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MAY & JUNE 2005

Educate • Enlighten • Empower VOLUME XX, NUMBER 3


Women’s Community
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Redefining the
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Back Talk

Planning is underway for August’s Day With Creative Women, the

Women’s Community Center’s annual fundraiser. Participate with a The 31st Annual
booth, a demonstration, a performance, or as the member of one of the Day With Creative
planning committees ... See page 3
Giving a workshop of interest to women? List it in the Women’s Press
... See page 13
Saturday, August 13
Become a courtwatcher and make a difference in another woman’s life
... See page 3 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Your Opinion

Quill Make your wishes known most personal wishes to define the quality of our
KATHLEEN DERAGON The recent tragic conflict with Terri Schiavo’s wishes own lives, and freely decide when we do not want
MANAGING EDITOR, WOMEN’S PRESS underlines the importance of having an Advance heroic measures taken on our behalf are debated
MANAGING-EDITOR@WOMENSPRESS-SLO.ORG Health Care Directive or Living Will. in Congress, and manipulated as sound bites for
Still another decision you can make now is how the President giving a green light to vigilante
Dear Readers, you want your remains to be disposed when death behavior outside a hospice. This case is much
It’s spring and our fields are full of bounty. Also, occurs. The best and least expensive way to do this in more then a right to life debate, it is about our
it will soon be June, the month of marriage. We Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties is to call entire system of checks and balances, and who
used these two facts to plan some of the content the Central Coast Memorial Society (805) 543-6133. holds the power.
for this issue, which has several pages focusing on That simple call could save your family or Kathy Marcove
Relationships and of matters related to Food. Read Executor a lot of grief, perhaps save your estate many
about couples who have beaten the odds and made thousands of dollars, and above all, make certain that `Forty Wonderful´ services
a relationship last for a lifetime, about women’s your wishes will be followed. The articles by Melody Pickell in your January/
sexuality, numerology for relationships. Read about Doug Buckmaster February and March/April editions were
Slow Food, cooking with a wok, and harvest boxes Past President, CCMS excellent.
offered by local farms. Enjoy! I would like to share with your readers a
And now, readers and supporters, we need your help
Power versus rule of law program that EOC Health Services provides
if the Women’s Press is to continue improving in I watched Terri Schiavo’s case closely and I am for peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-
quality and become more widely distributed in the frightened -- frightened that the executive and menopausal women. This program is called Forty
county. Those of us who have volunteered to put out legislative branches of our government demonstrated Wonderful and provides an array of services at
the paper for the last two years need more hands to such little respect for the Constitution, state’s rights, no to low cost. Services offered are: Pap smears,
assist us in production and distribution, as well as and marriage as a legal union. These powerful men clinical breast exams, testing and treatment for
advertising. It’s too much work for the few of us who attempted to look like heroes while completely sexually transmitted infections, referrals for free
have been developing this unique publication that disregarding the rule of law. All civil societies are based mammograms and blood work. We also offer
aspires to give a place where women’s voices can be upon the respect of law, and even though we may not tests for colorectal cancer, hormone replacement
heard and where you can find a woman’s focus on all agree with the laws, in our country there are legal therapy, evaluation and treatment of peri-
issues relating to politics, health and wellness, and ways to change the law. And civilized people need to menopausal symptoms, evaluation and referral for
lifestyle. The better it gets, the more time it takes. respect the law, not take it into their own hands. gynecological concerns and education on specific
As for me, I have had a conversation with my health issues for women forty and older.
So how can you help? husband of 18 years, telling him that I do not want This program is designed for a woman to
Production – be responsible for finding, planning, to live in a persistent vegetative state. Can I feel work with her medical provider to develop a
gathering, and editing content for a section of the confident that my wishes will be fulfilled? Or will health management plan. EOC Health Services
paper some politician trying to hold on to his power make has clinics in San Luis Obispo and Arroyo
my private suffering into a national conversation? Grande. We also provide free reproductive health
Advertising – contact local woman-owned
What hypocrites we have in Washington. On the one care services for teens, men and women up to
businesses or those women frequent and ask them to
hand they want to sanctify the institution of marriage age 64. For further information or to schedule
advertise with us; if you are a business person, take
with their defense of marriage rantings, and yet on an appointment please call 544-2478 for San Luis
out an ad
the other hand, the private and personal agreements Obispo and 489-4026 for Arroyo Grande.
Distribution – deliver the paper to local between a husband and a wife are questioned at the Raye Fleming
distribution points once every two months and then national level. Director of Health Services, EOC
check back periodically to restock. No reason to We should all be frightened when our deepest,
work on the paper if no one can find it to read it!
Layout – lay out a section of the paper. We currently
use InDesign, but Quark will work. We have to

Your Opinion
deliver files electronically to the printer. Angie King, President
Fundraising – plan events or make contacts with Dawn Williams, Secretary
possible local benefactors so we have a regular source Kathleen Deragon Send your letters to :
of funds. Susan Howe Women’s Press–Your Opinion
The staff meets on the third Thursday of the month Kacey Kralicek Women’s Community Center
at the Women’s Community Center, 880 Industrial Sue McMeans 880 Industrial Way
Way to talk about all those issues as well as eat in Andy McMeans San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
good company. Send eMail to :
Jan Potter
If you want to assist us in any of the ways above, give Renee Sanpei ( “Your Opinion” in subject line)
me a call: 474-6444. Robin Werderits

— Kathleen
Hope to hear from you, Karol Vogt


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 4" X 5":
805.544.9313 The mission of the Women’s Press is: to educate, enlighten and
empower women of all ages in San Luis Obispo County; to $75/ONE ISSUE $300/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
show women that they can be the change they want to see in QUARTER PAGE:
MANAGING EDITOR: KATHLEEN DERAGON the world; to strive to provide a quality newspaper that builds $90/ONE ISSUE $375/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
MANAGING-EDITOR@WOMENSPRESS-SLO.ORG awareness of women’s strengths in all areas of life; to remind us
LAYOUT & DESIGN: REBECCA BROWN that we are not alone in our joys and our struggles and that we HALF PAGE:
are constantly growing, changing, and making a difference. $110/ONE ISSUE $550/YEAR (6 ISSUES)
PROOFREADER: NATA KAHLOU Articles, essays, opinion pieces, letters, artwork, poetry PUBLICATION-READY DEFINED AS HIGH-RESOLUTION
wanted & appreciated. The Women’s Press reserves the (MINIMUM 300 DPI) DIGITAL FILES IN ONE OF THE
right to edit all submissions for content, clarity & length. FOLLOWING FORMATS: .TIF, .AI, .PSD, .PDF, .JPG, OR .EPS
EDITORIAL STAFF: Contact or call
JACQUELINE TURNER CHRIS NEIBURGER IN THE WOMEN’S PRESS. Obispo grant-in-aid from the Human Resources Commission.


Page 2 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Women’s Community Center of San Luis Obispo
880 INDUSTRIAL WAY • SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA 93401 • 805.544.9313

Cover image - Belladonna Quilt

This free form artistic quilt has been donated by its
creator, Teresa Perry, to the San Luis Obispo Botanical
Garden to raise funds for their children’s education Dealing With Divorce
program. It will be on display at DWCW. Raffle 3rd Wednesday of each month – 7 PM
tickets will be available at the display of Friends of the Upcoming: May 18, May 18, June 15
San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden and also by order Talk with other women who have been there, done that in a
OUR MISSION IS: supportive, non-judgmental environment. $5 donation
from their website at
• TO maintain an accessible center to collect and
A quote from the Belladonna Quilt – Samuel exchange information of interest and concern to
Self-Represented Litigants’ Clinic
Hahnemann, the founder of the medical system called 4th Tuesday of each month – 5:30 PM
Upcoming: May 24,. June 28
homeopathy treated scarlet fever with small doses of
• TO organize and facilitate workshops, clinics, Get family law advice from local attorneys and/or paralegals.
belladonna. The therapeutic dose of the plant is very seminars, classes and support groups on subjects of Reservations required $25 donation
close to the toxic amount. interest and need Call the WCC- for more information: 805.544.9313
• TO engage in and facilitate interaction
among local, state and national agencies and

Courtwatching organizations working to benefit women

WCC BOARD MEMBER Our presence makes a difference
Concerned citizens, Law Action Committee meet- We are seeing a pattern oc- a moral support for someone judicious if they know they are be-
Volunteer courtwatchers from ings. We have found that many cur when a mother asks for in pro per (self-represented). It ing observed.
the Women’s Community Cen- litigants are going into custody child support: she is embroiled helps us to document cases and This is an opportunity to
ter (WCC) have been observ- and divorce matters unrepre- in a custody battle. She often build a rapport with the courts promote the accountability and
ing some grievous treatment sented, which can be a very trau- loses custody, even when she by which we can advocate for transparency that is needed
of mothers and children in the matic, adversarial experience: has been a good mother, with change. One goal in the family in our judicial system, which
Family Courts, matters you • There is no accountability no grounds for such a decision. courts is to shift the adversarial profoundly affects the lives of
don’t hear about unless you are for lawyers who misrepresent In many cases, the reason for nature to one of doing what’s many families.
involved personally. The court- evidence. divorce has been domestic vio- best for the children and keep-
watching began because there is • There is no respect given to lence. The mothers are fragile ing the family intact as much If you would like to partici-
no method of accountability for the needs of the children. and vulnerable and re-victim- as possible. There is a lot of pate, call the Women’s Com-
the judicial system. • There are no supports in ized in court. education and consciousness- munity Center, 544-9313, or
We observe cases, sometimes place that truly advocate for a There are laws in place to protect raising that needs to happen in e-mail us at wccslo@slonet.
randomly, sometimes upon re- child’s best interest. these inequities and miscarriages of this area. org. If we had a larger number
quest, during the mornings at • There are biases when it justice. Our challenge is to get the Personally, I have found that of courtwatchers, we might be
the County Courthouse in San comes to economic status. judges and lawyers to enforce and being a witness to what goes on able to assure that women and
Luis Obispo. We document how • There is preferential treat- honor them. in this arena can have an effect children are treated fairly in
these cases are handled and dis- ment for those in the “good ol’ Courtwatching can accom- on the outcome of the case. I the courts.
cuss them at the WCC’s Family boys club”. plish several things. It can be have noted that judges will be more

Looking at all the ways women are creative Women’s Community Center
880 Industrial Way, San Luis Obispo CA 93401
Day with Creative Women (805) 544-9313

broadens its focus The 31st Annual Day With Creative Women
This year’s annual fundraiser • Women in Business Saturday, August 13, 2005 – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
for the Women’s Community – Local women business owners
Center—the Day With Creative in a trade show setting DAY WITH CREATIVE WOMEN: an August day full of camaraderie, music, arts, and
Women to be held August 13 on • Health and Wellness handcrafted work by women, children’s activities, food and fun at the Mission Plaza in San Luis
Mission Plaza from 10-5—will – Providers of bodyworks and Obispo. This fundraising event helps to support the Women’s Community Center.
explore not just the creativity wellness services demonstrating Include with this application: Photos (3) of your work and (1) of your booth display.
women exhibit in the arts and their techniques and explaining Check for $75 made out to Women’s Community Center and a SASE. Non-profit women’s
crafts, its primary focus, but their services organizations are invited to apply at a reduced fee of $50. Women in Business may participate
also the creativity they use in • Mother’s Circle – Mothers at $75 per business owner, to display promotional materials. No selling of business products or
other aspects of their lives, like sharing creative “survival” services is permitted at this event. Women in Health and Wellness may apply to be part of a
mothering, gardening, strategies for both special section at $50 per booth.
music making, working and stay-at-
and making a home moms NAME PHONE
living. This year’s • In the Home
theme, “Ignite – In the Garden ADDRESS
Your Creativity,” –Cuttings from
encourages creative local private gardens CITY STATE ZIP
women in all areas for sale with proceeds
of life to participate Ignite Your going to the Women’s EMAIL MEDIA
in the event. Creativity Community Center;
The Women’s local chefs and DISPLAY REQUIREMENTS
Community Center sees how caterers
Please check one:
challenged women are to find And on smaller stages in
Open ____ or closed ____ booth. Electricity required? yes ___ no____
role models to show us how to the exhibit area, you will find
balance personal, professional, a schedule of demonstrations Booth Sizes are 8 X 8. The grassy area of the plaza is restricted to ‘closed front’ booths, with a
and family responsibilities. It ranging from gardening to counter or other barrier to public access. Booths on the pavement may be open, so that patrons
knows those role models can be decorating to mosaic making. may enter into the space. Please let us know if you require electricity, as that will determine
found right here in our county. And, of course, you will where your booth is assigned.
Local creative women in all areas still find on the main stage the CALIFORNIA BOARD OF EQUALIZATION PERMIT # ______________________________
of activity are figuring out what talents of many performers. (You must have a current permit to be accepted)
they want to do and then how If you would like to
to do it. They are consciously I certify that the accompanying photographs are representatives of my own work. I agree that
contribute your own creative
designing their own lives. Come the Women’s Community Center and their representatives will not be responsible for damage or
ideas to the planning of
meet many of them on August 13. this event, join one of the loss to any property during the course of the work
This broadened focus for committees now. Signed______________________________________Date____________________________
the event will add the following
sections in addition to the Call 544-9313 to volunteer or The city of San Luis Obispo requires that 10% of your gross sales be remitted to the City as a
booths displaying the usual contact Chairman Karol Vogt Plaza user’s fee. This will be collected at the end of the event. Please pay by check.
splendid array of arts and crafts: at

Page 3 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

In this “relationship” issue of the
WP, I will talk about relationships Just in time for Mother’s Day –
between old white men on their way
out and younger women on their way An administration attack on stay-at-home moms
up, the proverbial glass ceiling. April
Situation: What their divide-and-conquer of their benefits. It is also worth
19 was Pay Equity Day, the day this
Republican lawmakers were asked in an approach is missing noting that working women receive an
year when US women overall finally
Easter recess briefing paper to look at Privatizers seem to be omitting important benefit not available to full-
earned for 2004 as much as men had
the Social Security benefits earned by an important fact: under the current time homemakers: disability insurance
by last December. Women are not
married women who work in the paid system, spousal benefits combined coverage for themselves and their
yet in any kind of parity, and there is
labor force versus married women who with the program’s progressive benefit families.
still downright sexism rampant in the
stay at home, including those who raise formula protect caregivers and those Their view of stay-at-home moms
workplace. Take this tale, direct from
children and care for elderly parents. The document characterizes stay-at-
San Francisco early in April this year.
The Chronicle reported on a Social Security benefits now ‘How dare the Republicans claim home moms as freeloaders who are
heated SF city building inspection As a gender-neutral program, Social women are getting ‘extra’ benefits en “granted 50% extra” in the form of
commission meeting to approve the Security benefi
NOW ts Care based
HAPTER on 565
# CA an in reality they’ve sacrificed their own spousal benefits. Since raising children
promotion of a 6-year department PO work
individual’s BOX 1306, SLO,
record orCA
work is necessary for society to survive, and
onomic well-being by caring for their
employee to become acting director record of hisSLONOW @ KCBXwhichever
or her spouse, .NET since it is women who do the major
is higher. Not surprisingly, most married famili? The hypocrisy of the party that share of the work of raising children,
of the department. Her opponents
included the long-time head of the women receive higher benefits based on suosedly stands for family valu is women, not men, receive the major
Residential Builders’ Association. their husband’s earnings history than stunning.’ share of spousal benefits.
Instead of concentrating on her on their own—because of time out of This attack on the spousal benefits The problem is not Social Security
ability, or lack thereof, to handle the workforce for family caregiving Many working women aren’t getting a
under Social Surity is a telling
the duties of the proposed position, and because of lower lifetime earnings fair deal. However, the problem is not
due to continued disparities between example of how little privatizers value
he chose to focus on the fact that Social Security. Addressing the issues of
she was female and, at this time, the wages of men and women. Spousal the unpaid caregiving work that unequal pay, the lack of family-friendly
pregnant, and therefore, ipso facto, benefits are designed to compensate millions of women provide for this workplace policies, and the shortage of
unqualified. “…a person who is not women for their time spent raising sociy,’ high-quality, affordable child care would
even going to go up a ladder with her children and caring for other family be a good start to ensuring working
– NOW Prident Kim Gandy
dress down.” There was apparently members. women get what they’ve earned.
an orchestrated chorus of ad Republicans say working women Improving—not replacing—Social
with low and moderate earnings. Private
feminem attacks on Amy Lee, who are short-changed Security benefits would also go a long
accounts on the other hand, would leave
could not believe when reviewing The Republican-issued document way toward ensuring economic security
women at risk of poverty in old age,
the videotape of the proceeding suggests that working women are short- for women.
dependent on their own work and salary
that it had really happened. They changed by Social Security’s spousal histories (all too often less than their From a statement from the National Council
called her impaired because of her benefits since full-time caregivers are male counterparts). In particular, private of Women’s Organizations (NCWO), the
“pregnancy brain.” Joe O’Donoghue, also eligible to receive it. It argues accounts will hurt caregiving parents oldest and largest coalition of the nation’s 200
the instigator of the personal attacks, that working women would do better who will not be making contributions major women’s groups, which represents over
denied he had intended any such under Bush’s privatization proposal early in their careers and will not have 10 million women (NOW is a member). 1050
thing. “For a woman, it is a joy and because women would be able to divert as many years for their investments to 17th Street, NW, Suite 250, Washington,
a blessing to be pregnant because a portion of their own Social Security grow. This lack will later be made worse D.C. 20036, TEL: (202) 293-4505 | FAX:
it means the birth of life…We (the taxes into individual private accounts. by severe cuts in the guaranteed portion (202) 293-4507.
Association) have always defended
women. And we still honor women.”

Reproductive Rights Update

However, the author of the article
says, Joe “insulted all women by
attacking Amy Lee in the manner he
did.” Read it yourself at
Not only does Joe not “get Right to reproductive health care Kansas AG seeks abortion in- REAL (H.R 768): The Responsible
it,” he doesn’t even admit there’s reaffirmed by the UN: The draft plan formation from clinics: The Kansas Education About Life Act would
anything “to get.’ How can we hope created at the Beijing Women’s Confer- Attorney General, a known right-wing require the government to match the
to break the glass ceiling if people ence in 1995 laid out a specific set of zealot against abortion, has filed a child money given in grants for abstinence-
like Joe are stomping on our fingers plans to achieve women’s equality world- abuse criminal investigation. He says only sex education with grants for con-
as we reach upward? wide. This plan, submitted to the UN medical providers have broken state traception information. Rep. Capps is a
And, finally, my current rant on Commission on the Status of Women, law by providing abortions to minors co-sponsor. The companion bill in the
the abortion issue: I feel that the has been developed over the past 10 without parental consent, and this is Senate is S.368. No hearings are sched-
Democrats in general, and Hillary years. The final section on national criminal. Under the Patriot Act, he uled on either bill.
in particular, in reaching out to the strategies was just approved, after con- has subpoenaed all patients’ medical Lockyer Challenges Weldon
“moderate” Republicans to build siderable opposition from the US, which records. The doctors are under court Amendment: Attorney General Bill
party strength and look for common objected, arguing that the goal in the order not to tell anyone, even their Lockyer and Superintendent of Pub-
ground, are ceding the core belief plan of improved reproductive health patients, so this information has been lic Instruction Jack O’Connell filed a
in women’s constitutional rights care for women implied a guaranteed gathered in secret and given his history, complaint in U.S. District Court for the
to full reproductive health care right to abortion. Facing overwhelming what uses might he put it to? He will Northern District of California to block
services, including abortion. I think opposition from member nations, US have the entire medical file for every the “Weldon Amendment,” a federal
it is a mistake. Hillary can agree residents, and women’s groups all over patient at those clinics, even those who spending restriction that could deny
that abortions should be rare. The the world, the US backed down and traveled from out of state. NOW Presi- $49 billion in federal funds to California
question then becomes how to make voted for the Declaration without any dent Kim Gandy said “These women if the state enforces women’s constitu-
them rare, and I can see the debate exclusions. Member nations pledge to are being treated like terrorists instead tional right to emergency abortion care.
becoming how to get rid of abortions undertake further action to ensure full of women exercising their constitution- “The Weldon Amendment tramples
altogether. The debate should be, and accelerated implementation of the al rights. This climate of fear, harass- on women’s constitutional rights, state
rather, on how to provide women Beijing Plan. For more information, visit ment and secrecy must end now.” sovereignty, and the interests of Cali-
comprehensive education and full Pharmacists Must Fill Pre- fornia taxpayers,” said Lockyer. Said
access to services to make informed scriptions for Contraceptives: In O’Connell: “The Weldon Amendment
choices, with the constitutional Coordinator continued Illinois, at least, women can relax about threatens to hold funding for schools
right to implement those choices. Or that people with disabilities have being turned away at the drugstore. and other important government ser-
I hope that women will not let no constitutional right of access to Under emergency regulations, if an in- vices hostage in an effort to force states
Congress or the courts take away public buildings to transact business. dividual pharmacist has a conscientious to restrict women’s reproductive health
their constitutional right to privacy. To win the fight to keep our rights, objection to dispensing the medication, options. This unfair provision of fed-
It would be like agreeing that blacks women must make common cause with there must be another pharmacist on eral law must not be allowed to stand.
should have only limited access to other groups who rely on the same duty who will dispense them. This in- California law rightly protects women’s
schools or jobs, because they have Constitution to protect their rights. cludes Wal-Mart, which has a policy of reproductive freedom. Our schools and
no constitutional right otherwise. That’s the common ground we should not filling such prescriptions. our students should not be penalized
Coordinator - see next column be looking for. ❖ Rep Barbara Lee introduces because of it. ❖

Page 4 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

National Organization for Women News from
You can

all &

Support Universal Single Payer

Action the use of intermittent leave (leave judicial nominations. In response,
do it!

Pres. G.W. Bush

1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Health Care: State Sen. Sheila Kuehl taken in small amounts, e.g. for Senate Democrats have warned that, Washington, DC 20500
(202) 456-1111
has re-introduced her universal single ongoing chemotherapy). The FMLA if Republicans follow through that
payer health care bill in the new guarantees eligible employees up to threat, the Dems will use every available
sessions. S.B. 840 establishes coverage 12 weeks of unpaid job-protected procedure to shut down Senate business: Sen. Barbara Boxer
for any resident of California, paid for leave for a serious illness, to care All bipartisan cooperation would cease, (202) 224-3553
112 Hart Sen. Office Bldg.
by government monies now received for a seriously ill family member, there would be no unanimous consent, Washington, DC 20510
and the money we pay to private or to care for a newborn or newly all bills must be completely read out (202) 224-3553
insurers, minus the nearly 50% of that adopted child. Since 1993, more than loud on the floor into the record, and
cost that goes for administering our 50 million people have taken job- Senate business would come to a halt.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
claims. Much of that administration protected leave, and, as a result, fewer Take Action NOW! Write or
331 Hart Sen. Ofc Bldg.
cost is insurance and pharmaceutical people have had to choose between email Boxer and Feinstein to remain Washington, DC 20510
company profits. Kuehl’s office job and family. strong in their support of the filibuster. (202) 224-3841
estimates savings of about $20 billion NOW and other progressive
the first year of operations. While the organizations have vowed to wage Here’s a sample letter:
Rep. Lois Capps
devil is in the details of what procedures a large, organized public fight if the As an advocate of women’s rights, 1411 Marsh St., #205
are covered and restrictions on access Bush administration proceeds with I am writing to urge the Department of San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
and choice of doctor, it is still a any changes that would weaken the Labor not to make any changes to the (805) 546-8348
worthwhile effort to bring the issue out law. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) (202) 225-3601
in the open and think out of the box. “It’s anti-family,” said NOW regulations. Many of this country’s
Take action NOW! Write President Kim Gandy. “At a time workers rely on FMLA when they have Ass. Sam Blakeslee
Maldonado to support Kuehl’s bill: when more families than ever are a newborn or newly adopted child at State Capitol Bldg., #4015
Please send a copy of your letter of caring for young children or elderly home, a seriously ill family member or Sacramento, CA 95814
support to Sen. Kuehl’s office. For more parents or both, we urge the Bush are ill themselves. The proposed roll- (805) 549-3381
info, just Google her name. administration not to undermine backs to FMLA availability would put (916) 319-2033
Don’t Let the Bush basic protections.” many employees in the unfortunate
Administration Roll Back Family Take Action NOW! Write or position of having to choose between State Sen. Abel Maldonado
Leave! The Department of Labor call Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao. job and family. Dismantling FMLA State Capitol, #4081
(DOL) may propose changes to Preserve the Filibuster is not the way to make this country Sacramento, CA 95814
(805) 549-3784
the Family and Medical Leave Act to Protect the Rights of All strong. The protections provided in (916) 445-5843
(FMLA) that could roll back many Minorities: NOW leaders call this law help families thrive -- in fact,
of the protections the law provides the filibuster a crucial tool in the more than 50 million people have taken
Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger
to the country’s workers. Opponents preservation of minority rights and job-protected leave since FMLA was
State Capitol
of FMLA are reportedly pressuring urge all Senators who are committed enacted. Sacramento, CA 95814
the Bush administration to weaken to a fair judiciary to hold strong in Once again, I strongly urge you to (906) 445-2841
the law by eliminating some of the their determination to filibuster. retain the integrity of the Family and
circumstances in which employees may Senate Republicans are threatening Medical Leave Act and help protect State Sen. Sheila Kuehl
take unpaid leave and by restricting to call filibusters out of order for millions of families. c/o Sara Rogers
State Capitol Bldg., #5108
Sacramento, CA 95814
Sec’y of Labor Elaine Chao

Get involved—Join NOW 200 Constitution Ave., NW

Washington, DC 20510
(202) 219-5000

San Luis Obispo Chapter

National Organization for Women
Every woman doesn’t have to join NOW, just the 142 million who are discriminated against!

2005 General Meetings NOW Chapter # CA 565

11573 Los Osos Valley Rd, #B, SLO
3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406
May 17 September 20
NOW Calendar
May 1: International Worker’s Day. Support our union sisters.
2005 Goals Boycott Wal-mart.
• Work to eliminate ALL violence against women • Support reproductive choice •
May 10: Birthday of Ella Grasso, first woman to be governor (CT)
• Fight against sexual harassment • Encourage tolerance and diversity •
without first having been a governor’s widow, 1919
• Promote feminist issues • Roe v Wade (Jan 22) • Women’s Equality Day (Aug 26) •
• Participate in Farmer’s Market • Support feminist political candidates • May 10: Victoria Woodhull announces presidency candidacy, 1870
May 15: Birthday of Florence Nightingale, 1858
May 17: NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
Name__________________________________________________ May 25: Birthday of Sally Ride, first woman in space, 1951
May 27: Birthday of Amelia Bloomer, early suffragist, 1818
Address ________________________________________________ May 30: Memorial Day: Honor our fallen sisters, victims of war
Phone _________________________ June 4: Shirley Chisholm announces presidency candidacy, 1972
June 19: Juneteenth, celebrate the anniversary of the Emancipation
Amount enclosed _____________ Send your check and this form to: Proclamation
Regular Dues $40 NOW Chapter # CA 565 June 21: NOW regular meeting, 6 PM
Sliding Scale $15 – 39 PO Box 1306, SLO, CA 93406 June 22: Birthday of Dianne Feinstein, 1933
June 23: Title IX banning discrimination in sports becomes law, 1972
June 27: Birthday of Helen Keller, 1880 June 28: NOW formed, 1966
June 30: ERA ratification falls short by 3 states, 1982

Women’s Press May/June 2005 eMail the editors: Page 5

Health and Spirituality

Stopped Relationships:
in my tracks Be what you want
Perhaps the most powerful way that bothers them, don’t
Coming around the corner near my home the A Garden
we can transform and achieve divert onto something that
other day, I practically ran right into a yoga for Eto Park and all the Etos
positive relationships is to is bothering you. Wait until
student I’d had in class a few years back. BE exactly what we WANT. you’ve addressed their concerns
My mind had been buzzing … the usual Since like attracts like we can before mentioning what
what’s next on this busy plate of mine way of A garden calls us
only benefit from thinking bothers you.
being. Thankfully she stopped me in my tracks As it called our ancestors,
and behaving in ways that 4) Stick with the issue at hand.
by waving at me. I came off my incessant wheel As it calls our children
match what we most desire. If there is something that needs
of motion for the moment and rolled down my And their children
Thus being a role model for to be discussed, remain with
window to say hello. Yet unborn.
others — being the change — is a that particular issue. Refrain
There was obviously something more than potent way to uplift and evolve
just a simple hello she had to share with me. from dragging the past into it
our relationships. So, right and bringing up other issues
Before I could ask her how she was she replied, We all, past, present, future
now, take a moment to think that are not relevant.
“My best friend died today.” Tears rolled down Long for Eden,
about some of the qualities
her eyes, and they begun to well up in mine. Paradise beyond blame, 5) Keep it in the present. As
you want to experience in your
I didn’t know her that well, and yet she Sacred Perfection, with ground rule number
opened to me in that moment, allowing her grief Lion lying with lamb, four, avoid mentioning the
Some questions to ask
to pass through: we were completely connected. Roots tangled in soul, past. Focus on the present
yourself might include, “What
I came home and felt drawn to sinking in, A tap root to Eternity. circumstances only.
kind of relationships do I
breathing deeper, intent on staying more want and what is keeping 6) Avoid “you” statements. This
connected to each moment as it passed. me from having them?” “Do
We seek the morning star leads to blame and accusation.
I had to ask myself: why does it take I feel deserving of having
Lifting the treetops, Use “I” as much as possible.
something like a death or a birth, a sunset or relationships that support me
sunrise, a wedding or a funeral, to push the Pale dawn, 7) Take responsibility. Be
and my highest good?” “Am I
button that works on auto-drive into direct A finger touching earth. accountable for your role,
willing to let go of patterns that
experience? Why have we allowed ourselves to We seek the great Awakening. actions, and reactions.
are keeping me from being the
move so quickly away from the moment, missing best I can be?” 8) Leave your ego at the door.
the Essence of Life? Through the years of Often, we prefer to be “right,”
I don’t have the answers. There are plenty Our long journey requires
relationship counseling I’ve are offended easily, and tend to
of texts, a surplus of spiritual teachers, and The solace of Gethsemane;
done, I have seen that what take things personally. Being
multiple paths to enlightenment. Each one has Knee bent to rock,
often keeps us from having kind versus “right” is always
its own foundation and principles to follow Long solitary hours under trees,
healthy and loving relationships the most loving and healthy
offering a faint hope of “moving towards the prayer for strength,
is a lack of “tools” or “ground approach to take.
light.” As a student of yoga I direct myself prayer for will,
rules.” Ground rules are 9) Learn to apologize. Some-
through my practice to grow and reach towards prayer for purpose fulfilled.
powerful because they provide times, saying, “I’m sorry,” with
the light. Yet I still catch myself speeding around us with a foundation from sincerity is all that’s needed.
those corners! which to operate which
Thankfully, I drove by a friend today. She Our hearts seek a garden;
minimizes unnecessary
stopped me. We looked into each other’s eyes; I Ground for the seeds
confusion and conflict. Laura V. Hyde, M.A.,
felt her sadness. For a moment she cried and I We receive in cupped hands:
is Founder of Infinite
did, too. I reached for her arm, placed my hand Seeds of forgiveness, The following are nine Wisdom and has her own
over hers, and said, “I’ll be thinking of you.” She of love, ground rules that I have taught private practice providing
said, ‘Thank you.” It slowed me down. of peace, clients over the years. When counseling and life purpose
When Spirit grabs me like that I rejoice! Yah! of trust. put it into practice, they can coaching. A national author
I’ve moved into direct experience, for now. I ask help you create supportive, and speaker, Laura offers
Spirit for more of that. Now, of course, I don’t get open, honest, and healthy workshops for awakening
off on having other people experience grief in my Our hearts seek a garden. relationships: the heart and spirit. Laura
presence. But I do get off in catching myself con- This garden. This.
1) Listen with full attention. is the author of the books
necting intimately in a way I hadn’t planned. I ask Gifts of the Soul and The
This means not interrupting
myself, can this become more of common experi- Intimate Soul, a syndicated
another, not reacting and not
ence rather than an uncommon one? columnist, a student of A
-Karen Nagano thinking about what you’re
It’s my intention to be guided by the flow of Course in Miracles and a
going to say.
events rather than driven by my own agenda. Life visionary speaker. Laura
is here, and then it’s gone. 2) Avoid using the words
is the host of “Relationship
She said, “My best friend died today.” In “always” and “never.” Nothing
Wisdom” on Public
short this story has a message for all of us: ‘Life is ever black and white and
Television (channel 2) and a
moves pretty fast, you better slow down long using these words exaggerates
frequently requested keynote
enough to catch it.” – Ferris Bueller. (and aggravates) the situation.
speaker. Please visit Laura
Lisa Jansen owns and teaches at Central 3) Stop the spin. When another at: or e-
Coast Yoga and also offers Thai massage. person is sharing something mail:

The fantastical ravings of a sleep-deprived mother

Dear Friends, Family, and Loved of uninterrupted sleep she had had in
Ones... I felt compelled to share the months. Mother and infant are now

Wisdom following information with you. It is

with great pleasure and amazement
that I announce that Odessa Yvonne
enjoying a morning of heightened brain
activity and sheer contentment. This
remarkable event is a testament to the
Laurie, daughter of Luke Laurie and fact that all things are temporary and
The TV show that inspires Yvonne Duran, achieved the highest that life will provide you with what
awareness & growth accomplishment of any seven-month-old you most need when you are most
through relationship. or otherwise-aged-infant on the night desperate. Therefore, take heart when
of Monday, March 21, 2005, when she adversity strikes, gather yourself up my
SLO Public Access, Ch 2 slept for a continuous duration of 7 and the shoulders and stand tall, and think
Hosted by national author, 1/2 hours to the great astonishment of on the tale of Odessa and her mother.
speaker & counselor her wonderful and loving, but beyond- I therefore proclaim today a national
sleep-deprived mother. Although her holiday in the land of Mommyhood. Let
Laura V. Hyde mother did not enter a slumberous state it be hence known that today is a day of
herself until 1:30 a.m., she remained joy and celebration, a day of gratitude
Mon-3:30PM • Wed-7PM so until approximately 6:30 a.m. when and remembrance, and a time to do a
Sat-4PM Odessa’s ravenous hunger woke her little dance, make a little love, get down
from the deepest, most fulfilling 5 hours tonight!!!

Page 6 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Women’s Lives
It’s not about choice or life
Females Redefining the Abortion Debate–Part 2
are a The following information is
part two of a summary of an
restrictive laws. Extensive
international data also confirms
with, “If your concern is the
safety of women, you must
kernel of truth that is taken
out of context while large

separate article by Lisa Littman of the

Rockridge Institute. You can find
that the legal status of abortion
is correlated with safety. When
make sure that abortion
remains safe and legal.”
amounts of compelling and
valid evidence are ignored.

the article in its entirety at: www. women experience unwanted We value responsibility. It Recognize the statements they pregnancies, they will turn to is responsible for a woman make that are based on myths,
reprod – Editor abortion whether it is legal to delay having children until point them out, explain the
genome! How the conservatives sell
the punishment approach
or not. The consequence of
the illegality is that far more
she feels she can provide
adequately for her children. It is
trick they are using, and show
the real data.
Numerous punishment women die from the procedure responsible to delay or space out • Ask the real question:
Study reveals women are more and maternal mortality is pregnancies to maximize one’s
genetically complex than men groups are spreading falsehoods prevention or punishment?
like: contraception is dangerous greatly increased. ability to be a good parent. The abortion debate is not
Research published in March
in the journal Nature reveals and increases abortions; sex • Know the facts and have about who chooses or when
education promotes sexual How To Win The Debate them handy: life begins. The true abortion
that women are genetically
more complex than scientists activity; abstinence-only • Frame the debate in terms The facts are that in societ- debate question comes down to
ever imagined. Scientists have programs are effective. These of our values: Responsibility, ies where the fertility rates are the following:
found an unexpectedly large myths are blatantly and Empathy, Honesty. stable, as contraception use Would you rather reduce
variation on the X chromosome verifiably false, but they are • Hold the Conservatives goes up, abortions go down. unintended pregnancies,
among women, which means repeated frequently enough to and pro-punishment Comprehensive sex education reduce abortions, and reduce
they can differ from each have won over a large segment supporters accountable for does not cause people to be- sexually transmitted diseases
other almost as much as they of the U.S. population. their actions: come sexually active at earlier while protecting the health
can from males. Men and Punishment and prevention At any mention of the ages or increase sexual activity of women and men, or do you
women may differ by as much policies: what happens “wrongness” of abortion or rates. Contraception and legal want to deliberately increase
as 2 percent of their entire Contrary to what proponents the “value of life,” we need to abortion are significantly safer unintended pregnancies,
genetic inheritance, a degree of the punishment approach respond with, “Then you must than continuing a pregnancy. increase abortions, increase
of difference greater than use as justification for making help us reduce the number • Reveal the tricks the sexually transmitted diseases,
the hereditary gap between abortion illegal, international of abortions and unintended punishment proponents use to and harm the health of women
humankind and its closest experience shows that countries pregnancies by supporting defend their myths. and men in order to punish
relative – the chimpanzee. with the lowest abortion rates the measures that are most Often these tricks by the them for having sex?
“Alas,” said one of the have the most liberal abortion effective in doing so.” punishment proponents to That’s the real debate.
authors of the study, the laws while countries with At any mention of the word distort the science in order to Every discussion on abortion
Duke University genome the highest rates often have “safety,” we need to respond defend myths include a tiny needs to be about this question.
expert Huntington Willard,
“genetically speaking, if you’ve
met one man, you’ve met them
all. We are, I hate to say it, Some thoughts on Yin and Yang
predictable. You can’t say that
about women. Men and women BY ANNE DUNBAR
Dear Friend:
are farther apart than we ever During the years I have studied these images and seek the true
knew. It’s not Mars or Venus. I recently joined with other Senators in introducing the feminine and masculine feminine forces.
It’s Mars or Venus, Pluto, Women’s Health Office Act of 2005. This bill seeks to aspects of living through the Through careful and
Jupiter and who knows what improve the quality of women’s healthcare through the various cultural and religious patient study the feminine
other planets.” “In essence, he establishment of multiple offices of women’s health teachings available to all of reveals itself as so much more.
went on to say, “there is not one within the Department of Health and Human Services. us. My favorite symbol is the Moreover, this female force
human genome, but two – male Yin/Yang symbol, which speaks is vital to the male force in all
and female.” Although some women’s health-oriented offices of the balance of the polarities. manifestation. The Yin/Yang
Dr. Willard and his co- currently exist under the Department of Health In this symbol Yin can be seen is a living, breathing flow of
author, Laura Carrel, a and Human Services, these offices do not yet have as feminine. It is in perfect energy in all things. Conversely,
molecular biologist at the permanent authorization, leaving them susceptible balance to Yang, which can the male force would also be
Pennsylvania State University to poor funding, poor staffing, or even outright be seen as masculine. Each is vital to the feminine. This is
College of Medicine, think elimination. The Women’s Health Office Act would represented with just a little bit marriage in its purest form
that their discovery may help permanently authorize these offices along with funding of the other within it. To me represented in all life.
explain why the behavior and for them for the coming years. this teaches that all feminine So, polarities or opposites
traits of men and women are forces exist with just a little of reveal some of the path to
so different; they may be hard- The Food and Drug Administration, the Centers the masculine force and vice better understanding about
wired in the brain, in addition for Disease Control and Prevention, the Agency for versa. I have been exposed to such things. Light and dark,
to being hormonal or cultural. Healthcare Research and Quality, the Health Resources the idea that I must manifest sun and moon, dry and moist
The newly discovered genetic and Services Administration, and the Department of primarily female force or I will are some of nature’s polarities.
variation might help account Health and Human Services conduct many critical wither away and eventually die. These are images we know,
for differing gender reactions programs and services aimed at improving health I sense truth in this idea and not really foreign to us. More
to prescription drugs and the of women throughout the nation. The work these search for a clear definition of polarities are apparent in
heightened vulnerability of agencies do for women’s health should be elevated and the feminine. foods; fresh and cooked, hot
women to some diseases. funded so that they may better carry out their mission. I reject the notion that and cold, bitter and sweet.
David Page, a molecular I must forward myself in this Others are revealed in motion
biologist and expert on sex We have a long way to go in the effort to better society and in my marriage as or sound; inflow and outward
evolution at the Whitehead understand why certain diseases affect men and women a man would. I choose to be flow, projection and reception,
Institute for Biomedical differently. We also need to improve our knowledge female, not just in the physical action and rest or sound and
Research in Cambridge, of disorders and conditions such as depression, but in all aspects of my life. quiet. In truth male and female
Mass., calls himself “the breast cancer, migraines, osteoporosis, and various Fine! But what exactly does are polarities also. We are not
defender of the rotting Y autoimmune diseases such as lupus, which seem to be that mean? Is the feminine the same. We are so different
chromosome.” He’s referring more prevalent in women than in men. force manifest through nail that we often misunderstand
to studies showing that the Y polish and makeup? Does each other completely, cannot
chromosome has been shedding To help make women’s health a priority, we should it mean weak and whining communicate, and give up on
genes willy-nilly for millions also secure women’ s health offices and positions or helpless and fearful? I love.
of years and is now a fraction throughout the Department of Health and Human don’t think so. These are the
of the size of its partner, the X Services. If you have any questions regarding this or images fed to me through my
chromosome. any other matter, I hope you will contact me. growing up and my family
Size matters, so some experts was matriarchal! I saw these
have suggested that in 10 Sincerely, images in television, advertising
million years or even much Barbara Boxer everywhere and in societal
sooner - 100,000 years - men United States Senator norms taught in my family
could disappear. and my world. I’ve rejected

Page 7 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

June & Gary: Mary & Bob:
Joy for life and each other Commitment
If you know me, or have even met me, you know I’m the memory. I felt silly asking the question, “What’s
the last person to discuss long-term relationships. I the secret?” because it was obvious there was no AN INTERVIEW BY KRISTINA BENNETT
have no experience in secret. They’re just Mary and Bob (not their real names) have lived in San
the matter whatsoever. still crazy about each Luis Obispo since 1980. They met one another when
Though I did try other. Gary still cuts she was 17 and he was 18 and got married two years
marriage years ago, roses from the garden later. This June they will have been married for 27
I gave it up before for June. June still years
the ink had dried on thinks he’s the sexiest
the thank you notes. man on earth. Q: Why do you think your relationship has been
But I’m not entirely They each support successful?
cynical on the subject. the other’s passions Bob: Our individual relationship with God, prayer,
My parents stayed and always have. In reading the Bible, fellowship with other like-minded
together just short of college, June saved for people. A willingness to put the other person first and
fifty years and only in months, two dollars respect their point of view. Forgiving and forgetting
death did they part. at a time, to have an each other’s shortcomings and spending time talking,
So I know it CAN be onyx ring made for listening, and doing things we both enjoy.
done. But how? Gary. He still wears it
Mary: The commitment. The idea that you stick it
I once asked my today. And best of all,
out. We’ve both had that attitude from the beginning.
mother “what’s the they laugh. Every day.
I never had that feeling of “What a mistake!” We
secret?” And in her June’s eyes tear up
were always stronger – our love was stronger – than
practical manner she when she tells me,
the challenges. People now get divorced over small
simply replied, “separate bathrooms.” That made “We’ve had a charmed life.” And I find myself getting
things. Prayer is one of the main ingredients of our
sense to me, so I let it go. a little misty, too, when I realize I’ve been looking
relationship. We pray for each other, the relationship,
Then I met June and Gary. Forty-seven years at this whole relationship business from the wrong
and other people. It’s part of our daily life together.
together. (I think they married at 12. They do NOT angle. It’s not two people, but two hearts that make
look their age!) But they insist they met in college. it work. And it’s more than finding love; it’s finding Q: What do you most enjoy about your relationship?
“On our first date,” says Gary, “I thought she was a joy … for life and for each other. June and Gary have Bob: Having someone who loves you and is there for
bad Bridge player.” June just laughs, “I thought he was found it. Their exuberance for each other’s presence you and having someone to love and take care of. And
an asshole.” Then she adds, “But then he kissed me in their lives is infectious. family and children.
and I knew.” So the fairy tale does exist. Remarkable. But I
Forty-seven years later and June still blushes at still think separate bathrooms are a damn fine idea. See Mary & Bob on page 10

Two Marriages That Work
Joan & Joe: Joe says, “It takes two to make it work. Both
people must be willing to go for it again and again.
cloud the real issues if there isn’t complete honesty
in a relationship. This promise between us has given
Respect, hard work, The man ought to give the wife money for her own us something to stand on, a firm foundation in our
daily lives.
and acceptance independence, not criticize her, and care for her
needs as if they were his own.” We never go to bed angry. I suppose we inherited
Joe and Joan Dunbar have been married for 54 years. Here is a marriage where there is respect, hard this rule from Will’s parents. This means simply let go
Joe’s draft notice for duty in Korea came in while they work, and acceptance. of the bad feelings to the best of your ability before
were on their honeymoon. He left for boot camp sleep. Sometimes, it simply means the touch of a toe,
shortly there after and six weeks later Joan took a saying, “goodnight” or “sweet dreams”. Often things
train to California to see him off. The ride was three seem so small the next day. I’ve been surprised many
days long from Buffalo to California. Joan carried times.
two sandwiches to eat and no money on the ride. When an argument does happen, we take it out
She and Joe wept in a hotel in Oceanside, California, for a walk. Somehow, the walking outdoors diffuses
the night before he left for the war overseas. the anger, which seems to grow when trapped
Just last week Joe and Joan slept in the same indoors. Surrender during a fight doesn’t always
hotel 54 years later. This time there were no tears. mean giving in to the other person, often it can
Instead there was a feeling of closure on a very mean choosing to give in to the marriage, so that the
bleak chapter in their marriage and in their lives. relationship can flourish and survive. The issue being
Joe fought in the tanks in Korea for two years. After argued must be weighed in importance, and choices
his discharge, San Diego looked awfully good to the be made regarding the effect upon the partnership
boy from the cold country, but he had a wife and involved.
daughter waiting for him back home. Many relationships break up over money. We
During the next several decades three more started out keeping all our money in one place with
children arrived, a small home was purchased and Will handling it. That worked fine for many years.
loads of coupons were saved and spent. Joe worked I enjoyed the freedom from financial worry and
in a barrel factory for just a few dollars a day from responsibility. At some point I felt the need to have
early morning until nightfall. Joan kept the house, my own money, so I do. Money doesn’t define or
did the accounting, helped the children with their rule our marriage. We flow with financial changes, as
homework, and did laundry. She also made fabulous needed. As time has passed, we seem to be rubbing
home-cooked meals, which Joe dreamed about while off on each other. I’m thriftier and Will is a little less
working. Every week Joe brought his paycheck so these days. It is quite amusing!
home and gave it to Joan. Somehow Joan made ends Finally, we have realized that our marriage has
meet and Joe never asked questions. He respected her
decisions regarding money.
Anne & Will: a life of its own, which we want to nourish as if it
were our child. We consciously choose to let our
There were difficult times from the beginning Take arguments out love rise in importance in the light of our individual
for these two lovers, but quitting was not considered
an option. If the idea of leaving Joe ever crossed Joan’s
for a walk differences. I may never completely understand my
husband but I do accept him. We married for the
mind it was dismissed immediately. She believes that My name is Anne Dunbar. I have married the son of second time a few years ago. This time it was with our
adapting to change is very important in a marriage. Joe and Joannie Dunbar. My husband’s name is Will eyes wide open, no stars in our eyes, just love.
Between these two, anger was seldom carried to the and we have been together for 26 years now. I watch my mother-and father-in-law and I see
next morning. It was best forgotten. “Joe has enough Will and I have our own ideas about how our balance. Perhaps that is the secret! They balance each
courage to apologize when necessary and admit when marriage has worked. In the early days, we promised other in respect, in strength, and in humor. They
he has been wrong.” He also would never fight in each other complete honesty. We wanted to know honor the balance of the forces present in their bond
front of the children. “Don’t carry a grudge. Speak all of the truth that is between us, no matter how of love. They are a living Yin/Yang symbol in human
your mind and then let it go.” says Joan. difficult or painful it might be. Imagination and fear relationship! Hey, I want to do that, too!

Page 8 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Stefani & Tim
Feast in the Field
Cornflake Crusted Salmon
with Chile Cilantro Aioli
Last summer, I had the pleasure How did the idea for the Feasts RECIPE BY TIM AND STEFANI BOLLÉ
of working with Stefani Bollé and evolve?
her husband, Tim, chefs who were Serving Size: 4
catering a fundraiser for the Buy We feel passionate about Preparation Time: 1 hour
Fresh Buy Local campaign at the preserving the family farm. I
Huasna Valley Farm. This was contacted the Buy Fresh Buy 2 tablespoons minced fresh cilantro
their first Feast in the Field event. Local group and offered to do a 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
It was a unique opportunity benefit for them. I was gratified 1 poblano chile, roasted, peeled and minced
to wander the fields with the by the exposure to artisan cheese 1 garlic clove roasted and mashed
owners, who gave us meaningful makers, vintage beef, organic 2 lime wedges squeezed
insights into vintners, and the things Tim and Fish:
what is involved I wanted to use in 1 cup milk
in community- our own business 1 large egg white lightly beaten
2 cups cornflakes finely crushed
supported- How did you
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
agriculture decide to go 1/2 teaspoon salt
(CSA) and into this line of 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
the bankers and decides this is
growing organic work? 2 tablespoons olive oil
what we need to do “:in order to
produce. The After having our 4 salmon fillets (6-ounce)
carry out their ideas.”
afternoon was daughter in 2001, Lime wedges
spent tasting we realized it What has helped you through To prepare aioli, combine first 5 ingredients, stirring well.
various wines was a good time this process?
To prepare fish, combine milk and egg white in a shallow
and hors to rethink our Doing a lot of inner work. dish, stirring well with a whisk. Combine cornflakes, flour,
d’oeuvres while lives, integrate Looking at my fears and salt, and black pepper in a shallow dish.
walking among our personal processing them. Asking why Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high
a variety of and professional isn’t this working? I meditate. heat. Dip fish in milk mixture; dredge in cornflake mixture.
crops. There lives. A camping What is it in me that might be Add fish to pan; cook 4 minutes on each side or until fish
was a splendid retreat to Big mirrored in this situation? There’s flakes easily when tested with a fork.
dinner. Tables were set amidst Sur gave us the chance to gain a lot of purpose, intention, and Serve with mayonnaise mixture and lime wedges.
sunflowers and rows of corn while some clarity about our values cleaning up.
we were served one course after and priorities. Our decision to
another until well after sunset. start an organic catering business What have been the gifts of
A beautiful joy permeated the has been a roller coaster ride. making this change in your
air as the sky turned an array of It’s hard supporting yourself life?
blazing colors. It inspired some in the world and in this county I feel more integrated and real. Stefani and Tim Bollé have created Affaire L’Amour, an
to break into song while others sometimes. My personal and business lives are organic catering and personal chef business, “organic
sat quietly in awe. It was a lovely Tim and I complement the same. My husband and I are food cooked with love.” They’ll be doing several Feasts
combination of hard work done each other in that I have the partners, equal in every way. I’ve this summer and fall.
by conscientious souls, the inspiration and am the dreamer, broken free from the conventional
warmth of community, and the while he tends to think in terms mold. Connecting with the com- Reach them at 805-473-3389 •
magic of nature. of the bottom line. He talks to munity has been great. •

Peace & Love

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Bride

Relationship Nearing 70, I look with

fondness and humor at the
Armenian bread, ice cream
and a calorically incorrect rich
patterned pantyhose, heavy
make-up, false eyelashes and
AN INTERVIEW courtship stage of marriage. dessert. Our stomachs hurt but long red hair. My sweetheart is
BY BAILEY DRECHSLER Courtship may be we avoided hurting feelings! from a Mexican family and I
remembered fondly even if the We learned to plan family visits assumed a sixties style divorcee
Length of your relationship? resulting marriage ends. My more carefully. We married, with a child was the last thing

We met about seven years ago, and first husband and I performed had a wonderful daughter. The they would want for their tall,
have been solely committed to the Meet the Parents ritual marriage ended. I still enjoy dark, and handsome treasure. I
one another for five years come May. one evening, starting with my Armenian food! toned down my clothes, put on
parents. My Mother fed us Early in our courtship, my a demure face and headed for
Favorite romantic outing? her best Midwest farm menu: present husband had to be Los Angeles. I found his family

We love to kayak, and enjoy going

to the ocean together (walking,
watching sunset), followed by Chinese
roast beef, mashed potatoes,
her famous wonderful gravy
and all the trimmings. With
evaluated by my friends and
family. The first hurdle was my
ten-year-old daughter, who had
included divorcee-mothers
with flashy clothes, long dyed
hair, and lots of make-up. They
food at our favorite restaurant in SLO bellies full, we next visited my given previous suitors a cold probably thought me a little dull
(Mandarin Gourmet). We love movies and future in-laws. These good folk shoulder, an often justified but were warm and welcoming.
the outdoors. were old country Armenians, behavior. My child was a great I took back my sixties look!
which meant an unexpected judge of character! But when After 35 years of marriage, our
Your acquired wisdom for creating and
full Armenian meal. Upon she met her future stepfather, engagement photograph is
maintaining a successful relationship?
arrival, we were ushered into she turned on the charm. My a major source of humor for

One thing for sure: learn how to

communicate early in the
relationship (some things don’t always
the dining room. I intended
to serve myself small portions,
parents were friendly to him.
After all, he might pull me out
young folks. The snickers and
giggles don’t bother us. We
spreading them around my of the shame of a divorced appreciate the young, slender,
come naturally), and never assume what plate to make them look state! My friends were difficult, unwrinkled sixties couple in
your partner is thinking and/or feeling generous, a trick from my expecting another in a long that photo! Marriage has been
(Justine’s favorite piece of wisdom). Justine childhood when detested liver, line of frogs in my search for a good to them. I wonder if our
said, “don’t take life so seriously!” We have oyster, and scrambled brains prince. My female friends had delightful grandchildren have
learned over the years that it is okay to dinners were served. The best plans to beat him up. But he seen our daughter and son-in-
ask for space – we are very supportive of laid plans of mice and bride passed muster and became a law’s early photos! I think I’ll go
each other in every endeavor we take on, crumbled as the father of the part of our circle. I was very get the album!
be it as a team or individually. house served us huge portions. apprehensive before the first Rosalee Kay Calvillo –
Our previous meal was topped visit to his side of the family. Wife, Mother, Grandmother,
off with lamb-stuffed grape I was a sixties gal with very Feminist, Peace Advocate,
leaves, shish kabob, rice pilaf, short skirts, crazy colored and Tutor, Actress, Writer

Women’s Press May/June 2005 eMail the editors: Page 9


Celebrating Women’s Sexuality—Feminist Style

Have I stirred your
interest? Perhaps a twinge
The Social Construction book to help you with this is
BY ANNE WARNER-HOWE of Sexuality Lonnie Barbach’s For Yourself.
of hopefulness or pleasant Aside from politics, socio-
Let’s use #’s to look at may try and try again to settle Get to Know your Body –
wonder has floated to the cultural attitudes are another
relationships? The # of vowels down. With a two, three, five, This may sound so cliché
surface. Given the diverse force impacting our sexuality.
in the full birth names and/ (sometimes) eight or nine, but it’s a number one
reality of women’s experiences, When Freud was writing about
or the names you and your enjoyable relating is possible. recommendation given by most
I’m certain some of you women’s sexuality in the 1900s,
special someone currently Love –over and over again- is sex therapists. Knowing what
are thinking, Isn’t celebrating he referred to the vulva as “the
use hold one of many keys to probable. Commitment is feels good is a first step toward
sexuality an oxymoron? Let’s face dark continent,” theorized
your compatibility. Do keep possible when the partner sharing sexual intimacy with
it, keeping our sexuality from that clitoral stimulation and
in mind that the #’s you come understands the elevated your lover. Again, Barbach’s
becoming inert is something orgasms were “unfeminine,”
up with are but a facet of what and expansive quality of this book is a good resource.
most adults will have to face and argued (among other
goes into assessing your overall creative mind and heart. Go Beyond the Orgasm –
at one time or another—even things) that women suffered
relationship potential.
Let’s begin by counting
the # of A’s in each name and
S IX loves to love. While this
heart may be more at ease
with other extroverted hearts,
in the best of relationships, no
matter your sexual orientation.
from “penis envy.” We can
laugh now at such ludicrous
Sexuality embodies
sensuality, and there is pleasure
to be had in fully embracing
So, what’s to celebrate? Plenty! claims, and acknowledge we’ve
multiplying them by 1. Multiply it can and will put its energies Is there a feminist way to come a long way, but have our sensorial experiences.
the # of E’s by 5, the I’s by into relating with introverts celebrate women’s sexuality? we? Negative attitudes and Feminist sex therapists and
9, the O’s by 6, and the U’s of gentle, appreciative nature. Read on to find out… distorted information about educators promote a whole
by 3. For example: Eugenia Persuasive, soothing and women’s sexuality and beauty body/mind/spiritual sexuality,
Ouberfemme has 1-A x1=1, 5- First Things First
supportive, this heart is one still abound. The result: A one that incorporates all the
E’s x5=25, 1-I x9=9, 1-O x6=6 Let’s begin by looking at some
that generally finds a welcome significant number of women senses, divine connectedness,
and 2-U’s x3=6. Upon reducing fundamental feminist notions
awaiting it. In love with loving, feel shame towards their intimacy, and self-appreciation.
the vowel value of this name about female sexuality rights*:
this heart can opt easily out of genitals, suffer from eating Planning & Spontaneity –
(1+25++9+6+6=47) to its single gender specific romance. • Women have the right to
disorders, are uncomfortable You’ve heard it before: put
digit (4+7=11; 1+1=2), we find sexual freedom, excluding
Eugenia to have a relationship-
oriented heart.
S EVEN is in heaven as the
perfectionist. This one
may be so sensitive to touch
all forms of sexual coercion,
exploitation and abuse
advocating for their own sexual
pleasuring—you get the idea.
some time aside for yourself
and/or yourself and your partner
to engage in erotic delights.
• Women have the right to Broadening Our Definition

O NE, individualistic and

self-contained can have
its most rewarding interaction
that it avoids certain forms
of intimacy at times or all
together. This heart seeks the
sexual autonomy and safety of
the sexual body
of Sex
When it comes to having a
Planning, itself, can heat up
libido. As for spontaneity, reality
tells us that we have busy lives.
• Women have the right to fulfilling and satisfying sex
with a seven. Due to the joy of purest love possible and offers life, feminists believe that But if a spontaneous encounter
intellectual pursuit they share, sexual pleasure, a source of
the purest it possibly can. broadening the definition of arises you just might walk away
cuddly intimacy may not be a physical, psychological, intel-
Occasionally, brought out of sex is critical. Popular culture from it with a smile on your face.
priority unless a three or five lectual and spiritual well-being
itself by the three, five, six or presents a narrow, phallocentric Remember: “If love heats up in
heart comes along to create Starting here, you could
nine hearted partner, another and heterosexist view of sex: the kitchen, let the dinner burn!”
sparks. Idealism and a need say that celebrating women’s
seven may understand and sex = intercourse; hot sex There are many ways to
for serenity can lead this heart sexuality is every women’s
progress with it best of all. happens naturally and, for celebrate sexuality: go dancing
to periods of time without right. And given the feminist
(alone or with a partner), take
romantic interests.
E IGHT is great with even
#’s when they are both
presupposition that sexuality is
both “personal” and “political,”
women who are sexual with
men, orgasms occur easily a skinny dip, practice Tantric

T WO can do well and eager to learn and grow in through intercourse. No yoga, enjoy nature.
celebrating women’s sexuality is
be companionable with well being and comprehensive also our responsibility. We have wonder so many women fake it!
The reality is that sex/sexuality *Excerpt from “Declaration of
all other heart #s. It has a wealth. This heart has much to to fight for our reproductive
is complex and (if you’re lucky!) Sexual Rights,” (1999) at the World
natural tendency to pairing learn to balance itself. It can choices, accessible and
squishy. Translation: creating Association of Sexology conference
and getting along with others often find itself pulled between affordable reproductive health
and maintaining a fulfilling held in Hong Kong.
plays an important role in opposite positions. While there services, comprehensive and
understanding and nurturing is a desire love, the love may, scientifically accurate sexuality sex life does not always (if Bailey Drechsler is a professor
it’s partners and friends. This sometimes be based upon what education. It doesn’t require ever) present itself as a magic in the Human Development
supportive soul, once past its can be gained more readily than much analysis to see how the recipe. Here are some things to Department at Cuesta College.
phase of indecision can commit what can be given. personal and the political consider: She teaches courses in human
and be doggedly loyal.
N Do an Attitude Check – sexuality and is a Certified
INE is fine - most of impact one another, and how

T HREE’s free, creative

expression exposes it
to myriad opportunities for
the time - with any of
the other heart #s. It has
a depth of appreciation for
the celebration of women’s
sexuality is inextricably linked
to politics.
Take some time out to assess
your belief system regarding
your sexuality. An excellent
Sexuality Educator. She may
be reached at bdrechsl@cuesta.
romance. Usually seeking what all the other #’s entail.
and finding that very special Its appreciation for life and
someone in a three, five, six, relating can lean toward Mary & Bob continued from page 8
seven or nine hearted partner gluttony if not paid attention Mary: Fellowship together, you done for me lately” to Mary: Just being together,
with whom to flourish, this to. Other than with the one, going to church and reading “how can I serve and love you going on small trips, walking.
emotional progressive can be seven and eight, the nine heart the Bible together, talking more.” He was out once working
one of the hardest to hold easily enjoys relating with a about the Lord. I feel that late and he picked a big
onto. A sense of adventure and finesse and grace that feeds all. Mary: We made mistakes
God was always there in this and learned from a young bouquet of wildflowers for me,
exploration are valuable assets relationship. We enjoy the for our anniversary.
Anne Warner-Howe will be relationship. Sometimes I

F OUR, more solid and

steadfast than most,
tends toward fidelity. Unless
available to consult with you for
personal insight and development,
relationships, baby naming,
simple things and have a pretty
frugal lifestyle.
wanted to do things I thought
I missed out on, the freedom,
One time, he got me a card
that said, “You hold my heart in
your hands. Handle with care.”
Q: What do you find travel. Now, we always use
otherwise afflicted, they hold relocation and timing for personal challenging? “We” and “Us.” It was so perfect, beautiful.
on through thick and thin once and business success. Making a life for a child That’s part of the learning,
they’ve met their match. With Bob: Putting the other person how to hold the other person’s
Anne will be available for Mini- (changed our relationship).
a one, two, four, six, eight or first, even when I really want it heart with care, being care
Readings during the mid-May You have one chance to plant
nine, this heart can contribute my way. For example, big and “full” versus thoughtless and
Practitioners Fair at the Avila a seed when they’re young.
to and gain with their can-do small decisions about activities careless.
Bay Club. Registration for HOW Having wisdom, knowing
attitude and determination. and finances.
IN THE WORLD TO USE in your heart what decision
This is a heart to build with. Mary: Financially - you have should be made – how we
#’s (August 2005) and private

F IVE, alive, the curious, appointments can be made at (805) to wait and have patience, see if make decisions has changed.
sometimes fickle, hard to 481-9597. it’s meant to happen.
Q: What romantic things do
catch and hard to hold heart Q: How has your relationship you still do together?
changed over the years?
Bob: Talking and listening,
Bob: I’ve learned to be more cooking for each other,
understanding and patient, flowers, walks, thoughtful gifts.
changing from a “what have

Page 10 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Local Perspective

Local, healthy,
pesticide-free produce Cynic's Corner
Supplement your Farmer’s Market visits with a harvest box from local
farms. Share your purchase with a friend or another family.

Cal Poly Organic Farm (SLO)

I came here for the cows!
Two sizes of Harvest Box By the time you read this, a referendum to its citizenry a carload of tourists from the
Full ($572) or half shares ($416) available the Marketplace Referendum regarding the use of land on Central Valley decide to come
3-payment option will be resolved. We will have LOVR -- to build shopping! to SLO; they hope to enjoy
Drop-off locations in N. and S. County and MB/LO either voted Yes! to build the Please understand that I love the scenery, the weather, the
Season: April 18-October 14 (26 weeks) shopping project or No! reject shopping … a lot. I grew up quaintness, the livestock,
(805) 756-6139 the proposal, hopefully forever. with a shopaholic mother, and the lack of traffic and chaos. This article is my opinion only a plethora of enticements on They come to Los Osos Valley and is so late that no one can every corner in Manhattan. My Road, and BOOM, they are
be influenced by it. family’s idea of a well-spent day confronted with exactly what
Huasna Valley Farm (Arroyo Grande) About five years ago, I left was spending money and, of they left behind … traffic,
Harvest Share ($660) Flower Share ($100) my native New York City for course, shlepping home bags chaos and big box stores.
Egg Share ($110) the Central Coast. Although of goodies that were probably Say Goodbye to the pretty
3-payment option (some workshares available) New York is the ultimate returned the next day. We animals, the lack of traffic, the
Drop-off locations in SLO, MB/LO, 5 Cities, Nipomo shopping capital of the world, would do anything to be in a uniqueness, the peacefulness;
Season: April 13-November 16 (32 weeks) I chose San Luis Obispo for store (give me Bloomies, Saks Say Hello to traffic, malls,
(805) 473-3827 its uniqueness, its exquisite or Tiffany’s any day). However, humidity, car exhaust, big box scenery, its fabulous weather, in SLO, the proposed stores stores (that conform to their its easy commute, but most of are not of the great or ‘unique’ design, not ours), mobs of
all … I came here for the cows! variety; we are not referring to people, and of course, chaos.
Rutiz Farms (Arroyo Grande) Ride down Los Osos Valley shops that are one-of-a kind, Do you really think that these
Harvest Box $10/week No need for season commitment
Road (or most any other road boutique-ish, or even fabulous tourists will drive four hours to
Stand is on The Pike and Elm in AG
in this town) and you see black, … no, we are talking Costco! visit us again?
Supplement your box with produce and flowers from the stand
white and gold cows on the Target! Old Navy! Can you I hope that we will
Stand open Fridays 1-6, Thursdays and Saturdays during season
left, horses on the right, and believe it? Go a half hour in any collectively veto this project
smatterings of beautiful birds direction in the world and you and vote NO! NO! NO! Let’s
everywhere. These creatures can find these mega-box stores. use our collective power to
Clark Valley Farm (Los Osos) look so content and peaceful Go on the web and shop to defeat this referendum, to
Two sizes of Harvest Box
that I find it hard not to feel your heart’s content for these save our environment, and to
Full - $625, half shares - $425 (some workshares available)
awed and calmed by their places … but please, not in maintain the integrity of our
3-payment option available for additional cost
presence. Our environment my back yard! I feel my heart town.
Pickup at the Farm
feels so untarnished and crying out, “Please, merciless
Season: April 1 through November
pristine. We are a city of riches developers, take your insidious Hopefully, you (like me)
2310 Clark Valley Road, Los Osos
far beyond our imaginations. growth spurt and go away.” came here for the cows!
(805)528-7395 •
Now, the city of SLO put Picture this scenario … Thanks for listening, DDR.

Slow Food comes to San Luis Obispo County

San Luis Obispo (SLO) Slow that are local, seasonal and celebrating the pleasures of Slow Food International’s of operation in Templeton.
Food, the newest chapter of organically/sustainably grown the table. Members include ground-breaking world summit, Following the Berkeley Edible
the international Slow Food and produced. Members are local farmers and food artisans, Terra Madre (Turin 2004). The Schoolyard model pioneered by
movement, was formed here concerned not only with restauranteurs, food educators, panel discussion was followed Alice Waters of Chez Panisse
less than a year ago. Born promoting the sharing of food, students, parents and by tastings of locally grown fame, the program integrates
in Italy in the late 1980s as but the sharing of the human families—in short, anyone who foods presented by the farmer elementary students into the
a protest to the opening of experience with people from is devoted to the preservation or food artisan that produced process of learning where
a McDonald’s restaurant in different backgrounds and and enjoyment of traditional them. The group also gathers food comes from and how to
Rome, Slow Food International food cultures, including both and artisanal foods and the regularly at “slow” potluck prepare and enjoy it once it is
now claims over 80,000 producers and consumers. advocacy of sustainability. events, most of which are held harvested. To learn more, visit
members worldwide. Members In short, SLO Slow Food SLO Slow Food has been at local farms. Members bring
belong to small, locally based celebrates the notion of a active—but never rushed—in food to share and are treated Slow Food USA and Slow
convivia (local chapters), slower, more harmonious its short history. Members to farm tours and discussions Food International offer ex-
which form the grass roots of rhythm of life, “ . . . aiming to have organized a pickling of farming practices, issues in tensive web sites full of infor-
Slow Food, interpreting and be everything fast food is not and preserving workshop sustainable food production, mation about the movement.
representing the organization’s (USA Today).” showcasing the harvest and ways to integrate “slow” Visit to
philosophy at the local level. Now over 150 members of several local farms, led values into their lives. learn more—those interested
At SLO Slow Food, the strong, the fledgling San Luis heritage turkey preparation SLO Slow Food has in joining the organization
focus is on supporting and Obispo chapter or convivium is workshops, and sponsored also identified its primary and becoming a part of the lo-
promoting educational one of 120 convivia that make a panel discussion on the fundraising project, the cal SLO Slow Food convivium
events and public outreach up Slow Food USA, a non- future of sustainability in food Vineyard Elementary can do so online. SLO Slow
designed to encourage the profit educational organization systems around the world School Edible Schoolyard Food can be reached online at
enjoyment of pure foods dedicated to supporting and featuring local delegates to program now in its first year

CLASSIFIED List your business here: $10 for five lines in one issue, $50 for five lines in six issues (one year).

Brave New Wares Caregiver Needed Your Ad Here Built By Mom

Websites, computer upgrades & repair,
ECO-Product Design & Green Marketing Looking for honest, caring companion Your advertising dollars support our
Evelyn (Eve) Adams for Josh, who has MS, is wheelchair continuing effort to be a resource for
new & used systems, tutoring.
805.815.8700 bound, and needs the basics Morning women in our community. Thank you! Angela Henderson (805) 474-5960 •
and evening shifts, flexible hours, ADS: ADS@WOMENSPRESS-SLO.ORG modest pay. Call Renee at 441-0292

Page 11 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Health and Spirituality
Ode to a kitchen tool
Woks work in Circling the Square
today’s kitchens Here’s the thing that and feelings first is
BY SUSAN STEWART amazes me. I’m a feminist, hard to do: we’ve
The humble wok has recently clean. “The blacker it gets, activist, expressive arts been trained by
proved so indispensable for the better it cooks. The time facilitator, producer of the the media that our
so many of my cooking tasks it takes to prepare the surface Mulukuku CD Project, and I bodies are good for
that I wonder why on earth I of a new wok is well worth the still discount the feminine. selling cars and for
had relegated it to a high and effort, and once done, makes According to Marianne being victimized
remote place in my garage, clean-up a cinch. Woodman, the feminine means and the sexual
where I retrieved when Particularly successful for much more than female/male property of men.
my brother returned from stir-frying, which requires the dichotomy. She states that When the
Thailand in love with Asian rapid turning of meats and feminine consciousness is spirit memory of being
cuisine. vegetables, the wok evenly (male principle) married to date raped by my
matter (female principle). friend 14 years ago recently my trauma out of my head and
The answer lies in my coats all the ingredients with
Our body is our container came out of my head and into through my body via collage
erstwhile ignorance of its oil and whatever other sauces
for ideas/spirit. Ways of my body, I was able to finally is gently opening eyes to my
uses, and in the cumbersome and spices you decide to use.
grounding our spirits to our understand this concept of own tricks. I understand that
size of most woks, making However, as I was soon to
selves are movement, art, conscious feminine. I had honoring a writing practice
them difficult to store in the discover, the wok comes in
poetry, meditation practices, glimpses of this memory honors my creativity. But I have
typical Western kitchen. The handy for a whole lot more
gardening, and cooking. before, but the trauma was to also honor my body: I still
Chinese who invented the than just snow peas and water
Grounding our energy into overwhelming. As a result, have to eat, take a walk, and go
wok didn’t have that problem. chestnuts. Its smooth sides
ourselves is a daily practice. It’s I buried the memory via pee.
They designed the wok, with make it perfect for scrambling
its conical shape, rounded eggs or making omelettes. With the joy and art of taking care addiction, debt, creativity, and Dorothy Segovia creates
bottom and sloping sides, its snugly fitted domed lid, the of and accepting our bodies. anger. individual and group
to fit securely into the open wok can also be used to cook a Devaluing the feminine means Creativity? Yes. I workshops through her
holes on the flat cooking whole fish, simmer a fabulous denying feelings and the needs processed the pain through business Write Inside: Move
surface of their wood-burning soup, steam a pot of savory of the body. my art but left my body by the Right Through Life’s Little
stoves. rice, roast a chicken to golden Have you ever heard wayside. Obstacles. She can be reached
Because the wok reaches a perfection, or even deep-fry someone brag that they haven’t Songs, poems, and at
very high temperature rapidly, that all-American favorite, had a vacation in years? Why workshops are the wedding If you have been a victim
and distributes the heat potatoes. do we believe that working is of spirit and matter. But it’s of sexual abuse – even if
evenly, you can cook virtually What makes the wok so better than being? Think of only the first step for someone it was years ago – and are
anything very quickly. ideal for these foods is the fact being as being in your body. who wants to be a successful still suffering from trauma,
While the earliest woks that their nutrients, colors, (Raise your hand if you ever writer/artist. I was so high on please contact SARP:
were made of heavy cast iron, textures, and flavors can be held your pee in order to get creating that I disregarded the Sexual Assault Recovery &
today’s woks are made from served at their peak because of one more thing done.) As grounding principle of “butt in Prevention Center of SLO
a variety of metals, including the short cooking time. Even women reared in a patriarchal the chair-finish the book.” at 545-8888 or visit their
hand-pounded spun steel, better, is the sparse amount culture, putting our bodies The process of bringing website:
stainless steel, aluminum, and of oil required … often a
Teflon-coated metals. The light drizzle will do. You can
Westernized modifications
defeat the whole purpose of
even cook with no fat at all,
now that flavorful chicken,
Mary Kay – women helping women
the original. A simple ring vegetable, fish, and beef stocks BY CAROL DANIELS
years, a director for over 17 of Without any doubt in my
which stabilizes the wok are available. Unknown to me as I was start- those years. That means I have mind, Mary Kay it is the most
on any modern range is all No matter what your ing 9th grade, a woman four the privilege of helping women self-esteem building company
that’s needed for use in our culinary preferences are, the states to the East was investing build successful businesses out of in the world. I am who I am
kitchens. wok is a surprisingly versatile her life savings, $5000, to start their own home. However, as I today because of the mentors
No Chinese cook would vessel, and might just become a company that would change think back, I was a very unlikely who have loved me. Women
ever trade a well-seasoned the most well-used item my life and the lives of millions candidate. With an MA degree helping women, in a nutshell,
wok for a brand new one. The in your kitchen. While my of other women. I am speaking in Physical Education, a super is what it is all about. I am sure
process of seasoning involves brother merrily woks away of Mary Kay Ash, entrepreneur, jock, and teaching PE, I was proud to be associated with the
cleaning, oiling and heating at perfecting Thai dishes, my and founder of the multimillion hardly the make-up type. In fact, company that birthed Mary
the new wok in a repetitious wok is enjoying new status in dollar corporation, Mary Kay I didn’t wear any make-up! My Kay’s Charitable Foundation,
method that renders the shiny my kitchen. The deep, dark Cosmetics. When she started husband thought it was a great with its commitments to cancer
silver surface a dull dark color. color it has turned in just a her company, she had a purpose idea because of the tax benefits, research and ending domestic
This color will continue to few short weeks give it even bigger than just selling cosmet- so I agreed. violence, and which received
darken with age and use and greater value and ensures it a ics. Mary Kay’s mission was to Over the years, I have stayed the 2004 Torch of Conscience
should never be scrubbed permanent place on my stove. enrich women’s lives and give with Mary Kay because of the award, presented annually
them the opportunity she per- personal support and life-long to men and women whose
sonally had not experienced in friends I have made. I have qualities of moral courage, love
other direct selling companies. grown to love these special of liberty and service, have
Her dream company provides women, as we’ve gone through contributed significantly to the
quality products to consumers, life together. They were there for betterment of our community
financial opportunities to the me when my brother died and and nation.
sales force, and fulfilling careers my husband was in Iraq for 14 Visit my website to see the latest
to employees, but wait, there’s months. I look forward to many products, a new look, the per-
more! more years of sharing with my fect gift, or career opportunity!
I have been associated with Mary Kay family as we continue Carol Daniels, Sales Director:
Mary Kay cosmetics for 19 to be there for each other.�

We are the
hero of our
own story.
– Mary McCarthy

Page 12 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

Community Bulletin Board

Workshops • Workshops • Workshops

First Saturday Super Mommy
Divorce workshops held each Eating for a Healthy Pregnancy and Lactation
month at Cuesta College
Cathe Olson, local author • Tips for saving time and etarian Mother’s Cookbook.
Half day course covers the legal, experience as a divorce litigator of The Vegetarian Mother’s minimizing work in the
emotional, and financial aspects and divorce mediator. He shows Olson will also be doing the
Cookbook and Simply Natural kitchen
of divorce, from a woman’s how the divorcing process can following booksignings in May,
Baby Food, writes books • Strategies for cooking
perspective be simpler, less expensive, and where she will give samples of
designed to show busy moms healthy meals no matter
less painful than most realize. recipes from her books.
Explains the four methods of how they can prepare fresh, how busy you are
getting divorced in California. Walk-ins accepted 8-8:30 am nutritious meals with a Windmill Farms, 1275 N.
The program frequently has minimum of time and fuss. At • A list of “Super Mommy Thompson Ave., Arroyo
Cuesta College $45
guest speakers who specialize her FREE workshop you will Foods” Grande, on Saturday, May
(can be attended a second
in divorce therapy, financial time for $25) receive: May 3, 7-8 p.m. 14, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.
planning related to divorce, or • Up-to-date nutritional Lassens Natural Foods Information: 805-489-
Find the course listed as First
legal issues. information and and Vitamins, 1790 S. 1000
Saturday under Community
The course is presented by Programs on the Cuesta recommended dietary Broadway, Santa Maria Birth and Baby Fair,
attorney Robert Macfarlane, website: intakes Mission Plaza, SLO.
who has lectured at the same http://www. • Ideas for sneaking extra Plus Cathe will demonstrate Saturday, May 21, 10 a.m.
program in San Diego for 10 or protein and nutrients into one of the recipes from her to 3 p.m. Information: 805-
years and brings 30 years of call 805-546-3132 meals and snacks newly released book, The Veg- 546-3755

• Build Your •
Mirror Image:
Using the
nal. Wear comfortable clothes
and a sweater – sometimes the
Chapel can be chilly.
Self Money Mindfuln
Functional earth arts
Understanding workshops for women
Goddess to Wednesday, May 4th how to get Wild Arts
Coupl Workshop a healthier Open Studio
Coalesce Bookstore & Home of Brave New Wares
Your Self- Garden Wedding Chapel Together relationship
845 Main Street, Morro Bay • Explore natural and recycled
Image $20 For Life with money materials to make original
Led by Rev. Anne Welker Money Basics: Financial accents.
This workshop is facilitated by To register contact Dorothy
Dorothy Segovia, a graduate at 805 259-5727 and Bob Welker Literacy 101 • Create mirrors, lamps, wall
of *”Creative Journaling 365 Quintana Road, Spending plans, investing hangings, and more
*Creative Journaling is the method basics, the loan process,
Expressive Arts” and will use Morro Bay • Learn collage, mosaic,
developed by Lucia Capacchione choosing a bank, and more
movement and journaling to May 20 – 21 papermaking, and wild
Ph.D., A.R.T., R.E.A.T. & author
help you access the image of Fri 7-9 p.m. & To get on a list, call Carmela crafting.
of 13 books including Living With
the Self you want to realize. Sat 9am - 4:30 p.m. at the Consumer Credit
Feeling. For more information on Los Osos
Refreshments provided. Counseling Service at 805-383-
Creative Journaling, visit www. For more information, Dates to be decided
You may bring a favorite jour- call 805-772-0306 7700 Ext. 359 or the WCC at
Call 805-815-8700 and ask
for Evelyn

Activities in the Garden Decorate

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.
Spend time as a family having Learn straw bale construction like the pros – Louisa May Alcott
fun and learning about plants, techniques at the May 7 Learn the trade secrets
nature, gardening and your Straw Bale Workshop from the nation’s top
environment. co-sponsored by the Garden magazines’ stylists and
and the San Luis Obispo designers. Use simple tips
May 14. 10 a.m. -to noon
Sustainability Group with and tricks to brighten
Family Ethnobotany –
Plants of the world’s people
Scott Clark instructing. Pre- your home with items like a good neighbor,
See how people around the
register to take this all-day you already have or are state farm is there. ®

world and throughout time have

class that gives you a hands-
on overview. The workshop
inexpensive to purchase.
Decorating workshops
we live where you live. ™

utilized plants for their survival.

runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and in your home, where
auto home life health
June 11, 10 a.m. -to noon includes a catered luncheon the host receives a
Family Ecosystems – Plant made by a cadre of the free product from our
communities and human Botanical Garden’s best cooks. catalog, and I am paid a
communities Cost is $60 (students $40). commission on any sales.
Learn how everything is
The San Luis Obispo Also FREE workshops
connected to everything else.
Botanical Garden is located to groups at their
Each session meets at the
approximately 4.5 miles locations in a non-sales
Amphitheater of the San Luis
north of San Luis Obispo off environment as a public
Obispo Botanical Garden.
of Highway 1 in El Chorro service.
Sessions include a variety of
Regional Park, across from
activities that connect families Terri Jacques, For your insurance and financial needs,
Cuesta College. see State Farm Agent:
to plants as well as to each Independent Design
other. Please bring your own For more information, Consultant – Susan Rodriguez, Agent
Lic.# 0D30697
snacks and water bottle. please call 546-35o1 Southern Living 1317 Broad Street Suite A
$25/per family ($20 SLOBG or vist their website at Home San Luis Obispo, CA
members) 805-545-8621


If you have a listing and P026038®
State Farm® • Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois 04/02

would like it to appear in the Womens Press, call 805-544-9313

Page 13 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005
Community Bulletin Board

New Clinic Offers Affordable Healthcare

BY UMA BINGHAM an MD and an NP, who want cancer. FPACT also covers
to provide this type of service. men who need STD screening,
California is a great place to And the State of California vasectomies, or maybe just
2005-06 Theatre Season Announced live for many reasons, especially helps us help you by offering some more condoms.
right now with the green hills funding for certain health The program covers
San Luis Obispo Little Theatre 4/14-5/7 and outrageous wildflowers. screenings and treatments. screening and treatment for
President Mike Kee The Pajama Game, directed By the time you read this, The CDP program offers every sexually transmitted
announces the theatre’s 2005- by Bea Morrow, 5/26-6/25 Mother Earth’s orgy of color cancer detection screenings bacteria and virus out there,
06 season: will be over, but you and I for breast and cervical cancer. including herpes, HIV,
The Little Theatre is currently
West Side Story, directed by will still be around – and we That means if you are a woman genital warts, Chlamydia
in its 58th season, showing
Rachel Youngman, 9/9-10/9 may be looking for affordable who has no insurance, or an and gonorrhea, syphilis and
Edward Albee’s Pulitzer Prize
health care, which is almost as insurance that doesn’t cover trichomoniasis.
Inherit the Wind, directed by winning Three Tall Women hard to come by these days as mammograms or Paps – and If you do have insurance and
Michael Siebrass, 10/28-11/27 (opening April 15), and ending
affordable housing. if you income qualify, you will can’t qualify for the state plans,
with the warm-hearted family
You Can’t Take it With You, I’m a nurse practitioner get these services free. If your you can still access the services
comedy Over the River and
directed by Judith Jesness, 1/6-2/5 specializing in women’s health. mammogram is abnormal and at rates lower than you will
Through the Woods (Opening
Legends Series, directed by And I’m one of those crazy you need further testing, for find in a private doctor’s office.
May 27)
Mary Meserve 2/24-3/25 people who believe in right example with an ultrasound or Also offered are physicals and
Ticket and other information livelihood, which translates to biopsy, the program pays for general practice health care.
Cripple of Innishmann, is available at 786-2440 and preferring to work in non-profit that. If a woman is diagnosed Pay cash or submit your bill to
directed by Bill McLaughlin, at settings which provide services through this program with your insurance company.
to the people who fall through either breast or cervical cancer,
the proverbial cracks. Right there is another state program If you need our services you
can find us in two locations:
HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED now, for the first time in my that helps her get treatment.
SLO – next door to New
14 years as a practitioner, I’m The FPACT program
in YOUR AREA working at a clinic which isn’t offers family planning services Frontiers Market, 896 E.
Hospice Partners of the Hospice Partners of the Central non-profit, but we are serving and screenings for sexually Foothill Suite B. Pismo
Central Coast is looking for Coast offers a comprehensive the women and men who don’t transmitted diseases. It also Beach – in the old Mission
individuals to be Hospice in- in-home Hospice program have insurance and can’t afford covers Paps for qualifying Medical building, 855 4th St.
home volunteers in your area. to terminally ill individuals to pay full price. women, treatment of urinary Call us at 542-0900 (SLO) or
The 32-hour volunteer training and their families. The goal HealthWorks of the Central tract and vaginal infections 773-4500 (Pismo) or 610-8865
program begins on Monday, is to provide all the things Coast is owned by two women, and even screening for breast (Atascadero)
May 2, 2005 and continues that terminally ill patients
on seven Monday afternoons and their families need most:

HopeDance Media
from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. The freedom from pain, emotional
training will be held at the and spiritual support, and the
Hospice Partner’s office in San ability to control the direction
Luis Obispo. Hospice in-home of their own care. All films, talks, and slide Friday, June 3 ist and Alternative Trans-
volunteers provide support and presentations at the SLO The Corporation portation Activist Andy
companionship for Hospice To sign-up or for more Library (Osos and Palm) In this complex and highly en- Singer Slide talk and book sign-
patients and their families. information, please cosponsored by Code tertaining documentary, Mark ing on “Transportation Politics”.
Volunteers are also needed for call Marney Briggs or Pink, Information Press, Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and It examines the environmen-
office assistance, mailings and Carly Davis, Volunteer Sierra Club, Green Party writer Joel Bakan examine the tal, social and political history
fundraising events - minimal Coordinators, 782-8617 and other progressive far-reaching repercussions of of motor vehicles and highway
training necessary. ext.152 or 782-8608. organizations. the corporation’s increasing agencies. It will incorporate
All films start at 7 p.m. and preeminence. This dynamite Andy’s cartoons, historical pho-
are by donation. film is a timely, critical inquiry tographs and some examples

Health, For more details, call
that invites CEOs, whistle- of good and bad urban design.
blowers, brokers, gurus, spies, Discussion afterwards.
Environmental, 544-9663 or go to www.
Interfaith Spiritual and Lifestyle
players, pawns and pundits on Friday, June 24 a graphic and engaging quest to
Community Benefits of a An Evening About Mexi-
reveal the corporation’s inner cans... With Pedro Arroyo
Classes & events with Reverend Plant-based Diet Friday, May 13 workings, curious history, con- Short documentary called The
Ballinger Peaceable Kingdom troversial impacts and possible
Join in a monthly Sixth Section, a groundbreaking
Yoga Sutra (HMC) open-forum discussion Breaking generations of silence futures. documentary that blends digital
Mondays, June 6 - July 18 with scheduled in the farm community, former Best Feature Documentary 2004 animation, home video, cinema
7 - 9 p.m., (No class July 4th) presentations and cooking farmers tell their personal verité, and interview footage to
struggles against an out-of- Friday, June 10
For more information call demonstrations throughout A Biodiesel Evening depict the transnational organiz-
805-772-0306 or see www. the year. control industrial agriculture ing of a community of Mexican
system. While emphasizing Short films: “French Fries to Blakeslee & Blakeslee-299 Go,” “Veggie Van Voyage“ and immigrants in New York, who
the importance of having form an organization called
Madonna Rd., San Luis compassion for animals, the the trailer to the soon-to-be-
Obispo released “Fields of Fuel” ... Plus ‘Grupo Unión,’ which is devoted
film also explores the great to raising money in the United
5:30-7pm on the following social movements of our times, local biodiesel enthusiasts: Jason
Tuesdays: May 10, June 7, Hoar (agrifuels); Ryan LaPorte States to rebuild the Mexican
from human rights to peace to town that they’ve left behind.
July 5, Aug. 2, Sept. 13, Oct. environmental protection. and Mikel Robertson. They will
11, Nov. 8, Dec. 6 answer all our questions about Also a short film about the
Local sanctuary activist production of the film as well
Contact Debbie Bennett Diane, founder of Kind Planet, local production and distribu-
tion of biodiesel fuel. as a trailer of the Film “A Day
with questions, etc. 550- a Humane Education program, Without a Mexican,” followed
2487 debbie@blakeslee- will facilitate a lively discussion Tuesday, June 21 by a lively discussion with writ- after the film. An Evening With Cartoon- er Pedro Inzunza Arroyo.

Spialists in women’s
health for all ag

L ow-cost/no-cost
reproductive health servic
for women, men and teens

M inor urgent care

San Luis Obispo 542-0900

Pismo Beach 773-4500
Atascadero 610-8865

Page 14 eMail the editors: Women’s Press May/June 2005

545.8888 Free monthly workshops 541.7908 SLO 549.9446
781.6406 FINANCE/BUSINESS 471.8102 (SLO); 239.9634 (PR)
(inc. domestic violence support groups) 800.540.2227 534.1101
545.8888 595.1356
545.8888 Chips ‘n’Chat social 1st Friday of month, 7 PM LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS
438.3889 542.8242
AA MEETING Mostly socializing! Call 474.9405 READERS/WRITERS
CAMBRIA CONNECTION (12 STEP SUPPORT) 544.2266 549.9656; contact Shirley Powell
CASA SOLANA 544.2266 and 434.1164
Women’s Recovery Home 481.8555
546.1178 AARP 788.2643 ADULT DAY CARE
781.4275 Jobline 756.7107 COMPUTEROOTERS:
NA 800.549.7730 CAL POLY UNIVERSITY Get help with computers.
SCA, SLAA & SAA (SEX, LOVE & ROMANCE ADDICTIONS) Jobline 546.3127 In-Home Support to the Elderly/Homemakers
461.6084 THE CREEKSIDE CAREER CENTER help with ADLs 781.1790
TOPS (TAKE OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY) nursing help for the terminally ill 781.5540
929.1789 788.2631 or 788.2690 EQUAL SINGLES 60+ MEET MONTHLY
For info call: 528.6827 788.2601 549.0150
541.2272 or 800.727.2272 544.0142 Mondays, 7 PM, Unity of SLO, 995.1390
“A child’s voice in Court in SLO County” 544.6334 Sunday service, 10–11 AM; 772.0306
FIRST 5: CHILDREN & FAMILIES COMMISSION 546.3769 Mondays, 7:30–8:30 PM; 772.0306
HOMESCHOOLING IN SLO COUNTY (HSC) 788.2099 Every Sunday, Coalesce Bookstore, MB
LA LECHE LEAGUE 544.9313 528.6996
544.4355 and 466.3444
REAL F.A.C.T.S. (FORUM ON ABUSED CHILDREN) 772.5990 543.4478
SOCIAL SERVICES 534.9234 (LO); 481.9364 (SLO); 461.1338
781.1600 226.8669 (Templeton) WOMEN’S COMMUNITY CENTER, SLO
SUPPORT FOR KIDS COPING WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Caregivers of Early-Stage Alzheimer’s 544.9313
473.6507 547.3830, 481.9364 (SLO/Los Osos) WOMEN’S SHELTER PROGRAM OF SLO
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY 549.8989 (crises), 781.6401 (business)
EMERGENCY/CRISIS Paso Robles 238.9657
549.8989 or 800.549.8989
SEXUAL & RAPE PREVENTION (SARP) 892.5556 481.1039; Cici Wynn, President
TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER & VICTIM WITNESS 543.1481 ext. 3 for information 543.9452
547.3830 (AG); 927.4290 (Cambria); 546.3727
EMOTIONAL SUPPORT 239.1313, 226.8669 (PR);
547.3830 (SLO)
CALL–CONCERNED AGORAPHOBICS LEARNING TO LIVE no or low cost reproductive health services 434.1883 or 489.5481
543.3764 544.2478 (SLO); 489.4026 (Arroyo Grande) FRIENDS OF OCEANO
542.0577 (SLO) 481.5093 (Grover Beach) no or low cost reproductive health services SLO GREEN PARTY
927.1654 (Cambria) 466.8600 (North County) 787.0100 (SLO), 773.4500 (PISMO), 544.1580
546-3774; free, meets weekly in SLO LYMPHEDEMA EDUCATION & SUPPORT GROUP
HOSPICE OF SLO COUNTY 2nd Monday, 4:00-5:00 pm
(inc. miscarriage/stillbirth support) 782-9300 for info Please send additions, corrections or deletions to:
544.2266 or 434.1164 PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUPS or leave a message
SENIOR PEER COUNSELING (LIFESPAN) 466.7226 (Atascadero/Templeton) at the WCC: 805.544.9313. Last update 4/29/05.
free, trained in-home counseling for 60+ 481.7424, 473.1714 (Arroyo Grande)
549.0150 544.1342 (SLO)

Women’s Press May/June 2005 eMail the editors: Page 15

Women’s Community Center
880 Industrial Way
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
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Back talk
What can you do to make a relationship last?

Jessie Clarke, Music Audrey Hensley, married Jim Hensley, married Agnes Sanaguan Duane Stainbrook
Lab Guitar School for 62 years to Jim for 62 years to Audrey Cal Poly sophomore, Cal Poly Staff
Manager “She is always right.” starring as “Kailin”, in “I don’t argue with my
“You give him his way.”
“Forgive a lot.” the movie “Leave It to wife at all. Last time I
hance.” said something, it cost
“Compromise.” me $300.”

Next issue’s question: What ignites your creativity?

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