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1. Refer to the exhibit. What type of device is highlighted in white?

*touch pad
2. Refer to the exhibit. Which type of removable media is depicted?
*flash drive
3. A user is experiencing slow print rates when printing files that contain larg
e complex graphics. What could be done to improve performance?
Change the printr cabling from paralel to serial
4. A technician has installed a new sound card in a PC but it is not operating c
orrectly. Where should the technician look to investigate driver problems?
*Device manager
5. Which type of power connector is used to connect devices such as optical driv
es and hard drives?
6. A technician installed Windows XP on a 20 GB SCSI drive but when the computer
is started a NTLDR error message is displayed. Based on this information which
file was most likely corrupted during installation?
7. Which program checks for installed hardware during the Windows XP boot proces
8. Which Registry file contains information about all software that is installed
on a Windows XP computer?
9. Which two security tasks should be included in a computer preventive maintena
nce plan?
* an update of spyware removal tools
* an update of antivirus scanner software
10. A customer is considering an inkjet printer to print batches of colored docu
ments that will be immediately stacked and packaged for shipping. What advice sh
ould a technician give the customer?
* Immediately after printing, the ink is wet
11. A technician is repairing Windows XP and wants to keep all of the applicatio
n settings in the operating system. The technician is using the Repair XP option
and has rebooted the computer. A message appears on the screen stating "Press a
ny key to boot from the CD or DVD." What should the technician do?
* The technician should ignore the message and allow XP to repair the operating
system without deleting any of the applications
12. A technician has replaced a failing floppy drive. While testing the new driv
e, the technician notices that the floppy drive light remains lit constantly. Wh
at is most likely the cause of the problem?
* The ribbon cable is installed incorrectly
13. A student wishes to buy a computer suitable for game playing. What CPU speed
would be appropriate for game playing?
*3 GHz
14. A customer requests advice about the type of storage device to use for 20 ne
w computers. For which two conditions should SSDs be recommended as replacements
for magnetic hard drives?
* external flash drives that are required to be connected by USB
* locations where redundant disks are required to appear as one logical disk to
the operating system
15. A technician powers on a computer and opens a web page. A message that the w
eb page could not be found appears. After checking the URL, the technician verif
ies that this is the problem that was reported by the computer owner. What would
be the next step in the troubleshooting process for the technician
*Verify the computer IP address information
16. What characterizes a DDoS attack?
* Many hosts participate in a coordinated attack
17. Which two ports on a laptop allow connection or removal of external devices,
such as hard drives or printers, without powering off the computer?
18. What are two functions of a VPN gateway?
*establish secure VPN connections
* manage VPN tunnels
19. At which TCP/IP model layer would a MAC address be found?
*network access
20. A technician wishes to boot a computer using a CD-ROM that contains a limite
d operating system and diagnostic utilities. Where would the technician set the
boot order for the PC?
21. A customer wants to produce video recordings to sell to the public. Which tw
o types of media should be used to accomplish this type of recording?
* DVD+/-R
* BD-R
22. A customer complains that a scanner has suddenly stopped producing clear ima
ges. Which preventive maintenance task has the customer most likely forgotten to
* visually inspect the scanner glass
23. A computer can access devices on the same network but can not access devices
on other networks. What is the probable cause of this problem?
* The computer has an invalid default gateway address
24. What is the best way to fully ensure that data is unable to be recovered fro
m a hard drive?
* formatting the drive
25. The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time
-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler wa
y for IP configuration of workstations. Which service would simplify the worksta
tion IP configuration task?
26. Which network device uses a MAC address table to segment the network?
27. Which type of standard interface allows users to connect and disconnect peri
pheral devices while the computer is running without having to restart?
28. A user believes that a data file on a Windows XP computer has been corrupted
. Which utility can provide the best information about the data file?
29. A customer is experiencing repeated paper jams on a laser printer. Which qui
ck solution might correct this problem?
* Replace the paper in the input tray with new paper.
30. When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that
has a BIOS, what is the next step during the boot sequence?
* BIOS reads the MBR
31. A customer is angry and calls to complain that the service scheduled on his
computer took longer than expected. The technician reviews the work order and no
tices that the service was performed by a new employee. How should the technicia
n respond?
*Listen to the complaint and then apologize for any inconvenience caused by the
lengthy service on the computer
32. Refer to the exhibit. Which two port types are shown in the graphic?
33. Which power mode should be used by a laptop so that all the data is saved, a
ll the applications the user was working on are left open, and there is no power
used by the laptop?
34.When starting a computer, a customer can no longer select two of the operatin
g systems that are installed. Which file may be corrupted and causing this error
35. The technician has been asked to upgrade the printer driver for an old print
er. What is the best source for a new driver?
* manufacturer's website
36. A network specialist has been hired to install a network in a company that a
ssembles airplane engines. Because of the nature of the business, the area is hi
ghly affected by electromagnetic noise. Which type of network media should be re
*Fiber Optic
37. In the event of a catastrophic system or hardware failure, which Windows XP
utility provides a framework for saving and recovering the operating system?
*System Restore (SR)
38. What guideline should be followed when establishing a password security poli
* An expiration period should be established so that passwords frequently change
39. A new application fails to install from a CD known to be virus-free and comp
atible with the operating system. What is a possible solution to this problem?
* Run the installation application under Windows XP compatibility mode.
40. A user cannot log in to the network with a computer that worked yesterday. O
ther computers on the same network are working fine. Which troubleshooting proce
ss would be most logical to try first?
* Use Device Manager to check for a resource conflict
41. A technician is explaining the differences between inkjet printers and laser
printers to a customer. Which two comparisons should the technician make?
* Inkjet printers are less expensive than laser printers.
* The laser printer output is dry after printing, but an inkjet printer may stil
l have wet ink on the paper after printing.
42. Which three tasks should a computer preventive maintenance plan contain?
* the defragmentation of the hard drive
* an update of antivirus and other protective software
* an evaluation of the methods for gathering information about problems and the
solutions to be implemented
43. A call center technician is on a call with a customer when a colleague indic
ates that there is something to discuss. What should the technician do?
* Interrupt the customer and ask whether the customer would mind going on hold f
or a few minutes
44. What should always be done prior to replacing components that are not hot-sw
appable in a laptop?
* Unplug the laptop and remove the battery
45. Which protocol adds security to remote connections
46. A customer is upset and wants to speak to a specific technician to resolve a
problem immediately. The requested technician is away from the office for the n
ext hour. What is the best way to handle this call?
* Make an offer to help the customer immediately, and advise the customer that o
therwise the requested technician will call the customer back within two hours.
47. A technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a compa
ny. Which strategy should be included in the plan?
* Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks.
48. A technician is planning to convert a file system from FAT32 to NTFS. What s
tep should be taken before doing the conversion?
Create a complete system backup.
49. A technician is troubleshooting a computer that is experiencing hardware fai
lure detected by the BIOS. What is one way this failure is indicated?
* The computer emits a pattern of beeps indicating the failing device
50. A customer used the convert.exe utility to take advantage of NTFS security f
eatures. The customer later discovered that the application on the computer can
only read FAT32 files. After the hard drive was formatted back to FAT32, the cus
tomer noticed all of the data files are missing. What should the customer do nex
* Restore the data files that were backed up in preparation for the conversion