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Odin Wortman

15051 Cherrywood Dr Laurel, MD 20707 443.615.2030

Webmaster / Usability Designer / Data-Driven Content Management
Web developer with strong front-end usability and data-driven Web experience.
Accomplished in the following:

MS FrontPage//Excel/Access
Ecommerce Development
Virtual Conferencing
Drupal Modules, Skins, Themes
Multimedia/Video Integration
University Instructor
Course Development
Marketing Research
Web Marketing Strategist
Social & Viral Networking
SEO/Internet Advertising
Web Traffic Analysis
Leads and Sales Conversion
Database Management
Web Development and Design
Content management systems using SQL backend.
Web site redesign with strong writing, graphics and usability
Successful ecommerce systems with strong SEO and CRM.
Implemented integrated Internet and offline promotional campaigns using viral, o
rganic and paid placement.

President, Internet Marketing Solutions, MD 1997 to Present
Own and operate Internet Marketing Solutions. Manage daily operations design Web
sites for corporate and private clients.
Developed one click content management and membership management systems for n
on-profit firms
Trained content owners in modifying and managing their own content
Designed, modified, and managed integrated e-newsletter systems for membership
organizations and technology firms
Provide support and training for ecommerce systems. Development includes databa
se modification, security, user interfaces
Developed little Amazon bookstore for specialty publisher including all of the
customer communications enhancements of Amazon
Created a Website makeover for a best selling author
Developed a dynamic website for a Human Resources Association that includes dyn
amic schedule of events, registration, membership database, whats new, etc. All
done with simple html interface
Created an association Web site automating five-minute creation of Web sites fo
r members.
Installed and customized many ecommerce sites for both UNIX-based and Windows-b
ased systems using SSL security
Established and managed Windows Advanced Servers to support Web sites
Achieved 200,000 unique visits within the first year of Website promotion and m
akeover for specialized human resources consulting firm, and over 1,000,000 uniq
ue users for e-commerce

Odin Wortman Resume, Page 2

Continued * Professional Experience
Marketing Consultant 1993 to 1997
Director of Communications and Information Services,
University of Maryland 1994 to 1997
Instructor, University of Maryland 1992 to 1998
Assistant Director, University of Maryland 1984 to 1994
Proven record of upward progression as a marketing specialist for the University
, significantly enhancing a number of programs and generating consistent revenue
for the college.
Invited Web site visitors to participate in innovative virtual open houses usin
g live telephone bridge conferencing, resulting in an increased Internet inquiry
to closing ratio by prospective students from 1% to 50% generating $1.5 millio
n in increased revenues.
Significantly increased division of University of Maryland Web site traffic by
Added user-friendly options to University Web site and responded with personali
zed messages to approximately 10,000 inquiries annually, increasing University d
ivision enrollments by 15% and Internet course enrollments by 200%.
Used the Internet and personalized communications to reach students worldwide.
Established links with educators in Nigeria, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.
Produced award-winning Bachelors Degree-at-a-Distance Annual Planner using cust
omer testimonials, action highlights, and other applications seen in contemporar
y media production.
Strategically targeted community college graduates in their late 20s nationwide
, and arranged for such lists to be created and maintained, resulting in an incr
eased response rate of direct mail campaign from 1.5% to 4%.
Created regional targeted University schedules and negotiated partnering arrang
ements with community colleges to communicate with their graduates and enable th
em to complete their degree requirements locally.
Designed and developed distance and online business ethics course.
Led a group of University of Maryland faculty in construction of foundations fo
r theory and application in readings and projects.
Enhanced distance education courses through use of live telephone conferencing
sessions that resulted in productive exchange of ideas.

MGA, Masters of General Administration/Marketing, University of Maryland 1989
BA, Health Science and Policy, University of Maryland Baltimore County 1982
Board of Directors, Columbia Business Exchange
Baltimore Business Journals Top Ten Web Development Firms
Three-Time Golden Web Award Winner
Advisor, Lincoln Technical Institute Board of Directors
Advisor, Baltimore County Community Colleges