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The Voice of fh$ Mefefha^tCommaniff

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DECEMBER 12, 1975 * •

Bad Company The F

The Mouhedin! Ballet outside male dancers. over the jobs of technical
Company will start officially ^One of the tasks delineated direction, business
in the Fall of 1976, as a touring by Mr. Mouhedin is to go to management and? public
ballet company, one of whose large cities like * Pittsburgh relations.
functions! is to promote and New York, to* hold Even though the company
Mercyhurst College. auditions. Senior high school won't officially start until
" Ismet Mouhedin will be the students would audition to be next fall, Mr. Mouhedin is
director of the company. The accepted at Mercyhurst planning to go on tour during
Mercyhurst Dance Depart- College and its J dance this spring term. Included in
ment will be the.main source department,} to get a dance the weekend itinerary are
for| performers, i Ap- scholarship,* and to be ac- Buffalo, Cleveland, * Oil City
proximately Uen qualified cepted in the company itself. | and Meadville. ?
students selected by the Mr.f Mouhedin is setting
dance faculty will perform high |i goals for his ballet ^Presently, Mr. Mouhedin is
under an^ apprentice's con- company.' He jj hopes that] it trying to create a Board of
tract. & w> will be the first i college- Directors, while? Betty
The budget permitting, Mr. affiliated touring ballet Gartner, director of the
Mouhedin hopes *to hire company to travel to Europe. English Clinic at Mercyhurst
professional dancers "for the Mr. Mouhedin-will be the College, lis hoping to form
company. The ^professionals company's director but once supportive organizations, a
will oe qualified Mercyhurst^ the company gets its hold, Women's Auxiliary '• and a
graduates and perhaps graduate students will take student organization.
New Merciad Advisor Takes Reins

New iMerciad Advisor Takes Reins ___.._,.

Ismet Mouhedin
MI in u m

Photo by Nancy Willis

by Holly Chiappazzi Merciad Staff Reporter
William Shelley,* Assistant times Sports*- Writer of the relating to the future of The
in Special; Programs at Year ,t reigning from 1972-74, Merciad, | Mr. Shelley en-
Mercyhurst College, is the and jhas also? received thusiastically replied, "The
new advisor of The Merciad. broadcasting awards. newspaper has been showing
Senior Class Given
He succeeds Andrew Roth a consistent improvement ana
who* has takenjj a new
assignment as Director of the
Business Communication
When asked about his views naturally it is our aim to keep
it up. I believe in a high level
of consistency?'^ Regard-
Christmas Dinner
Once again, Mercyhurst Special; guests of the
Skills' Institute. In addition, ing his philosophy con- College will relive tradition Bicentennial Class will •'in-
Roth j has numerous cerning news writing, Mr. by i- hosting ja Christmas clude jDr.? and Mrs. Marion
professional obligations, such Shelley retorted, ,, "Keep it Dinner for the Senior Class. Shane, Dr. William Garvey,
as ^Diredtor of Mhe Com- bright anc^lght! ;He feels The event will be held for the Mr. Robert Prather, and the
munications Program and TV that the communications Bicentennial Class on Friday, chairpersons of the academic
host for "High Q." 1 4 | * t world is a rapidly advancing Dec. 12, in the Dining Hall. divisions.
While Rothl was coor- territory -and, it?is thefkey to Saga foods will cater the
dinating one. of many special future progression. 5 I event and a number?of un- Paulf Toraldo, Renate
programs under the super- I Both i Andy I Roth and derclassmen will * serve the Ferro, and Sally Schismenos,
vision of Thomas Monaghan, William Shelley can be noted seniors. Senior members of chairpersons of fthe Senior
William Shelley emerged. for ;'their initiative and the music department will Committee, request that if
In keeping with the Mercy- willingness to contribute their entertain. A cocktail hour will there *are any seniors that
hurst motto, fthe ^college tightly budgeted time.&to precede the dinner and The have not received tickets but
"seized the opportunity'J to improve the | Mercy hurst Spartan Inn will host a party are planning to attend, they
engage someone with an Andrew Roth* image.* Good luck to both of immediately % following the should contact them* im-
extensive background in Photo by Nancy Willis these men. i\*m& -*8* \ events oh campus. f mediately. £
journalism as The Merciad itvij. • _L* V

adviso~ j simultaneously
freeing Roth to devote more
of his time and talent to the
institutionally ! advantageous
Association Reinstated
by Darlene Keith Merciad Staff Reporter
.....„~,- w
Formerly from Warren, Sr. Carolyn Herrmann, them if they would like|to
Pa., Shelley holds a B.A. in recently named Director of form a Parents Association^
Communications from the Development,j; has begun: to Twenty-nine responses came
University of^Mississippi and organize at* Parents back and 15 said that they
is currently pursuing a Association consisting ofcthe were willing to start one}
Master's degree at Allegheny parents of present students Saturday, December 6, .a
College. is a and alumni of the college. * 5* luncheon and* meeting was
Shelley'sjexpansive career There was a Parents conducted Sn the Heritage
in communications includes Association before in 1968 and Room. The parents who were
such professional experiences it pasted for four and a half willing to come and join at-
as: sportscaster for WWGO, years, then it slowly faded tended. Two sets of parents
WWYN radio stations, and away because of the various were named as chair couples.
WSEE TV. He was also a changes in off ices and officers These people \were- Mr. and
sports writer jffor of the college. '• Mrs. Steinhouser and Mr. and
Philadelpnia, Meadville and Earlier this fall, Sr. Mrs. Crowley^ 1? £
Erie newspapers. ?\ Carolyn sent letters to the Sr. Carolyn, who led the
Shelley was named three parents of students asking meeting* talked about the

St. Carolyn Herrmann, Director of Development, chairs meeting

purposes of thei association. of newly formed Parents Association. *.
The main objectives con- v, . Photo by Robert Ronksley * »

cerned with were fthe public

relatidASS, j6t> placfeiftehtfe,
recruitments, * and fund Some parents belonging to have an i entire ^weekend
raising aspects of the college. the association "might know devoted to the parents to let *-

The public relations view is people who are willing to them observe the school'and
designed so that parents in the donate money to the college the curriculum. ; ' *
association can get* to know but haven't really thought Although $the Parents
the college and inform other about it. This would enable Association has been dead for
people about it. -- the school to know who these three years, Sr. Carolyn is
Also, members of the people are and contact them. now trying to build a newer,
association js* might be Other outlooks for the hopefully more successful
acquainted with fvarious parents would be to better association than in past years.
people who have connections acquaint incoming students For the students and all who
with prospective employers ana their? parents to the are connected with the school,
of the students. j college #and perhaps even we hope it will work. { J
CEC Ponce Marathon

Important Message: Come people. Our Christmas only
one, come all to the Dance fasts one {day so let's help
Marathon on January 9,10,11 their Christmas continue
in the Student Union here at through the year. ' '
i\ I On Monday, December
Mercyhurst College.
jWsSSTO Rumor has it that *the 15th, booths will* be set up
C.E.C. dance marathon is around the campus. At this
going to be a smashing suc- time we will be seeking
cess! We're counting on you, dancers, and accepting
the Mercyhurst Community sponsors and pledges. Please
to change this rumor into a show your concern, and help
fact. The members of "the in any way possible. There
by Andrea Kupetz Council for Exceptional will be pledges boxes set up

Children have been working around the school for

Brian L'Huillier, Maripat on this project since early donations. Save your pennies,
Rafferty, and * Robert October. But the time has and give for the children!
Ronksley Jr. appear in Now I come where they no longer Thank you, and please help
Know My Life Has Meaning, a can continue this project us make the future brighter
play by Andrea| Kupetz, without the aid and support of for 'Exceptional people
theater maibr. *• t - f i the student < body, ad- everywhere by supporting
The play opens on ministration and faculty of our Dance Marathon.
December 14 and runs our college. k Best wishes i for a very
through December 17. Per- Thanks to;the help of Bea Merry Christmas and a New
formances are at 8:30 p.m. in Canfield, we were able to Year filled with happiness are
the Student Union Coffee inform the,; Erie Community sent to you from C.E.C.
House. Admission is free. »r; of our project. And, an extra
"Now I Know My Life Has thank-you to i Sally
Meaning" involves a young Schismenos, Joe Dolan, Anne
20-year-old girl named Jody, Clark, Frank McMahon, Ellen
her dominating ' mother Minns and Bob Dubik for
named Rachel, an interfering showing their enthusiasm,
boy friend <known as Patrick, and giving of their time to
and a gigolo named Jason., represent Mercyhurst
Call the play a romantic College's Chapter of the
comedy since the plot un- Council for Exceptional
winds as Jody and Patrick Children. Their- efforts in
grow into love. Call it drama promoting the. marathon
The cast rehearses for the play to open December 14. 'since Jody is desperately through appearing on this TV
seeking independence»from talk show are greatly ap-
her uptown home and 'her preciated! .
ennedy mother. I
The cast includes Maripat
With the coming of
Christmas also comes a time
Rafferty as Jody, Delia of giving, but moreover a
angaroo Mirarcchi as Rachel, Brian
L'Huillier as Patrick, Robert
time of caring. So much has
been accomplished in the past
Ronksley sJr. as Jason and to help these special people,
idnapped Melinda Mickler as Mrs. but there is much more yet to
be accomplished and we're
Mason, the? charming land-
At precisely 12:32 p.m. Tuesday, December 9 in the most lady, n calling ton you to help these Dance for an exceptional cause.
daring daylight Kidnapping case since the Patty Hearst <

affair, E. William Kennedy's Kangaroo was snatched from Intramural Football

his office. ?
Information provided by the authors of this news bulletin
details that the culprits secretly slipped up the back stairs,

Your Own Risk

usually guarded by Sr. Phillis, entered the unlocked office of
the Director of Student Affairs and carried off the gagged
and struggling marsupial to a nearby waiting van.
The caper appears to be the work of the newly formed
K.L.A. (Kangaroo Liberation Army) a branch of the S.L.A.
whose last crime was the foiled Elby's Big Boy case. * by | Carol Gregory
A ransom note in a childish scrawl attached to a miniature
Kangaroo and left on Mr. Kennedy's desk said: i i |g 2 Anyone up for a ; broken personal insurance policy. intramural jj football players,
Your Kangaroo has been kidnapped. She will not be f nose? How about insurance? Many injuries occurred this many thought the teams
harmed if you do what we say. You will be notified as The latter 1 seems to be a fall in j intramural football. played too rough this year
to the steps you must take for her return. frequently posed issue on the There were some mteorSn- displaying "dirty" tactics
-T-.--C * /


_ » _ _ _ Mercyhurst campus. | 3? m juries but many were senous which is the main reason for
Santa Klaus j & SElF^i g The issue seems j; to be requiring operations and the number iof injuries that
Wt (Kangaroo Liberation Army) revealed now because of the hospitalization. One [team did occur. One player
Mr. Kennedy has not decided whether to turn the case recent M e r c y h u r s t member * sprained his remarked, "It got to the point
Over to the F.B.I., the C.I.A., or the L.S.D. (Local Security Intramural Football League shoulder during a game and a where it wasn't fun to day, it
Department).^. ?J * £v . season held on campus and few weeks later broke his was more like a self-defense
"The kangaroo is of inestimable value", says Mr .^Ken- the injuries J occurring from nose in another. $ test and your were considered
nedy, "because of) sentimental reasons." Others have them. * ^| ' Students, participate at lucky to walk away from a
suggested that the seriousness of the loss comes from the What is the ^insurance their own risk and if someone game." i |
{act that the kangaroo is the brains behind the whole Student program at Mercyhurst and is injured the school Js liable Some players felt that the
Affairs office. * £•» how do we obtain it? In a only if the student is under the referees should have; had
i In spite of appearances, Mr. Kennedy is adamant that the recent interview with VMr. school's insurance program. more control over the games
kangaroo is not pregnant. (Investigators seem highly in- Louis Necci, Director of Students should be aware of and team members that tried
terested in this aspect of the case.) % > Operations at the 'Hurst, the this fact before the season to show "pro" tactics in flag
Information leading ^to the recovery of the Kennedy school's insurance program begins' so they know the football should be thrown out
Kangaroo will be highly rewarded.; | :
was explained. K § J consequences in case there is of the game. If the team was
3j* Our inter-collegiate sportsan injury. | o i- | ? persistent in such actions
WOMEN'S VARSITY TENNIS TEAM are baseball, ^basketball, The M ercyhurst From their teams members
The indoor tennis courts will be reserved for the Women's crew, tennis, '& and ^ golf. Intramural Football League they;* should be dismissed
Varsity Tennis Team for practice from 8-10 p.m. on Sunday and 6- Through the school program, teams this year were Stoned from i the j Mercyhurst
8 p.m. on Tuesday for the rest of the year."- $ the teams are covered by Rangers, The Family, Mother Intramural ^Football League
Any other girl Interested in playing for the team In the fall of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Truckers, Soul On Ice, and perhaps join the National
1975-76 Is welcome to attend these practices. 1 during their active seasons. Relatively High, Ten Rats, or American Football League
Any injuries that may occur French Ticklers and Kringo or start their own.
to any participant in sports Kids. The Ten Rats suffered
during practice or the games the most team injuries during
is paid for by* the school. the season. These injuries STUDENT
Rick And Barry's However, the team members ranged from black eves,
are not covered for injuries broken Angers to major knee , COURSE
Lunches Paily 11 outside of the team's season. £ operations. ? x EVALUATION
MercyhursU students may In the. interview with Mr. The Student Course
Mm purchase Blue Cross and Blue Necci the question was posed Evaluation committee will
38th and Shield insurance through the whether the i school should have! a meeting on Wed-
r. # • —_•_
school for $64.00 which covers purchase some type of nesday, December 17, at 3:30
the student^ for the school football equipment for the in 213 . Zurn. X tentative
Pine WW

year. For a| student to pur- team members since so many questionnaire and the
t f M M

chase this type of insurance injuries occurred this fall. He organisation of the editorial
Phone board will be discussed. For
To Take Out individually, the eost is felt that since flag football is additional ^information to
$180.00. y supposedly being played, apply for positions on the
866-2687 The. "school's insurance equipment should not have to staff, please contact
program is optional .because be purchased. Rosemary Durkin at 864-
students may have their own In interviewing some of the 9171. *



Program Informs Black Students tmZLZ itoiifrifr IVI irriri^iiflfttfiii;. . :

/Moore by Darlene
Prez } Photo by: Jim
The 101 program is a Each of the area colleges Mercyhurst.
project designed by some of have representatives. The Tyrone Moore, appointed as
the area colleges. These representatives consist of two the assistant director of, the
colleges sawithe need,of in- students i and t one# ad- program, said that it*was
forming black students of ministrator from each aimed also at achieving
their cultural and social college. These people meet on racial harmony. Mr. Moore is
issues.*' J *& '* a regular basis and? -report qualified for this position,
•This program $k gives their progress. | | starting his college education
students ideas and ways of I* The area colleges actively at Gannon! and then trans-
meeting the raciali problem involved in the 101 program ferred to Edinboro' State.
head on and finding the an- are: . Gannon, Behrend, There he received his
swers to reach unity. 1 ? ",is Edinboro,^Allegheny and bachelors of science degree in
secondary'^education and Tyrone Moore
II II social sciences. • * Pf^ f
Sunseed Coming Now attending graduate
school at Edinboro State, he is
one course shy of his master
Erie| Yoga Society is further what you already offl art degree. Upon
secondary education.
Mr. Moore taught in Erie
for three years. For two years
guidance, counselor for the
Public Incentive Program.
The administrators, the
a very he was the guidance coun- students and Mr. Moore have
a lovely, spiritual know come to see graduation; in May 1976, he selor at Gannon College, then high hopes-for this new
ipovte SUNSEED" to Erie special movie. will receive his masters in for one year he was the program.
on December' 14, 1975 at St.
Patrick's Cauley Auditorium,
217 East 4th street. There will
be three showings of SUN-
SEED, at 2:00,7:00 and 9:00
p.m. The charge will be $2.00
per person;'tickets may be
purchased at the door. The bv Mary Sue Sabol
? ilm can serve as -an in-
troduction *to what is hap-
fTuesday, Oct. 28, proved
tof be quite an interesting
The turn-out for the show
was fantastic and the crowd
program At tLarge. This
program is a favorite among
pening with the young people evening in the Coffee House was quite appreciative. The many; thanks to WCCK, Rush
in the United States right now. for those who came to hear word traveled t, fast about received an added measure of
Yoga and si the spiritual the candid] humor of Chris Chris Rush's ^appearance. publicity, not to mention
teachings of the gurus and Rush. A one-man comedy act, WCCKjonefof the local FM Mercyhurst College.
yogis are one of the prime Rush presented a very | in- radio ftstations, interviewed Chris Rush's humor went
areas of spirituality in our formal show whichtkept the Rush prior to show-time and over well on our campus;
country now. So if you want to audience laughing continually it was aired twice on Sunday, hopefully, SAC will be able to
learn about something new or Voga comes to being in Erie. for one hour straight. November 2, during the bring him back in the future.
Special Education Financial Aid l

Field \
rienee Challenging
by Nary Rita Horvafh
In browsing over the courses and have gained and then are off Ho the lec-
catalog fen* intersession, you employment in the city during tures from the school staff
may have noticed a course the day and return to the and visiting personriel.f^P^P
called {'Field Experience for school at night. ^ &
the- Mentally J Retarded." Seven of the Hurst's Special They are booked i into
Your reaction probably was, Education students: Sharon classroom observations and ]The financial aid packets for the academic year 1976-77
"Where did they go?" * CullatonJ Rosalie Coletta, are out on the playground for are now available in the Financial Aid Office. z
Where they are is Ridgely, Mary Rita Horvath, Karen after class activities. They Included in the packets are:
Maryland at the Benedictine Laubner, Phyllis Peiffer, Sue are with the kids in the dorms —The Parents* Confidential Statement (PCS) or the
School for exceptional Sontag, and Kathy | Souers again to help put them to bed. Student's Financial Statement (SFS). Both of these should
children, a private facility for along with their, instructor, be mailed by March 1,1976. They take approximately four
the mentally retarded. The Sisten | Kathleen Cribbens, Professional reading is to six weeks to process, t , , ' 1> \
school has classrooms and OSB, are currently involved built into the schedule as are —The financial aid application for Mercyhurst College
dormitories for children from in the experience. some interesting side trips to asking for general financial information.' This applications
6-16 years, a Habilitation I A typical day finds the girls state institutions for the care should be completed as soon as possible, f M f> 8R lj
Center for clients from 16-30 rising at 6:00 to go4o the of the retarded, to Rehobath The Pennsylvania ..Higher.Education Assistance Agency
years where job skills are children's dorms, where they Beach on the Atlantic shore (PHEAA) renewal applications will be sent to the student's I
taught; and a Half-Way help them with showering, and to Annapolis. home. Applications tor students who never received a
House for girls who have dressing, and dorm chores, PHEAA grant will be available in the Financial Aid Office in
graduated from the job skills They breakfast with the kids If *the schedule sounds January. Deadline for the PHEAA applications,is May 1,
exhausting,j it jis!' But it is 1976. t \ i i i i I
three weeks of challenge and Students will be able to obtain Basic Education Oppor-
pleasure. Ask anyone who's tunity Grant (BEOG) forms in January also. Deadline for
been there! Mv «L i& submission of these forms has not yet been established. •*
Try itiyou'llpke it !^ It's a
ERIE BOOK STORE must offering i for : new
Intersession. p >,
717 French Street fflRmSMBSmmffiSm $GrMsi&£fi£9i?

PHONE 452-3354 Hector's

The House Of
Attention all E.C.'s. The English Clinic Is open during Inter
session in 308 Main. \ Italian Foods
Monday and Tuesday—8:45-12:00 and 1:00 - 3:30 f \ Where %
Wednesday—9:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00
Thursday, Friday-*:30 -12:00 and 1:00 - 3:30 Sportsmen meet
Other hours by appointment.
f ! Sewing f t .

802 W. 18th
Phone 454-9130

I'M t>u±
•*rt-\ CM
-filled <A|a( W*,. AAU€

Guest Editorial

College Goals Examined

by D m BlandifMd And Paul Mowlz
The MercyhursK College of 1975, fast approaching sense of identity, direction, and purpose" for Mercy- f
its golden anniversary, should be as clear and precise hurst. v * 4 ' i , s S
about its educational assumptions, values'and ob- Obviously the task of precisely formulating ob-
jectives as it was ini1926. Social critics such;as jectives! is not finished. Nor can we expect the
Reinhold Niebuhr claim that as an institution grows it Blueprint Task Force to do the task on its own. Input
forsakes its founding ideals for an all pervasive self is needed from the entire college^ To add*a small
interest. If Mercyhurst is subject to this process, and dimension to the task we would like to suggest using
few institutions are not, then the college must both the Merciad as a forum. In future articles we hope to
analyze what assumptions, values and objectives it raise some'of the value questions about Merchurst
now acts upon and decide which it wants to act upon that are brought out in the earlier studies, especially
in the future. * \ ^$ I | | f; f -« in the faculty policies opinionaire. It may seem those
This call \ for self examination is not a J new reports are hopelessly out of date, rendered useless
challenge. Over the past two academic years four by the degree of turnover of students and faculty. But
attempts have been made to examine the basic ob- on the other hand the faculty turnover may add some
jectives of Mercyhurst. The first effort was the 1974 significance to the Middle States comment that our
doctoral dissertation of Father Charles Roland, goals statement is imprecise and timid. Please help
which compared the objectives of the three private us look at these questions in future Merciad issues.
colleges in Erie. The second and third efforts were
internal studies which included a faculty opinionaire
undertaken by an^adthoc committee of the 1973-74
faculty policies committee and a survey of student
opinions conducted by a committee preparing for the
Middle States self study. The work of these three
projects was then studied {by > the college's Middle To The Editor: J
States goals committee and a final statement on Is intersession worth it? This is the question I ask On the other hand courses like Survival in
goals and objectives was put in the Mercyhurst myself | every* year upon entering the: registrar's Marriage or Elements of Finance seem to be very
report to Middle States. This report was seen by the office. And every year I; walk away mumbling to beneficial in preparing the student for what lies
college as the best? possible statement of the in- myself, "Well maybe next year." 3 | I i ahead of graduation. ._ | • ' j " |
stitution's goals and objectives! How good a job did Ihtersession in its beginning stages offered many It is my opinion that when a student comes to a
the college do? | f ^ opportunities for the students to concentrate in one school of higher education he expects to be taking
r The response of the Middle States committee to the specific areailt gave students the chance to travel, well established courses of relevantj importance to
college is very informative. It announced that long- suggest their own course or choose from a large well his graduating requirements. i <
range planning is Mercyhurst's "most urgent unfilled rounded selction of courses. $ ? *P Most of the courses offered during Intersession as I
need," and that the absolutely necessary first step in As it stands now Intersession is nothing more than a see it, don't fill anything more that a fifteen day span
doing such planning here is "a new, clear, and sup- glorified playground completewith beer kegs, rabble of > time f and always to empty somebody's
ported statement of goals." The report said that the rousing,. fun and a little studying in between. W- pocket. The only way to make such useless courses
statement of goals in the college's self study was I have noticed the general* apathetic listless at- worth taking would be to charge less for the courses.
'incomplete, not fully candid, timid and imprecise.'' titudes of the students attending Mercyhurst College Two hundred and twenty dollars is a lot of money to
Later, the Middle States Association announced that this term.fLooking at the course offerings I can see blow on a fifteen day course. *
\m had decided to reaffirm Mercyhurst's ac- why. |\Vhat does Women's Sports or Food and Will Intersession improve? Maybe, maybe not. It is
creditation, but asked that the college ^provide a Beverage Appreciation have to do with preparing us up to the students to {petition for better course
written report b£ April 1,1978, on "two Major topics: for the big bad world ahead of us? I find such courses selections or to do away with Intersession altogether.,
(Da careful delineation of Mercyhurst's mission and a waste of time and money. *r *, Dave Wallin tT i
objectives with evidenced that the several cohr
stituencies of Hhe college have played a role in the
determination of this mission and these objectives, Staff Editorla
and (2)| a design for the effective integration of
vocational and liberal education." It was no surprise,
then, that President Shane created Blueprint HI Task
Force, with a principal objective of creating "a new

Intersession has been declining and people are lucky. T* T*""
beginning to wonder why. The apparent reason is the Some of the faculty members names never appear
Editor Carol Quartuccio lack of time and effort on both the students and the in the booklets. Although itrisn't required, couldn't
News Editor f Olivia Longo faculty members parts. $ i £• they offer Interssession courses once in a while?
Feature Editor Maryann Crowley fThe proof is contained in past booklets of Winter- This leads us into the scheduling of classes. If not
Sports Editor Chris VanWagenen session schedules. In 1970 there were 53 courses of- enough faculty members volunteer to offer classes,
Copy Editor j«g| Susan Barrie fered ?and in 1972 there were 59 courses offered.
Art Editor f Darla Ma lone Suddenly in 1973 the courses dropped to 41 and now
naturally there will be a smaller number of students
Photographers Bob Ronksley who will enroll. Also with the limited classes, the
w » ?Nancy Willis this year, there are only 42. \, aren't going to appeal to everyone. L 1 L
i JimPrez The main reason instructors don't offer Inter- The majority of classes offered from any one
WRITERS AND CREATORS session courses is that their teaching contracts state section are seven. Most of the classes offered, come
that (hey only have to teach eight courses per year. *j from the Creative Arts, Education, Natural Science
Darlene Keith, Pat Weschler, Melissa McMurray, Andrea This means that they-can split up the classes any and Social Sciences Divisions. I
Kupetz, Terri Fiumara, Tony Mancuso, Holly Chiappazzi. way they choose. If they fwould choose not to offer So if none of these are your areas of study or are of
Intersession, that's fine. • \ * ?i ? T interest to you, you are out of luck. Apparently the
The faculty like to fit their allotted number of faculty in these areas are more involved with
BUSINESS MANAGER courses into the three terms. This leaves November
Bonny Merriken and December open for vacation or preparatory time students.^
FACULTY CONSULTANT William Shelley for the winter term, •/ *| t fl When looking at the Intersession courses, we see
$ Instructors who are directors or chairpersons only eleven liberal studies courses out of a possible 42.
have to offer seven courses per year. This is because Some of (he students, even though they might not be
The Merciad accepts, in fact encourages, the. sub- they have to participate in these projects on their own interested in what is offered, would like to take an LS
mission off articles, letters, and stories from liny and all course instead of an elective. & ,|
members of the Mercyhurst College community; Even if teachers do not have to teach, you would You may be wondering why there aren't too many
students, faculty, administrators, trustees, and friends of think that some of them would offer courses to be LS courses. The answer is that most instructors fed
the school. However, as responsible Journalists we must helpful to the students.Apparently some of than do that 14 days is not enough time to cover material that
reserve the following rights: * not possess consciences. is required for a LS course. i jfe
1. .The right to revise copy into standard English; In the past five years, the same instructors have There they are correct. Regular terms are 40 days
been popping up. The fact that they give
2..The right to revise copy into correct Journalistic vacations every year warrants gratitude. These
up possible and intersession is only 14 days. The students would
form;! have almost three times the work load.
instructors are Beverly Di Carlo, Daniel Burke, Igor Dean Garveylsays that they are thinking about
3.. And, finally, the right to revise copy (but not change Stalsky, Ernest Mauthe, Peter Libra, Barry making Intersession mandatory for the faculty. The
mea ning) to fit layout design. n McAndrew, Sr. Eymard,^ Marilynn Jewell, Robert hope is to have instructors from every division teach
In addition. Letters to the Editor must be signed, must Sturm and Mr. Higgins. j T '$ some courses related to that subject.
be factually verifiable, and must be written In good taste, These instructors have offered courses for Inter-
Names will be withheld upon request, but false names will session almost every year for the past five years. If ^Hopefully in the future, Intersession will become a
not be used. must for instructors and thus bring' about a new in-
they teach in your area of study, you should feol terest within the students and the faculty.
V Vv


Placement News


feed store operator, harvest World" can be obtained at the on Christmas vacations. portunities in their'home
CAREERS TO FEED A contractor,* irrigator, meat Career' Planning and The program, in its ninth community, h* f
HUNGRY WORLD- grader, orchardist, «pest Placement Office, 204-Main. year, is called OPERATION 7 There are no charges of any
CAREERS TO CURE THE control technician, ^ plant NATIVE TALENT. It will kind to the students attending
ILLS OF THE WORLD breeder, ]plant quarantine begin at 9 a.m. both days at OPERATION NATIVE
THROUGH PROPER inspector, poultry farmer, NOTE OP INTEREST TO the Benjamin rfranklin in TALENT. ^Nor is there any
NUTRITION. poultry hatchery manager, SENIORS: The Pace Exam Philadelphia, Pa. need for pre-registration.
* With f more people power tfarm ** machine (Federal Government) will Simply show up at the Ben-
populating Starship Earth operator, seed analyst* be given Saturday, January The object of the conference jamin Franklin Hotel either
than ever before, there is a In addition to Agribusiness, 24,1976 at 9 a.miat Zurn 114, is to give approximately 60 or both days., i t &
need not only for Increased A qua culture and Fishing is and on Saturday, February Greater J Philadelphia em-
food production, but also another source of food for a 28,1976 at 9 a.m. at Zurn 214. ployers and college-trained VACANCY ANNOUNCE-
proi^rW nutrition. f The hungry'world. A career in Application deadline ^for \the men and women wno live in MENT —•; Applications will
population is increasing and Research * (Aquaculture) January date is December 17, Southeastern Pennsylvania, be accepted from January 1,
food production is declining in could lead! to: aquatic 1975 and for the February Southern New Jersey and the 1976 to February 15,1976, for
some areas, so how do we biologist, fish bacteriologist, date the deadline is January State of Delaware an op- the summer positions of
accomplish this? '« fish culturist, | ichtyologist, 17,1976. Applications may be portunity to5 get to know one Forestry, Aides &
The answer is Agribusiness.! another. The hope is that the
marine ecologist, marine obtained at the Career college seniors and graduate Technicians. Applications
Agribusiness is a broad term zoologist. ;c Planning and Placement students who qualify will find may be obtained ] at the
which can be broken down A Career in Aquaculture Office, 204-Main.? ^ . .' * . career * employment op- Career * j Planning and
into | three divisions: Production coula mean: The State Civil J Service Placement Office, 204-Main.
Research, Technology and fisher*, fish farmer, frog Commission $is accepting
Production. | | J er, fish hatchery applications for student aide,
Under Research we find the worker, shellfish-bed Worker, summer positions v for Health News
f o l l o w i n g v c a r e e r s :1 shellfish grower. ' m students who have completed
agricultural^ aide, Food 'has become an in- at least three years of college.
agricultural economist,
agronomist, apiculturist,
biochemist,* botanist,
creasingly valuable com- Written examinations will be
modity - in fact gold - which scheduled at statewide test
has long been the world centers as, soon as possible
ecologist * plant and animal, currency - is being replaced after applications * are
entemologist, feed research
aide, | food| | scientist/
geneticist, horticulturist,
by food and oil. I ^ received. Applicants must be
Agribusiness and Marine Pennsylvania residents who
Science are careers not to be haye completed at least three WHAT CAUSES A COLD, congestion oft the nasal
Of Colds
nutritionist, olericulturist taken lightly,nor overlooked full years of college by July 1, AND HOW IS LOWERED membranes, and body's
^("vegetable garden when choosing 1 your life's 1976, and who are currently R E S I S T A N C E AND resistance to viral attack if
specialist), plant work. W T? enrolled in an undergraduate CHILLING INVOLVED? } one's circulatory system fails
nematologist,* plant I According to the latest program; they must be in The cold is* caused by a to make proper adjustment.
pathologist, soil con- survey $ of northcentral good academic standing and virus. I Although the virus - Interesting to note, however,
servationist,*soil scientist, colleges and universities, the must plan to be returning to itself does little harm it is the result of a study con-
soil i technologist: and agriculture, grads that were college in the falliof 1976. Bi- prepares the Way for ducted by the Common Cold
t veterinarian. / placed ahead of others in 1974 weekly aide salary jjis $279. secondary invaders. These Research ^at Salisbury,
Under^Technologyf'we find: were those who specialized in Final date for applications is invaders are the bacteria that England. Exposure of
^agricultural \ engineer, agriculture business and December 12, 1975 A so hurry prolong the cold and produce Salisbury workers Ho the
^agricultural airplane* pilot, economics, agriculture down today! Apply at the 13th most of its characteristic wearing of |wet socks, a
farm equipment mechanic, education, agronomy, food and State street Office of the symptoms.! The virus to dousing with cold water and
farm implement dealer, science, farming, and animal P e n n s y l v a n i a S t a t e which the body is susceptible then standing in drafts until
fertilizer ^|plant ? owner- science. *%&% ? &• Employment. ;# f seems to be a causative teeth chattered, has no effect
operator, grain elevator m Over 95 per cent of i those factor when a person's upon their susceptibility to
^manager, irrigation engineer, graduating in 1974 from* ag College seniors or graduate resistance lis lowered. A the cold virus. | & ;
^vocational, agricultural colleges in the midwest were school students expecting to person reduces his resistance In another study volunteers
iteacher. ^ M able to find jobs in their area achieve their degrees in the when he has I a poor-diet, atj the University of Illinois
Under Production we have: of specialization. Private near future are invited by the subjects himself to undue were kept awake for fifty-six
agricultural produce sorter, industry employed the largest G r e a t e r Philadelphia fatigue or exhibits poor hours without indicating any
animal breeder, bee-keeper, number ?of the- graduates, Chamber of Commerce and health habits in general, cji more susceptibility to the
cattle farmer, cattle randier, followed by farming and t t s companion tri-$tate Chilling as an example common cola than well-rested
- chicken sexer (determine sex p r o f e s s i o n a l if a r m business association, The tends to lower a person's people. No explanation as to
of baby ichicks), dairy management, in- PENJERDEL Corporation, resistance to disease. The why these people did not
technologist, dairy tester, iThe 'food business is big to & meet with prospective nasal mucous membrane is They contract a cola is offered.
dairy farmer, egg candler, business today! ife employers 1 Monday and very sensitive to changes in offer an insight into how 4
farmer, farm f hand, farm Further information on Tuesday, December 29 and temperature, Chills and little we do know about the
manager, i farm supervisor, "Careers to Feed a Hungry 30,1975, while they are home drafts will result in a common cold* * p
w *&•%& v »

U *-i*X*^ ••*-* * ' itfitfl

itkii (Wiwr
-• • Inquiring JRepo rter ?A$k$$ l> lit

Inflation Affected Christmas Budget?

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m 6,


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.."- "*#''
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Chuck! Schmidt—"Considering Elmore Alexander—"I'
m broke Beth Beale— Ya, everything Lynn tMarcotull—"Ya, I don't
Sue? Hammond-"You have not much money to begin 1
anyway.' * inflated but my income. It have any money to begin
more money to spends so it I with, it's as bad as it was last deflated." with." 8
evens out." f year."4r

Laker's Lose And Win

by Chris Vm Wagenen
After their first six games,
the Mercyhurst basketbair
team has compiled a 3 win-3
loss record with two of the
games being lost by a bucket
or less. Mercyhurst opened up
their season with a 73-72 loss
to Edinboro during the
Ferraro Ford - Erie Classic
If you think the Lakers are 3—3, think again. The Lakers, over a ,two day period, which played
in all honesty, should be 6—0. Jesse Campbell, Paul Young, November 28 and 29. fr..
Connie McCoy and Jeff Daven have by far impressed me the In the opener both teams
most. When you consider the first game wasjostiby one
point, the second by eight points, and the third by two points, compiled a number of turn-
it appears that (he Lakers are a better team than even Jack overs, but Mercyhurst, after
Polancy figured. Currently the Lakers are rated 17th in the being down by 19 points, came
NAIA ratings. For those that say the{ Lakers! are not a back and took the lead. In the
winning team, think again. * closing seconds Edinboro had
the lead
Special thanks to Joe "Snides" Snyder. Your articles on left in the game the Lakers73-72. With 29 seconds
the Mercyhurst Football League are greatly appreciated by had the ball, but failed to
this writer. Joe, I hope you continue writing articles for the come off with the final bucket
MERCIAD, if you can, because from my stand point your needed to win. " ^ "]
articles get more praise than a frontpage story. * *
Guess who's back winter term??? Yes, it's Racquet Lakers exploded against The following night the
Richard. Richard Birmingham is coming back to Mercy- Salem with a 94-72 victory
hurst so for all those people who have missed Richard, over Salem Paul Young was
pretty soon you'll hear his opinions of this year's intramural lead scorer with 23 points and
basketball league, that if, if he doesn't hit any trees on the Jesse Campbell 'had 18
way back to Erie. ; >, rebounds. r
ft *
Warning: if you are associated or a part of the Mercy- The
hurst basketball team please make sure to fasten your saw the Lakers on the road. following four games
seatbelts and check to see if the vans are able to make it off On December 2, Buffalo State
the campus at least. ? f 2 •!• £JF: beat^the Lakers 79-71 and in
the second game the Lakers
suffered another tough loss.
ThiSjwas followed up by? the
Geneseo e s t a t e j Tip-Off •$."«?• " W W

Tournament.! Mercyhurst
opened up against Harwick You can reach it, Jesse. Jesse Campbell takes off for a bucket as
College. With about eight teammate Paul Young looks on. - i
Story By: Al Nase Written By: Terri Fiumara seconds left in* regulation ** s i - Photo bv Nancy Willis
time, Jeff Davern hit a 20
Mercyhurst crew came into team. Still the. Laker crew footer which put the Lakers in tipped in by jBill Martin game was tied three times
existence during the year of team exists and* at least for front 64-62. Hartwick's Gregg putting the game in an over- with Jeff Davern hitting a
1971. Yet it has been one of the now their history will continue Hall then took a last second time. : ; 1E> jumper making the*score 70-
programs that the college to flourish, i '< t rshot which was missed?but £ During the overtime the 70. Then with just a second
offers that has grown over the left Greg Hall once again
years. Not many people know off a shot which missed
of crew because it seems that Debbie Duda but tipped in by Ralph
the media tends to *con- Tugluse. Hartwick beat the
centrate on the other sports, Lakers 72-70. \
but Mercyhurst is doing its
best to introduce the sport and
encourage the Mercyhurst
Personality ile g In the consolation game of
the tournament, Mercyhurst
breezed by Geneseo State 66*
community in participating or by Tori Fiumara 51. Jesse Campbell had 20
at least support the team. This week's personality while on the road. This year, Debbie would like to get the points and 17 rebounds. After
The first year Mercyhurst profile looks at Debbie Duda, however, they received C h e e r l e a d e r s i»more going out in front in the first
went co-educational was when a junior here at Mercyhurst montey from Dean Garveiy and recognition by getting a place quarter the Lakers never lost
the crew team was adopted. majoring in Home Economics R.U.S. They feel this is a step in the Athletic Department. the lead.
Larry Pintea was given the with ; a concentration in in the right direction. ± She feels that cheerleading is In their past outing the
job of head coach of the crew Housing and also a major in Debbie also said that the a sport and deserves more Lakers extended their win-
team. He jihad 3 j obstacles to Social Work. Debbie is also attitude could be improved if recognition than is received. ning streak to two with a 95-60
overcome: to find some crew the team showed more spirit Debbie would like to further victory over Geneva. Once
equipment, find a place to captairi^of our cheerleading
store it and to find a team. squad and a participant in and
£ women's # basketball and showed more concern. Shealso if the students her education ' upon again Jess Campbell led all
Coach Pinte£ discovered alF womeivfccrew. % f * graduation from Mercyhurst MercyhurSt scorers with 31
three lobstacles and*, in
also feels that *if there were at Michigan State or Purdue. points and with 17 rebounds.
D e b b i e s t a r t e d more home games that there She would likef to i someday The Lakers next game will be
January of §1971 tthe team cheerleading in eighth grade would possibly be |more design low-income housing for on Saturday, December 2,
started practicing. It wasp at St. Steven's School and also people at the games, fl ± people and show them how to when; they play Tiffin at
difficult to get used g to cheered for three years in use it. K u 1 LI Gannon College.
practicing but by April 10, Venango i Christian High
1971 they began. In the fall the School in Oil City. She has
team won their first and only| cheered for Mercyhurst since
race of the year. In the spring her freshman year, during
Coach Pintea had to resign as which she was co-captain of
coach while initiating two the squad. J ?• I M 4th f & SASSAFRAS SI.
men - who were previous Debbie feels
oarsmen for college teams, interest and no student sup-
Jack Gartner and Bob port for the
Angelucci, from the thinks that if there were men
University of -Pennsylvania on the squad and assurance of : every Wednesday,
and Syracuse University, v *' a place j in the Athletic
In 1972 Dave Shimpeno was Department that there would
installed as head coach and be more interest and support.
Friday and Saturday
has remained in that position.! Butfornow until something
Coach Shimperno: should J be can be done, the cheerleaders THIS WEEK
given a lot of credit toward will do their job out*r of ^en-
the advancement of the team. joyment and concern for a
The crew team now races in .winning team.
such regattas i as the Dads
Last year they had to pay
r Villi. Governors Cup, Ithaca for their] own uniforms,
Nationals, St. Catherines and transportation and^meals
Mid-Americas/ Mercyhurst I
Debbie Duda
Photo by Nancy Willis
X : s* V - f a , & ' A . •*-*' i / * i . * s '

has developed into one of the tllllllllllllllllllllllMf.ittltl iiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiMimiit

better crew teams of this and
areas. |5gj f|
A girls crew team was
added iust« last year which
doubled the number of par-
ticipants in the sport. 7Mercy- Mondays after 8,
hurst rows against crew I Specializing In Italian Poods j.
teams that all participate on Thursday after 4.
fall scholarships. Mercyhurst
has no * participants or | 262 W. 8th Phone 451-9403 -| Tuesday:
scholarships at present, to the
fact thatl there is [jno Baocjoof Room Mow Open iff O VME JM0GHT
scholarship fund for the crew riliitiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiii?

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