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Mercyhurst's Drama Department presents its first

production of the 1974-75 season this weekend, 'The WHAT IS IT? This strange creature of the snow It seems that Mother Nature got a bit confused last
Children's Hour." Pictured are stars Brigid Cusick appeared outside the Student Union sometime after Saturday night. Instead of sending Erie a nice
and Mari» Gardner,*See Page|3 for further in- Saturday night's autumn snowstorm. Is it, as some weekend full of fall color, Ms. Nature sent Erie a
forma t ion. have suggested, a * 'snow hippo"? » glimpse of winter—with lots of snow I j *]

The Voice of Hie Mercy hurst Communify

New Programs

Counseling Services Reorganized

-A reorganization of the college counseling services the Student Counselors may be found in 209 Preston.
has consolidated some existing services and provided Mr. David DeSante has been named Director of
some additional services for Mercyhurst students Career Planning and Testing. His office is 207 Main
this year. and he is interested in helping students define their
Four components comprise the Counseling Center: vocational interests and explore various careers.
Educational Development and Enrichment, Career Working closely with DeSante is Mr. Gary Bukowski,
Planning and Testing, Personal Counseling, and Director of Placement, 205 Main. Bukowski visits
Placement.^ $ business and industry to gather information about the
3 The Educational Development and Enrichment world of work, helpsfstudents find part time em^
component is staffed by Dr. Jean Lavin and Mr. ployment, and assists seniors in their job hunt.
Tyrone Moore. Among the services offered are group Mr. Len Cyterski, Preston;201, is available as
and individual tutoring, survival techniques for Veterans Counselor and also as personal counselor
staying in college and getting the most out of the for Mercyhurst students in general. He is assisted by
experience, small group sessions designed to help two student counselors: Ron Susmarksi and Debbie
students learn and practice interpersonal skills, meet Mattis. ^ j:
and talk with faculty and administrators, and make Miriam Mashank is Director of Counseling Ser-
new friends. How-To-Study sessions are also con- vices. Her office is 213 Main. Miriam urges students
ducted on an as-needed basis. Assisting Jean and to take advantage of the programs offered.
NEW COUNSELING STAFF MEMBERS: Dr. Tyrone are of student counselors: Charlene Approximately eighty students are currently in-
Jean Lavln came to Mercyhurst in September. She is Mancuso, Ray Forester, John Hickle, Louise Finney, volved in some phase of the Counseling Center's
coordinator of Interpersonal Development Programs Jim Gallegos and Carol Boyle. Dr. Lavin's office is activities. All services are free of charge and operate
and Counselor in the Educational Development and 202 Preston; Mr. Moore's office is 203 Preston, and on a walk-in basis as well as by appointment, t
Enrichment Component offthe counseling services.
Mr. Tyrone Moore comes to the Hurst from the Erie Dr. Palmer Responds
School District, and serves as Coordinator of the
Skills Bank and Counselor for the Educational
Development and Enrichment Program. "Incompetence Incorrect"
Humanities Division chairman. Dr. David
Palmer, issued a statement addressed jointly to the
Last-Minute Move Merciad and the Mercyhurst Community regarding
the replacement of Mr. David Butts, a teacher in his
division. The replacement was reported in last
End-Of-Term Break week's Merciad. The complete text of Dr. Palmer's
Financial Aid statement follows: }
Extended To 16 Days "On two occasions during the term, students
complained to me about the Radio Production
$ln a last minute move, the college administration
has revised the calendar for the current school year.
Federal funds Course, specifically about the way It;was being
conducted by Mr. David Butts. Apparently, the
Under the provisions * of | the revised calendar,
students will now be given
a break'of sixteen days Drop Sharply strike at WSEE-TV (where he is the Operations
Manager) was taking up much of his time and
between the end of the Pall Quarter and the energy. After the first complaint, about three weeks
The Office of Financial Aid, in an effort to clear up ago, I spoke with Mr. Butts who felt, at the time,,
beginning of Intersession. student misunderstandings with regard to decreases that the strike was nearing an end and that the
* •

As the calendar had originally stood, students were in financial aid during the 1974-75 school year, has course would J thereby improve. Complications
to have a nine day break at the end of ;Fall Quarter, provided the Merciad with some cold facts regarding developed, however, and the strike continued. When
followed by three days of Intersession, which, was federal funding, | i
then interrupted for a four day Thanksgiving break. the second student complaint appeared, I asked
AU direct federal funding at Mercyhurst in the past Butts to step down and asked Mr. Francis Blngnear Mr.
Because of numerous and vocal complaints year has suffered a drastic decrease. For example- to take his place." t
regarding the inconvenience and impracticality of Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grants are i ',„
three class days set right in the middle of two long "I do not attribute Mr. Butts' problem
down 48 per cent from last year, National Direct competence. It seems to me that the long strike!, to im-
breaks, the administration moved to eliminate those Student Loans are down 31 per cent from last year, drained from him J the energy he would have nor-
three days. . and College Work Study Funds have been cut 32 per mally spent on the course."
> The long, uninterrupted break comes as welcome 3
news to all Mercyhurst students, especially those cent. v
students who live at great distances from the college "- There has been an overall decrease of 36 per cent in
and for practical purposes would have had to miss the federal funding received by Mercyhurst this
either the three class days or the Thanksgiving year.
The major reason for this drastic decrease in
The new long break will start on November 16 and federal funds stems from the fact that there was a
classes will resume (Intersession) on December 1. dramatic increase in thejnumber of institutions ap-
plying for federaUid. Because of the large numbers
of institutions that seek^this aid, the Financial Aid
Office feels that a petition to our Congressmen asking
Handbooks Available better considerationHor Mercyhurst would be
helpftil. I : M L
Career Planning and Placement Handbooks and the All students who are concerned about this issue are
College Placement Annuals for 1975 are now strongly urged to come to the Financial Aid Office to
available for all Seniors. Please stop in at your sign these petitions. The deadline for submitting
earliest convenience to obtain these informative and them is November 1. An immediate student response Dr. David Palmer, Humanities Division Chairman.
helpful publications (no charge)! would be greatly appreciated.

Apathetic ?
Dear Editor: i *i ' f
It looks like apathy has struck again on
the Mercy hurst Col lege; campus. With the Mercyhurst College
number of people complaining, it seems Theater-Arts presents
ridiculous that, when something big is
planned, no one shows up for it. It's quite
sad that, whenever we^cosponsor an event
with another school, our students never
bother to show up for it, buMhe other school
I. Lately, as I walk the halls of Mercy hurst has quite a turnout. This year, when it's so A Play by Lillian Hellman
at night, I've noticed that there seems to be hard to provide an adequate amount of
activity in every cranny and nook. In just events (because of our tight budget, fewer
one week, old Main's second-floor was and fewer people seem to attend, and more
treated to a girl in a pumpkin costume, and more tend to be complaining about
while the third floor shook with the ^en- nothing ever going on. It can't-be said that
thusiasm of pur practicing cheerleaders. no one knew about Terry Dee's Rock, 'n'
The lights in the Theater shine hours on end Roll Circus because there were articles in Nov. 1, 2, and
while in Zurn, the Representative Union of th e Erie Times News and initio Merciad
Students hassles over its budget. At the There were lalso posters, signs on the 8:30 p.m.
same time, accounting classes are hum- marquis and in Hurst Happenings. £
ming and McAuley Hall is rocking—student you didn't hear about it, then you can
teachers are typing, and the switchboard is consider yourself a member of the Nov. 2:30 p.m.
bleeping. Art students are creating and
Music students are practicing. We may not
better events planned /«Adults-- 32.50
make all our 8:00 a.m. classes, but we you better start supporting them. SAC car
certainly are night people. >, do much when it beeps running up against Students (with ID) $\
brick wall. ' ?• ':
Sincerely, j | Y W ^ A
Nancy Pentak i ^ f ' areas with in (the library? The experience
Chairperson SAC approximates that of being a subject in an
II. This year, the * 'powers that be" have P.S. You missed a great show; Ionescojplay. All occurs easily within
bestowed on us several lengthy and earshot of the carrels or tables and chairs,
luxurious vacations. The break between and the tactics of body language, such as
Fall Term and? Intercession runs 16 days icy stares and faked coughs, are useless.
(Novemberjil6-24). >Christmas vacation
spans 18 days, while? Spring breakfasts Noise Pollution Understandably, the group study rooms
from March 15 through April 1—17 days. To the Editor: M f should be reserved for group study, and
Upperclassmen can attest that these thus enable one to talk without
The time has come for me to exercise the vocal chords; they are glass-enclosed for straining the
vacations are much better than in former first amendment are the problem of noise this purpose. However, It now seems as
yea rs. > 1 ^ ^ ^ C H ? I ^ ^ 2 S K ; H S 5 though foe situation has been reversed:
has the production of such a proliferation of while^ the group
^ studyHs conducted in the
meaningless and unnecessary sounds by the library proper, one must isolate oneself in
human sound tract! been equalled than at one of the six cubicles and lust hope that
III. While passing the Student Union this time, or so it seems. However, If shall some misguided, but likely justified, souls
bulletin board, I happened to notice a small confine myself to a specific problem; <the in the adjoining rooms do not have a dif-
handwritten sign. I wondered, "What does fact that a hoot-owl contest was conducted ferent interpretation of the meaning of the
it say about Mercyhurst College when some outside my window early this morning group study.
poor girl is advertising to sell her used blue should not unduly color my criticism. If one feels a driving urge to confer with
jeans??" Incredible. No place but here!! Tuesday nights will be Tuesday nights, and buddies on the subject of Susie's breakup,
doubtless some cultural pastimes are Harvey's latest gripe about the grading
sought out and pursued. system, or the various merits of the beer
The issue in question is the long-standing blast, why not at least converse in the more-
What happened! to the underground, problem of noise in the library. Surely I am or-less isolated rooms in the rear of the
'La Verite''? Is it too deep? ? ? not the first and only person to experience building designated as smoking areas? But
" a s s « a ^ ^ J i a ? 5 *s*3Z5^&»x2X£sz&
probably the last refuge of academia at anyhow, why not just leave the library for
Mercyhurst. The consensus seems to in- parts elsewhere?

THEi MERCIAD dicate that'the offending hours * generally Perhaps it was with an uncommon
occur in the evening about 7:00 p.m., and foresight that the founding fathers of the
Wednesday and? Sunday afternoons. How LRC decided to ^ give it that name, rather
many have been subjected to any degree of than simply "library;" the latter
47 Years of Service distraction, ranging from strangled traditionally* connotes quiet, maybe even
Published weekly during the college year, except
whispers punctuated by periodic laughing seriousness.
Thanksgiving, intercession, Christmas and Easter vacations*
and examination periods by the students of Mercyhurst
fits, to slightly[ subdued roars emanating Let the spirit of detente prevail.
College, Erie, Pa. 16501. Mailing address: Mercyhurst from groups of people! passing to or from Pegi Jones , j Il |
Mailroom, Preston Mall, Box 36. i '•

ir*£ HA
Editor: olIeenMcManamon v.vv.\\, -vt \edbtt UJG s+uxjenp
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±U /
rfO i/ifh

~mv&mM/Wm VI
Opens Oct. 31
II i a
The Children Hour
"The Children's^ Hour", a Performances for "The Tickets will be sold at the
drama by Lillian Hellman, Children's Hour" are box office, prior to each play.
marks the opening of the 1974- scheduled for October 31, Adults: $2.50. Students (with
75 Little Theatre season at the November 1, 2, and 3 at 8:30 ID.): $1.00.
Hurst. Mart Gardner and p.m. A matinee will also be
Funky Stygion" Feotured Brigid Cusick portray the two presented on Sunday, Reservations can be made
teachers whose lives are Novembers, at 2:30 p.m. by calling 864-0681 ext. 271.
destroyed by a lie told by one
of their vindictive students.
HALLOWEEN DANCE The play;^ was recently
Funky Stygian Hue 14-inch portable color popularized by a movie of the
Movement", an Erie area television. Tickets will be*on same title, which starred
rock band, will be the sale all week, Contact team Audrey Hepburn and Shirley
featured entertainment at the members for details. MacLaine.
annual Mercyhurst
Halloween Party-Dance, to be
held Thursday. October 31, in
the Mercyhurst*"* Student
| ^
Students attending the
Tutoring Sessions Offered
dance are encouraged to Well, now that you're an experienced cook it's time to get
dress up in original costumes. Tutoring Is now available to all Mercyhurst students In a wide into the meat of things. Just because this is the biggie don't
variety of subjects, thanks to the Mercyhurst CounselIng Depart let that defray your interest, if you've been able to follow
One of the highlights of the ment's "Educational Development and Enrichment Program."
The tutoring program Is being coordinated by Mr. Tyrone Moore, it directions until now you've got it made. *»
evening will be the contest for will feature both group and individual tutoring sessions.
Group sessions are currently organized in the subjects of Math, To make the stuffing, take some of that old semi-stale
'•Best Cost ume." 'Chemistryi and Accounting. Math sessions meet on Monday and bread that's been hiding in the back of the refrigeration and
The dance will run from 9 Thursday evenings in Room 210, Main from 7 to 8. Chemistry sessions
meat on Monday evenings In room 310, Main/ and on Thursday cut into small chunks about the size of sugar cubes. Make 2
p.m. to 1 a.m. and will be evenings In Room 309, Main. They meet both nights from 7 to 8.
cups. Chop up 2 tablespoons onion and celery into small
Accounting sessions meet on Wednesday afternoons m Room 201, Main
followed by a Horror Film from 3 to 5. t pieces. Put in frying panfwith v4 cup melted butter or
Festival, which will run from Individual tutoring sessions are set up at the convenience of the
Individual students. Those wishing further information ere urged to margarine. Cook on low heat till onions are soft. Add bread
1 until morning. Featured contact Tyrone Moore in his office in Preston Hall, Room 203. The chunks and stir well. For seasoning add 1 teaspoon parsley
program Is free and open to all.
flicks will include such all- and poultry seasoning (optional). Salt and pepper to taste.
time favorites as •'The When heated through add a small amount of milk about 2 or
Mummy",? *'Frankenstein
r 3 tablespoons. Set aside. "'
\ Meets the j- Mummy", in w • ••'•'*•
For the meatloaf take 1 pound ground meat, put in large
"Frankenstein* Meets* the bowl, add 1 egg, 1 ^tablespoon chopped onion, 44 cup corn
k Wolf man'V ^Abbott and l&YeanOlds
1 /
flakes (crushed up), Vi cup catsup, 2 teaspoons salt and 1
Costello Meet the Mummy", teaspoon pepper. If ^ daring, M teaspoon chopped green
and "Abbott .-.and Costello
Meet Frankenstein."
During the dance, the
••* J
Mercyhurst i " L a k e r s "
'*•""!• Uncle Sam pepper And a dash of garlic may be added. Mix up well with
hands until meat is moist. * ^ '
Now, here it comes, how to stuff. Take a small oblongl pan
or a casserole dish. Divide meat mixture in half, Put i of
Baseball team will raffle off a
,\ jstilliWants YOU meat in pan. Next take the stuffing mixture and layer this on
top of the meat. Add the remaining meat and seal the edges.
Pack tightly. To top the meatloaf lay onion rings on top of
WQLN-FM Although the draft system was suspended two years ago,
18 year old males must still register for the draft. meatloaf and pour Vi cup catsup over this. Bake in oven at
This Week Registration must take place within thirty (30) days prior to
or following their 18th birthday. I | >,
350 degrees for 1 hour. Remove from oven, let stand 15
minutes than cut and save. *
Now, that didn't hurt did it? It's so easy I bet you're
91.3 Since failure fto register is still considered a felony,
Mercyhurst College has established Rooms 201 and 109 in
Preston Hall as designated draft registration centers.
wondering why you haven't tried it before. Now there's
nothing to stop you. The world is yours to conquer. *
WOMEN AND THE Mr.fCyterski (Room 201) and Mrs. Winiarczyk (Room Well, the main course is complete, you thought it could
ARTS: the local woman's 109), both of whom are certified registrars by the Selective never be done didn't you? Alright now, it's time for you to
arts festival, writers' get your teeth into it. Happy Eating,
workshops, musicians' Service System, urge all eligible 18 year old males to take Next week: Cherry Cobbler.
workshops, non-juried art full advantage of this convenience and stop by^their offices
exhibit to be held December to fill out a registration form. -Eligible out-of-state
7. Montage: Wednesday at 10 registrants may also register at the Hurst. Copies of your
p.m. registration form will be sent to your hometown Selective

Hurst Happenings
FOLKLORE on Northwest
Service Board as proof of your registration. J
Heritage featuring Mr. Anyone who hasn't signed up within the specified 60 day
Frank Makwa "Big Bear of period should go IMMEDIATELY to either Room 201 or 109
the Mountain." Monday 10 and register. Mr. Cyterski or Mrs. Winiarczyk along with
helping you register will fill out a "late registration" form r
p.m. | % OCTOBER 25 Mercyhurst Dept. of Dance presents
HALLOWEEN DRAMA: enabling you to avoid committing the felony violation. 1 Stravinsky,- interpreted in dance, Mercyhurst
The 415 Express. A gothic •So, if you're an 18-year-old male and haven't registered Little Theater—8 p.m.
tale of terror and suspense
produced by WNYC in New for the draft yet, take advantage of this added convenience October 27 MOVIE: Jesus Christ Superstar
York. Midnight Thursday. by stopping by either Room 201 or 109 in Preston, and sign up Recital Hall—7 and 9 * i
"How to get food stamps"—-a presentation
Learning Resource Center—Staff Lounge—7:30
Fed. Service Exam p.m. ./• j
MOVIE: "Play It Again, Sam"—Tri-College
a II 'M Recital Hall,8 p.m.
Beat The Pace Deadline OCTOBER 30 Pumpkin Carving Contest
Bring your own pumpkin—show your skills
1 The PACE exam will soon hours and contains several tested. Also note that there Student Union- 1-3 p.m.
be in full operation around the hundred questions. There will will be no test given in OCTOBER 31 Halloween Dance—"costumes
country as the principle entry be no tests given on a walk-in December so encourage your predated"
vehicle for college graduates basis, all competitiors must students to compete in featuring "Funky Stygian—Hue Movement"
into the Federal service. be scheduled for the exam. November. | * ^ * Studejit Union 0-1
As we have gotten closer to The schedule of where tests As you know we 'have Horror flicks, featuring
the start of this testing will be given will be part of completed the establishment "The Mummy"
program more data on the the announcement. The first of a regionwide testing net- "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman"
exam has become available test will be given November work and therefore will not and many others
which should be of interest to 23rd at 8:30 A.M. in Room 4 of administer special on-campus Recital Hall 1-?
you and your students. The the Federal Court house or tests under PACE this year, Don't miss any of the Halloween activities-
PACE exam is a broad based Gannon College. The cut-off Since this is an experiment, spooky time is guaranteed for all!
exam which covers a large date for this November test is we would be interested in
number of "entry Jobs. We October 31st s your assessment of our ability
expect that| about 1800 Students may use CSC Card to provide service to the Legal Services You're welcome
selections will be made here
in the Philadelphia Region
Form 5000-AB (which is
available at all Federal Job
students. |
& The announcement for Program Set 24 hours a day.
with the largest number of information Centers) to apply PACE is expected to be For the donut
>-, An attorney from Legal Sor-
jobs being in law en- for the November test only. distributed in October and a vices of Northwestern Penn-
sylvania will come to Mercy-
that's so good.
forcement, in vestiga tion, For all tests after that they supply will be sent to all four- hurst on Tuesday, October 29, at It tastes
7:30 p.m. to present a discussion
claims examining, data must use the special J form year colleges in the Region. on "The Legal Rights of Students as fresh as it smells.
processing, supply, contained in the regional The supply that you will be Regarding
Stamps. k,r Eligibility for Food
procurement, quality control, insert. Remember that the receiving should last a year v The program will be non-
and contact representative application must be sent to
the area office that has
but in case you run short
additional copies will be
political in nature/ and Its pur
pose will be strictly limited to the
presentation of "food stomp
The written test used in the jurisdiction over the location
at which they wish to be
available through your local
U.S.C.S.C. Area Office.
facts" and "straight legal ad-
vice". All Mercyhurst students
and faculty are welcome. *
PACE exam will Itake 4%

Without a doubt the
strongest Fall crew at Mercy-
hurst yet. For the first time
we were able to enter two
major regattas and be a
threat to win them." That's
the instant reaction of Coach
Shimpeno when asked to sum
up the performance of fall
Mercyhurst split their twin-bill with Fredonia crew this year. i
On October 11. the Lakers
making the record 4-4 to even its record. iHurst left for Charleston, West
won the first game with a 2-0 shut-out. It was the Virginia, and participated* in
combination of I Bob , Weismiller and Tom the Governor's Cup Regatta
Barringer to one hit Fredonia in die first game. sponsored by! Morris Harvey
Butch Herrmann and Tim^ Burrows doubled for College They entered two
boats, a Freshmen and
the winning! run. Fredonia nailed ? the nightcap Varsity Eight. The Fresh-
with a three run first followed by a pair of errors men, though they did not
and a Jack' Lurie RBI single. In the night game place first, were very com-
mana petitive in the race. They
were only together for a few
ng weeks prior to the meet^It This is the way that things looked last Sunday Morning, at
Vanderelde gave up three. was their first? race and they the time which had been scheduled for the Mercyhurst
Crew's bout with Morris Harvey College. Because of un-
were rowing against ex- favorable weather conditions—i.e. a mid-October
perienced* oarsmen. Fresh- snowstorm that made things cold and windy—-the crew meet
men coaches Pintea and was cancelled, along with many ol the other sporting ac-
Sands were proud of their tivities that had been scheduled that weekend at the 'Hurst.
boat. ^
Varisty performed rather
well. They did not place first, 500-meter sprint used as a Because of the progress
but they were second out of warm-up. In this sprint the made Mercyhurst is now
A five until! the last 800 meters. Lakers placed third out of 7. known as a competitive
Then they fell back to place In the sprint, six colleges rowing school. Four out of the
A fourth out of five. were represented. The nine Varisty oarsmen have
All active participants in seventh boat made-up of the had previous rowing ex-
this regatta received a shirt coaches of the various perience before coming to the
I that read: Governor's Cup colleges. Mercyhurst was 'hurst and two have rowed
Regatta 1974, sponsored! b> represented by Jack Gardner, internationally. No longer do
Morris Harvey College, assistant coach to Mr. they hear the names: iMercy-
Charleston, West Virginia. T: Shimpeno. berg, Mercyhurst, or Mercy
On October 19 at 6:00 a.m. In the |main race, the who? They are now known
crew started its international Lakers held second place and respected as Mercyhurst
Havel all the! ! I Scientific! Model trip to St. Catherine's, until the last 700 meters. That Lakers. * *
Ontario,! Canada, to par- is when Trent and Ontario w With regards to the Spring,
answers right ticipate f in the Brock two Canadian schools - gained it will be DYNAMIC. There is
in your pocket I Math and Science Invitational, sponsored by on them and beat" them. no trace of dissension on the
Brock University. Morris Harvey led the whole team. They have the ability
TI-1500 SR-10 In the Freshmen race, they race and won, thus being the and desire to win.
lost due to a broken oarlock winners for the Brock Conditioning has already
Texas Instrument's Model Here's an extra feature 200 meters outside of the Invitational. begun for the Spring with the
starting? block. The Junior Canadian rowing is on a Varsity-8 working towards a
TI-2500 is the most popular I calculator at an economical Varsity was able toj qualify different time schedule from winning season, showing
calculator on the* market for the finals and beat Buffalo the United States: they row confidence and a bill ty mat-
price. All regular functions State, the Lakers' arch- during most of the summer ched against major college
today. Helps with Math, plus square root, squares, rivals. The Varsity did and the end of their season is powers. As for the freshmen,
Science and whatever. qualify for the finals %a great the last weekend in October they are a building part of the
reciprocals, change sign triumph in Mercyhurst crew when they hold the Canadian program with a vital and
Has all regular functions history. Nationals. On Saturday major role at Mercyhurst.
and scientific notation Before the actual 1300- Mercy hurst* was able to beat Their conditioning for Spring
plus automatic constant, meter race itself, there was a five out of the seven Canadian will start in early January.
rechargable battery and AC Includes rechargable schools that entered, in- So, Laker fans, get ready
cluding Brock University, the for a winning Spring with
electric operation. batteries and AC adaptor/ winners of the 1973 Canadian more home races than ever
Nationals, before.
Features full floating Icharger. Has bright numbers,
decimal and easy to read 1 2 digit exponents! minus VOLLEYBALL
8 digit ^display. Includes sign and low battery The women's volleyball
carrying case and AC team is keeping on its toes.
warning. Their record is not as good as
adaptor. they would like* it'to be, but
MACE they have about ten matches
MACE left and still have a chance for
PRICE PRICE a winning season. 117 French Siroot
f Thursday night,October 17,
at a quadrangular meet in Phono 459-3354
EVERY TEXAS INSTRUMENT ELECTRIC Clarion,*they lost to Clarion
andThiel, but brought home
an easy win from Seton Hill. • WE HAVE ALL YOUR COLLEGE SUPPLIES
CALCULATOR SOLD BY MACE Monday, October 21, they
put up another good fight
BACKED BY ONE FULL YEAR PARTS against Villa Maria. They
carried the match into three
& LABOR GUARANTEE games but lost the third by
Just a few points. p^ ij
They; also played against 4th ANO SASSAFRAS
3631 W. 8th Gannon's team. Gannon
DEPARTMENT LIBERTY PLAZA played well, but not good
STOKE 0F.„ enough to beat Mercyhurst.
Electronics inc Now Mercyhurst has two wins
under its belt and hopes to
Movie Night
NEADVILLE MALL have a lot more.
October 29 they play in Free Pop corn!
(early Nov.) Grove City and on October 30
they play at Behrend. !f PROOF OF AGE REQUIRED