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13596 S. 235th E. Ave, Coweta, OK 74429
Home: 918-486-8626 Cell: 313-600-9042
15 years successful experience in industrial and office environment
10 years Inventory Control and Supplier development
Forging, Machining, Assembly facilities
Level scheduling
Lean Manufacturing
2+ years Production Supervisor in fast paced production facility
Managed Final Assembly Line Operations
Maintained Quality Standards on End Item Product
Implemented Rotational assignments for Ergonomic purposes
Managed Pre-Tempering and Final End Product Glass Operational Teams
4 years Supply Chain and Distribution experience
Utilized Kanban systems
Working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint
Working knowledge of QAD and Freeedom (MRP systems)
Ford DDL/CMMS (Direct Data Link/Material Management and TWOS (Ford hourly timeke
eping) systems
NLMI (Logistics Provider)
Ford EX3 Safety Incident Investigative Reporting Tool
Central Michigan University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - 2.85 GPA
*Strong concentration in Organizational Management
Customer/Business focused
Experience with MRP system
Possess a high degree of professional integrity
Promote/Demonstrate Teamwork approach
Ability to learn quickly and apply knowledge effectively
Problem solving skills
Self starter and self motivated
Excellent record integrity and organizational skills
Strong/Effective communication skills
Systemic thinking
Achieved cost savings of over $350,000 by eliminating shift premiums, reducing o
vertime, utilizing current staff to cover absences, and instituting temporary la
Experienced in managing employees in glass tempering manufacturing facility
Understanding of float and tempering glass operations
Key Team Member in implementing Plan for Every Part (PFEP) process, Visual Facto
ry, Purchase Part Delivery Routing, and Warehouse layout
Created tracking tools to ensure daily compliance of safety regulations (Industr
ial Lift Truck Inspection Process and Safety Audits.)
Supported off shift operations as well as developed process for improved communi
cation to hourly workforce while collaborating with union officials.
Managed the introduction of a level schedule to support lean manufacturing in Pr
oduction manufacturing area.
Scheduled Production final lines on a daily basis that included over forty diffe
rent model types and coordinated delivery to over twenty one customer sites.
Streamlined efficiencies in avoiding premium freight costs for outbound/inbound
freight moves while not jeopardizing material shortages to customer.
Acted as a liaison between production, the customer, and Material Planning & Log
istics team while effectively communicating crucial information to all parties.
Championed training new employees and ensuring accuracy involving premium freigh
t metrics reviewed by Plant Management.
Created and incorporated a robust overtime scheduling tool while working off shi
fts every three months to achieve a better understanding of process.
Implemented warehouse auditing procedure for maintaining First In First Out (FIF
O) process and warehouse integrity.
Instituted First In First Out (FIFO) process for purchase part storage in wareho
use and end item rotation
Strategically implemented inbound/outbound routing with on-site Logistics suppor
t staff
Set up routing for expedites, air charters, and milk run shipments
2009 2010 / Visteon Corporation/Zeledyne, LLC, Tulsa, OK (May 2008)
2007 - 2008 Position: PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR

Manage 25+ UAW hourly operators in glass manufacturing facility

Establish goals and priorities to achieve departmental objectives
Allocate resources to maximize safety, quality, and productivity
Conduct weekly safety talk meetings with employees
Execute production plans to meet customer requirements
Work with local training committee to provide necessary training for employees
Provide proper training for new hire employees and perform evaluations on their
2008 - 2009 Zeledyne, LLC, Tulsa, OK
Managed 6 UAW hourly employees on both receiving and shipping docks
Led shipping/receiving team in meeting quality standards
Established routing on a weekly basis
Assisted the QAD/Freedom implementation team in upgrading to the new MRP system
Provided exceptional communication to production team with customer requirements
Worked with quality officials as well as plant floor team in resolving issues/co
ncerns as they would arise
2003 - 2007 Visteon Corporation, Ypsilanti, MI
Supervised 25+ UAW hourly employees including Hilo drivers, crane operators, mec
hanics, cycle checkers, dispatchers, and shipping/receiving clerks
Monitored inbound and outbound material into the plant to protect customer requi
rements, plant delivery rating, and production needs
Scheduled employee hours, training, and overtime to meet plant wide production n
Created and maintained metrics including safety records, attendance tracking, ov
ertime hours and equalization, work order hours, training, etc.
Coordinated scrap shipments and supervised maintenance of scrap area integrity i
n order to minimize cost and maximize the return sale of scrap material
Acted as liaison between production floor and material analysts in order to effi
ciently communicate no-stock alerts, damaged freight, short shipments, customer
returns, etc.
Served as Supervisor, Material Analyst, and Logistics Coordinator while covering
off shift operations including setting up expedites, contacting customers and s
uppliers, and following incoming critical parts for next day production operatio
Utilized electronic application to pay employees, charge overtime hours, and mai
ntained attendance records
2001 - 2003 Visteon Corporation, Ypsilanti, MI
Schedule production flow in facility generating sales of $75 million
Planning and parts follow-up with supplier orders and monitor delivery performan
Represent Materials Group, review daily results and production requirements at s
tart-up meeting
Maintain record integrity and reporting for Sarbanes-Oxley
Provide support to Inventory Analyst and cycle count program
Customer liaison with Ford Motor Company
Track premium freight costs
Utilize JIT methods and Kaizen activities to smooth product flow
Support New Model Launch and Engineering changes
2000 - 2001 Ford Motor Company, Ypsilanti, MI

Managed 12+ UAW hourly operators

Instituted rotational ergonomic program
Championed quality study / resolution
Worked with Engineering, Quality, Production Team, and Union to implement effici
encies on line and attain higher part output levels.
1999 2000 Ford Motor Company (Contractor), Dearborn, MI
Assisted Program Managers with proposals and presentations
Core Team member involved in maintaining Fastener Reduction program
Provided support to Team members on project implementation