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First Fall Ball Players' Return

Provides Aid With Love Plot

Players Incorporated will pre-
For Scholars sent William Shakespeare's tale
of young love "Romeo and Ju-
Raising funds for needy stu- liet" in the Little Theatre on No-
dents abroad is the purpose of the vember 8 at eight o'clock.
N.F.c.C.S. Harvest Moon Ball "Romeo and Juliet" is the im-
which will be held' Saturday night, mortal story of "Star-crossed plov-
November 9, from 9 to l at St. ers" in this new production, which
Joseph's Community Center.! combines the romance, the ex-
Beneath a fall setting, the cou- uberance, the lyrical freshness of
ples will waltz, jitterbug, and polka young love. Probably the most Mary C. Donatelli Barbara! Jakubowski Anne Johnson
to the popular music of Sammy popular of all Shakespeare's plays,
Richards. During the intermission, it has been played all over the
the class which gathered the lar- worldi and filmed twice. Romeo
gest proceeds in the ticket selling will he played by David Rounds,
Seven Seniorsi Selected
campaign will have its candidate and Juliet «by Delores Viola.
crowned as queen, While the three Last year the Players were well-
other "lovelies" serve as attend- received when they Inaugurated For Who's Who Honors
ants. our 1956 cultural series with Selected by the faculty for cil and President of Student
Tickets will he sold in College Shakespeare's immortal p l a y , membership in g Who's Who in Board of Discipline, Barbara
Hall every day at noon. Part of "Henry IV." As Sister Mlary American Colleges and Universi- Jakubowski is also a member of
the funds received from the dance Brigid has aptly remarked, "They ties are Mary Catherine Donatelli. French Club, Merciadj, YCS, Dra-
are sent to National Cura Office always do Shakespeare justice." Barbara Jakubowski, Anne John- matics, and Glee Club. This Busi-
in | Washington, D. C, which in This is the ninth season for the son, Kay King, Betsy Schnatter, ness student is a native of Gar-
turn, awards scholarships each Catholic University Players. They Mary Rachel Shine, and Mary den City, N. Y. •; ' | I
year to needy foreign students. have performed plays in at least Kay Walsh. President of ;the Senior Class
Some student a t Mercyhurst is thirty states of the United States These seven seniors qualified and Vice-president of Kappa
given a scholarship every year and in Canadia. Their members for this honor by excellence in Omicron Phi, Anne Johnson hails
from the remaining money.
are all former students of Speech scholarship, leadership, participa- from Buffalo, N. Y. Besides her
Chairman of the Harvest Moon and Drama at Catholic University, tion In extra-curricular and aca- major, Home Ec, she |is a par-
Ball is Margie Walach; co-cnair- demic activities, service to the ticipant iin YCS, Home Ec Club,
man, Joan Connors. Various other from which have originated many school in the past, and potential and the AA.
committee heads are: Elite Bro- Broadway hits. usefulness to society. Kay King, Prefect of Sodality,
scoe, decorations; Martha Calvert. J Besides their regular tour of Mary Catherine Donatelli of is a resident of Dunkirk, N. Y.
tickets; Mary Colussi, flowers; Joy the United States and Canada, Brie, Pa., besides being an nonor Besides acting as last year's MER-
Mader. posters; Barbara Dona- student and past .president of CIAD editor, this English major
the Players also operate year
te Hi, publicity; Frannie Reynolds, DSO, has participated in Elemen- is also active in French Club,
refreshments; Julie Kuhner. cha- round with two summer theatres, tary •:Education Seminar, Great Dramatics^ Club, PRAETERITA,
perones and policemen; Joan Con- one at Olney, Maryland; and one Book'Club, and Glee Club. ancbJPress Club.? f
nors, queen. at Winooskl Park, Vermont. Vice-president of Student Coun- I Editor-in-chief of PRAETER-
ITA, Betsy Schnatter was former-
ly Associate Editor of the MER-

CIAD, and Secretary .of the Soph-

me omore Class, besides belonging to

English and French Clubs. Betsy,
a ( French major is an Erie-ite. **
President? off Student Council,
former freshman land sophomore
VOL. XXIX, No. 2 Presidents, I "BerkeleyM Square",
Home Ec-ClubJGlee Club,land
YC6 have claimed Mary Rachel
Shine's four years at .Mercyhurst.
Semester Cultural Series orious areer This J home-ecerl calls Goldsboro,
N. C. her home. |
Displays O l d , N e w Faces Predicted For Mary i Kay Walsh,'% a sociology
major from Detroit, Michigan,
finds her main interests in Soci-
This semester's ^ program of lectures, concerts, and dramatic
ductions, which will toe presented toy various jj prof esssional axils Coming Pianist ology Seminar and YCS, as she Kay
better acquaint the students with the contemporary arts, has has been Secretary of both. Mary
"Martin Canin, a pianist with a Kay was also a pioneer in estab- Mary Rachel Sh ine
announced by Sister Mary Esther. future" will make his first ap- lishing Dorm Council. Mary Kay Walsh
Martin Canlnr a skillful and ersatile pianist, v !-*3arance here et^Mereyhurst to-
first concert of the 1957-58 series a Wednesday, Oct day, at 1 p.m. in the Little Thea-
o'clock in the Little Theatre.
tre. % rawf WSBSmBBmSR
When Mr. Canin made his first
'Hurst | Students jAnticipate
public appearance with the Jul-
During November two programs
are scheduled. Dr. John Hie key, Tea With Villa' liard Orchestra •
; he was said
an artist of outstanding technique
to be A/ovi Convention^eekend
superintendent of schools will ad- and J tone. J | YII ffiBBBBHBBB! g "Coi|vention weekend"! will J be Pennsylvania. The program will
dress the;student body a t a gen-
eral assembly on the 13th of the cneauiedSoon November 7, 8, and 9, when dele- consist of chiefly of panel discus-
*In 1951 his career was 1 tempor- gates from Mercyhurst will attend sions? on acting in particular and
month. On November 8 the Cath- arily interrupted >in j(the JUnited the | Associated Collegiate Press the theatre in general.
olic University of America Players
will return to the Mercyhurst Col-
A t Mercyhurst: States when he entered the Army Convention in New York and the
n ^ B Delegates Listed
and- was stationed at -Salzburg. Dramatics Convention at Immacu-
lege Campus;,for a Shakespearian At a tea on Sunday, November B Maureen Clancy, Anne Bowman,
lata College fhear [Philadelphia.
production. This season's play, 17, from 3 to 5 in the afternoon, Soon Mr. Canin | found I himself Maureen Jones, Eileen Rawa, Sue
Romeo and Juliet, will toe pre- the Mercyhurstf student body will presenting| many concerts abroad. McCartney, Kathy Reid. Lillian
sented at 8 pjn. in the Little entertain the Villa girls. 3EB As a singular honor he was invit- Egnot, and Lolly Lockhart will at-
Theatre. 1 +
ed to open the Salzburg Mozarte- tend the Dramatics Convention at
In the lounge, which will be de- um Academy with a performance. Press Convention.
December B to the editors, adviser, and staff
corated ?by "freshmen, the Junior
Miss Anne Culkin, originator of and freshman Home Ec students 'Released from the Army. ^Mr. of the 1957 PRAETERITA which Joan Imhof and Jeanne Cannon
the "Anne Culkin Course of Per- will attend the Press Convention
will*serve refreshments prepared Canin returned to resume his car- earned ALL-AMERICAN rating in
sonality Development," will be the for \ the Merciad. and Betsy Sch-
guest lecturer for the December by the sophomore Home Ec. stu- eer here. A native New Yorker, he the yearbook evaluation by the :
natter and LoiS; Wiedenhaeffer
program. A graduate of Marywoodi dents. Student Council members, is a graduate of the Julliard Associated \ Collegiate Press. \ The will represent Praeterita. The con-
College, she is a member of the class presidents, plus three girls School of Music, and won the Carl Mercyhurst annual was the a only vention, which is being held' at the
National Board of National Coun- from both the junior and sopho- Roeder Award as is " pianist with book in its classification to receive New Yorker Hotel in New York
cil of Catholic Women and is list- outstanding achievement. City, beginsL on November 7 and
more classes will be hostesses, but tt
top honors. Student art work on
ed in "Who's Who of American ends on November 9. Panels in-
Women." Miss Culkin will appear everyone will have an opportunity the division pages was spa- cluded sin the program are plan-
on the Mercyhurst stage on De- to help guide our "sister college" ing invitations to the jVilla stu- f«*al commendation. ned to cover all editorial and bus-
cember 3 at one o'clock. on tours through the building and dents. iness
I Judge Brooklns gave superlative Phases of college public-
Miss Culkin will represent the campus. According to Mary| Rachel, i rating tolthe editorial contentiof ations.
last in the concert series for the General chairmen for the affair Student Council president, "We the book. His comment on the
first semester. Sister Mary Esther Both assemblies are designed to
is at present making arrange- are Mary Rachel Shine and Bar- hope that it is a successful social Senior section!was "This section keep participating colleges in-
ments for the second half of the bara Jakubowski.' Sally Flecken- event which will promote greater was most interesting to read.n formed of the latest developments
year. stein, Council secretary, to send- friendship 'between Villa and us." in their particular field.


Xett erd ^Jo ^Jhel C^dito

eraie or A n Ounce Of Etcetera
By Arlene Hajduk
I wish to explain the role of the Dorm Com-
1 mittee in the student organization. A few years
Throughout the residence halls, sign of a scholar. In having * the ago, day students, realizing the need of an organ
is the fabricated story of Sister opportunity to dress as a scholar, to handle their special problems, set up the DSO.
Immaculate's turning art instruc- shall we show appreciation oy Last year a similar organization, the Dorm Com-
Don't you think it's about time you did tor, her subject: lettering; the acting scholarly? Self-discipline is mittee, was established by residents for their par-
a little thinking. Perhaps just once you could class assignment: "NO VISIT- a stuffy subject, -but a splendid ac- ticular needs.
do something to disprove the male theory ORS" signs. complishment; I
that women don't even {know Itheir own The purpose of this Committee as states in its
A comedy scene, titled "Initi- WhUe traveling through "le dic- temporary constitution is "to provide a harmonious
minds. f ation", was recently enacted on tionnaire" recently, we discovered atmosphere in the residence halls". By serving as
One minute you're on I a big] campaign Mercy hurst's campus by the Gan- the following prefixes to the word, a board through which tooth resident students and
to quiet the halls so that you can get your non College freshmen. Several conscious; self-; suib-; semi-; un-; deans of residence can exchange ideas and come
studying done. You have rather definite young '"starlets' directed by well- and fashion-. Choosing the most to agreement, this Committee creates good rela-
words to describe the lack of generosity of dressed, well-poised lupperclass- interesting prefix, let's speak of tions among all in the dorms.
those who cut-up. But get called down for men, did admirable jobs of polish- the news in Vogue's Pattern Book.
ing, dusting, climbing etc. The con- Hi-fi plaids; the Chanel Look; By maintaining quiet hours, the committee
livening it up when others would like it quiet helps to create an effective environment conducive
and all you can say is "party pooper". sensus of opinion is that the jerseys and pleats; much jewelry;
building of Wehrle Hall could be double-breasted coats; and) shoes to study. By a systematized, arrangement of the
You've got something similar to say the -building of school spirit that are T-strapped, high buckled seating in the dining\-halls, the committee makes
when it comes to the lounge! disorder some- 'mongst the Knight clan. or pointed-toed are all "the thing" it | possible for students from all classes to become
one else caused. Do" the" same things your- Once again a welcome is ex- in fashionably^ elite circles. We
better acquainted.
self and your retort is "I'm not a maid". Dit- tended to Mercyhurst's youngest hope that these are not the same
The Dorm Committee handles situations and
to most everything that is a rule for the con- set, a welcome to cap and gown. "circles" termed vicious! With this
problems that arise in the Dorm. For example, if
sideration of others. Academic dress, of course, is a thought we leave you.
a group of resident freshmen decided to undertake
You've built |up the importance of self- a special project concerning ONLY resident fresh-
discipline. "We're adults and should be able men . . . the freshman Dorm Committee member
would assume the responsibility rather than an
to handle our own affairs." But your atti-
tude toward Student Board now is that as to-
on'sf Entertainment:
n \ / • • v i a jr officer of the freshman class.
ward a game of cat and mouse. $? The Dorm Committee can function properly,
For goodness sakes, be consistent. E i t h e r erves ane Interests Of All 1 only if everyone!makes use of it as a means of
creating harmony in the residence halls.
cooperate or quit griping.
Erie Philharmonic Society memberships are still available at all | Ellie Cavanaugh
J7 area music?and record stores. This season's second performance will Dorm Committee Ipresident
be at Strong Vincent Auditorium, November 26-27, at 8:30 pjn. with
or an all orchestra concert. Features will toe Modeste Moussorgsky's
"Pictures At An Exhibition". Victor Hartmann's paintings, themselves
not of outstanding merit, provided' Moussorgsky, the musical imagist,
with a singular object in a musical sequence of the?dozen-or-so can-
cJLittlie vases.
C.B.S. Television will present A.
While Americans sit around worrying ra titucli xntedde
J. Cronin's "Beyond This Place",
about f"Sputnick", Itheir most important
problem is being ignored and forgotten. The
National Guard is still stationed at Central
JU WeSee Jt Monday, November 25 (9:30-11:00
p.m. EST). The second of six "Du
Pont Shows of the Month", it is
Mercyhurst recently commemorated a
two fold anniversary, that of the College
chartering and feast day of its foundress,
Your ^Editors Thank
High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, guard- . . . the committees for the publi- the best selling novel of *:a young Mother M. Borgia. {
ing the peace lest violence should spring up cations "mixer" for their fine man in Ireland /who fights- to It is apt that both occasions should occur
again. For there is evidence of suppressed work free his innocent father from simultaneously. Mother Borgia has sacrific-
agitation beneath the calm surface which prison (WSEE-TV). | | I $ ed that more young women might further
. . . Gannon, G-E co-op, Can-
means that our country's principle of equal isius, Niagara, John Carroll Sunday afternoon), November develop their intellectual, social, and spiritu-
right is still endangered. What could be forftaelping make our publi- 10, Morg Edward's excursion will al capacities. Keeping tuition at a minimum,
more serious to Americans than the attack cations "mixer" a success travel to Buffalo, New | York for she established a Liberal Arts college whose
of the principles on which the United States Cinerama's fourth edition, "Search entire curriculum is centered about sound
the administration for the Christian philosophy.
is founded?

For Paradise". Tickets include
new washer and dryer on
It is brightening when one realizes that third floor
roundi trip railroads fare {and a Recognizing the need for Catholic edu-
Americans don't really care about the situ- reserved seat at the theatre— cation in today's world of secularism, we are
ation at all. They have taken theiattitude • • Student Council for the? new $7.75, tax included. '

grateful for Mother Borgia's faith and cour-
that it was|a norr e
i ^ event but that it will TV in McAuley Hall | $ 7
age tin realizing a dream, our college on the
be over soon. In taking such a view they have • the administration and Fa-

hill, m IP' 1 I P I P I i m
forgotten their DLTCY to pray for Divine As-
sist a neeJin this crisis.
No. the American's superficial concern
about Little Rock has melted away and they
* •
ther Martin for 10:00 Sun- SYMPATHY
day Mass
the I administration for flu

Mary Kay
The faculty and student
recent death of her father, s
n m ore ixetA if
II Public opinion poll demands more Mix-
have become absorded in another ^.nation's Your Editors Commend ers ! Last year a poll proved the appreciation
show of power without even noticing the . . . those who offered) their time of these social gatherings and encouraged
hobs in theirs. 1 to help in catechetical teach- Mercyhurst to have more of them. Let's melt
I \ Perhans then, this is the reaHproblem
of our nation today—the general apathyI of
ing B Erie Theatre the ice curtain we're always complaining
about and hold many more Mixers here. In
. . . G-K columnists for taking a this way we can best prove, our sincere Shope
our people. Incidentally, have you said .a pray-
er for thetLittle Rock citizens, lately? more mature view of mat-
ters In 41st Season of better relations. I Good neighbors anvite
each other to their homes so let's adopt this
. . . the Student Council mem- Playhouse followers look to the policy. To encourage cooperation, proceeds
bers who give \ of their time coming months of the Theatre's could bet; donated toward a much-needed
^rre ou to make their new office 41st season with anticipation for
possible the promised productions. October
dorm. Come on girls, let'slshow our hospita-
lity and good will! * i
23rd to November! 9th will find
Weft 3nlorme d? Your Editors Recommend Brie theatergoers enjoying the
. . J that students avoid excess play that ran 100 weeks on Broad-
talking in the library because way, "Inherit The Wind.", by Jer-
Ja& Wl rrord Dk Win
I I Women {usually like to consider them-
Could you give a swift and complete of crowded conditions ome Lawrence and) Robert E. Lee. selves as more jjthoughtful than their male
answer if you were asked to give the regu- . . . that students be considerate This play, cheered byMNew York counterparts. But if we, as college women,
lations of a fire drill ? . j ,|By the way, what enough not to (take "reserve audiences for over two years is in- ever stopped to listenfto what we and our
time does the dance begin tonight? . . . Re- books" from the library deed one of the great courtroom companions are discussing, especially at
member that meeting you are to attend this . . . that everyone take advantage classics of American History. meals and between classes, we would be
week ? . . . Which one is it now, the Sodality of the new Student Council George Axelrod's Broadway shocked to find that the most "breath-tak-
meeting, the MERCIAD, the DSO meeting office hours Comedy Hit, "Will Success Spoil ing" topic of the day is the NFCCS dance,
or is it the major club meeting? . . . On what . . Jthatl talking foe done else- Rock Hunter" will follow the someone's date or letter, undone homework,
day is it being held? . . . What time does it where but in | the crowded courtroom presentation and run or who "goofed" in class today. Important
start ? halls between classes, so that from ^November 12th through as these subjects are in their place, why don't
These may seem like too many irregular traffic won't toe 'blocked November 30th. This comedy, we try to break through the barrier of small-
questions, but how they do arise! The most . . . that old notices be removed lauded by previous audiences, is talk once in avwhile, and bite into something
profitable and simplest method of gaining' from the bulletin board by recommended for adults only. "meaty" like world situations, a worthwhile
answers to such varied questions is "READ those who placed them there The pre-Christmas presenta- book, or an unfinished? classroom discussion.
THE BULLETIN JBOARD!" f . . . that Mercyhurst hold more tion, running December 3rd Such topics can do great things for an under-
I Each student should make it a practice mixers for a common pur- through December 21st, is Agatha nourished brain.
of thoroughly reading the bulletin board as pose Christie's great "whodunit", "Wit-
soon as she enters school each morning. Read . . . that seniority toe observed ness For The Prosecution." This
the boldly painted announcements, the lost at the table seating at lunch masterpiece of literary technique THE MERCIAD
and!found notices and even take note of the in the cafeteria. thrilled London audiences for two Mercyhurst College, Eri<* P a .
smallest paper that appears to be lost among . . . that more respect be given years and had an eighty-one week | r; Member of
its larger competitors. academic caps nnd gowns run in New York. Associated CoUegiate Press
OCTOBER 30, 1957 THE! MERCIAO rage Three

Students elis Apartments Sport Decor /

College Music
"Music, music, music" are the
words of an old song which seem
Dwellers \Go \Domestic
"Who is going to do that sink full of dirty dishes?" "I just waxed
apropos of the times. Your rov- that floor and look at it now!" Are these the words of a despairing
ing reporter, awed by the number housewife? No, just a few of the trial and! tribulations of a Mercy-
and variety of sounds filtering hurst apartment dweller.
over the air waves, took pencil and With the acquisition of McAuley and Marian Halls, Mercyhurst
paper to find out what kind of girls are "going domestic." Pressing problems arefnot a subject for
music Mercyhurst students enjoy term papers or the frantic preparation of lesson plans, (but what color
and why. The results are as fol- drapes to choose and the length of the grocery list for Cook's!
Anna Marie Bsrgan and Berley Although all regular meals must 'be eaten in the cafeteria, kitchen
cupboards are filled to capacity
Schaaf enjoy semi-classical be- and when someone receives a
cause "It can be enjoyed J almost
anytime." Marguerite O'Connor
and Kathy Carrig chose this type
bulging package from home, she
knows company will be coming! Druid Origin
of music because "it strikes a hap-
py medium."
Anna Bowman divides her likes
Grand Central Station! has
nothing on the triple room of an
apartment . . . . it's the thruway,
In Festivity
between classical, pops, and jazz, living-room, dining-room, and Ironic as it may seem, Hallowe'-
the first because of its composition caucus room of all the residents! en* is a celebration which origin-
and (beauty, the second) because it ally had a religious significance.
One J of these lassies, Ann Delaney from Hornell, New York, "has an appeal all its own." With privacy at a minimum, the The Druids, an order of priests
Sally Fleckenstein of Erie, Adele Ontko from!Sharon, Pa., o r ' |Vi Petronio chooses classical be- library has unanimously been vot- in ancient Gaul and- Britain, had
Connie Musi from Clarion, Pa., will reign as N.F.C.C.S. queen, cause of its "beauty and nobility", ed the best place to study. And an\ autumn festival, called "Sam-
when elected through interclass competition. stating that it is "comparable to a when that ?phone call finally hain" or summer's end. It was an
fine poem." comes throughf—my, but it be- occasion for feasting on all the
comes crowded in the hallway! types of food which had been
Betty Lu Dorsogna also chooses grown during the summer. The
Harvest Ball Candidates the classical because it is "music
that you can listen to and work to
Sometimes the walls seem paper
thin, the kitchen a bother to
modern custom of decorating for
Hallowe'en parties with pumpkins,
clean, and the walk to college leaves and cornstalks originates
Sue Daschbach enjoys the "ap-
To Yield Versatile Queen peal" of Glenn ^Miller's music,
while Sandi Tenace enjoys mod-
hall too far, but their occupants
wouldn't trade "the halls" for the
from this order of priests.
The Druids also believed that on
Hallowe'en spirits came out to
Into the Mercyhurst spotlight enters a queen . . . to -be chosen ern progressive jazz, stating that it Taj Mahal! harm humans. Large bonfires
from the candidates for the N.P.C.C.S. Dance. is "iboth expressive and emotion- were staged to ward off these out-
Senior class choice is Ann Delany from Hornell, New York. "Dee al." | If er-world creatures. From jthese
Dee" is* an elementary education major and is also interested, in dra- Dubby Natili sums up the entire Druidic beliefs and customs come
matics. She is a petite senior with a happy-go-lucky air. situation by stating that she likes s4*Ut<MKCtK$ r
the modern use of witches and
Sally Fleckenstein of Erie is the candidate from the junior class. progressive jazz simply .because ~

Catholic Youth Week will be


ghosts for Hallowe'en festivities.

D.S.O., Sociology Seminal', Y.C.S., and Student Council Secretary keep "it's collegiate." celebrated from October 27 The Church named November 1
her on the go. Sparkling person- through November 3. The aim as All Saint's Festival. The name
ality and friendliness are her evi- of this week, "healthier, Hallowe'en means holy evening
dent qualities.
From Sharon, Pa., comes the
Mercyhurst Invades Bonds; holier, happier youth," was
proclaimed by the National
and combines the celebration of
summer's end and the eve of AH
sophomore with the winning smile Council of Catholic Youth. Saint's Day.
. . . Adele Ontko. A member of
Press Club, Adele writes the week-
Campus Activities Evaluated
ly Lake-Shore Visitor column and Bonaventure-bounc were fifteen Mercyhurst girls on October 19
is active In Sodality, Y.C.S., and and 20 for the Fourteenth Annual N.F.C.CS. Congress of the Lake
Science Seminar. Erie Region.
The freshman class chose Con- Member schools are Cantatas, DTouville, Gannon, Mercyhurst,
nie Musi from Clarion, Pa. An Nazareth, • Niagara, Rosary Hill and St. Bonaventure, N. F. Moderator
honor student (in high school, Sister Mary Anna, Senior Delegate Margie I Walach, and Junior
Connie was fyear-book co-editor, Delegate Joan Connors were ac-
active in dheerleaddng and for- companied to the Congress by
ensic. Her main ambition is to
teach. Home Economics. Connie's
Freshmen Don thirteen others representing the
junior and sophomore classes of
quiet charm makes her an appeal-
ing candidate. Academic Gar Theme of Congress
i It is up to every| Mercyhurst |
girl to" sell Chances for the Savings Now we belong" were the qfr. The theme of the Congress was
Bond. The class contributing words echoed by one-hundred new "Campus Activities and the Cath-
freshmen as they "broke ranks" olic College Student." Byidiseuss-
the most money per person will in College Hall following the 1957
ing campus! activities, Congress
have its candidate as queen of' Investiture Program. The annual hoped to create a £ realization ot
the Harvest Moon Ball. event, which marks the formal the value of extra-curricular ac-
acceptance of freshmen into the tivities and) to stimulate interest
Mercyhurst family, was held on
Publications Sunday, October 13, at 2:00 P. M. in the improvement of them.
in the Little Theater. Work Shops Held f M
Open House Beginning with the academic Saturday was devoted to work-
procession!j into the theater, the shops and| seminars. Some of the
ceremony continued* with the
singing of "Halls of Ivy" by the topics discussed were: "The Pre-
Nets Camera Glee Club. Greetings from the Nuptial Period," " W h a t is
Financially speaking, the open senior class were extended by C. C. D.?", "Catholic Action," and
House held Sepember 27 proved a president, Ann Johnson. "Student <i Government." In tnfis
big success. The dance,, jointly Following the formal capping, way, the campus activity of each
sponsored by the Merciad, Prae-X Susan Avery, president off the Catholic College student was thor- " O O V M I M t ' i n i l O T«4C(-»UJML COfrfttOHT |M?J1«ft COCA* COLA M U M n

terita, and Press Club, produced a freshmen class, expressed the oughly evaluated.
net profit amounting to $176.28. gratitude |of the freshmen coward
The | combined profits of last all who have helped them in their
year's Open House and this one first weeks at college, and their
Need for Leadership
A banquet and dance Saturday
Mr. Mink&MnWagnalls
made it possible for the Mercy- ! pride in becoming official mem-
hurst Publications to purchase a bers of the Mercyhurst student evening, a Regional Council Meet- "In re this matter of Good Taste/* said
Crown Graphic camera and ac- body. 4 ing Sunday morning, and a jam Mr. Funk to his secretary, "take a definition."
cessories, which included a flash Dr. Michael J. Relihan, Direc- session Sunday afternoon were "Taste: sensations . . • excited . . . by the. • •
and reflector, photoflood lamps tor of the Department of Educa- the final events of the Congress. action of the gustatory nerves . . . " i r
and a yellow filter, film, and film j tion, extended his welcome to the "And add this," put in Mr. Wagnalls. 'Taste:
holders. To date, the expenses for new freshmen with a talk on "Op- At a banquet Saturday evening, the faculty o f . . . appreciating the |
this equipments have amounted g portunity and Responsibility." He keynote speaker, Professor James beautiful..." | 7 J
CO $263.94. expressed the wish that each Hayes, stressed the need for de- "That," said Mr. Funk, "wraps it up. Mr.
Wagnalls, will you join me in a Coca-Cola?"
Open House also proved success-^ freshman would become a living veloping Catholic leadership. He "So good in t a s t e . . . "
lul from a social viewpoint. Ap- example of the Mercyhurst Spirit, urged the Congress to <bear in
proximately 490 Mercyhurst, Gan- because she follows the injunction mind that "Upon the strength of "And . . . in such good taste!" SIGN OF GOOD TASTE
non, Canisus, John Carroll, Ni- i of this Spirit "that she take Christ Bottled under authority of The Coco-Cola Company by
agara, G-E \ Co-op students with her wherever she walks,! in the followers does the strength of
thronged into the gymnasium private or in public life." a leader depend)." ERIE COCA-COLAiBOTTLING COMPANY
Page Four THE MERCIAD OCTOBER 30, 1957

Both Administration J andj Fac- School Honors Mr. Flecken

ulty commend the members of
the student body for their con-
duct during the recent period of On Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
illness on the campus. Members One of the most familiar faces on campus will beShonoredJat a
of the Dorm Council merit a dinner by the administration. Mr. John Flecken will celebrate his twen-
special share of appreciation for ty-fifth year of service with the college on November 1.
their efficient organization of the
volunteer nursing aides. These, Mr. Flecken, who is chief engineer at Mercyhurst, came to
numbering all the healthy mem- Mercyhurst after attending Niagara University and taking courses in
bers* of the student body, reduced electricity and plumbing in I Erie. I
the severity and the extent of Muriel Lehman andi a 1936 graduate _ M
the epidemic by their constant Street in Erie with their three children. 3
assistance in tray preparation and
serving, taking off temperatures, Landscaping, electrical work such, as remodelingfthe convent floor
delivery^ of medicines, and per- into classrooms, trunk moving, and traffic directing are only a few of
formance of countless; acts of Mr. Fleck en's responsibilities. Whenever a J pipe breaks, a fraternity
kindness for the sick. piin gets lost down the drain, or a
fire breaks out, the head engineer
Senior student teacher, Mary Ann! Castora, quizzes junior always seems to know! how to
Mercyhurst Seminary student on * the "se'\ "et", and "mais" remedy the situation.
of the early morning: French lesson. Board work as well as pro-
nunciation exercises are stressed in first year French.
*5b Mercyhurst During the brisk winter months
Mr. Flecken begins his day at 3
Graduate Joins ajn. by firing the furnace in order
Student Teachers Enjoy e raiivnie arms that the building will be warm at
an early hour. Four hours later
the boulevard and walks are cin-
Experiences In Teaching Inspired by the desire to live
wholly with God in a Christ-like
dered or cleared' of any snow.
Being a teacher in the morning and a student in the afternoon community, Mary Bacon, 1957 Twenty-five years behind him
gives the seniors a chance to realize there are two sides to the graduate of Mercyhurst and So- and still as calm and collected as
teacher's desk. dality prefect, has become a vol- ever. Mr. Flecken remains the
Conversational pieces at jlunch run the gauntlet: Julie Simons unteer member of Grailville, a Twenty-fifth anniversary cel-
has a body guard just in case her discipline problem cannot be solved; lay-apostolic j!society. "ever on call man on campus, ebrant, Mr. John Flecken,
Ann Miller makes a hit as a teacher at Tech, and students in Alice always ready and willing to help honored by the administra-
At Loveland, Ohio, where Grail- te
O'Brien's business classes during Mercyhurst damsels In distress. tion.
ville is located, Mary will be liv-
the week recognize her at the
Gannon dances on Friday night.
Janie Hagedish has trouble con-
Fund Aided ing in a community devoted en-
tirely to spreading the imitation
of Christ's life among the laity. A Delta Sigma Omicron Journeys
vincing anyone that she § is old Mercyhurst College Alumnae typical day for her will consist in
enough to toe out of high school Association, Erie Chapter, held its
without trying to tell anyone that annual card party on Thursday,
daily Mass, and allotted time for
prayer, study, work, and recrea-
To rie Playhouse Production
she is at Academy to teach.; Oct. 24. The party was planned tion, all directed to God. {The | D.S.O. held jits second monthly social function of the year on
"Mrs." Clancy has learned that in order to augment the scholar- training period consists off three Thursday, October 17, at the Erie Playhouse. Members of Delta Sigma
the opposite, of America is ship fund. months, at ttie end of which Mary Omicron provided transportation. | I
Russia; and Maureen Jones, prac- will be given a definite assignment
tice teaching in English, was ex- Jordan's presented a style show Thejjcast presented "Holiday |For Lovers", a comedy depicting a
ini the community. jfilfflifi
pected to know the color of blood for the first time in two years un- modern family's travels in Europe with two adventurous young daugh-
for class. der the direction of Mrs. Rose Each young woman who is! a ters. They also expressed theii appreciation for the receptive audience.
Mancini with fall and winter If ash- lay-apostle, dedicates her (life to
Mary Ann Castora, Seminary ions modeled by alumnae mem- God, and the spreading of spirit- |*1 Attending i were: Mary | Ellen McGovern, Janet Ladley, Berley
French teacher, loves her sprint bers. ual influence in every phase of Schaaf, Anna m Marie I Bergan,
upstairs from the Seminary to modern life from the family and Helen Zimmerman,!Janet Leibler,
her room in the dorms; Home Christmas gifts for all ages were Sally Fleckenstein, [ Mary I Ann
Economics practice teachers are the theme of a special gift .booth.
education to recreation and inter-
national affairs. They | are that Schubert, Judy Kosco, Mary Alice November
the only Seniors that teach all Gift items were handmade by the branch of the laity working chief- Zimmerman, \ Rosella B e n d e r ,
day; Pat Murphy has been in- members, and were inexpensively
formed that she is "too old to priced}.!
ly to restore all things in Christ.! Frani Reynolds, Mary Kay Don-
ate Hi, Mary Ann Castora, Cynthia
understand the problems of to- Ryan, Edith I Winter, g Marlene
day'si youth"; and Mary Rachel
Shine, stressing neatness and
A A f Initiates Hahn, Barb Dibble, and Marilyn November
Callahan. fyTHfflffl m 1 —AU Saint's Day
cleanliness to her students, found "May the wind be at your back, Margaret Tellers, Virginia Ros- B 8—C a t h o 1 i c University of
chicken ready for cooking pre-
viously given a bath in hot soap
May the road rise clear before
I you,|
Ball! Tourney soni, Mary Lou Blake, Linda Ros- MJBSAmerica Players, in "Ro-
inski, { Rosemary 8 Wiesen, i Mickey
and water. meo and Juliet" |
And may God forever hold you First scheduled activity on the DeLeo, i Mercedes Goodwill, Dora
Dr. Relihan has proved his in the Hollow of His Hand." Athletic Association agenda is the 9—NFCCS Harvest Moon Ball
sof tba 11 tournament . currently Andrie, Elizabeth Ryan,'Maureen
point. The Senior practice teach- quoted by Edw. A. McCabe Bl7—Tea for Villa|Maria
ers are the first to admit that you being played. In the first game of Schedlin, i Frannie ••, Balzer, Con-
to joint meeting of the the new series, the freshmen de- stance Taylor, Carol Bocan, Ellen I 24—Senior - Freshmen O p e n
can learn more in your first Newman Club Federation
teaching position than you usually feated j the sophomores'by a score McHugh, Betty Phelan, Kathleen House at McAuley
and N.F.C.C^S. 1 of 10-5. The winner of the junior- O'Connor, Carol McGinty, Kath- I 26—Thanksgiving Vacation oe-
do during the majority of your
college years. senior game will meet the fresh- H H R g i n s after classes
leen Franko, Polly Bressan, Barb-
men for the championship.
ara Chambers, Serafina Torcnla, December
Access to the ping-pong and) Catherine Misfeldt, Anne J John-
badminton equipment is extended B 2—Classes resumed a f t e r
Mercyhurst Girls to all students regardless of A. A. son, and Nancy
affiliation.. Permission for ^ use of tended). SrrtSB
at- I I Thanksgiving vacation

the equipment may be obtained

Are Talking About from Miss Patrizio.
Swimming sessions once again
MERCYHURST GIRLS ARE TALKING ABOUT . . . Time—or will take place Monday evenings ICE CREAM BAR
eternity... Another practice teacher biting the dust . . . Flu- Asian or from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30* p.m. at
otherwise?—Roses from an * 'unknown admirer"—and it's Al's printing! Academy H i g h School. Free
—N. F. candidates—ANN DELANEY, SALLY FLECKENSTEIN, ADELE transportation is provided by taxis Luncheonette and (Magazines
ONTKO, CONNIE MUSlj. . . St. Bonaventure . . JKATHY FRANCO'S leaving Mercyhurst promptly at
TKE pin . . . Delta Sig weekend) . . . Student Council Office hours 4:30. M: 3709 Pine Avenue
. . . Seniors' monopoly on the infirmary . . . Russian satellite}. , | |
DELIA'S "judgment tooth" . . . waltzing—or English Club turns
dancing party . . . Apples from the janitor . . . Bed-Racing experts— BLILA HARDWARE
MURPHY, CRISWELL, FRIEL, and TURNER . . . 18 pound turkey 88 th and Pine Ave.
skeleton in apartment 7 . . . "Scotch's" debut at table ^1 . . . SUE Phens 0-7484
MCCARTNEY'S 1928 mumps . . . SISTER MARY ANDRE'S demerits Brie, Pa. DAIRYLAND
for crooked stripes . . . cider . . . Hot* Rod -Magazines . . . WANDA
TOTH'S foot . . . | w p M % m
pitality House in Erie . . . The "Bop" . .1. the Gannon Knight . . . Borhenn's Pharmacy
Parking space at Academy . . . MOTHER BORGIA'S Feast Day Ser- Corner 88th St. and Plae Ave
enade . . . SHINE'S future at Paris . . . the new Roxie Theater . . . Spencer Place Store Ne. 8
EVELYN RINN'S knee socks . . . Senior pictures . . . sprints across 3005 Pine Avenue
the campus in early morn—anyone for track? . . . the victorious Mil- Erie, Penna.
waukee Braves L , .

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