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1800 Lakewood Drive Apt D-3, Phenix City, AL 36867
W: (706) 544-4710 C: (904) 866-5511
Operations Administrator/Chief Operations Officer
Senior Operations Administrator with more than fifteen (15) years experience in
various healthcare settings to include but not limited to; multi-site administ
ration experience, military in & outpatient medical facilities, on board ambula
nces, military ships, field hospitals, civilian clinics & health department faci
Possessing a number of achievements, on-going successes through creation of new
goals, objectives in addition to establishing and maintaining good effective wor
king relationships and cooperative agreements between organizations, internal an
d external customers within the healthcare industry
Functional Areas of Expertise
Multi-site Administration; Strategic Planning; General Management; Staff Recruit
ing; Team Leadership
Review/Revise Policies & Procedures; Forecasting/Planning; Auditing; Statistical
Analyst; Public Relations; Quality Assurance
MILITARY SERVICE: US Army - Jun 78; Ohio Army National Guard Jan 80; US Navy Sep
Adult Primary Care Clinic 7950 Martin Loop, Fort Benning, (Columbus, GA) 31905
Contract Clinic Administrator Adult Primary Care Clinic 2008 - present
* Oversee all operations of contract adult primary care clinic located in Martin
Army Hospital
* Maintain & oversee contract policies and procedures Nursing, administrative st
aff and as well as physician /provider governance
* Mentor and manage clinic subordinate employee personnel
* Liaison between contract companies and Department of the Army
* Ensure compliance with military and contract requirements
* Partner with contract company taking a role in staff recruiting and retention
* Participate in hospital/clinic weekly/monthly operations reviews
* Monitor and oversee budget allocations & financial reports
* Maintain good working relationship between contract companies & U. S. Army
* Develop and make presentations to senior management staff on assigned issues
* Monitor and maintain strict patient information security & HIPAA regulations
* Establish new goals and objectives to meet demands of increase patient load
* Review, analyze and establish new polices/procedures based on clinical needs
* Direct new initiatives for the purpose of satisfying changes in military regul
* Design and implement department policies and procedures
* Patient affairs liaison, ensuring satisfaction and good quality care of custom
* Review internal and external reports for utilization of services and trends
* Research and prepare monthly statistical reports
* Evaluate and change para-professional and professional staffing needs
* Schedule regular department meetings for the purpose of identifying issues and
problem solving
* Conduct employee performance evaluations
* Hire, mentor and coach new employees
Duval County Health Department 5917 105th Street, Jacksonville, FL 32244
Senior Surveillance Manager/Northern Regional Consultant Division 2000 - 2008
* Multi-site operational manager/regional consultant
* Mentor and manage local Jacksonville health department office subordinate per
* Supervise, manage & oversee HIV/AIDS reporting operations for middle managers
assigned to 41 North Florida County Health Departments
* Oversee & provide directions for HIV/AIDS support staff & community base organ
* Revise & maintain policies & procedures pertaining to HIV/AIDS reporting
* Provide statistical data for new media, community interest groups
* Community wide & local media presentations
* Participating in monthly operational reviews and meetings
* Design and implement policies and procedures based on Florida laws
* Analyzing planning, promoting, and conducting various community activities
* Representing Florida Health Department HIV/AIDS sections at various events
* Recruiting and retention of middle management and administrative employees
* Assist in planning services and projects related to HIV/AIDS
* Ensure state & federal law compliance for public & private healthcare provider
* Liaison between Florida health department communicable disease sections, hospi
tals & medical clinics
* Provide technical assistance through quality assurance (QA) programs.
* Establish working relationships between public, private providers & county hea
lth departments
* Semi-annual, quarterly & annual strategic planning
* Semi-annual and annual performance evaluations on local employees
25th Marine Corps, 4th Marine Division 640 Plantation St., Worcester, MA 01605
US Navy Senior Regional Medical Department Operations Manager 1996 - 1999
* Supervise, oversee & manage 15 medical departments assigned to Marine Corps co
mbat units in New England, Ohio & NY areas.
* Multi-site Regional Operations Manager for Navy Medical Departments attached t
o Marine Corps Units
* Mentor and manage local Worcester, Mass reserve medical subordinate personnel
* Serve as the technical expert & consultant, maintaining combat readiness for 2
5th Marine Battalion
Medical units in the New England, Midwest & New York areas
* Emergency mass casualty supervisor
* Oversee entire operations of medical department representatives
* Liaison between 25th Marine Corps units & Bureau of Navy Medicine Washington D
* Prepare, revise & maintain polices/procedures pertaining to emergency patient
treatment in field settings
* Provide combat medical training for active duty & reserve Navy medics in field
* Unit site inspections to ensure medical readiness.
* Ensure compliance with military requirements for all medical units attached to
25th Marine Corps subordinate companies
* Design and implement policies and procedures based on strategic assignments in
accordance with US Navy regulations
* develop and make presentations to senior management staff on assigned issues
* Schedule regular meetings for the purpose of problem solving and strategic com
bat medical planning
* Review reports and provide feedback to Bureau of Navy Medicine Washington DC
US Navy Medical Clinic, Naval Air Station Atlanta, Marietta, GA 30065
Acute Care Clinic Manager/Ambulance Response Operations Coordinator 1993 - 1996
* Maintain all clinic operations related to administrative and direct patient ca
* Manage, oversee, supervise & mentor med techs involved in direct patient care
* Oversee & monitor patient care & operations to include patient care while ambu
lance in route
* Supervise, manage, oversee & coordinate all ambulance dispatch activities
* Ensured compliance with military requirements, HIPAA and Occupations Health &
* Senior enlisted hospital corpsman in charge of base mass casualty disaster pla
* Liaison between providers (MD ARNP, PA) & base commanding officer
* Implement, monitor & supervise all medical training for medical staff.
* develop and make presentation to senior management staff on assigned issues
* Directly responsible for conducting emergency medical technician (EMT) refresh
er courses
* Monitor medical supply levels for reorder point
* Public relations point of contact for medical clinic
* Review & draft all correspondence incoming and leaving medical clinic
* Prepare, revise & maintain patient care plans for paraprofessional providers (
medical assistants, &
* technicians) that meet Bureau of Navy medicine regulations
* Provide patient care support for all professional healthcare providers (MDs, P
As, RNPs).
* Directly responsible for semi-annual & annual performance evaluations
3rd Medical Battalion, 3rd Field Service Support Group, Okinawa Japan
Senior Operations Combat Field Medic Coordinator 1992 - 1993
* Enlisted mass casualty planning petty officer
* Directly responsible for all subordinate para-professional healthcare provider
s (military medics)
* Supervise, manage & coordinate all ambulance dispatching activities
* Designed, revised and implementation of policies & procedures related to direc
t patient care
* Monitored compliance with military, HIPAA & Occupational Health & Safety Regul
* Liaison between US Marine Combat unit & Bureau of Navy Medicine Wash DC
* Prepare, revise & maintain polices/procedures pertaining to emergency field pa
tient treatment
* Assist with scheduling rotation of medics providing medical combat exercise co
US Navy Hospital, Jacksonville, FL
Senior Enlisted Operations Supervisor, Same Day Surgery Unit 1991 - 1992
* Managed all medical administrative and patient care operations associated with
the unit.
* Liaison between professional nurses, providers, paraprofessional providers and
hospital administrator
* Supervise, manage, oversee and train all enlisted medical personnel.
* Monitored compliance with military, HIPAA
* Public relations point of contact for unit
* Monitor & maintain unit supply & budget
* Maintained & coordinated all training requirements and activities of enlisted
medical personnel.
US Navy
Senior Management Medical Assignments 1982 - 1991
* Oversee operations at clinics in and outside of the United States
* Supervise subordinate enlisted medical staff
* Provide emergency medical technician refresher training for military staff mem
* Establish policies and procedures related to medical administration and direct
patient care
* Public relations duties and responsibilities
Adjunct Instructor/Facilitator
University of Phoenix Columbus, GA; Florida Metropolitan University, Jacksonvill
e, FL; Atlanta College of Medical & Dental Careers, Atlanta, GA; Georgia Medical
Institute, Atlanta, GA; Concorde Career Institute, Jacksonville, FL
MBA (Healthcare Management) - University of Phoenix, Sept 03
BS Education (Education, Training & Curriculum Development) - Southern Illinois
University, Jul 89
Certificate - County Mass Casualty Training - Jacksonville Fire & Rescue
Certificate-Surveillance Manager - Florida Department of Health, Tallahassee, FL
Mar 00
Certificate-HIV/AIDS Counseling & Testing - Duval County Health Dept., Jacksonvi
lle, FL
Certificate- Occupational Health & Safety - Department of the Navy, Biloxi, MS
Certificate-Emergency Medical Technician-St. Augustine Technical Institute St. A
ugustine, FL Sep86
Certificate- Field Medic-Navy/Marine Corps Field Medical Service School, Camp Le
jeune, NC Sep 84
Certificate- Navy Hospital Corpsman-Navy School of Health Sciences, Great Lakes
IL Aug 83
Certificate-Clinical Specialist/Combat Medic-Army Academy of Health Sciences, Ft
Sam, TX Jun79
Certificate- Administrative Specialist-Army Academy of Administrative Sciences,
Ft Jackson, SC Feb 76
Diploma- High School Graduate-Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, OH Jun 74