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Mr. Anil Pancholi

Mrs.Varsha Singh (A.B.) Ist Year
Floriculture Industries in India

Floriculture is a fast emerging, rapidly expanding industry in the present
scenario, thus, has become of greater antiquity.
The importance of flowers has been realized throughout the world & today ,flower
cultivation has developed into an intensive form of agriculture. Flowers not only enliven
our surroundings, but also help in ameliorating the polluted environment.

Important Terms-

It is the branch of horticulture which deals with commercial growing,
marketing & arranging flowers & ornamentals plants.

A person involved in research & teaching of flower crops.

A person involved in business of cut flowers, cut foliage & floral arrangements.

Cut Flower-
A flower with long floral stalk, is knows as cut flower.

Losse Flower-
Flower without floral stalk is refered as losse flower. It is mostly used in
garland prepration & for worship.

Floriculture Scenario In India-

• About 100000 lakh ha. area is under flower crops in India. In India maximum
area is in K.N.(20801ha), followed by T.N.(18120ha.), A.P.(18087ha)& .W.B.
• Traditionl flowers like Marigold, Jasmine, Rose, China aster, Chrysanthemum,
Crossandra, Tuberose
Etc. are grown in our country in 2/3rd area.Jasmine stands 1st in traditionally
grown flower followed by Rose, Chrysanthmum, Crossandra , Marigold,
Tuberose, etc.
• Export-Import-. Flower trade in India is flourishing as many research centers
and special nurseries have turned into a promising business.
• Exports of floriculture products was valued at Rs. 700 million (US$ 20 million).
There has been an impressive growth in the export of cut flowers from Rs. 10
million to Rs. 700 million in the previous years.
• More than 191 export-oriented units (EOUs) have been approved in the sector
out of which 70 units are operational. But many of them operate at less than 50%
of their capacity. With redress of the problem, the floriculture industry thus may
turn to be viable enterprise for earning foreign exchange
• Important importer of floricultural product from India are…………..
1. USA (27%)
2. The Netherlands (14%)
3. Japan (13%)
4. Germany (6%)
• About 0.6% Indian share in global flower trade.Out of total export about 60%
share is from dried flowers & plants.
• Modern flowers like Rose, Carnation, Gladiolus, Chrysanthemum, Tuberose, &
Orchids are grown in 1/3rd area. The main production centers of modern flowers
are at Bangalore, Pune, Nasik, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kalimpong, Delhi, Gurgaon,

• Important Exported Cvs. –

1. Rose-Cora, First Red, Kiss , Laser, Noblesse, Rossini, Sacha, sandy, Texas
2. Carnation-Dona, Pink dona, White Dona, Lipstick, Empire, Solar, Cobra,
Design etc.
3. Chrysanthemum- Snowball, Sonar Bangla, Bright Golden,Ajay, Birbal Sahni,
sonali Tara etc.
4. Gladiolus-Cartago , Priscilla, Spic, Peter Pear, Mayur, American Beauty etc.

Floriculture Industries In India-

 In India various flower companies are engaged in fresh & dry flower
treads.Out of which some important companies are………

 Avishkar Floritech Pvt. Ltd, Pune, Maharashtra

 Sopariwala Exports, Mumbai, Maharastra
 Sumohan InternationalN,navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
 Indo Global Exports,Kolkata, West Bengal
 Kissanphool & Co. Delhi
 Kissan Flowers, Delhi
 Shail Agro Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana
 Global Agritech India Private Limit.Mumbai, Maharashtra
 Karuturi Global Limited.Bangalore, Karnataka
 Green Tech.Nursery, Pune, Maharastra
 Padmaja Exports, Mumbai,Maharastra
 C.M.Aromatics & Flavours,Jaipur, Rajasthan
 Blackrose Suppliers, Pondichery
 SanmatiTrading Company, Mumbai, maharastra
 I.K.Enterprises Private Ltd., New Delhi
 Indian Gift Flowers, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
 Upahaar, Bangalore ,karnataka
 Zygo Flowers Ltd. , Bangalore, Karnataka

The Avishkar Floritech Pvt. Ltd

Established in the year 1998, It introduce ourselves as one of the leading names in
cultivating an effervescent range of flowers which are regarded as a symbol of love
and affection. They are able to supply our range across the globe.

Under the enlightening mentorship of owner Mr. Rajkumar More, They have been
able to carve a niche for ourselves in the floriculture industries. They have been able
to capture the global market with their wide assortment of exotic flowers and
intermediary products.

Why They
Some of the key factors that have helped us thrive in this competitive market are:
• International quality range
• Dedicated team of experts
• Competitive prices
• Delivery of goods within the stipulated time frame.
• Business ethics.

Company Product
 Decorative Flowers-Company’s range of decorative flowers includes dutch rose ,
tuberose, gerbera flowers & carnation flowers.
 Flower Garlands
 Flower accessories
 Floral foam
 Floral Decoration Services

Decorative Flowers
S. Flower Colours Stem Others Features
No. Available length
1 Dutch Red, Yellow, 50, 60, 70, Pleasing & Long Lasting
Rose Pink, 80cm Smell
2 Tuberose White 80cm Use for decoration & gift
3 Carnation Pink & White - Grayish green-blue green
leaves upto 15cm long
4 Gerbera Orange & Pink - Pleasing fragrance &Used
for decorating gardens

Floral Foam-
 Company diligent workforce allows us provide floral foam in the density range of
25 to 30 kgper cubic meter and in thickness range of 2 to 10 mm
 Primarily, the foam is used in packing of industrial machines

Flower Garlands-
 The industry provides us a wide range of flower garlands,which is made by using
fresh & seasional flowers,handpacked from it’s own garden.
 It also provide garlands which are fabricated by using leaves & other artificial
material as well.

Dry Flowers-
 Flowers blooming in a garden can be preserved by drying them for use in
arrangements, decorations and various other applications.
 Dry flowers can be annual or perennial
 Annual flowers are versatile, sturdy and inexpensive. They quickly yield color for
a long season.
 Perennial flowers return year after year. They fit into many landscapes and can
be used in borders, as accents, or as strong focal points.

Flower Accessories-
Company’s range of flower accessories include
• Containers & Vases
• Binding Wires
• Mesh Roles
• PVC Material
• Flower Pots
• Flower basket
• Available in various colors, sizes and prices these are exported across the globe
and offered at industry leading price
Kissanphool & Co.
Counted amidst the leading florists of India, they are helping people to express
themselves through natures' most beautiful creations i.e. flowers. Established in the
year 1947. They have established ourselves as one of the most renowned wholesalers,
exporter and retail suppliers of a wide range of fresh and aromatic flower. Having years
of experience to bank upon, They have installed all the facilities that are being used by
internationally acclaimed florists to cultivate, pack and supply the flowers. They have
their own floriculture farm as well as we have a wide network of florists throughout India
to ensure same day delivery of orders.

They offer a wide range of fresh flowers and fresh/dried petals of flowers. These
colourful and blossoming flowers are welcome addition to any abode as their range
includes some of the most favourite flowers including:

• Bird Of Paradise
• Carnations
• Dried Rose
• Gerbera
• Flower Petals
• Marigold
• Orchids
• Roses
• Chrysanthemum
• Anthurium
• Hanging Heliconia
• Tube Rose

Tailor-Made Orders
They also help their customers in sending personalized bouquets to their loved
ones on any special occasion. After considering the the age, lifestyle and taste of
the recipient, their experts suggest customers for a unique and truly tailor-made
Why they?

 Theyguarantee same delivery to any city in India.

 They offer the facility of Door delivery of floral arrangements to any part of the
 They are retailers of flower arrangements and look sterns.
 Their services include wholesale distribution for supplying flowers and flower
 They have a wide network of florist all over the world.
 They supply highly pure and fresh flowers.

Imp. Product-
Bird of Paradise:-
The gorgeous vibrant colors of different flowers are reflected in this fantastic
range named bird of paradise. Each flower bouquet is bursting with blooms selected
and created by our expert florists. We provide bulk fresh flowers to our clients. We also
provide bulk flowers on commission basis.

Hanging Heliconia:-
They are offering their clients heliconia rostrata, which has a pendent
inflorescence, the bracts are red with greenish yellow edges. It is a very popular
species, and one of the more common in cultivation. they are much more tropical,
heliconia behave much like cannas.

Upahaar Florist:-

• Upahaar Florist is based in Bangalore and has been engaged in the floriculture
as an eminent supplier, exporter and stockiest of variety of flowers.
• They have delighting selection of flowers for decoration of venues and spots.
• They also engage in other services like event management and door step of
finestflowerand gifts all across India and abroad.

Application Area:-
Flower arrangemants can very rightly be termed versatile and multi purpose.
There is no end to the occasions where flowers can be used for decoration and
adornment. Listed below are some of the areas where the flowers provided by company
are used:
• Party venues
• Birthdays
• Anniversaries
• Weddings
• Office events and parties
• Residential decoration
• Hotel decoration

What They Offers-

 They are involved in providing a wide variety of flower arrangements for various
purposes like event management, residential decoration, office decorations and
hotel decorations.
 Their selection of flowers includes vibrant colored lilies, roses, gladiolus,
gerberas and carnations that lend a touch of elegance and sophistication to the
 We deal into flower delivery, flower bouquets delivery, bouquet flower
arrangement, birthday floral arrangement, room decoration, wedding floral
arrangements, church arrangements, floral arrangements and floral decorations.
 They please the eyes and delight the olfactory sense with their pleasant scent.
We are also indulgent in door step deliveries of flowers and gifts like cakes and
chocolates. Our arrangements would be both western cut flowers arrangements
& traditional type. They offer a wide range of wonderfully colored, crafted & dry
flowers & foliages both natural & artificial.
 They include all type of arts in our arrangemants like Ikebana, fruitibana, Thai
ash, Free style.

Products & Services-

They deal with the fresh cut flowers, flowered stems, floral accessories and floral
arrangements. They are placed in vivid patterns and styles to add grace and beauty to
various occasions.
They make an attempt to monitor the latest styles and patterns of floral
decorations and display. They are renowned for introducing the captivating blend of
different domestic flowers in combination with exotic flowers to produce the effect that is
rare and can be cherished for a long time.

Given below are some of the services that they provide:

Church Arrangements:-
They being a leadign florists can easily provide flower arrangements for church.
Be it a happy or sad occasion they can easily provide the needed arrangement as per
the requirement.

Corporate Floral Arrangements-

They also offer flowers and contaniers for hotels and office arrangements. For
hotels, their flowers decorate the venues for weddings, birthdays, seminars, conference
and parties. The choice of the flowers varies according to the occasion. They also
provide floral stock for the decoration of offices on festive occasions or to celebrate the
establishment day. The orders are placed keeping in mind the requirements and the
over all mood of the venue.

Event Floral Arrangements-

Flowers are versatile in nature. They can be used any where and everywhere.
Floral decoration can be used while setting up events like award ceremony or annual
function of any organization. The flowers that they offer have successfully decorated
many venues for many events. They pick flowers that suit the mood of the event , the
fashion of arrangement can be varied according to the client’s requirements

Flower Delivery
They believe that distance should not hamper expression of feelings. They
believe that Flowers are the best way to convey good wishes to near and dear ones.
They offer to deliver flowers on every occasions. They make sure that the deliveries are
made on time specified by our clients. Distance doesn't hamper the deliveries.They
execute floral deliveries worldwide. They let the flowers say it all.

Gift Packaging
They also provide packaging facilities to customers. The packaging material and
the appearance of the gift pack are all according to the client’s specifications. They
pack gifts in a unique manner and make exquisite usage of vibrant colored ribbons and
laces. if desired by clients, They also make use of vibrantly colored flowers in
packaging.Their packing is environment friendly. The gift pack in both ethnic and
western patterns.

Interior Floral Decorations

They deliver flowers that decorate the interiors of the houses on special
occasions. The flowers that they offer for in-house decorations are exquisitely arranged
by the experts who know how to bring out the most of the floral beauty.