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Viswanatha Chintham

Nuvento LLC
* Having 8 years of experience as an Oracle Applications (E-Business Suite) Tech
nical-Functional consultant, with expertise in Oracle Financial modules (AR, AP,
FA, PA ,CM, iReceivables, Advance Collections and Billing) Manufacturing module
s (OM, INV, BOM, WIP, WSH, iPO and PO), CRM Modules (Service Contracts), ICM.
* Expertise in implementing RICE (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Extensions)
components in the area of technical design, development, Integration testing and
* Experience in oracle applications Release 12(GL, AP, ebuiness Tax, PO, iexpen
* Strong experience in developing and customizing Reports using Oracle Reports 6
i/4.5/2.5 Discoverer 10g/4i/3i and XML Publisher 5.6.3/5.6.2.
* Developed Interface/Conversion (inbound and outbound) Programs using Open Inte
rfaces and API's. Also developed Extensions to add additional validations and fu
nctionality to seeded oracle processes to meet the client's requirements. Experi
enced in writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Packages using PL/SQ
* Experience in Application System Administration activities like application us
er setup, defining responsibilities, values sets, flex fields, registering menus
, forms, reports, concurrent programs.
* Proficient in developing OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Repository at the Physical, Bu
siness and Presentation Layers (Data Modeling), Time Series Objects, Interactive
Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using global and local Filters, OBIEE/S
iebel Security setup (users/group, access/ query privileges), configuring OBIEE/
Analytics Metadata objects (Subject Area, Table, Column), Presentation Services/
Web Catalog objects (Dashboards, Pages, Folders, Reports), Scheduling iBots or S
chedulers and OBI Cluster Controller.
* Efficiently developed many Reports and Dashboards with different (Dynamic/Dril
l-Down Cascading Style sheets, Pivot Table, Chart, Column Selector, Tabular with
global and local Filters) Analytics views using OBIEE/Siebel Analytics Web.
* Excellent programming skills in stored procedures and Oracle (PL/SQL including
Triggers and Functions) and expertise in database Performance Tuning by impleme
nting parallel Execution, Table Partition, materialized views with query rewriti
ng, creating appropriate indexes, usage of hints, rebuilding indexes and also us
ed the Explain Plan and SQL Tracing.
* Integrated Map Viewer in OBIEE Dashboards to show the shipment orders from the
customers from different states.
* Worked on OBIEE Add-Inns for MS Office applications Excel and PowerPoint(Disco
nnected Analysis).
* Worked on OBI Publisher importing data from multiple data sources and delivere
d Reports, common dashboards, metadata, security, calculation, caching, and inte
lligent request generation services.
* Business Intelligence Discoverer responsibilities includes creating views, Cus
tom tables, Materialized views, EUL, Business areas, folders, Sharing & scheduli
ng workbooks (Table/Cross Tab formats) and also includes to assess a business us
er's reporting needs and training, produce requirements documentation and to dev
elop, implement and publish the required reports.
* Experience in creating, managing and resolving TAR/SR (Technical Assistant Req
uest or Service Request) with Oracle Support. Managed and monitored TAR's for se
veral P1 issues.
* Experience in troubles shooting the BPEL processes issues.
* Designed Technical Documentation using AIM Methodologies (MD50, MD70, CV60 and
* Good knowledge in order to cash (O2C) and procure to pay (P2P) business flows.
* Good perspective on converting the functional specifications into technical de
sign and development using SQL, PL/SQL, Developer 6i and Unix Shell Scripting.
* Experience in SQL*Loader and Oracle APIs to load external data in Oracle datab
* Experience in supporting the production system, handling day-to-day issues and
end user training.
* Experience in customization of workflow.
* Experience in OAF forms personalization.
* Good Communication, Co-ordination and team skills. Well organized with excelle
nt leadership skills and commitment to deliver on schedule.
Oracle Applications
General Ledger, Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Order Management, iRece
ivables, Inventory, Procurement Modules(Purchasing, iPO), iexpenses,ebusiness Ta
x Fixed Assets, Service Contracts, AOL, System Administrator,Bill Of Materials.
Application Tools Reports 6i/4i, Discoverer 10g/6i/4i, Forms 6i, Oracle 9iAS, XM
L /BI Publisher 5.6.3/5.6.2, Oracle Web ADI, ADI, Jdeveloper, OAF, Oracle Busine
ss Intelligence Enterprise Edition 10.x,
Databases & Tools Oracle 10g/9i/8i/7.x, TOAD,SQL*PLUS, SQL* Loader, Microsoft S
QL Server 2003,2005,2008.
Scripting Languages Unix Shell scripts, Java Script.
Languages SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, XML, C, C++.
Operating System Sun Solaris, Unix, Linux, Windows NT/XP/2000/98.

Farmer Insurance, Olathe, KS F
eb '09 -Till Date
Oracle Apps Technical Lead
* Developed SQL*Loader program to load data in EBS temporary and also developed
duplicate legacy invoices report to identify duplicate invoices.
* Developed GL journal extract by using UTL_FILE as data feed for mainframe syst
* Developed AP Supplier Contact report that will provide detailed contact inform
ation about Vendors/Suppliers for communication purposes.
* Worked on PO workflow approval process and also worked with ORACLE on workflo
w product related issues to correct functional issues.
* Involved in iProcurement OAF page personalizations.
* Designed and Developed AP Check Printing Report, AR Dispute Report, AR Unbille
d Transactions Report, 3 types of AR DSO reports, AR Combine Aging Report ,CM Ke
y store Deposits Report, CM outstanding Receipts By Store in XML/BI publisher.
* Customized the standard AR Aging Report and Invoice History Report using XML/B
I publisher.
* Developed AP Invoice by Source, Checks over a million, Special Handling Checks
reports using Discoverer.
* Created PDF/EXCEL/XML/TXT/Word output's for reports based on requirements.
* Used the Totals/Subtotals/Group/Sort features of BI Publisher to make data int
ense operations happen at the template level.
* As a Discoverer Administrator created Business Areas, Folders, and Setup joins
between folders, Registered PL/SQL functions, created Item Classes, created dat
e hierarchies and item hierarchies etc.
* Maintained user security and privileges at business area level.
* Provided Periodic backups of EUL and involved in export, import of End User La
yers from one instance to another.
* Exported the business areas from testing to production environment.
* Developed Custom Packages which in turn were used for reporting purposes.
* Experience in troubles shooting the BPEL processes issues.
* Utilized Oracle's Application Implementation Method (AIM) approach, and docume
nted the process using the recommended AIM documentation.
* Designed and Developed functional and technical documents and assisted the bus
iness in documenting the functional specifications as a part of MD50 creation.
* Interacted with Oracle on Demand to resolve TARs.(Worked SEV1 SR multiple tim
e to resolve production critical issues).
* Executed all developed PL/SQL and SQL in 10g data base to create/ modified dat
a base objects
* Migrated database objects from instance to instance using Kintana.
* Developed UNIX Shell scripts to archive inbound/outbound files and report outp
* Worked on isupplier OAF forms personalization.
* I worked and assisted on tuning the long running programs in 10g data base.
* Developed Extract for Approved projects extract program for Business users on
monthly basis.
Environment: Oracle Applications 11i (11.5.10), General Ledger, Accounts Payabl
es, Account Receivables, Order Management, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Purchasing,
Iprocurement, iSupplier, Project Accounting, Oracle 10g, Discoverer 10g, Windows
2000/NT, SQL*Plus, TOAD, Reports 6i ,Kintana, UNIX.
Office Depot, Boca Raton, FL Nov '05 - Jan '09
Sr.Oracle Apps Technical Consultant
Responsibilities :
* Converted Order Detail Report, Credit Order Summary Report, and Orders by Item
Report in Order management from report 6i to XML/BI publisher.
* Customization of Standard Purchase order screen.
* Developed assign buyer to PO requisition extension to assign buyer to requisit
ion line based on purchase order category.
* Involved in granting access and task privileges to the new users in Oracle App
* Developed report in iprocurement, VendorVolumeAnalysis Report, VendorPOSummar
y report , OpenPObyCostCenter Report.
* Developed AP GRNI Report, Escheatable Checks report, Period to date Transactio
n Report, GL Intransit Orders report, AR Partial Paid Transaction Report in BI P
* Created multi-layout report to hide/show columns based on the profile options
of the user who is running the program.
* Proficient with the System administrator responsibility, which included custom
izing the menus, adding new concurrent requests, request sets, registering the c
ustom applications etc. Created Request Groups for reports.
* Developed Scripts and registered them as concurrent programs for various busin
ess requirements.
* Created value sets and profile options to pass parameters to concurrent progra
* Raising Oracle TAR's (P1, P2, P3) and worked for solving the problems.
* Concurrent Programs Scheduling and monitoring for daily process, Month and Yea
r end.
* Involved in Developing Account Analysis Download report, R12 Account Details R
eport, R12 Tax Audit Report, Account Analysis by Tax Code using Report 10g and X
ML/BI Publisher with Sub ledger Accounting (XLA Tables) in GL,AP and e-Business
Tax modules.
* Involved in developing custom program to transfer all the GL journals from the
11i instance to the R12 instance, which also involves transferring journals fro
m the subleder modules like AP, iExpense, PO,FA, tying up with SLA, and then tr
ansfer them to GL base tables, using Sub ledger Accounting and XLA tables and cr
eated a control report to show the account details.
* Involved in attending training sessions for Oracle On Demand (OOD) in R12.
* Taking transition and production support for new releases.
* Imported the GL journals using Web ADI and exported the same to EBS using ADI.
* Implimented OAF forms personalization in iReceivables.
* Tuned SQL statements using HINTS and appropriate indexing and Re-organizations
of tables to improve the performance.
* Developed BI publisher reports by using OBIEE and also experienced in working
Ibot and integration with Google maps.
* Developed Vendor conversion program to import all vendors' information from le
gacy system.
* Involved in writing data load scripts to load lock box data in to payment inte
rface tables and validations .Also developed 6 different lock box reports to ide
ntify the errors and correct them and reprocess failed lock box records.
* Developed custom AP invoice interface validation program to do additional vali
dation while importing invoices from third parties to meet the business requirem
ent and also build invoice interface audit report to track the change in legacy
imported invoice at interface level.
* Worked on isupplier implementation and developed few reports.
* Developed automatic emailer program by using shell script
Environment: Oracle Applications 11.5.10/R12 (OM, INV, PO, AP, GL, AR, FA, iExpe
nses, isupplier, SYSADMIN, iReceivables, Iprocurement), OBIEE 10.x,Oracle, Web A
DI,ADIPL/SQL, Unix, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and TOAD
Kintetsu World Express, Dallas, TX Jun'
04 - Oct '05
Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant
Responsibilities :
* Developed Auto Invoice import validation program to do additional validation o
n top of seeded auto invoice import program. Also developed auto invoice error r
eport to identify errored invoice records.
* Developed Aging extract by customer in CSV format
* Developed Vendor and invoice extract by using UTL_FILE utility.
* Involved in Localizations Development and Production Support activities of UAS
Oracle Financials.
* Developed Report using Reports 6i to meet different localization requirements.
* Customization of AR and AP module reports - Created following new reports Crea
ted AR Aging and Statement Of accounts reports. These reports are used to: To id
entify the outstanding balances of the customers placed in the care of each sale
sman. To assesses the efficiency in collection of customers by the salesman. To
lists the different types of inter-company transactions those are taking place o
n a monthly basis. To manages the settlements of related transactions. This repo
rt list the different type of billing that is carried out towards overseas branc
h office and is used for inter-offices business planning.
* Prepared installation documents for all Developed reports.
* Involved in Tuning of URS, AO region Reports.
* Worked on iprocurement requisition and PO related workflow product related iss
ues in with ORACLE. Also developed Vendor and Purchase order summary report.
* Experience in reviewing the Functional Documents and preparing and modifying t
he Technical Design Document for the development work done.
* Done several forms personalization in account payables forms.
* Involved in isupplier OAF forms personalization and trained end users to regis
ter new suppliers.
* Developed custom GL journal Import interface program in General Ledger.
Environment: Oracle Applications 11i(11.5.8), Oracle 8i, Reports6i, SQL*PLUS, Ji
nitiator, TOAD, Windows-XP, HP-UX, Clear Case, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Re
quisite Pro.

Sony Electronics Limited, San Diego, CA Apr '03 - May '04

Oracle Apps Techno-Functional Consultant
* Developed Open Interfaces for AR and OM Modules.
* Performed conversions of AP closed invoices and payments using SQL*Loader to
load legacy closed invoices data into staging tables and PL/SQL programs to vali
date and import data into Oracle Payables standard tables.
* Converted AP open invoices to load legacy open invoices data into staging tabl
es and PL/SQL programs to validate and import data into Oracle Payables standard
* Converted Banks, Bank Branches and Bank Accounts using SQL*Loader to load leg
acy banks data into staging tables and PL/SQL programs to validate and load data
into Oracle Payables banks tables.
* Involved in loading category and item transaction data into catalogs from inte
rnal and external (legacy systems) data sources.
* Performed conversion of vendors to load legacy vendor data into staging tables
and PL/SQL programs to validate and load data into Oracle Vendor tables.
* Performed high-level analysis for data migration from legacy systems and for r
equired interfaces.
* Developed new Forms, Reports, Customizing Oracle seeded Reports in Modules GL,
* Imported BOM's and Routings from Legacy system into Oracle Bill of Materials u
sing the standard BOM and Routing interface program.
* Customized Inactive Item Report and Cancelled Sales Order Report.
* Customized Oracle Report External Laser Format Payments Program (Check printin
g) to have the Pay group and Bank Account number to display on the checks. Devel
oped a new host program to automatically email the output of this program to the
Accounts payables group. Utilized FND_REQUEST API to submit concurrent Program
(email program) from Oracle Report after Report Trigger.
* Developed interfaces between GL and legacy system.
* Involved in adding new descriptive flex field in Order Management to capture a
dditional data.
* Designing and Development of reports in AP, AR, PO, OM.
* Generated the Past due Invoices, Aging Bucket reports.
* Worked on enabling standard Purchase order Alerts.
* Used Workflow to customize existing processes by adding new notifications.
* Used Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) features like Value Sets, Descrip
tive Flex fields, Concurrent Programs, Profile Options, standard request submiss
ions (SRS) and parameters in the process of development.
* Preparation of Technical Documents, opening, managing, and resolving Oracle Ta
r's with Oracle Support.
Environment: Oracle Financials 11i (AR, AP, CM, OM, GL, AOL, Iprocurement, PO, A
lets and Sys Admin), Developer 2000, SQL*Plus 8.0, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, TOAD, SQL
UTL file package, Oracle 8 Enterprise Edition Release 8.0.6, Windows NT, HP Uni
Wipro, Bangalore, INDIA May '02 - Mar '03
Oracle Apps Technical Consultant
* Responsible for the design, development and import of invoice information into
Oracle Receivables.
* Maintaining concurrent manager and assigning priorities.
* Creating users & modifying the privileges for users. Creating appropriate role
s and assigning it to users.
* Loaded data into oracle tables using SQL*Loader.
* Used Order Import to import data into Order Entry/Shipping for processing.
* Imported BOM's and Routings from Legacy system into Oracle Bill of Materials u
sing the standard BOM and Routing interface program.
* Wrote a package containing different procedures and functions using PL/SQL to
cross validate invoice information and load automatically invoices into auto
invoice interface tables.
Environment: Oracle Applications 11.0.3, AR, OM, Shipping, INV, BOM, WIP Oracle8
i, SQL*Loader, Developer2000, PL/SQL.