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Tamil Horary

As Taught by

Saint Agasthya

Compiled by
There was a saint known as Agaththiar in India in the ancient days. It is stated that
he had given some tools to help people get consolation psychologically when they are
in some trouble and are under some crisis. What they call horary system has a
different form of approach in this.
Take a card board. Draw the following table given on it. Pray to the deity of your
family. Pray to god. Think deeply about your problem. Take a flower, preferably
jasmine. Throw on the table. Note the number on which it has fallen. Read the results
described for that number.
There is another way also. Pray to your family deity. Pray to god. Think deeply about
the question or problem for which you need some guidance. Then spell out a number
between 1 and 64 that which comes to your mind instantaneously. Read the
description regarding that number to know more.
4 24 43 20 29 61 27 2
48 10 13 59 51 16 8 45
34 39 30 41 56 33 40 23
50 57 53 17 64 54 63 49
21 60 11 1 6 12 58 19
46 38 32 18 55 31 37 47
35 7 14 42 52 15 9 36
3 26 44 22 28 62 25 5


1. All your worries will come to an end. There will be upward trend in your
profession. There will be happiness in the family. There will be improvement in your
children’s education. Health improves. Get cure of illness. Thing lost will be got. With
good health and profit you will be happy. If you are thinking of some event in
particular it will materialize in eight days.

2. You get god’s blessings. You will succeed in all things with no hurdle. You will have
no worries, no difficulties, no health problems and no accidental difficulties. Those
who have no issues will get issues. Luck will favour you. Relatives will come forward
to help you. You will get support and influence from a good Samaritan.

3. You will have no more difficulties. You will get help from elders. You are likely to
get huge profit. You will be rewarded by the rich and the government. You will be
extremely happy. All you desire will be achieved with no hurdles. Pray regularly God
and you will be benefitted much.

4. You will get financial benefits. Your worries come to an end. You will continue in
the profession you are now in.. It will give good profit. You will get the affection , love
and blessings of elders in the family. You will be blessed by your family deity. You
will enjoy happy moments. Those who are expecting issues, will get a male issue.
Those who are sick will get cured soon. If you are harbouring some worry, it will be
cleared in eleven days.

5. Your family will gradually get complete relief from worries. That which you have
lost – a job or a thing or profession – you will get back in about eighteen days. Your
likely to get good news from south west direction. That news will give you happiness
and bring profit too. Your family will get relief from legal problems. You will acquire
money and your savings will improve. Loans will be settled. Expect changes in
eighteen days.

6. You will be relieved of all worries. What you have been contemplating will
materialize. Your desires will be fulfilled. Issueless will get issues. A marriage
function will be performed. Your enemies will be caught and meet destruction. All
your sufferings till now will come to an end soon. In about a months tome you will
enjoy happiness.

7. You will get the thing you desired. What you have been planning will materialize.
You will be honoured in the family. You will get good news. You will have profit from
far off places. Your relatives will be of much use to you. A male child will be born in
your family. If you have been contemplating on any particular thing it will
materialize in about five days without any hurdle.

8. You will be just relieved of all your difficulties. Do not worry about anything.
Distance yourself from bad elements. Do not allow your thoughts to wander
waywardly. You will get improvement in your professional approach. There will be
upward trend from now on. A marriage may be consummated. If you have a mole in
your back, everything as said will happen in about a week.

9. You have the blessings of god. So whatever you do, you will get profit. You will be
cured of your diseases. Nothing will affect you. Those who became inimical will come
to you extending friendly hands. The family will be blessed with a female child. If you
had been contemplating on any issue you will get favourable decision in about five

10.You will get more development in your profession. There will be additions to your
family. Day by day all worries will disappear. You will be able to support those who
depend confidently on you. Those who talk to you with sugar coated words hiding
their real cunningness to destroy you and your family will themselves be destroyed.
You will get all comforts and have a rich life.

11. Your wishes will be fulfilled. You will live in this world without any difficulty. You
will get influence at all levels. You will get the hereditary property. There will be a
marriage celebration in the family. You will get a happy favourable news and will
celebrate it. After 23 days you will see faster development.

12. Your position is not good. All planets which have to do good to you are now not in
a position to do favour to you. So you will have lot of difficulties. You will not have
peace of mind. A virgin lady will be behind all confusions. You will meet with loss in
your business. There will be troubles in profession. Your confidents will cheat you.
Due to worries you will become sick. You may be hospitalized. Pray to god sincerely
for the next 27 days. You will get relief. After eight weeks you will see changes.
Gradually your difficulties will begin to fade away.

13. Be calm. What all difficult circumstances you have been meeting with all these
five years will gradually disappear. Hereafter your family will get comforts. You will
get financial success. Those who had no issues will get issues. You will get respect
wherever you go. You will get property and wealth from elders. Those who left you
with anger will come back to you with love. Wait for just one month.
14. You will be blessed with all good things in fourteen days. Then onwards there will
be no difficulties. You will get financial success. There will be marriage celebrations
in the family. Children’s education will be favoured. They will advance in their fields.
Diseases will get cured. Lady luck will smile on you. Those who went missing will
return on their own. Don’t worry hereafter.
15. Your difficult period is over. You will live independently. You will be successful
financially that you may support those who come to you. Soon you will get lot of
wealth through a girl. Your enemies will be destroyed. You will win all legal cases.
After twenty four days your life will be a rich life full of happiness.

16. All the planets are against you. You will have neither peace of mind nor comfort
either in the place you now are or in any place wherever you go. Your wishes or
desires will not be fulfilled. Your wife too will not be friendly. Even if you do good to
others, no one will be thankful to you. For the next two months you will have these
difficulties. You may have to meet with theft and robbery. Be careful.

17. What you have been thinking will become reality. You will have a happy healthy
life. All enmity will vanish. You will earn lot of profit in your business. You will get
the share in the ancestors’ property. You will get the support and help from all your
relatives. Others also will extend their helping hands. You will get benefit from
prayers, crystals and medicines. In about two weeks time you will be relieved of a
longstanding worry.

18. You will get relieved of all your worries. Poverty, diseases, legal problems and
such things will all come to an end. Things lost will be gained. Even if your wife has
separated from you, they will all come to you with no trouble or suffering. You will
get good favourable news from others and foreign land. You will have expansion of
business. Children will be born in the family. After six days good luck will favour you.
Be happy.

19. Now you are unhappy and full of sorrow. Your sufferings till now can not be listed
out. It is so much. Family is not good. Your relatives, friends and all on whom you
had reposed confidence have all cheated, deserted and tried to destroy you. Few days
ago, you had worries due to diseases. You even had a inclination to forsake this life
and had an idea to become an ascetic to wander with no purpose or aim. But
someone had saved you from such a thing. You suffered these in the last two years.
Now after twenty one days every one of these misfortunes come to an end. You will
gradually improve and all good will be yours.

20. What is in your mind will not materialize now. Unnecessarily you will try
everywhere. You will lose money. Worries will occupy your mind. There will be loss
in business. Give up the friendship of the cunning and the bad. Do not make your
relatives your enemies. Do not blame god. Do not blame others for all your
difficulties and misfortunes. It is due to planetary placements you have all these.
Wait patiently. Pray to god sincerely. You will get relief.

21. You will have good children. You will have rich comfortable life. Your worries will
disappear. You will win all legal battles. You will have rich profit in business. Those
who left you for some reason or the other, will come again to you. Health will
improve and health related problems will get solved. A marriage function will be
celebrated in one of your relatives house. Your savings will improve and grow. After
eighteen days everything will be in your favour.

22. Worries will be disappearing. Even if they had been deadly enemies, they will
come home and be good to you. Gold ornaments will be acquired. Any business will
flourish. All business will give lot of properties. You will have prosperity for the next
eight years. Help the poor. Once in a week help the poor and give alms. Give por
feeding. Your family will prosper well.

23. Your desires will be fulfilled. There will be good profit in business. There will be
improved rich comforts in the family. There will be kingly life. By the grace of god
there will be birth of female child. The lucky birth of this child will favour you and all
in the family relieving all worries and sufferings. Fast on all Saturdays and pray to
god to get more benefits. You will live a healthy life.

24. You have been suffering loss in business. There were lot of difficulties. But forget
them all. Don’t lose your courage and confidence. Like all those ancestors who
suffered due to Saturn’s position finally at the end had regained their happiness, you
will also gain comforts. Wait for a month. All difficulties will vanish into thin air.
Your financial position, health and all will improve. You will be able to do what you
have been contemplating.

25. The planets which were causing troubles to you all these years are all changing.
The next five years will be good for you. All auspicious events will take place in the
family. Birth of children will make you happy. Professional development will help
you live a comfortable life. You will acquire gold ornaments and land. All diseases
will get cured. You will be free from worries.

26. Your desires will be fulfilled. New relations will materialize. You will have good
profit. Gold and money savings will improve. A male child will be born. That child
will be strong, beautiful and intelligent. So the family will have good fortune. All will
come forward to help you. An encouraging good news from north west direction will
reach you. In twenty seven days you will be extremely happy. You will have
wonderful happy dreams at nights.

27. Your ancestors who had died will be helping you. Your family deity will guide you
in the correct path. You will inherit properties. Business will develop well. Children
will be intelligent. You will get better news from foreign countries. Be without

28. You have bad time. You will suffer much. your wife may leave you. You will
become afraid of everything. There will be loss in your business. Even your parents
may oppose you and there will be enmity. You will suffer due to poverty. Diseases
may trouble you. Others may throw blames on you and there will be calamities.. You
may have to wait for 18 weeks for change of these.

29. Your difficult period is over. God will come to your rescue. There will be no more
troubles. You will have good life. What all you attempt will be successful. After 21
days you will be lucky in all your endeavour.
30. You have been suffering all these days. You have squandered the properties of
your ancestors. You have met with loss in business. You have been seen as enemy by
your relatives. You had serious health problems. In order to cure yourself you have
spent lot of money. Do not lose courage. Wait for some twenty days. Then gradually
you will get better days. Your sufferings will see an end. Your life will become good
and comfortable. Pray to god and family deity.

31. Your planetary positions are all not favourable to you. You will face lot of
troubles. A black person will create confusion in the family. If you demand what you
gave you will become an enemy. If you help someone it will lead you to troubles and
earn a bad name for you. There will be loss of goodwill and money in business. There
will be no peace of mind. But wait for ten weeks. Then this situation will turn towards
good. There will be good days then.

32. Your children will have better life and good events will happen in their life.
Children may get admission in educational institutions. Marriages may be
celebrated. They may get good job. New business may be set up. You may acquire
land, build house, buy cattle and undertake pilgrimage. Everything will happen in
favour of you. Good days.

33. You will get good profit in business because of the way you did or because of your
right decision. You will be happy due to timely help extended by your relatives and
sons. You will get what all you ask for. Lucky days will make you rich. Those who left
you may return to you. You will get cured of any disease you had. In sixteen days you
will be more lucky.

34. Your worries will multiply now. You will be charged. Ancestors properties will be
destroyed. You will suffer due to bad health. Inimical aspects of family will trouble
you more. You will get only bad news one after the other. It is all due to fate. But be
patient. Gradually this situation will turn to good. After eight weeks you will be
relieved of troubles.

35. As the planetary positions are in favour of you, there will be no interference or
disturbance in carrying out what you have planned to do. Due to piety of a married
woman in your family the family will be happy, plentiful and flourishing. All worries
will disappear. In your business you will have very good profit. An auspicious
function will take place in the family. There will be profit and good news in a travel
undertaken to a far of place. Gold savings will improve appreciably. Pray to god and
family deity regularly.

36. What you have been contemplating in your mind will succeed. You will have
happiness in your family and personal life. Conjugal life will be very happy. There
will be additions to cows, horses, etc. You will buy house or land. Child will be born.
Diseases will get complete cure. In seven days your status will improve.

37. Your planetary positions are not satisfactory. You will have worries. You will have
fruitless travel. You will not be able to get the thing you want. Even if you do good to
others they will do bad things only. Your enemies plan to pull you down. There will
be loss and suffering. Your friends will charge you and blame you. Family
atmosphere will be hellish. You may change residence. There will be hospitalization.
You have to wait for another three months before things begin to become normal. It
will take more time.

38.If you have decided to change your residence it is good. When you change there
will be profit. Elders in the family will help you. You will be helped by a senior in the
family. You will hear a good news from southwest. It will profit you. Whatever
business you do, you will get good profit in that. There is something disturbing in
your mind. It will be cleared in about ten days. pray sincerely to god.

39. All your enemies will run off from you. A fat amount of profit is awaiting. Your
poverty will just be over. Your mental restlessness too will disappear. Good news will
be delivered. Business will develop. When the end to all your difficulties come you
will get a sign for that, like a house lizard making a sound or a crow crying etc.

40.There will be hurdle in all your endeavour. Friends and relatives will put some
conditions to help you. There will be theft and loss. You will act impulsively landing
in troubles. Doubtful diseases will threaten you. There will be trouble from loaners.
Pray to god and undertake fast for forty seven days so that these difficult hard days
can be mitigated.

41. Gradually your difficulties and sorrow will be reducing and good days will be
setting. Opposing persons lose their battle. Enmity will be lost. Things you have lost
will be recovered. You may have child born in your home. Diseases will get cure by
medicines, prayer and crystals. You may go places and earn profit. Profession and
business will see excellence. Give alms to poor. Pray regularly.

42. You are worrying about some thing and that will be to your favour. A fair lady in
your family will create chaos and confusion in the family. You might have lost gold
and land due to some people who had created such confusions earlier in the family.
Relatives might have become enemies. Pray to family deity and god sincerely and
regularly. All difficult situations will change. Soon you will be happy.

43. your wishes will be fulfilled. You will have a life with honor and good friendship.
All loans extended will get collected and business will develop to give more profit.
You will have healthy life. New land and house can be bought. Will have the fortune
to buy cows and goats. Your family will have more milk of these domestic animals.
Do not have anything with persons of wicked nature. If you detach yourself from
such people it will not harm you, but will definitely benefit you much.

44. Now your planetary positions are not favourable. So you will have bad time.
There will be lot of difficulties. But do not blame others. Because there are lot of
misfortunes and troubles, don’t ignore blame and hate your family. There will be
confusions and chaos. There will be loss. You may fall sick. But keep up your morale.
Be brave to meet any eventuality. Pray to god and family deity for forty days with out
any break. You will have change of time
and good days.

45. Your worries will all disappear. You will have more profit in business. All in the
family will be happy. There will be added wealth. Marriage and such functions will be
celebrated. Elders in the family will help you. Luck will favour you. Goddess of wealth
will bless you. You will be healthy. In twenty days you will be clear of all hurdles if
any present if you have a mole on the right side.

46. You have been facing lot of difficulties. You had no happy moment in the family.
Relatives did not help you at any time. You had lost much of your wealth and
property. Neither your wife nor children gave you peace or happiness. You had
depression. All these things can not get remedied in the next nine months. Pray to
god sincerely surrendering to him for twenty seven days. You may get some relief.

47. Your planetary positions have all become good for you. Relatives will help
hereafter. All kinds of worries and sickness will leave you and put you in a better
spot. Legal entanglement will also be in your favour. No more courts. There will be
confidence, straight forwardness and profit in business. Your family life will be
without any trouble and free from worries. You will live a simple life and save much.
You have chances of buying house, land, domestic animals etc. and will have a very
comfortable life. In seven days you will see a sea of changes in your life.

48. You will carryout your plans with determination. Your brothers and relatives will
come forward to help you. You will get good profit in your business. You will have the
blessings of goddess of wealth because of your wife. Those who wanted to pull you
down and destroy you have left you. Your health will be restored. Marriage will be
celebrated. Wherever you go you will meet with success and profit only. Help the
poor and downtrodden.

49. For a long time you have been suffering. Your worries weaken you. Loss mentally
has depressed you. In the last one year you have unbearable sufferings due to loss,
legal cases, uncontrolled expenditure and such things. You will get relief in about a
month. There after you will gradually return to healthy wealthy life of comforts.
Business will develop. There will be profit. Auspicious functions will be celebrated.
Child birth, marriage and such happy events will take place.

50. What ever business you do you will succeed and get good profit. You will live a
rich life. Those who want to destroy you will get themselves destroyed. Don’t worry
about it. Conduct prayers for those who died in your family. On Fridays pray
specially to the ladies who died when their husbands were alive. All things will be in
your favour. Worries will just melt away. You will be always successful.

51. Your planetary positions are not so favourable to you. So there will be worries,
legal cases, diseases, enmity with relatives etc. and friends will mock at you and leave
you. You will meet with loss in the business of your interest. Wait for six weeks and
pray to god sincerely. You will have good days.

52. You now have time of victory. Your troubles come to an end. By the grace of god
you will get back the things you have lost. There will be peace and development in the
family. In your business you will get good profit and more benefits. Luck will favour
you. Marriage will succeed. Lady luck will smile on you. You will save gold and
stones. Your desires will be fulfilled.

53. Your planetary position does not favour you. You will suffer. Don’t blame god or
elders or ancestors. You might have moved out due to your short temper earlier too.
You might have lost wealth. Business is also not good or healthy. You are suffering
alone with nothing. You have to wait for another three months to have changes. After
that gradually there will be improvement and development.

54. Your difficult days are coming to an end by the grace of god. Your confusions will
be cleared. You will succeed. There will be monetary profit. Family will develop.
Elders will come to help. Loans will be settled. Diseases will be cured. Pray to family
deity fasting on Mondays.

55. You have no beneficial placement of planets. Marriage will not take place or
consummated. Even the cattle in your house will not give birth to young ones. Even if
you go to foreign land you will have difficulties and loss. Loaners will become
enemies. Loans given by you will not be returned. Enmity will develop. Even your
near friends would turn against you. But do not be discouraged. After five weeks you
will have changes if you are careful.

56. Your desires will be fulfilled without any hindrances. You will get profit in all
business you do. Relatives and friends will help you on their own. Your wife will
bring fortune to your family. A relative will leave you good wealth. Your comforts will
improve much. Pray to god for the next forty two days sincerely and help the poor.

57. Your planetary positions are good. You will be much benefitted. Fame and
fortune smile upon you. Business will be much profitable. You may build house and
undertake pilgrimage. Pray to god for the next eighteen days without fail.

58. Your planetary positions make you suffer. You will have lot of worries in
profession, friendship, business etc.. Loaners will give troubles. Nothing will happen
in time. There will be hindrances and hurdles in all your endeavour. Don’t believe
anybody. There will be loss. Wherever you go you will meet with difficulties only. You
may have to be afraid of enemies. Pray to god with confidence and faith. You will get
remedy. After one month you will have changes.

59. Do not be afraid. Be bold. You have been suffering due to your anger and short
temper. Your friends misled you. So you met with loss and worry. Pray to god and
surrender. You may get relief.

60. Your planetary positions are not good. Your worries will increase. You will have
loss in business. Even your wife and children may oppose you and become enemies.
A virgin lady will create problems in the family. Theft and loss of things will be there.
More poverty will be dominating. Your words will appear poisonous to others. But
don’t worry. Soon things will change and better days are ahead. Pray to god.

61.You have lucky days. You will have prosperous life and lot of profit due to your
wife. You will have professional benefits and development. You will be happy.
Worries will disappear.

62. Your planetary positions are in your favour. All will come forward to help. There
will be lot of profit in every endeavour. Male child will be born. After nine days you
will find a change for better. You will have better comfortable days.

63. You will have to make lot of efforts to do even simple things. Friends will turn
enemies. There will be heavy loss. Even if you do good all will take it bad. Severe
disease will attack you. Black magic will affect you. You have very bad days only.
After forty three days situation will slowly change in your favour.

64. Family will prosper. Worries will disappear. Pray daily. Good days are ahead. You
will be happy and comfortable. Business will be profitable and will bring you lot
more. You will have good savings. Be happy. Enemies will become friends. You will
have lucky days.

The End