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Seasoned manager offering 30 plus years of successful managerial and leadership

skills. Solid business background with extensive knowledge of inventory control,
risk management, financial reporting, managing food service, retail and, envir
onmental services operations. Increased productivity, employee moral and respect
, client/customer relations and successful in building new business prospects. I
ncreased efficiency in task/project scheduling while reducing operating cost. Ab
le to supervise personnel as individuals without compromising corporate rules an
d regulations

* In 30 plus years of management have trained and supervised as over 1,000 emplo
yees. And, have been instrumental in directing their careers in other areas of
* Have been instrumental in business and corporated presuasion to implement new
procedures and policies.
* Demonstrated true leadership ability and confidence with corporate officers an
d staff.
* Increased the companies sales profit margin, productivity, maintaining custome
r base and increasing new business.
* Business/Project Strategy & Direction
* Quality & Performance Management
* Crisis & Risk Management
* Recruitment/Development
* Policy Design/Development
* Client Relationship Management
* Sales and Strategy Planning
* Problem Solving and Decision Making
Store Manager - 2007 to 2008
Mattress Warehouse, Baltimore, Maryland
To increasing sales by coaching retail sales team in proper selling tehniques, c
ompany policies and, practices; as well as all other business operations.
* Successfully increased sales, using marketing techniques and strategies and fa
cilitated public awareness and visibility of the business.
* Provided effective customer services solutions to successfully maintained cust
omer base stability and company profitability.
* To approached all sales solely on the needs and concerns of each customer. So,
the customer receives a satisfying and successful purchase.
Impulse Sales Representative - 2005 to 2007
E.A. Berg & Sons, Incorporated, Baltimore
To increase, monitor and merchandise the sales of candies and snack of major man
ufacturers in local stores through out Baltimore City and Baltimore County.
* Successfully maintained a 95% average of promotional candy and snack products.
* Excellent people skills and customer rapport.
* Maintained a 100% cooperation to continue the secondary display rack program.
And, increased 25% of new customers in the program per month.

Environmental Services Supervisor - 2003 to 2005

Crothall Services Group, Baltimore, Maryland
Managed and supervised the housekeeping staff for Maryland General Hospital to m
aintain a clean, safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and staff.
* Successfully gained the respect and rapport of a Union staff, Union Reps. and
Hospital staff.
* Excellent people skills, fast responds, resolving problems, awareness to opera
tions, hands-on side-by-side supervision and dedication to task completion.
* Instrumental in corrective measures to improve the problem and most neglected
areas of the hospital.
Assistant Manager - 2001 to 2003
Yum Brands, Incorporated, Baltmore, Maryland
Responsible for facilitating, supervising and managing the operations of a resta
rant and its staff. To provide a Hot and Fresh product to every customer.
* Successfully met company stadards for productivity and profitability. To inclu
de staff awareness to quality customer service and teamship.
* I place very strong value in my staff and the ability to build great teams. I
coach employees to be champions and lead indivduals to excellence.
* My dedication to serving the needs of the customer has earned me their respect
as a competent manager. And, my concern for the importance of my staff has earn
ed me dedication to the mission of providing a quality service to everyone they
* My presence has influenced the company's customer base and profits.
Assistant Manager - 1999 to 2001
Bob Evans Farms Restaurant, Glen Burnie, Maryland
Responsibility to manage and facilitate the daily operations of a family style r
estaurant. To omprove customer service and staff productivity. Providing good fo
od produce and quality or service.
* Successfully gained the respect of staff and improved their ability to apply c
ompany procotol and mission statement.
* Demand superior quality of service and focus to develop employees to a hi-leve
l of performance.
* Concentrated effort to providing quality service, overall appearance and prese
ntation and maximizing performance of staff has help to benefit the quality of p
roduct-line and service. And, has maintained a cash flow that has produced profi
t and maintained 100% safety record.
Property Manager - 1997 to 1999
EZ Storage , Baltimore,Maryland
To maintain and manage the daily operations of a self-storage facility.
* Maintained the office files and records, rental contracts, facility up-keep an
d monthly public auctioning.
* Significantly increased the vacancy from 50% to 90%.
* Sales experience help to provide telemarking opportunities in rentals and sale
s of other products.
Business Administration - 2002
Strayer University, Baltimore, Maryland
GPA: 3.5
Continuing Studies - 1983
Coppin State University, Baltimore, Maryland
COBOL II ANSI Programming
Certification - 1980
Computer Learning Center, Sprinfield, Virginia
GPA: 2.9. Computer Operation/Operations Management
Information Systems Technology - 1978
Baltimore City Community College, Baltimore, Maryland
GPA: 3.0