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248-889-1638 3541 Overton St. Waterford, Michigan. #48328
8/09- 11/09 Condit Company Inc.
Houston, Texas.
Title: Service Manager
* Responsible for the management, training, scheduling and coordination of seven
remote field service personnel in the repair, installation, trouble shooting an
d tuning of high speed compressors, desiccant and refrigerated air and gas dryer
s throughout Texas.
* Responsible for the safety compliance training and record keeping of each serv
iceman and the proper Local, State and Federal agency compliance to Safety Stand
* Coordinate the relationships between eight sales staff, over 375 customers and
seven servicemen to furnish contractual, scheduled and emergency service to var
ious industries in the petrochemical, power generation and manufacturing facilit
ies throughout Texas. I coordinate service and materials from local and remote s
ources such as OEM suppliers, machine/repair shops, vendors and engineering grou
* I also enter the field to trouble shoot and instruct the service men on electr
ical control systems, high speed centrifugal and reciprocating compressors, pneu
matic valves, control systems and system commissioning and installations.


Buffalo, New York.
Title: Training Instructor.
* Composed, authored and presented training courses utilizing Microsoft's Power
Point, Excel, Word and Access for Servicemen on pneumatic, electronic and PLC-ba
sed control systems as well as mechanical installation, maintenance and repair p
rocedures for Cameron compressor products and other OEM manufacturers of centrif
ugal and reciprocating compressors.
* Composed, authored and presented training courses on refrigerated and desiccan
t dryers to include integrated and stand-alone control systems, maintenance, com
missioning, theory and installation procedures.
* Conducted training in international locations as well as classroom facilities
at domestic customer and Cameron facilities. Also conducted "hands-on" type trai
ning for the Field Service Technicians in a classroom setting.

4/05-5/07 Retired from General Motors Corporation.

12/85-4/05 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION (Retired April, 2005)

Milford, Michigan (Other locations: Fort Wayne, IN; Grand Blanc, MI)
Title: Site Utility Manager/Chief Powerhouse Engineer
* Operated and controlled an annualized budget in excess of 9.3 million dollars
for the procurement, maintenance and operation of a facility-wide utility genera
tion/distribution system. Distribution area spanned 4,800 acres with 105 buildin
gs, two Counties and over 185 miles of roadway.
* Formed a site-wide Energy Committee to reduce energy consumption.
* Managed systems and plants to NPDES and Title V air quality permits involving
negotiations and communications with both State and Federal regulating agencies.
Administered corporate safety programs and UAW apprentice training programs.
* Supervised a C3-A State licensed wastewater treatment plant discharging to the
Waters of the State.
* Planned and implemented a preventative maintenance program (Maximo) for the s
ite utility and support equipment.
* Operated and maintained water tube, coal-fired, #2 and #6 fuel oil, natural ga
s and land fill gas boilers at 250psi/415f, centrifugal and reciprocating air co
mpressors to 42,000cfm/120psi, high pressure pumps, water conditioning systems,
steam turbines, centrifugal chillers, chilled water systems, reverse osmosis sys
tems and auxiliary support equipment.
* Responsible for the production, distribution and maintenance of site utilities
within large testing and manufacturing facilities. Utilities consisted of high
pressure steam, chilled water, HVAC units, electricity, wastewater treatment pla
nts and energy management/climate control systems.
* Operated, maintained and chemically treated open and closed loop
forced draft cooling towers and cooling systems. Provided water chemistry
analysis for boilers, cooling systems and wastewater treatment facilities
* Scheduled, supervised, trained and administered corporate policies to UAW repr
esented operating engineers and contractual engineers staffing all three operati
onal shifts utilizing Microsoft's Excel and Word.
* Directly supervised building and grounds maintenance groups consisting of both
skilled and non-skilled tradesmen.
* Belonged to various committees for project management, project formulation and
asset utilization.


Houston, Texas
Title: Director of Training
* Authored, produced and taught a factory-approved training program for large ce
ntrifugal and reciprocating compressors.
* Presented the program to various large, international corporations in a
classroom/hands-on setting.
* Managed departmental budgets and coordinated training schedules for the southw
est region.
* Instructed factory engineers and servicemen on pneumatic, electronic and
mechanical controls for large centrifugal and reciprocating air compressors. Ta
ught mechanical repair and installation processes for compressors in excess of 2
5,000 CFM.
* Functioned as relief Regional Service Manager; coordinating a team of 13 remot
e field service technicians in the installation, servicing and repair of large c
entrifugal and reciprocating air compressors in the domestic and foreign markets
* Entered the field to perform commissioning, maintenance, repair and installati
on of both reciprocating and centrifugal air compressors.
* Associate's Degree (Applied Science), Macomb College, 1982.
* Certified Energy Manager (CEM), American Association of Energy Engineers (AAEE
), Atlanta, GA.
* City of Houston 1st Grade Stationary Engineer License, #2543
* City of Detroit High Pressure Boiler Operator License, #LIC2001-01907
* City of Detroit First Class Refrigeration Operator (All refrigerants including
ammonia and flammables), #LIC2001-01907
* UAW Stationary Engineer, #7855.
* EPA refrigeration RECRA certified, 1974; #1892739275
* Private Pilot's License, single engine, land, 1974. #7855.
* Certified Personal Chef.
* Member of the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) #7855.
* Courses in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
* Helped to achieve ISO 14000 and 9000 certifications in testing/ manufacturing
* Numerous seminars on machine alignment, vibration analysis, energy management
systems and high speed machine maintenance.
* Transport Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card. Exp. 09-Aug.-2014.
* Former member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), 1
968-1973; United Auto and Aerospace Workers (UAW), 1973-1983.