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Classic music and modern music

The classic music is considered to be the type of music more educated that it is, for his
simplicity and you see the same one for his safety in most of the melodies, it tends to be
totally connected to what is wanted and to what there is looked that it is to have stability at
the moment of writing a piece, relies on a quantity of details important that close shape the
perfect melody. Besides everything before mentioned it serves for the concentration (in the
daily life) since his sound neither torments it is not even considered to be any type of noise
in specific. It might define as this part of the music that It inspires in many senses, every
note every silence every compass they represent essential parts in a piece, the music of
orchestra is the set of armonías joined in such a way that it could estimate what is touching
itself and for those who are listening and understanding the depth of this one. It is the music
of educated tradition, before it was said that the classic music was a kind that apart from
educated also allows to develop skills in artistic skills beside making feel passion for this
music, first because it has a relaxing and inspiring effect, and secondly because his melody
is so pure that in spite of only hearing her you feel the magic q each of the instruments
produces. In 1950 it was said that the educated music had certain complexity in notation, as
for everything to what this kind refers, in the following years the composition was taking
other opposite trends.

Whereas the modern music is totally different because of the advance of the times and the
modernization, the music has taken certain change for lack of culture. The modern music is
that one that has paces incoherent but with style it does not have an exact order in the notes
only he handles a pace that sticks and that the public in general likes it ... they are in the
habit of having popular letters and you criticize therefore modern music is said to him. So
that having listened to her tends to be vulgar in occasions., or to refer to more recent and
experimental styles as the random music (sometimes with the help of computers or other
technologies). For the popular music, everything is modern what you listen in the radio,
pop, to rock, punk, etc. Since this type of music tends to be very listened by the public.

It might say that both have the similar one since the two catch the attention of those who
listen to them allowing to realize this way the criteria that each of these kinds try to
demonstrate, they have many similarities this owes to that the don use instruments, also it is
needed of a due preparation of the same way also it is possible to observe that both imply
dedication and effort, giving step to one I connect favorably. The classic music and the
modern music look alike that the two meet influenced in the time since the mentality and
the way of weighing of the persons changes made-to-measure q the years happen. As well
as all that has happened, they are original of a form or other one for which they support his
own style even if they are similar is many senses.

Quintana María José