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, CSAC(eligible)
327 North St. #2 Mobile: (404)314-5339
Portsmouth, VA 23704
Versatile, dedicated professional counselor with a solid clinical background. Co
mmitted team player and resourceful leader with proven ability to motivate and g
enerate results through hands-on management and a sound knowledge base. Proactiv
e community services advocate, continually seeking out new resources to aid clie
nts. Experience in mental health issues of all forms as well as addictions.
* M.S. Degree in Clinical Psychology / Pacific University - Forest Grove, OR. Gr
* 1997
* B.S. Degree in Clinical Psychology / Emory University - Atlanta, GA. Graduated
- 1994
* A.A. Degree in Theatre Arts / American Academy of Dramatic Arts - Hollywood, C
One of 32 chosen out of an original 500 to graduate - Graduated - 1979
* A.A. Degree in Business Administration and Accounting / Spencer-Draughan Busin
ess College - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - (Graduated second in the class).Graduated
- 1976
Work History
05/15/09-Present: Lead therapist and program designer / St. Brendan's Harbor Ado
lescent Substance Abuse Inpatient Program (The Barry Robinson Center-Norfolk, VA
)-ph: 757-455-6100;
* Hired to design a new adolescent substance abuse inpatient treatment program a
nd implement the clinical portion of the program.
* Weekly sessions with a full caseload where each client is seen for a minimum o
f three individual sessions a week along with one family session.
* Extensive psychosocial and substance abuse assessment on each potential client
* Work with treatment team that consists of psychiatrist, CSAC(Certified Substan
ce Abuse Counselor) and residential staff input.
* Assess clients for Medicaid coverage and submit report.
* Work with discharge plan that is extensive and involves coordination with nume
rous community resources.
* Have also done scheduling for staff working under me, assessing groups that I
implemented and making changes needed to enhance their effectiveness,
* Given presentations to a variety of professional groups on substance abuse inc
luding dual diagnosis.
* Address and resolve conflicts with clients and staff as needed.
* Currently working toward my own CSAC.
* Integrated mindfulness techniques into the program with an emphasis on a holis
tic approach to substance abuse treatment and recovery.
09/15/2008-05/2009: Licensed Professional Counselor / Colonial Community Service
s Board, VA-ph: 757-220-3200; 757-898-7926; Email:
* Work with all age groups doing numerous groups, individual and couples across
a variety of cultural backgrounds.
* Lead groups in substance abuse, co-facilitated IOP (Intensive Outpatient Progr
am) group and possession of marijuana group for adolescents.
Alex Prince page 2
Did extensive intake assessments including mental health and substance abuse.
* Regularly coordinated with community resources, other counselors and psychiatr
ist to assure the best overall care for clients.
* Extensive documentation on a large caseload.
05/2008-09/2008: Completed home remodeling, packed and prepared for move to Virg
inia for new position.
02/2008-05/2008: Contracting as Licensed Professional Counselor / Family Interve
ntion Specialists, Inc. (FISINC-HIRAM,GA)-ph: 770-222-6622; fax: 770-234-4202; E
* Work with children and adolescents as well as families.
* Work mostly with lower income minorities.
* See clients primarily in the home.
* Contract with FISINC for my caseload.
* Offer therapy, community-based help, keep records on each client.
* Do Diagnostic Assessments and Mental Health Plans.
2005 - 2008: Working as a Licensed Realtor & Home Redesigner/Interior Designer
* Work to expand client's belief in their dreams even if it is their first home.
* Work hard to find the home to fit clients dreams and style with the price each
can afford.
* Sell homes for the best price for the seller, focusing on what is possible wit
h the home rather than what may be lacking.
* Buy rundown homes I choose to see as living entities (allowing me to focus on
what would work best to bring the home back up to better standards) and breathe
new life back into them.
* Do consulting with clients who have a home that is old and/or lacking style an
d help them recreate the home to fit their vision and personality.
2002- 2005: Licensed Professional Counselor - Private Practice in Atlanta, Ga.
* Worked on mental health & addictive issues with a variety of clients/patients.
* Worked with couples, both heterosexual and homosexual.
* Worked with a group of adolescents with abuse and addictions problems.
* Saw clients/patients from most all socio-economic backgrounds and most of the
predominant cultural backgrounds present in the Atlanta metro area.
* Kept records and books for my practice.
* Secured my listening and empathy skills.
* Used books and innovative exercises with clients to get quicker results.
NOTE: Served as an East Point City Councilman / 2000 - 2004.
1999 -2002: Counselor @ Larmore Detention Center / Union City, Ga.
* Kept a constant full caseload of clients.
* Met regularly with clients.
* Met regularly with Supervisor to discuss progress on cases.
* Documented all cases thoroughly.
* Taught Life Skills classes to clients.
* Ran 12-step groups and discussion groups for clients struggling with addiction
s of any kind.
* Prepared clients for what they might face when released to the outside again,
reminding them the choices were theirs alone to make as to how they wanted their
future to go within the confines of the law.
Alex Prince page 3
* Worked with medical staff on more serious mental health cases concerning medic
ations and the patient's ongoing progress.
* Assisted clients with whatever help they would need when returning to the outs
ide world.
1997 - 1999: Crisis Counselor @ Dekalb Community Service Board - Decatur, Ga.
* Worked on a hotline for clients calling into the center in crisis.
* Helped clients calling into the center get the information and help needed to
address their situati
* Saw clients walking into the clinic as well as those brought into the center b
y the authorities.
* Interviewed and made sure the clients received the best help, sometimes admitt
ing them for observation.
* Worked with clients having a one-time crisis to severely and sometimes dangero
usly mentally ill patients.
NOTE: 1979 - 1991: Professional Actor/Singer (New York, Hollywood as well as som
e time in Nashville recording for a songwriter).
Affiliations & Community Service
* Certified Hypnotherapist.
* Member of the National Guild of Hypnotherapy.
* Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of GA(on hold).
* Licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of VA.
* Member of the American Psychotherapist Association.
* Member of the American Counselors Association.
* A certified Notary
* Member of the following entertainment unions (SAG, &AEA).
* Served as East Point, Georgia City Councilman for a four-year term.
* Served a four year appointment by East Point, Georgia's Mayor on the East Poin
t Business Industrial Development Authority.
* Donate and volunteer regularly in my community on behalf of the less fortunate
* A Team Builder with the ability to think outside the box.
* Experience designing, implementing a new program.
* Solution focused.
* Highly empathetic.
* Understanding of and extensive experience with the 12-step program of addictio
* Ability to envision vividly what a plan will look like before it is actually d
* Flexible.
* Highly creative.
* Focused when working on projects.
* Ability to get along with very diverse personalities.
* Good at multi-tasking