanzo
F Succulent pieces of delicately spiced boneless Chicken Mushroom Karahi Lamb
bean batter. Deep fried. 2.95 chicken. Prepared in tandoor. 14.95 Chicken cooked in a blend of tomatoes and Cubes of lamb stir-fried with bell pepper,
Paneer Pakora (4 pieces) Reshmi Chicken spices with mushrooms. 14.95
Home made cheese slices dipped in Boneless chicken breast marinated in herbs onion and tomatoes. 15.95
Karahi Chicken
garbanzo bean batter. Deep fried. 5.50 and spices. Cooked in tandoor. 14.95 Lamb Curry
Tender cubes of chicken simmered in sauce
Chicken Pakora (4 pieces) Seekh Kabab Lamb cooked in an aromatic blend of
Skirt of chicken breast dipped in garbanzo Spiced minced lamb molded on skewers, of fresh tomatoes and exotic herbs. 14.95
Chicken Saag onions and tomatoes. 15.95
bean batter. Deep fried. 5.50 broiled in tandoor. 16.95
Chicken cooked in spinach and herbs. 14.95 Lamb Korma
Tandoori Chicken Wings Rack of Lamb
Chicken wings marinated and broiled Marinated in yoghurt and spices. 18.95 Chicken Vindaloo (hot) Mildly spiced lamb cubes in a cream sauce
over mesquite in tandoor. 4.75 Jumbo Prawns Chicken cooked in hot spicy sauce with with cashews, almonds and raisins. 15.95
Aloo Tikki (4 pieces) Succulent marinated prawns cooked in potatoes. 14.95 Lamb Vindaloo (hot)
Potato cutlet. 3.50 tandoori oven. 19.95 Chicken Korma Lamb cooked in hot spicy sauce with
Kashmiri Nan Fish Tandoori (Chilean Seabass) Mildly spiced chicken cubes in a cream sauce potatoes. 15.95
Baked leavened bread with cashews, Fish marinated and broiled over mesquite with cashews, almonds and raisins. 15.95
pistachios, raisins and cherry. 3.95 in tandoor. 28.95 Dal Lamb
Chicken Tikka Masala
Mixed Grilled Tandoori Deliciously spiced cubes of lamb cooked
Chicken breast cubes simmered in fresh
TANDOORI BREAD Combination of chicken, lamb, fish and
tomato sauce. 15.95
in cream lentil sauce. 15.95
Bread Basket prawn cooked in tandoor. 21.95 Keema Mattar
Pudina Tikka Masala
Nan, Garlic Nan, Onion Kulcha 5.95 SEAFOOD Chicken breast cubes cooked in fresh Ground lamb, green peas and onion in mild
Nan (Served with Basmati Rice) mint sauce. 15.95 curry sauce. 15.95
Baked leavened bread. 1.95 Prawns Masala Chili Chicken Lamb Tikka Masala
Garlic Nan Prawns in mild sauce. 16.95 Chicken cooked in chili, onion and spices. 15.95 Lamb cubes simmered in fresh
Baked leavened bread baked with garlic. 2.95 Karahi Prawns
Cheese Nan Butter Chicken tomato sauce. 15.95
Prawns stir fried with bell peppers, onions,
Nan stuffed with mozzarella cheese. 3.50 Chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. 15.95
tomatoes and spices. 16.95
Keema Nan Chicken Pickle
Prawns Saag
Leavened bread stuffed with delicately Prawns cooked in spiced spinach and
Chicken cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, EGG
spiced minced lamb. 3.95 fennel seeds, cumin and mustard seeds. 15.95 (Served with Basmati Rice)
creamed. 16.95
Onion Kulcha Prawns Vindaloo (hot)
Leavened bread stuffed with mild herbs Egg Korma
and onions. 2.95
Prawns cooked in hot spicy sauce with GOAT
potatoes. 16.95 (Bone-in, served with Basmati Rice) Boiled eggs cooked in a mild cream
Paratha Prawn Korma sauce. 11.95
Goat Vindaloo (hot)
Buttered layered whole wheat bread. 2.50 Mildly spiced prawn in a cream sauce with
Goat cooked in hot spice sauce with Egg Makhani
Aloo Paratha cashews, almonds and raisins. 16.95
Leavened bread stuffed with potatoes. 2.95 potatoes. 15.95 Boiled eggs cooked in creamy tomato
Fish Curry
Spinach Paratha Fish (seabass) cooked in blend of tomatoes
Goat Curry sauce. 11.95
Paratha stuffed with spinach. 2.95 and spices. 16.95 Goat cooked in an aromatic blend of onions Egg Vindaloo (hot)
Tandoori Roti Fish Tikka Masala and tomatoes. 15.95 Boiled eggs in a spicy sauce with
Traditional whole wheat bread. 1.95 Tandoori fish cubes (seabass) simmered Goat Saag potatoes. 11.95
Poori (2 pieces) in fresh tomato sauce. 16.95 Goat cooked in spinach and herbs. 15.95
Egg Curry
Whole wheat deep fried bread. 3.50 Fish Vindaloo (hot) Goat Pickles
Boiled eggs in a blend of onions and
Batura Seabass fish cooked in hot spicy sauce Goat cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, fennel
Deep fried bread. 3.50 with potatoes. 16.95 seeds, cumin and mustard seeds. 17.95 tomato sauce. 11.95
(Served with Basmati Rice) Mixed vegetables with home made cheese
in a mild cream sauce with cashews,
Malai Kofta almonds and raisins. 12.95
Potato and cheese balls in a cream sauce. 12.95 Yoghurt with cucumber, tomatoes and mint. 2.00

Aloo Korma Dahi

Mint Kofta
Potatoes cooked in mild cream sauce with Plain Yoghurt 1.50
Potato and cheese balls in a mint sauce. 12.95
home made cheese. 11.95
Mixed Pickles 1.50
Mushroom Makhani
Mushrooms in a creamy tomato sauce. 12.95 Mushroom Mattar
Mushroom and green peas in a spicy Mango Chutney 1.50
Saag Paneer gravy. 11.95
Spinach with home made farmers cheese. 12.95
Mixed Green Salad
Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. 3.50
Aloo Gobi
Aloo Saag  resh cauliflower and potato sauteed in
F Lassi
Potatoes cooked with spinach. 12.95 spices. 11.95 Yoghurt drink served sweet or salty. 2.95

Saag Mushroom Mango Lassi 3.95

Spinach and mushroom cooked in mild Aloo Mattar
cream sauce. 12.95 Potatoes and green peas in a spicy gravy. 11.95

Saag Channa Baingan Bhartha

RICE All You Can Eat Lunch Buffet
Spinach and garbanzo beans cooked in
mild cream sauce. 12.95
Egg Plant baked in tandoor and sauteed
Peas Pullao 3.95 Everyday
with herbs and spices. 11.95
Egg Biryani 11.95
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Saag Bhindi
Dal Turka
Spiced okra cooked with spinach and Vegetable Biryani 11.95
onions. 12.95 Lentil fried with spicy onions. 11.95 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Chicken Biryani 15.95

Bhindi Masala Dal Makhani Lamb Biryani 15.95

10% OFF
Spiced okra cooked with onions and Creamed lentil delicately spiced. 11.95 Goat Biryani 15.95
tomatoes. 12.95
Shrimp Biryani 15.95
Mattar Paneer Massor Dal All Dinner Carry-Out Entrees
Home made farmer cheese and green Yellow lentil beans sauteed in onions
peas in a spicy gravy. 12.95 and spices. 11.95

Karahi Paneer Channa Masala

Homemade farmer cheese cubes stir-fried
Please tell us how you would
Spicy garbanzo beans. 11.95
with bell pepper, onion and tomatoes. 12.95 like your food prepared:
Mixed Vegetables
Mild, Medium or Hot
Paneer Tikka Masala
Cheese cubes simmered in fresh tomato Sauteed in tomato and onion sauce. 11.95
sauce with onions and bell peppers. 12.95
Mixed Vegetable Vindaloo (hot) 92 THF Boulevard
Paneer Makhani Sauteed vegetables in a spicy tomato and
Cheese cubes simmered in fresh tomato onion sauce. 11.95
Chesterfield, MO 63005
sauce and spices. 12.95 636.728.1000