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Galina Surman

95 Manchester Dr
Tel. (home): (718) 966-5430
Staten Island, NY 10312 e-
Laboratory professional with strong skills and extensive experience in Pharmaceu
tical industry including laboratory testing, results evaluation, investigation,
and documentation in compliance with current GMP and FDA regulations.
Hands-on experience and working knowledge of HPLC, UV-Vis and FT-IR Spectroscopy
, GC, Microscopy, and general Wet Chemistry techniques.
Trained in Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), and Federal Food and Drug Admin
istration(FDA) regulations, International Standard Organization ISO 14001, Metho
d 1.
Working knowledge LIMS, Documentum.
DPT laboratories, Lakewood, NJ
March 2008-Dec 2009
Associate Scientist, QC lab
Performed laboratory testing of raw materials using USP, EP, FCC and different
customers methods for identification (FT-IR and UV-Vis Spectroscopy), potency,
impurities (Heavy Metals, Lead, Iron, Arsenic, Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrates, Res
idue on Ignition) utilizing Wet Chemistry, Chromatography (TLC, HPLC).
Tested Highly Purified Water for Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Conductivity, pH, T
urbidity, Heavy Metals, Sulfates, Chlorides, and Nitrates.
Reviewed and verified test results.
Performed reagents, standards and solutions inventory
Pfizer, Inc. Brooklyn, New York
February 2002-September 2007
Lab Analys
Performed laboratory testing of raw materials, in process and finished products
for potency, impurities utilizing Wet Chemistry, Spectroscopy and Chromatography
Performed Foreign Matter determination by utilizing microscopy.
Tested Highly Purified Water for Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Conductivity, pH, T
urbidity, Heavy Metals, Sulfates, Chlorides, and Nitrates.
Periodically calibrated laboratory equipment.
Reviewed and verified test results.
Maintained Chemicals Inventory list.
Participated in investigation of Out-of-Specification test results.
Collaborated with Technical Service, Quality Assurance, Environmental and Safety
H.L. Yoh Company LLC for Pfizer, Inc, contract
May 2002-February 2003
Lab analyst Performed
Specific Physicochemical Tests of raw materials , in process and finish products
such as Bulk and Tapped Density, Crystallinity, Loss on Drying, Melting Range,
Particle Size, Specific Gravity, Viscosity (Brookfield and Cannon-Fenske methods
), Refractive Index, pH.
Water Determination by Karl Fisher method for raw materials, intermediate and fi
nished products.
Electron Microscopy Service Laboratory, Carle Place, NY
December 1997-July 2001
Performed Lead and other Metals determination in water, soil, and paints by Ato
mic Absorption Spectroscopy.
Drinking and waste Water testing for pH, TOC, Conductivity, Chlorides, Nitrates,
Heavy Metals, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids.
Soil testing for Acidity, Alkalinity, Conductivity, Soluble Salts, Loss on Ignit
ion and pH.
Microscopy Asbestos determination in air, and soil.
Chemex Co., Staten Island, NY
May 1994-November 1997
Performed raw material quality control testing of vitamins such as Potency, Iden
tity, Residue on Ignition, Lost on Drying, Color of Solution, Nitrates, Chlorid
es, Heavy Metals, Melting Range by utilizing HPLC, TLC, UV-VS Spectroscopy, and
Wet Chemistry techniques.
Moscow Technological Institute Moscow, Russia
BS in Chemical Engineering

Bnai Zion Scientist Division, New York, NY in cooperation with Ramapo College, N
Introduction to Quality Control and Analytical Service in Pharmaceutical, Food a
nd Cosmetics Industries