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by Dave Wallin

Mercyhurst Collegei suf- Friday evening October 16 electricity to the college. In order to make repairs on
fered from a temporary and 17 because of a short in The problem started about independently with the intent
blackout last Thursday and three of six cables providing 10 p.m. Thursday with a the cables, it wasfhecessary of housing resident students
to have Penelec shut off all until heat and light could be
partial blackout affecting the electricity » coming into restored. Emergency lighting
Sisters of Mercy's Mercyhurst College. All day in Baldwin and McAuley Halls
Motherhouse, the Mercyhurst Friday and early i morning was supplied by small
Prep school and Zurn. Saturday, crews worked on generators in the respective
splicing the three bad cables basement. ?
Sisters from the into the three remaining good The three-way splice was
Motherhouse called the cables. -- completed about 3 a.m.
Pennsylvania ^Electric 4 Meanwhile, in order to Saturday* and complete
Company to report the power compensate for the loss of electrical service was
failure. Penelec' crews power, maintena nee * crews restored. The electricity,
checked all lines leading to ran a 120 volt cable from the however, is only f temporary.
the Mercyhurst power unit. main gate to the switch board The spliced cables could give
All outside lines checked out. in Old Main and to McAuley out at any time. The new 600
The problem had to be in- Hall to operate the furnaces. feet of cable will arrive from
ternal. I iLater on Friday evening, Columbus, Ohio sometime
crews were* able to connect this week.
Mercyhurst maintenance the Learning Resource Center It is hoped that the splice
crews and 4 a tprivate con- to * an independent line and will sustain the campus needs
.« tractor went to work tracking supply electricity to the through the end of the fall
down the cause of ;4he pdwer boilers in Egan Hall. Since term. 4During the break
Photo by Nancy Willis failure. Theyjdiscovered that Baldwin Hall and Zurn are all- between fall term and in-
This is how the halls of Mercyhurst appeared during the blackout three of six main cables had electric buildings, they had no tersessionithe cables,will be
— black. ?*. A shorted. ?m heat.- The LRC was connected replaced.

The\lMce of the Mercyhurst Community


Towne Meeting Airs [Complaints

A Towne Meeting, meeting was the poor student to put damage
sponsored by l^the maintenance on campus. The deposits! in a separate
Representative Union Tof priorities of the maintenance building fund to be used
Students in which the Mercy- staff were ^questioned more specifically ? for repairs.
hurst community was given than once and no ope seemed Another suggestion was made
the opportunity to| make to have a satisfactory answer that the students should take
known their complaints to the question. fPresidept it upon themselves to care for
toward Mercyhurst College Shane mentioned the fact that the places in which they live.
was held Monday nightfin the maintenance is seriously Mark ^Ruttenberg?#. a
Student Union.*;-, under-staffed farta under- student, brought up the'ifact
A panel, consisting of financed. He j made no men- that students are* being
Marion L. Shane, president of charged for 5 damages not .1 Photo by Nancy Willis
tion, however,? of any action Attending the Towne Meeting, panelists and students dls
Mercyhurst; William w-P. being taken to lessen these actually incurred? by "them.
Garvy, dean of thegcollege; Some students were more some problem areas of Mercyharst. •.. •''.
problems. £
James. Hallamyer. president Several students wanted to upset by!the fact that the
o r RUS; Sr. Phyllis Aiello, know where| their damage damages j;they paid for had Marty Visnosky wanted to upon these suggestions.
Director of Housing; William deposits were iept and? why notebeen repaired. Others felt know exactly what the The problem of inadequate
Kennedy, Director of Student they weren't? being used to itfunfair to be charged for students' rights were |as parking on campus was
Services; and Glen Caruso, make necessary ^repairs on someone else's carelessness. renters! of -townhouses and discussed. There seem to be
manager of Sesler Apart- campus. Mr. ^Kennedy said The panel members sym- apartments on-campus. Mr. no plans to increase parking
4 space at this time. Even with
ments; was there to answer that damage deposits were pathized with the students but Kennedy^ answered!' they're
the questions of the students. placed in a general fund. The no concrete j solutions were the same as any renter's this definite! shortage of
The f main issue 5 of i the suggestion was made by a suggested. ^R^Ms^^|t3ffi! would be." Sr.|Phyllis jsaid parking places, the college
the residents were under the has leased part of McAuley s
rules of the college because parking lot to the city for its

The Representative Union
Compile Evaluations
introduction of questionnaires provided to include any
they a re I considered] to [be
campus residents. I W& I
The problem of noise at the
Sesler apartments -*was
use, thus creating a greater
shortage. £
It seems Mercyhurst was
officially deemed a "suitcase
of Students has begunjj to lay to 200,300 and finally 400 level student comments | not brought up. Some ^residents 44
college by Eileen DelSordo
plans for a long term project courses. Total length of the specifically asked for. but felt they are being-punished because of the lack of social
that will result in a*|term-by- project is expected to be two related to the goals and aims for the actions of summer activities. Several students
term comprehensive student to three years. of this publication. t|R residents. Sr. Phyllis said this blamed this on the lack of
evaluation of teachers and *RUS advisor Jeff Sternlieb A preliminary ^polling j of was not true, Ifor only com- interest on the part of the
classes. | | says, "What we're trying!to students indicated many were plaints received during this students ftol attend the
ri Beginning with the Winter do is* provide a source \of concerned with possible term were being acted upon. scheduled;? events; other
'76*term,|RUS will hope to feedback |for teachers and reactions from teachers, RUS president. fjim students asked 9 "what
distribute booklets give students a way of finding however, | Sternlieb stressed Hallamyer said j that the
representing a summary of out how other people have that the anonymityg of people; around the campus events?" Pf" E
the results of questionnaires reacted to specific courses students participating?would nave to realize they are living Many students were upset
completed by students in and teachers. In planning our be complete. "I don't see any next to a college not anjold because of the 25 cent charge
many" 100 series classes. questionnaire well be looking problem with organizing this folks home. %& B | ( for having (heir doors opened
Following terms will see at how other schools; have so that students would have Sr. Phyllis was asked about by the Resident Assistants on
done their evaluations and no fear" of I reprisals ifrom the rules pertaining to their floors when the students
presented the results.'' teachers;" | | drinking in the Itownhouses. find themselves locked out of
The evaluation will go |j Sternlieb hopes {that this She said that students 21 and their rooms. The students felt ;
beyond the college catalogue effort will become an official older are allowed to drink in this i was a form of un-
course description by seeking student publication, the townhouses. She also necessary harassment placed
answers to students' recognized by the J ad- stated that * under-age upon them. Sr. Phyllis said
questions concerning work ministration, independent drinking is not! only against that this was necessary to cut
load, grading policy, quality from RUS, and organized by the rules of the school, but down on the amount of extra*
of lectures and or books, any interested students. ^ against state laws. Those work for * the |Resident?
overall value of the course, If anyone is interested in students allowing under-age Assistants;^ | |'«
and many other questions. working for a student oriented drinking in their townhouses The accomplishments of
Faculty i members will be course evaluation, come to a will be held liable. I this meeting, at present, seem
solicited If or their own brief meeting on Wednesday, Frank McMahon suggested to be few. Any students truly
evaluation of their courses October 29, at 3 p.m. in 114 that copies * of the room interested i in seeing d unite
and asked about their ex- Zurn.^ Mr. I Sternlieb is contracts be made available action taken on
pectations of conducting the presently serving as the to students and that billing of problems are asked to attend
Photo by Bob Ronksley course in the same way next Faculty advisor and is willing rooms should be done through the next RUS mooting
Jeffrey SternMeb, faculty time it is taught. to discuss any aspect of this the students' mail boxes. Mr. Wednesday, October £j, at
advisor for the RUS project. A section will also be project. Kennedy said he would act 3:30 p.m. in room U4Zum
Ralph Concert


Being consistent is often
difficult to achieve; however*
the members of Ralph proved
that it can be done. On Sun-
later reiterated by saying iSpeaking of ability, the
that their music is a "fusion hand's presentation of the
of many different types of 1812 Overture w a s truly
music, unforgettable. People don't
example of this is when
ftdltiW along with such
performers as Ru/Us and Joe
Cocker, participated in the
day, October 12, this Ralph has incorporated into normally expect to heat* a first rock concert to be held
(phenomenal rock orchestra their show a very polished, classical piece coming from a Tor the U.S. Army at Port
from the TPocono Mountains impressive repertoire, rook orchestra; here again, Campbell, Kentucky, it was a
area returned to Mereyhurst consisting of many original Ralph is the exception. Their "first" for the Army and the
for the second time to en songs ana some of the more interpretation was excellent* response was unbelievable.
tertain the students at a free recognisable contemporary including the sound effects at One wov11d never expect the
concert. The people who took sounds. It's been discovered the end of the piece, To say Army to agree to a concert of
a d v a n t a g e of seeing and that reallyt no one member the least, the audience* was this type. Apparently t the
hearing Ralph's performance can take complete credit for surprised and pleased with reason is simple: music has
r e c o g n i Ze d £ I h e Ralph's originals, Each and Ralph's superb performance.^ always seemed to bond people
professionalism and superb
showmanship displayed by
this band. The audiences
every person in the band As mentioned previously,
contributes his own ideas to Ralph's success can be at
the composition and lrUnited to the wide range Of
together* whether it be • the
military or civilians, in good
times or in J bad .JThe Army
Chem Dept
reception w a s amazing; arrangement of now works, talent possessed by each realised the value music has
Ralph tnot only received a
standing ovation but w a s
called back on stage for two
encores, in attempt to satisfy
it's quite evident that they Individual in the group. Yet.
are multi-talented musicians, they can't do it alone,*without
gifted with an abundance of their brilliant technicians,
and wanted to convey it to
their command, via such
artists as Ralph. Happenings
Gives Tests
creativity and I resource* Ralph would experience some like this offer nope that all is
On Thursday. October to* at
the /enthusiastic "we-want- fulness, '; - <•& difficulties. The road crew not lost, even when It appears
more" c r o w d s Along with ftheir original combines their knowledge that the' nation Is scraping 4:00 p.m, the Chemistry
EM' you think about jit, pieces, Ralph's renditions of with*fthe band to establish a rock bottom Department win administer a
Ralph's music can't be placed such popular classics as balanced, wellblended end it V v e r v doubtful that the diagnostic test of basic
into one distinctive category. Mc Arthur Park* / am the result, They are responsible 1
Hurst students did not enjoy mathematical skills for those
The band utilizes jazz and Walrua and Pinbalfj Wliard for setting up and taking down the* concert Sunday night. students who are planning to
classical material in con- w $ r e o r e s e n t e d Ralph's equipment, and Depslte the freezing tern enroll in \ Chem. i n
junction with rock to create a magnificently. If you didn't making sure that everything perature In the tennis courts, (Chemistry of Life) or
total musical experience. know better, you could have Is ^functioning properly. The the heat generated by Ralph Chemistry 121 dnorganic
"Tex", the trombone player sworn the orginal artists were road fcrew Is a vital facet of was | enough j to keep Chemistry 1) In Winter term
and flutist, commented on performing instead of Ralph. Ralph's*entourages although everybody warm I Once of this year. I
Stage that Ralph "touches a And when a band can ac- too often overlooked by the again, thanks to Ralph for a 1 All students who are
lot of!musical areas"* and complish such a feat, it's viewing public, f 1 S # | dynamite concert ? *! i ] planning (even tentatively) to
Lenie. rhythm guitarist,! rather indicative of their ^ Aftef personally speaking r r Notes Special thanks a r e take either of the above
keyboard player and vocalist, tremendous musical abilities^ with the men who comprise extended to the 'Hurst road Chemistry courses are urged
Ralph, tho impression they crews Jim Kelly, Paul Bsela, to take the test, which will
gave is one of total love and •'Plnhead Barrett,f Kenny last approximately an hour, i
Yearbook subscriptions will continue until November i, l The purpose of the test is to
975. A $5 non-refundable deposit will place your order commitment for jtheir Ward, Sammy Johnson and
profession as musicians. Willy Acklln. Also, our ap- help students whose
idlh the
wini mm balance
uue on
oeiore delivery.
aenvery. You
i on may
may sign
up a h the Information Office with any member ir on the MuslQ is their lifeline; from preciation to Therese from mathematical i preparation
Yearbook staff. ', i # jg^ | It, they continue to grow and the Snack Bar for helping to for Chemistry l«r weak.
Seniors, there fs no charge for pictures being submitted to reach i out to people provide refreshments for Students who perform
to the yearbook. All questions or suggestions concerning e v e r y w h e r e * One I good Ralph* I :• J > I i I unacceptable on the test will
be referred to the remedial
the Praeterita can be sent to James Lee, MeAulov Hall, m a t h e m a t i c s laboratory,]
Rm. 233 or RcginaScura, Seller 322. I i 1,
The Mereyhurst College Yearbook Staff deeply ap-
preciates the following new patrons for their pledges: Dr.
Misconceptions About Alcohol where they can obtain*/re* of
(hatt>v, the help which they
It has been said that If It nutritional deficiencies, A need * to bring their
Mr L. Shane. Dorothy Shane, Carol Hill, Saga Foods. * mathematical skills to an
James Lee weren't fori the intoxicating fobd must not only .supply a< ceptable level before the
Yearbook Editor effects of alcohol t ha t it would energy; it must contain chemistry courses begin In
be an excellent source of food. proteins, minerals * or January* $
Is this correct? vitamins. •••*' ,.' f Anyone who has questions
Alcohol is a substance which
supplies heat energy Heat regarding
Alcohol cannot form new or see Sr, Mary Charles the test should call
energy supplied by the high (issue, nor can It repair
calorie content of alcohol (one damaged tissue, nor does It Wfescmer, 310 Zurn or 884-4491
THE ERIE BOOK STORE ounce yields i210 calories)
does not qualify It as a food, If
regulate | or
physiological funetions*
protect or Dr. Robert Ulesslng. SOU
Zurn or mm iai7. < ^ 3
a person attempted to sustain Hence, It should not under any
717 French Street life on alcohol alone he would Circumstances bo recom-
soon suffer from serious mended as a food, I (in 1st in n.q dinner • senior A
The annual Christmas
PHONE 452-3354 dinner for Senior&[
Seniors will be
„ ^ h ecemher 12 this
yen i Interested .Seniors may
The deadline for senior pictures Is Dee, 1 and all sign Up dt the It US door or
photographs must be submitted In black and white glossy cull and leave your name
prints, size 4x9 or 8x10. Reglna Scura, Seller 922, will with one of the following:
approve all photographs. Tr * I (effete I'Vrro, Ant, 1121, 0SS*
THE WINDROSE Attention Seniors: You may have "personalized'?
yearbooks'for the small additional fee of sixty cents*
06644 Paul Toraldoi Apt. 182,
H04-0M1 or
Schism inos, Apt 121, iron
Contact James Lee. (loom 238 McAuley Hall,
Wast ri022< Deadline date Is
No vein her 11!

/ / *

• 4.
^ »
Till MERCIAD isl preserrfly recruiting staff members
Jewelr {for the 1975-76 school year.
'' AIL positions open.

CALL Carol Quarlucclo at 866-1954 or attend on organizational meeting
OFFER GOOD 10 OCTOBER 31 Thursdays in the Merclad office, 4< p.m. 304 Old Main.
OCTOBER 24. 1975
Sr>E m o r d p d
Committees Appointed Y °Y °<*

assr S a « - » » & : Fighting Cancer Her Game

Wil1 b use when a by Darlene Keith
.prraeraea to a committee member wUl be- t 1 Pwblem is
Mereytamin is a serum
y e b r of C o l l e e produced through research
mitten m ^ h f IS f
t h a t y ar p
Senate or Standing Oom-
by Sister Eymard i*Poy dock,
-cSn^mSl- ? f? concerns. ^ which literally stops the
U d i 8 c u s s i o n wUI
solutSls growth of cancer. Cancer, a
oo hoW to determine possible
6 Pr blem t a k e n to Se
growth which results from
defiriteacUoa ° W | * • "ate for cell division that has lost its
Recom mendations for Standing Committees controlled mecha is
Academic Policies: Ex Officio, William P. Garvey; Alan among the.- most painful
Belovorac, (A); Linda Schmidt, (P); Andrew Roth, (F); diseases today.* With her
Nancy Borowski, (S); and MartinVisnoskv, (S). i serum, Sr. Eymard stops the
fLong Range Planning: Ex Officio, Wihiam P. Garvey; unnatural ceil division, thus
Louis Need. (A); Sr. Maura Smith, (F); Paul Jurkowitz, halting the cancer in the body.
(S); Jeff Best. and Ray Forrester, (S), I Sr. Eymard, prior to her
LearningfResouree Center: ExfOfficio, Joanne Cooper; studies at Mercy hurst, ^has
Fran Bingnear, (A); Detmar Straub, (F); Judy Wieezorek, ! had additional studies at the
(F); Linda Looney, (S); and Joan Portka, (S). *§j National ((Science Institute in
Admissions: Ex Officio, John Riley; Wendy McCabe, (A); Microbiology in * Durham,
David Thomas (F); Anthony Lucas, (F); Sally Gorndt, N.C; J Tissue Culture
(S); and Richa rd Zywotko, (S). 2 Techniques and Bone Marrow
Affirmative Action: Ex Officio, Marilynn Jewell; Gary Techniques at Roswell Park,
Bukowski, (A); John Stewart, (F); Elaine Pederson, (F); in Buffalo, N.Y.; andjjmanv Sister Eymard Poydock.
Renate Ferro, (S); and Nancy Willis, (S). ] summers of research at the
Campus Life: ExfOfficio, Sr. Phyllis Aiello: SEdward St^; Thomas Institute in Cin- Photo by Bob Romk lev
Higgins, (F); David Bethune, (F); Mark Ruttenberg, (S); cinnati! Ohio. . S • %1 arts degree a t Mercyhurst chairperson of the/ Cancer
Sue Berardinelli. (S); and David DeSante, (A). She is also a member of the College some years ago, she Prevention Society.
Christian Life: Ex Officio, David Blanchfield, Sr.Lloseph Pennsylvania Academy of then continued onto t h e
Mary Korasky. (A); Bob Blessing, (F); George Offutt, (F); Science, the International She was also added
University > of| Pittsburgh to "Who's Who in America" for to the
CannineDeCarlo, (S); andKathyl£elleher, (S). Oceanographic * Foundation earn her M.A. After obtaining her significant? contributions
Budget: Ex Officio Willis G. Cardot: John Nesbit, (A); and the International Society her masters, she then went! on
David Pines, (F); Sr. Patricia Whalen, (F); William for Cell Biology. to St. Thomas Institute Un to cancer research.
Glinka, (S); andLoriLoeffler, (S). * ! 1 Sr. Eymard is currently the Ohio and received her Doc-
fAthletics: Ex Officio, Richard Fox;]Dan O'Connor, (A); Professor of Biologyfand the torate. '*fv ; The |Mercyhurst faculty,
,Janet*Pricef (F); Ed Blanchard, (F); and Valerie Feno, Director* of .Biological administration and students
(S). | { } Sr$ E y m a r d has earned are certainly proud • of Sr.
Research here at Mercy- numerous honors S including Eymard, Also grateful a r e
Administrative Practices and Operations: Ex Officio: Dr, hurst J She has been teaching admittance t o j t h e i T r i Beta the many people who have
Marion Shane; Thomas Monaghan, (A); Dave Palmer, on the college level ever since Honor Society; the Board of contracted cancer and now
<F); Barb Weigert£ (F) Joe Castrignano, (S); and Mark! 1947.: I $ *
Hoak, (S) W M ; Directors lof the American have a hope to cling t o j
Receiving a bachelor of Cancer Society; and general Mereytamin. & i L
j n e n t Advises;

Overseas Careers And! ThenHeat look Are

LOOKING AHEAD * is patient with delays, and Much of America's aerospace to government and for years. "What used to be
A career overseas may or with* people who are less economic future success will utilities are documented in a thought of as just oilman's
maylnot be for you. But motivated and think dif- depend on the ability of its survey by Jan Anton and opinion turns out to be solid
whether or not you choose to ferently than he or she does multi-nationals * to compete Michael Russell ja for fact," says the report. * *,
work abroad, the chances of about almost eveything; one with the companies of other Hayward State University. Copies of Employer
your being j employed by a who has as little prejudice ad nations. i They sampledpnore than 100 Attitude and • Opinions
multi-national company in the possible? toward| different recruiting officers who hired Regarding Potential College
races, colors! and creeds.
U.S. at some time in your life Anyone who tends j to *be AlNOTE OF INTEREST IN more than three-fourths of the Graduate Employees" cost $4
—fj or at least having -close prejudiced in the U.S. will be THE EDUCATION DAILY: college {graduates for their and;*are' available from the
business relationships with a Recruiters iWant Business firms and institutions since Placement Center. Hayward
disaster overseas.
multi-nationals — are strong Additionally, I one must be Grade in Suits, Survey Finds,1972.1 The report noted that State University, Hayward,
and becoming stronger, i i able to live away v Pity the nervous job applicant although the data was California 94342. - 1
Multi-national companies familiar scenes. from who appears at the interview compiled in 1973. college RECRUITER ON CAMPUS:
are creating a new kind of with long hair I and | dirty placement officers nave been Ernst and Ernst, Tuesday,
business executive. Such a While a l bachelor's in fingernails; who disdains emphasizing the same November 4,1975$Accounting
person is less and less a Business Administration is suns or, if * female, qualifications for applicants Majors preferred,?
creature of- one country or desirable, it is not essential. brassieres; who wears
environment and is mpre and People with just a liberal arts sandals, fidgets with pencils,
more a citizen of the world. background could pursue a avoids direct eye contact with
As comfortable ?in Brussels, master's degree in in- the interviewer, or speaks in
or Singapore as in Kansas ternational business. For iargon. Pity the applicant
City. The one who can speak example, the American especially if he or she is a
several languages, who un- Graduate School of Inter- fine arts major; W ?*
Ametlean Institute • • • •

derstands "international nationa 1 Management! iThe composite picture^of

finance, who is familiar with combines international the job applicant least likely
studies of culture, geography,
religions and cultures on a politics, economics and to be admired by recruiters in
world-wide basis — this is the history with intensive 171 major.? industries & hasn't
multi-national executive of language and world business changed much, nor hasJ the
today and the future. image of the ideal applicant.
jln considering! an inter- studies; resulting.*! in a He is clad in a suit; neat and
national career,! a young Masters of winter national preferably with short hair;
person should assess himself M a na gement degree, intelligent, relaxed, Jcordial,
or herself carefully con- Another route might be* for enthusiastic, sincere; a
cerning J aptittide for in- a person to acquire business business,, engineering,
ternational living. There is experience in this country and computer orf physical
much glamour surrounding then *beJ trained (usually at sciences gradua te. | |
the stereotype of interna tfonafj company expense) in a If The likes and dislikes of lob information
living, which does not come foreign language to go recruiters! in industries
through on a day-to-day basis. overseas. ranging from-accounting and CHECK AREAS OF INTEREST:
The kind of person who tends AMta* ttvito
AM .'
Frtftcftliftf u i f « 1
aoftUflti laft n««
(iwMiMM LunQuao* A CivJIlMllon

to be successful overseas is
the one who has an ad-
venturesome spirit; who

C«*monMfrfc»l Hunmnltlfi
Spanish I«ngi/uyP 4 ClvilliAlion
MtfHllO i *»»yt"*u« a O M N l f U M
mMtHimi ClviHXAflDlt
cw)H/*iui<i . Malum Lftnuutg* A CMMiafion
Tfi«ntr« Afl«

doesn't mind inconveniences,

fcdirt and health hazards; who and GREENHOUSE t\
CommuhlflAllan* Art*

lifth LJ Iff ituf*

Q Summer Program! Q Aoademio Year Program*
O r l t n u l GivSllMtlOfl
PACifl* 0 l u ^ * «

owe very occas /

n Please contact me for* an Interview
§ Become a tutor and earn tfW.

extra cash while helping & -

your fellow students. For I A

more information contact tf

Karen J. Gilmore, Preston &

202, ext. 277. |S *


If you are suffering from a EAST AV£ >v Clata Of

sagging Q.P.A., give it a V
boost! Get a tutor! For more PHONE 454
information contact Karen at
the above address.
Carol Quartucclo


Since the majority of letters which I have received
for this issue have been based on the Towne Meeting
held October 20. I will discuss my views ton its
relevancy. £JLa*
Many of the questions directed to the individuals on
the panel were basically' concerned with main-
tenance, student housing rights, and parking
Dear Editor, f * enough to drink?" If Sr. Phyllis is giving incident privileges. The gripes were valid complaints and the
l l am completely baffled by Sr.*Phyllis fAiello's reports Mo Townhouse! 7 and 8 for their party, I students, for the most part, presented them in a
letter to Townhouse 7 and 8 residents, if the party suggest she issue reports to ALL Mercyhurst respectful manner. Yet, many or their questions were
was a direct violation of "the contract and the laws students for drinking. Maybe then her .'conscience not directly answered by the panel, which is a
concerning the sale of alcohol in Pa." whv dicUthe wouldn't bother her. 4 *£ probably reason for the meeting being long and
freshmen havefa-beer'party at Shade's Beach for repetitious. The students suggest that their questions
Orientation in 1974? Vm quite sure the Orientation I wonder what Sr. Phyllis thinks of the 1975 will not cease until answered specifically. Students
Beer Blast wasn't planned by the students. NO letter Yearbook. Page after page showed Mercyhurst will not be content with promises. They claim to want
of complaint was written last year by Sr. Phyllis. Did College students engaging in drinking parties-and immediate action which I feel they rightly deserve.
she approve of the party of which the students had no many professors were there, too. Yet, no one com- The meeting was generally well planned with the
part ofbuying the &?er? What seems to be happening plained about those parties^ No one complained that panel consisting of most of the appropriate people.
is that the Administration can buy the beer and let 17 the photos were printed, thus, proving mat drinking Yet, why were! the students themselves
and 18 year old freshmen drink it without aiy guilt or is a large part of Mercyhurst student lire. disorganized? Why were students attacking each
embarrassment and not consulting the *'Student Code In three months I will be 20 years old and this other instead of banning together to form one strong
of Rights and Responsibilities" or the Pa. drinking college and State have placed a great j hindrance on unit to accomplish their goal? Whv were students
laws. But when the students themselves give a party, metSand others). Many of us from New York State harping on ONE example that a student speaker had
that's a different story. There are many students who are deprived of what we had back home. Driving 30 mentioned,: and not citing their own? whv were
drink and are under 21 as well: as over 21. Are miles to the New York State line to drink is absurd- students reacting to minor problems which could
drinking parties restricted to those who are over 21? and dangerous. But where are we supposed to go have been handled privately?
Is a 21 year old going to turn away an 18 year old for an4enjoyable evening? Certainly not here- our vThe voice of the students should be heard, but
friend from a party because he or she \'Isn't old home away from home. *$, because of the disorganized manner implicated, I
feel little has been accomplished, if students want
action they will have to be persistent. I doubt they
will be. 1

Students, Faculty, and Administrators:

I am writing this letter to you, the people who make
up tills "community", after the Towne Meeting
HOUSING which was held tonight (Monday). ; .. j
COHPLAIHTS This is the second Towne Meeting that 1 have been
a pari
part ot.
of. m e iirsct
The first, wmen
which Ii?was
was instrumental in
planning and pulling off;-addressed itself to many of
the same gripes— basically student rights and the
budgetary policies of the college.
From my experiences of the first Towne Meeting, I
was skeptically enthusiastic about the second one.
The aftermath of the first was personal defeat and its
acrid lesson is still with me.
I Now, the second Towne meeting is over- minutes
assed on the clock which will never be recaptured—
nit the business of that meeting is now before the
students and the administrators. A MANDATE of
action was surely placed on the shoulders of everyone*
involved. To work together on these problems great
and small is now the task. On October 29, at 3:SOjp.m..
in Room 114 ZurnHall. there will be a meeting of R US
at which we will see if the seed planted tonight has
sprouted, if it has, future meetings will determine if
its fruit is sweet, or Be rid as was that of the first.
ffll By your deeds, you shall know them *
MartinE. Visnosky rV$L

Kditor Carol Quartucclo

News Kditor Olivia Longo
Feature Editor Ma ry a nn Crow ley by Pat Weschler
Sports Kditor Chris VanWagenen
Copy Kditor Susan Barrie On Monday night, Ij attended a two hour Towne tha (had been set aside just six days before the Towne
Art Kditor Darla Ma lone Meeting held on the subject of Student Housing at Meeting to bolster a sagging Operations fund. I feel
Photographers ,«•' Bob Ronksley Mercyhurst. In the course of that meeting, I listened that this move was a step in the right direction,
'$Nancy Willis as dozens of students recounted the problems which New funds notwithstanding, there is still the very
&JS Jim Varhol they had encountered Jin trying to get basic main- clear question ol^ misplaced priorities in the
WRITERS AND CREATORS: tainence and repair services performed in their dorm Operations Department. At a time when Operations
rooms or townhouses. m funds were {critically deficient and the workload
Pat Weschler. Richard Frasca, Melisia McIVfurray, ft To me, the most amazing story! came from la facing that department overpowering, why were
Ilia fine DILeo, jDavej VVallin, Andrea Kupetz, Terri student who lived in McAuley Hall.* It seems that more than a half dozen man-days put into a new
Fiumara, Briget Cusick. Fat Condrin, Maryb Catherine
\Viess. Joe Snyder, KdSwearingen. * \ v there was a short circuit in his 1 room wiring that concrete walk? 9 H J < i *
caused a small explosion! whenever his medicine Half a dozen man-days can go much further than a
BIASINKSS MANAGER Bonny Merrlken cabinet was opened. This small explosion would then concrete walk if they are put to the task of repairing
knock out the power in eight adjacent dorm rooms. short circuits and changing light bulbs. Many of the
Faculty Consultant Andy Roth The student spoke of his repeated visits to the problems in the dorms and townhouses are serious,
Operations office in an effort to get the short-circuit but involve little expenditure, in terms of man-hours,
repaired. In ten days time, the student got a lot of to correct. ? Wm I 1 I f M$
The Merciad accepts, In fact encourages, the sub- promises, but no repairs. *M .-ra& A change in priorities is needed in the Operations
mission of articles, letters, and stories from any and all Department a t Mercyhurst One of the primary
members of the Mercyhurst College community: As this person recounted his experiences with the
students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and friends of Operations (department, if thought of something responsibilities which this institution ^has willfully
the school. However, as responsible journalists we must which had taken place a few weeks before. A crew of undertaken is the housing of some 500 students.
reserve the following rights: § workmen from operations had worked for several Housing means more than just providing four walls.
1. .The right to revise copy Into standard English; days tearing up theflagstonewalk leading to the new wHousing 8
means providing
l i g h t 8wJ
basics like plumblng.that
2..The right to revise copy Into correct Journalistic
Operations office in weber Hall, replacing it with a u ? 5P° tehes that can be switched on
concrete walk, It seemed very strange to me that so without fear of explosion or electrocution I
form; much attention and time had gone into giving a new 'Project Front Walk" is over and done with. No
3.. And* finally, the right to revise copy (but not change walk to the Operations office while the student in matter how much I gripe, that concrete walk will not
meaning) to fit layout design* McAuley was being threatened with electrocution disappear and be replaced by better dorm conditions.
In addition, Letters to the Editor must be signed, must every time he opened his medicine cabinet! All 1 ask is that the Operations department get down
be factually verifiable, and must be written In good taste*
Names will be withheld upon request, but false names will At the Town Meeting, President Shane took note of to basics and handle those tasks that are really fm-<
the acute need for maintenance and repair services In Portant. When those jobs have been performed, I'll
not be used. the dorms and townhouses. He spoke of new funds welcome Operations J to pave its sidewalk in marble!
i. r»T f F i r l'P Pi it 1 BI1 llrl JIIHlH'fl MllltttMllff If MM HIIMIMIl i l l I fMH IM1IMM 1111 if 1
• «
ftm • i f I I I 1 1 1 *MI »fit«i
To The Editor: glass. t
I would like to comment
on Sr. 5 Phyllis! Aiello's * djtft think| ^ ad-
letter in last weeks ministration should say
MERCIAD condemning too much about campus
the townhouse residents Partving being against
for their beer blast during housing codes when the
the Fall Festival. In the administration! is not
beginning! of the 1974-75 above bending! the rules
school year there was a slightly. Financial aid
beer blast sponsored by statements could be
the Mercyhurst alumni notarized for a $1.00*fee
and advertised in a list of paid at the time of signing.
activities during orien- The notary would stamp
tation week. (This list was the papers later, although
published and distributed on the document iti said
by the college.) This explicitly t that a notary To The Editor: *m I
partly Iwas held! in land must witness thefsigning. Thisiletter is in response to those issued in prior and yet we, too. are bored! There are NOT A LOT of
outside the Sesler apart- There is also the matter of editions of^the MERCIAD concerning activities on fun things to do on this ^ campus and there is not
ments. I was not aware of $10-15-lab fees for many 7 campus. We believe both sides have their points but enough encouragement and motivation from our*
and! did not receive an coursestfo "cover costs' , each need compromising to come to a solution. SAC and RUS offices to instill a moving spirit. We
official notification of the which, in many cases, did We agree with Jimmy f Hallamyer when he con- have Coffeehouses on school nights and sit in dorms-
college's change in policy. not amount to more than tends that there is a lack of interest and deep apathy apts. on weekends! There has to be some coor-
$10 for the fentire class. I implanted on this campus. But one must ask WHY? dination of activities! f %
|Although| advertising amfsure everyone knows We believe it is due to theUack of enthusiasm and jThose who are trying to supplement our inactivity
parties in which alcoholic about incidents like this. publicity given to activities that RUS or SAC does are being reprimanded and threatened with loss of
beverages will|be|served, If the housing depart- sponsor. It is THEIR responsibility|to widely inform housing. Really, what are we to do??? For those whojl
and holding "these parties ment wants to penalize the day - as well as resident - students through fliers, work hard during the week, there should be some
is normally in violation of townhouse residents for letters, signs - in advance*- of upcoming activities. entertainment for their weekends. And the boredom
the housing contract, it is violating their contract, And these activities must be well-planned, not thrown they are finding here is causing this to become a
not in violation off Penn- they should enforce the together at the last minute! ^ "suitcase" college with many students running home
sylvania's liquor laws. regulation against alcohol Really, Fall ^Weekend consisted fof a few club tohavefun. | .? . I ™ *
The $1.00 charge was not on the entire campus, all sponsored tables* and games ffor a few hours on I Thisfmay seem like a social problem not to be
for! beer, although that is the time. And? that will Saturday and a concert for Sunday. Why wasn't a concerned with the academics of a college life« but 3
what attracted most of the require constant policing dance sponsored or*why weren't the activities^ con- this is a threatening situation to any institution trying*
party-goers. The fee'hvas by the Security staff. It tinued on through Saturday evening to replace a to develop the TOTAL!individuals-*this may bel
analogousr to a cover should be veryiinteresting, regularly scheduled movie? tJpS§& fc * 1 evidenced by the large drop of male'enrollment -•
charge. The beer was to say the least, i \ f There was hardly ANY ADVERTISEMENT, What which will probably continue if something isn't soon
free, itiwas not sold by the <* Darla Malone happened to the big signs in the Coffee-house getting done. j - 4
everybody psyched for this weekend? (whichr could r Debbie Flounders
have been much more successful!) } * Eileen DelSordo ^
To the Editor, J | | | | I The blackout even gave We consider ourselves ij active | people oh this Jodene Carroll
Did anyone else happen students a chance to eat by campus - turning out and supporting most activ Eva Procopio
to notice that during the candle light, which [made
blackout on Friday the for a nice change of pace. John Colwell
cafeteria operated as if I think that Mercyhurst
nothing was jj wrong? I is lucky |to have such a
think the staff of the devoted| staff that can
cafeteria should be overcomeftsuch| obvious
congratulated on their difficulties.
greatjob? ' J | ' I M '•$*% i \ Name withheld
by Melissa f McMurray
« * »

The new face Jn the hurst, jji 1 4

Mercyhurst Business This term he is teaching
Dean's ListrDinner Department this year is Introduction to Business
John Colwell, previously and | | Principles
retired from a 25-year Insurance. f$
r *
The 4th annual * Dean's It is based on a minimum career in the insurance "Originally from lPitts-
List dinnerfwill be held at of eights courses of which business. v f burgh, Colwell is a
Ramada Inn on Oct. 30 at 7 seven^are to be taken for After retiring he was graduate of {Grove City
p.m.MOne hundred and numerical grade. These looking for some kindfof College.'He is married and
twenty-nine students, or 11 courses must? be taken personal challenge and has a son and two
per cent of the student during the period from became interested in daughters, all graduates
body, with a qualityjpoint summer session to spring Mercyhurst as the result of various; colleges and
average of 3.5 or above for term inclusive. of a conversation with a universities.* |
the 1974 r jj#5 academic- friend. Colwell felt that When | asked about the
year, are invited to attend. The students will fbe with his past experience Mercyhurst campus I at-
The dinner will *be awarded a small volume, he could possibly add mosphere, Colwell
followed by an address by "Shakespeare: His Wit something to the course remarked on |the friend-
Sr. ^Eustace fTaylor, and Wisdom". According curriculum! at |Mercy- liness of everyone. •'
Professor Emeritus of to Dean William | P. | * i f Col well | was looking
Mercyhurst; College and Garvey, "a book is more Mercyhurst's growing forward to having plenty
General Coordinator of the appropriate jas a| symbol business department and of free time to pursue
Sisters of Mercy.4 of intellectual learning." its I particular con- some of his interests, such
The Dean's fList lis The practice of giving a centration in insurance as > golf, fishing! and
computed once a year at book was started last were two factors in traveling, but finds he is
year. Colwell's choice of Mercy- busier than ever .1 John Colwell
the end of the spring term.

Inquiring ^Reporter Asks

rat Mt
Photos by Jim Varhol

•t- •'••• • tk r f f f i"d


w a

f t /*. *w 0 *
mwm m YA -Ar,


t* *^

m -"/.

Kennee Fisher- "I left
campus and went to a movie
James? L p a h a n - because there * was nothing
"Prospective' students else to do. It affected my
Terry Kresinski- David S. Pines- "I had a studying too!"
couldn't get the information
that they needed; I'm on tne should have some good back positive reaction. It received
road all week and Friday was up system for emergencies. the tension of a test day and
supposed to {have been my everyone was in a more
office day." receptive mood.'\%

ujf|H*fSlf. \l£?S[ 'lIlH Ctl I t ' * n lit Ji/;

J(ill J t L

r> -, . « /.

Film F e s t i v a l
When confronted with the and the Jpeople are very is playing at Fairview High
sentence "theatre is dead," I friendly :... everyone is School through the auspices TUESDAY AND
feel my blood curdle. But on welcome. The Mercyhurst of Erie Civic Theatre, t THURSDAY,
second thought, where has Theatrej Art's motto f then Sofyoujcan see that Erie, s
theatre in*Erie gone these seems to be: "We ain't much hometown . USA.4 has an 1.00: NIGHT
days. * baby, but we're all we've abundance of theatre for a VILLAGE CINEMAS
fe In Metro Erie, theatre is got!" | town its size. Erie thrives on
thriving with Erie Civic At Gannon, Camino Real by the performing arts and its •TO

Theatre, The Village Dinner, Tennessee Williams will patrons tflockHo see drama,
Theatre, Gannon Little explode in the quaint Gannon musicals^ and experimental
Theatre. IS the ] Behrend Theatre on October] 24. A productions. Erieites seem to 7*30
Players, Mercyhurst Little different sort? of production know that "art is for man's Sean Casey- character:
Theatre and in Edinboro it's entitled Moonchildren is sake" and theatre like art is 9t30 Medvedenko - "My reason is two-
the Edinboro State College presently being performed at vital, a part of life. For X fold; First I like the script and
Theatre. Theatre in our town Behrend. And Edinboro State without artland theatre, man the people involved and secondly,
then is far from dead. College is pleased to present would be reduced to little V experience ] is the essence of
The Mercyhurst Theatre, the Cave Dwellers for £y our more than cavemen—shallow success in professional theater,
consisting ot a^ handful of enjoyment* Moreover, the and dull! Theatre comes alive Vittorio DeSica's OCT which I hope to work in.'vi v?
majors,* continues its cam- Village Dinner Theatre is on stage, shows us ourselves,
paign to increase its com- performing Anything Goes, a makes us laugh and cry, and
munity importance. For the kicky musical foir the young entertains us. Above all then,
first i time, the maior and young at heart. Music theatre is life. And in Erie, the
production. "Seagull,'* Man, an "ole-time" favorite theatre lives! W f§
opening October 31. will be
free to % all Mercyhurst Chrisiftush..
students. ^
Furthermore, through the
Fundamentals of Acting class
at Mercyhurst. Le -Cabaret
held every Thursday in the
Coffeehouse arc: 30 is now a
marvelous success. Le a t by Mary Sue Sabol
Cabaret is open to air students The hit comedy! magazine tributing writers, Chris Rush, Rush Ms a £ comedian who John * Diagagi- character:
and consists of acting scenes, National Lampoon is widely will be performing. in our measures up admirably,r to Treplev - "I've only worked in
musical presentations, and read throughout thef country Coffeehouse on Tuesday, that standard of honesty. contemporary theater in the past
anything your heart desires. and particularly on this October 28 at 10:00 p.m^for i- Chris Rush can be com-, and Seagull-is my chance to do
The? atmosphere* is relaxing campus.) One the con- one night only. If you've even pared to such well-known Classic Theater. Also *the ex-
glanced at one of the issues of comedians as Cheech | and tensive characterization provides
National iLampoon, you'll Chong,j George Carlin, Bob a wealth of material to work on."
immediately know the calibre Klein Jand Ace| Trucking
500,000 i of humor contained within it Company. He also compares
and his program, j with Carlin and Cheech and
pRush includes in his act Chong by recording an album
Unclaimed * subjects pertinentf to on Atlantic Records. He is
everyday living, but in a definitely on the |:way to

Scholarships different light. At times his national recognition. ,

language can be extremely ul you think youj can ap-
strong, yetf it gets |the preciate Rush's \ candid
Over $33,500,000 unclaimed scholarships, grants, aids, and message across. Rush talks humor, make a point to attend
fellowships ranginggfrom $50|to $10,000. Current list of about sexual taboos, racial his oerformance. Remember
these sources researched and compiled as of Sept. 15, 1975. prejudice and official - Chris Rush in the Coffee-
UNCLAIMED SCHOLARSHIPS! corruption, to name a, few. house at 10:00 p.m., Tuesday,
One critic stated that "Chris October 28. • Maryann Rozas- character:
11275 Massachusetts Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025
Nina- "I'm very interested gin
• I am enclosing $9.95 plus $1.00 for postage and handling. theater and Seagull is* a good
Auditions for the Mercyhurst Little Theatre musical experience. So. I auditioned and I
1776 will be held in the Zurn Recital Hall, Sunday, October got the part.

I 27 at 7:00 p.m.,\and on Tuesday, October 28 in the Little

UNCLAIMED SCHOLARSHIPS SOURCES TO: I Theatre from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Persons interestedfin trying
out should come prepared to sing a song of their choice.
The students fwho are
I Auditioners will also be permitted to present an additional
currently involved^ in the
Name I five minute audition piece. Roles to be filled include two
upcoming play ''Seagull"
I accomplished female singers and 25 male roles, six of
joined the cast for a variety of
reasons, the main being in?
I whom must also be accomplished singers. For further terest The consensus of the
City. State_ Zip information regarding auditions, contact Dr. Gary Smith cast members is that the
(California residents please add 6% sales tax.) at Ext. 271. Production dates for 1776 are January 29-31, script and challenge iof
r February 5-7. "Seagull" j are what
L stimulated their interest.*

JOYCE RALPH SAILON The English Clinic will be offering a series of Informative mini-classes on
grammar and writing every Wednesday. V
The first topics to be discussed on October 29 are subject-verb agreement
and punctuation usage. Tentative times are from l p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 2
p.m. to 3p.m. respectively. - • wi ^
-- 28th & PENN AYE. -- All sstudents are welcome to attend. t
Contact Betty the English Clinic, 308 Main, for details

Enter Fall with our new CURLY PERM

I "THE EVE" by Bonat - . .If you were at thetown meeting Monday night, then you know
the great response by students who were concerned about their
$ housing rights. Well, education students have rights, too! More
15.00 complete -- •'
specifically, you have a right to your grade, which at this point is
being threatened. Too many good grades they say! Are you ready
to stand up and defend these good grades? Think about ail the
GUY'S and GAL'S HAIRSTYLING -- hours put into articles, papers, and practicum. Are you going to
let these hours of effort be put aside and receive a lower grade,
because of a system of percentages? Well, if you're ready to
open Tues., Thurs., Fri., and Sat., 9-5 defend yourself and the education department, be at the PSEA
meeting and be prepared'to discuss this subject with someone
who intends to listen.sNamely: Dean Garvey. This is your right,
so exercise it!! * ,
PHONE 456-1410 FOR APPOINTMENT The meeting is Monday, October 27 at 6:30 p.m.tin the Zurn
Recital Hall, Dean Garvey will be there. WILL YOU?!?
OCTOBER 24, 1975

Women's Intramural's?
by leni Fiumara
Do women at Mercyhurst men on this campus.
have any interest in the Keep your eyes open for
present intramural program new activities which will be
provided by the College? put in the paper and also be
This seems to be the posted on Miss Price's door,
question asked by Miss Price, 219 Preston, and - sign up!!
Athletic Director of Women's
Sports at Mercyhurst.
•i The problem is simple,
women on campus have not
shown interest in the current
intramural program. For
example, intramural tennis
and golf have been advertised
in the paper and no one signed
up for either of these sports.
| Students • on campus are
constant complainers that the
College offers nothing in
terms of activities. This is not
true. Women's intra murals
have tried to get underway •
but how can they if the women
won't sign up for them.-;
•| This used to be an all-girl
school, but now it seems mat
it's all men's competition.
Tom Olsen of Pitts ton. Pa., decided that the only way to win a race was to make waves. Unfor- Granted Women Sports-has a
tunately Tom's waves weren't big enough, Mercyhurst lost in the Governor's Cup Regatta but at least limited budget, but that is due
Tom didn't have to shower when we was finished. Tom is currently a sophomore at Mercyhurst to the fact not enough sports
College. ; are offered for women, and
the ones that are are never
taken advantage of.
Another factor may be
time; not enough of it. Too
much school |work, a lot of
studying, no leisure time.
by Ed Swearingen That's understandable. It's
just too bad that .people
It would be obvious to most college ibecame co- combine green*, and jblue to couldn't find the time for
everybody watching our educational.! % create the color of sea water - athletics. | t ^
Lakers battle their way In 1969. the Mercyhurst a color design for new basket- There are people with a
through a baseball game, that Athletic Committee initiated ball ? uniforms. When 'the little understanding of the
tile Mercyhurst colors are plans *for an intercollegiate uniforms wererreturned from games and could really * help
white, green and blue. sports program concurrent the tailor, the, colors were1 out the teams a great deal. If
However, many people in our with co-educational struc- distinctly ^white. green and only these girls could find the
college J community, accept- turing. blue. • 1 ' ^ time and maybe arouse the
only the white and green, not The clipper ship, afloat on a mterestToiJthe rest of their
being sure where the blue Mr. (Richard Fox later body of royal blue water and peers, possibly Women's
came from. joined the college staff as the appropriate i name Intra murals wouldn't always
The addition of royal blue to director of athletics and "Laker", was characterized have to "be cancelled.3 We
the original white and^green further implemented f'the to further symbolize Mercy- could also add other sports to
wasn't just somebody's whim sports program. Mri Fox and hurst's Department off Inter- the schedule and have J some
but was included when this his department wanted fid collegiate Athletics. - ^ S s S l extra competition against the

by-.i Rich Praca f «! >

Mercyhurst vs. Morris Harvey

1. Jack Beck f # $*
2. Michael Jones^ •'•• ; i |t
3. JoeDolan I* f f ||
4. Mark Ruttenberg ^ | ?,
5. Greg VanBramer
6. Kim Keith 4 ' I f p
7. Lamont Prince y '*$$•
8. Ed Inscho
Coxswain: Frank Sands t.p
•, 1 1. Morris Harvey 4:10.11 *
* 2. Mercyhurst 4:14.6 |K}|
1. Karen Shumac • *£• •> Photo by Nancy Willis
2. Kris Doran I ^
3. Mary Claire Redden ^y[ The Mercyhurst I Soccer end by Pat Condrin. • In Monday's game of the
4. D.J. | Club chalked upj their first Craig Kern was in goal for 20th, [Mercyhurst lost to
5. Katie McCaffery - ^ J victory of the season with an 8 Mercyhurst and did a superb Edinboro by the score of 6 -1.
6. Linda McGinley i fh - 0 win over Cathedral Prep on job as far as goal tending Scoring Mercyhurst's only
7. Rosemary Buseck %• IllEjilSl Tuesday \ October 21.1 The goes. Although the game was goal was Jose Moguel. This is
8.SueViner j m % sc ori ng went as follows: Jose merely a scrimmage at least impressing considering that
Coxswain: Joanie Stevenson > _ „ # Moguel scored first followed it's nice to know that Mercy-
I l. Mercyhurst4:30.0 hurst can score goals. As of Mercyhurst scored^ on^ a
2. Morris Harvey 4:42.5 f by Jim Culhane, BUI Orioff now the Mercyhurst! Soccer varsity Soccer^Club. Yes, it
and Bob Curtis.. Jose then Club is l - 4 and the newly certainly appears that the
scored three 5 more goals formed club is coming around Mercyhurst Soccer Club is
followed by? a; goal-near the slowly. | ^ ^ B H B fKJjUUH finally coming around.

lHarathon ( 915 n. 2MHm
Seventy-seven days 'til
PHONE 454-9270 3619McClelland Ave
the CEC Dance Marathon.
Thirty-six' people already HOME COOKED MEALS SERVED DAILY • and 3Hth St.
signed up to dance. Get | A i l LEGAL BEVERAGES -
busy - Sign up! Phone UU9-02mi

by Chris Van Wagenen J J

The Mercyhurst baseball their pitches but Williams eight KBl's. .
team recently concluded t heir stressed that the weather Though the Lakers did get
fall season on October 14 with conditions made the; dif- off to a a rather slow start
two victories over St. ference in his performance. * they did manage to come on
Bona venture by scores of 4*2 All in all it was a field day strong in the end. Sold fresh*
and 2-0. The double sweep for the Lakers who scattered man 1
pitcher Ray Olszewski
enabled the Laker Club to 14 hits on the day. The Lakers •Come spring I feel we have a
post their winningest record also managed to have their definite c hanoo in getting to
evertiwith a 10*4 record. best fall season ever. the play-offs'^ With the fall
...Congratulations to the Mercy hurst women's varsity In the opener the Lakers Sophomore Randy Cooney led season over the Lakers have
crew team who handled the Morris Harvey girls by about were trailing 3*2 going into the the club with IS hits while Dan let one thing be known to all:
two lengths. I encourage these girls to continue their last inning. With the bases Sienicki* led the Lakers with they can hit and they can win, j
growing interest in this sport4I'll take pride in the per- loaded in the bottom of the
formance of these girls when the spring season begins. They seventh Curt Brooks walked Rose Ann Bauer
have proved that they are true competitors and that they to tie die score. Terry Kelly
should be a hard team to beat in 1976. Girls keep the good then hit a sacrifice fly to
work up and remember you have my full support when the center field which drove in the
spring season begins. 'i £ j winning run, Ray Olszewski
$ ...Congratulations Laker baseball team on a fine finish to was the winner and ended the
a great fall season. On behalf of my sports staff I apolozige season with a 2-1 record.
Personality ^Profile
for my earlier comments on the Laker hitting. You can hit I Joe Williams pitched the by: Terri Fiumara
Lakers, and this reassures me, and certainly others that the nightcap throwing % two
Lakers can hit I wish you all the best when spring season hitter and striking our 12. Rose Ann Bauer is a
comes around. Also a special thanks to the pitching staff 85 Laker runs came in the first graduate of Deer Lakes High
but then I had little doubt about all of your talent. • .. , with an KBl single by Randy School*in Pittsburgh Penn-
...Finally. I ask Coach Joe Cook to bear with my remarks Cooney|who inciaenuy went 4 sylvania. She participated in
about^his team. They're a'great bunch of guys and I don't for 7 on t he day and in thecheerleading for her four &£&&-.

mean to put them down, but I call them asl see them. sixth inning as Dan Sienicki ars in high school.
1 *
%..By the way, going into their final game, Relatively High doubled. ^ As a freshman at Mercy-
is 6-0.1 think it's safe to say now that the j'High'Nnre this Olsaewskhand i Williams hurst she was captain of the
year's Intramural Football champs. y both had good control of all Mercyhurst 'cheerleading
squad and became interested
in tennis. During flntersession
of her freshman year she
started learning the basics of
the tennis game. By the end of
Spring term she was playing K

on the team. \ fe
by: Joe "Snides" Snyder £ During her sophomore year
The MTL playoffs start this opposing team tried out their investigated by the MFL shelbecame co-captain of the
Saturday with the Relatively plan, and'it worked. As Chas commissioner i for; violating Women's Tennis Team, and
High reigning as regulars was oh the verge of scoring on recruiting violations.,.The played both Pall and Spring
season champions. They & bootleg rug, a few pretty commissioner is looking at seasons. 7 T
clinched the title by defeating girls stepped out on the five allegations that one of their Rose Ann prefers playing
the runner up, Kringo Kids, yard* line. Chas fell forjjjthe star player's high school tingles matches rather than
two weeks ago by a single trap, catching them in thetranscripts was altered and doubles* She enjoys working
touchdown. Kringo Kids corner of his eye* abruptly that they have Riven him out her own strategy over her
quarterback Glenn "Errol stopped to tip his hat and say, special /privileges. These j
opponent for a win. She does
Flynn" Carusp holds no "Good afternoon ladies", privileges, supposedly are play doubles matches ac- Photo by Nancy Willli
grudgelagainst the High. He while the opposing^team easy access to law en- cording j to the line-ups, but overlapping one another, i
said this as he posted the rent grabbed his flag. forcement term papers, free would prefer getting together think we lack the respect
increase notices on the Sesler The Stoned Rangers, beer at Rick and Barry's, free with her teammate before (from the students as well as
Apartment | doors fof Chip- though still losing, have Mr.JBoftee Ice Cream for life, starting the matches. i the administrators) which
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.unique and inventive plays confusion over the meaning of Kent "Hones" Koch player for the women on this campus Rose Ann is presently a
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teams. Relatively High have It was finally explained to High has a solution for the believe there are more girls women's Varsity jjTennii.
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passing situations. The center possession of balltmeant they cafeteria will donate etrands tennis game, who are notmem heftof the team. She has
hikes the ball to Chipmunk had five, chances to score a of spaghetti as to substitute presently participating, who a major in Business with a
Downey who in turn jumps touchdown, not that they had for the belt, 'and pieces of could help us a great deal. minor In; Textiles and
into Bruce Fenstermacher's to take S dowas* each time fatback to replace the flags. Apparently *t his> is partially Clothing. Rose Ann is thinking
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arm and releases Chipmunk ball. * I stop lambasting the cafeteria been able to encourage their and somehow combining her
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does a one and a half back* again, this time they're being something. funds in our budget greatly, can work with both when she
wardflipbefore he gracefully and {with these factors has completed her schooling.
lands in the end zone. §
The Ticklers' big play is to
give the ball to Henry Ward
who starts to foam at *:he |
mouth. Henry tucks the ball j
under his arm and runs mv|
touched up' the middle. FOOTBALL STANDINGS 4th & SASSAFRAS ST.
Opposing Splayers are afraid
to tackle him for fear of w L T IVE MUSIC
catching rabies. 8
Relatively High
The Family used the "Slow Kringo's kids ; 5
0 every Wednesday,
Motion"* plav. Pat Condrin Ten Rats I 4 P 0
would hand the ball off to Ron Soul on Ice 4 13 0 Friday and Saturday
*Bulk" Smallsteg. Ron is Ticklers y 2 4 0
then off with a burst of speed Mother Truckers
com pared to that of a snail. The Stoned Rangers
The trick to this play is that The Family
Ron's so slow, the opposing
players think he's standing
1 *6 0 incoin"
still and run right by him. HEX T Wf: I<;*
This play never resulted in a r
touchdown as Ron would tire
out after ten yards. gj ifllllllllflllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllfllllllllllllllllj
The Rats' favorite play is a
team effort. All the players, = iSPECMAMJS
two hours prior to the game, Monday* after H
stock up on eggs, beans and 9
beer in an all out effort to Tim rsday vntter
blow the opposing team off
the field. This is an obvious
ripoff of the imfamous World £ Specialising In I t a l i a n Foods Tuesdaw
War I poison gas attack,
One team has finally found 1
§ \MW9E NMiU'l T

262 W. 8th Phone 454-9403

a way to stop Charley October S£U Halloween Special
"Chas" Jones of Soul on Ice. | B a n q u e t j R o o m Wow O p e n 5
It's been said to stop the Ice, "The Incredible Shrinking Man"
vou have to stop Chas, The niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin