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The ‘beach bum’ from Amanzimtoti was the mastermind behind the R3.5 billion theft.
This fraudster started plotting how to infiltrate the ANC for a top position and a billion rand
retirement fund.

It all started in 1987 when he gave Sbu Ndebele (a struggling assistant librarian with an ordinary
diploma at the time)
the Research Degree in Town and Regional Planning. Sbu Joel Ndebele was excited because
this degree helped him out of his assistant librarian job and made him look more prestigious
amongst his comrades. This free degree to Sbu Ndebele was a boost for his future. Today, he is
the Minister of Transport because of this free degree by Sutcliffe.

Later in 1989, a Social Science student in pursuit of a masters degree to her name realised that
the easiest way to get a masters degree was to study the mediocre Town Planning Masters
Degree, which Sutcliffe taught. This lady befriended the lecturer and was certain to spend a long
relationship with him. Not only did he give her a Masters Degree, he gave her a future with him.
Sbu Ndebele was so grateful for being promoted from a library assistant by Sutcliffe’s research
degree that he returned the favour by recommending Sutcliffe for the position of Chairperson of
the KZN Demarcation Board.
Sutcliffe in turn recommended his female friend Jacquie Subban for a seat in the Demarcation
Board which she got.

Sutcliffe became the eThekwini City Manager in 2002, obviously appointed by Sbu Ndebele’s
influence in the ANC, after the death of a fantastic black eThekwini City Manager. Sutcliffe then
organised a post for his female friend, Jacquie Subban, in the Department of Town Planning as
an executive director together with her other lady friends in his class. Subban who is well known
to be self centered had difficulties working with the department whilst trying to make the male
chromosomes noticeable.
People claimed that she was arrogant, abusive and a dictator. Her behaviour was allegedly
openly displayed because of her close relationship with Sutcliffe. Some people say that besides
Julie May; Subban portrays the belief that she is the City Manager by frequently deviating from
the Supply Chain Management regulations enforcing irregular Section 36 tenders. This seems to
be a trend with Sutcliffe and his cronies in City Hall .To avoid further embarrassment, Sutcliffe,
made his female friend of the time, the Head of GIPO .This lady was given a position one below
the city manager, yet she was not qualified for the position.

Sutcliffe then employed a well known fraudster, Martin Sku Cele, who is known as the bribe
collector for, Lunga Madlala, Jacquie Subban, Mike Sutcliffe and Shunnon Tulsiram (This man
who is related to Krish Kumar needs to be investigated for the foreign investment monies that are
missing from eThekwini). Martin Cele was paid to teach Jacquie Subban how to do her job with a
contract signed by Sutcliffe himself. As to whether Martin Cele was qualified or not is another big
question that needs to be asked. The very same Martin Cele was employed by Jacquie Subban
as the CEO of SmartXchange after being
exposed for bribery and fraud in Transnet (SmartXchange ,the place is used for money
laundering and corrupt IT has now been extended to Kingmead Office Park where the
fraud planning takes place. If you view whose cars are parked in the parking lot, then you will
understand the high ranking fraudsters of eThekwini). Sutcliffe has built an empire for himself
from ignorant ratepayers and trusting politicians that were misled. This very same Martin Cele
has recently received a R25 million Section 36 Tender from eThekwini (approved by Derek
Naidoo, Krish Kumar, Sutcliffe, Sipho Cele and Jacquie Subban).

What is more interesting is that Jacquie then employed Martin Cele’s sister as the Admin
Manager of GIPO. This lady has been running her private business with eThekwini whilst under
the employment of eThekwini. During working hours, paid for by the department, she attended
project meetings at eThekwini Water for her company called Biashara Ya Jamii. Her recruitment
process needs to be investigated. This very admin manager transferred R15 million into her
brother’s company, H2O Networks SA PTY Ltd, co owned by Lunga Madlala and a big wig from
City Hall.

Lunga Madlala, the previous Director of ICT of eThekwini very speedily departed eThekwini
Municipality after his overseas degree was being investigated for being a fake together with the
multimillion rand project that did not work, after payment of over R52 million. Lunga skipped the
municipality during the investigation and told everyone that he was leaving for a top job at Liberty
Life Gauteng. One month later after resigning, Lunga started working at SmartXchange for Willy
Govender. This investigation of fraud was silenced by Sutcliffe, just like all the other proof of
corruption against the senior management of eThekwini that was received by the Ombudsman
It would be interesting to hear what billionaire Jeff Radebe (current Minister of Justice) has to say
about his nephew’s (Lunga Madlala) fake degree. Did Jeff Radebe accept stolen eThekwini
money from his corrupt nephew Lunga Madlala .The ombudsman office and the legal department
are Mike Sutcliffe’s personal protection departments. These departments are used to protect
Sutcliffe and cronies on their corrupt activities as well as to destroy people that have proof of the
Sutcliffe consortium stealing public monies. Sutcliffe complains about eThekwini staff stealing a
few liters of petrol or a few hours of overtime, yet he and his cronies have embezzled billions of
rands from the eThekwini people.

The previous Head of Internal Audit resigned because she had enough of Sutcliffe’s corrupt
activities. Sutcliffe has personally benefitted from the SmartXchange (SmartChange) center of
corruption. His son Warren Sutcliffe was involved in eValuations that sunk hundreds of millions of
rands. Sutcliffe was so corrupt that he rigged the system to not charge his own flat rates as well
as the rates of his fellow criminals. The rates randage is rigged for certain people close to
Sutcliffe. Sutcliffe’s greed was getting the better of him and, together with Jacquie Subban, Lunga
Madlala, Willy Govender (Bizworks/ Cityworks/ Ramco/Logosoft) and Martin Cele (Realcor/H20
Networks) have deceived eThekwini for more than R2 Billion in dud projects. Other monies were
fraudulently moved through fronting companies like Bizworks , Dimension Data, Talota
Consulting, Ramco, Cityworks, Woodglaze Trading (Ronnie’s Housing), Remnant Alton (Ronnie’s
Buses), Get Abstract, Adapt IT, DynaTech and ECOMM…to name a few. You know the others.

For protection, Sutcliffe has given multimillion rand tenders to influential politicians like Zuma’s
wife, Zweli Mkhize’s wife (The Remnant Alton Bus scam), the provincial Secretary of the ANC,
Sihle (civil and plumbing work), a high ranking police official who is often in the newspaper for
Tender allegations, and many more politicians.

This rubbish cockroach to mankind has manipulated the system with his corrupt buddies that take
out multi billion rand loans to fund corruption and fraud and those that push massive tenders
through the bid committees that rig tenders for their personal benefit. Jacquie Subban is the
spokesperson that requests more fraud monies from EXCO to test a failed Revenue Management

We have not yet discussed the billions that went missing in the stadium project under Julie May’s
department. R75 million for landscaping by a DCM from City hall.
The Deputy City Manager has his wife collecting millions from tenders that he adjudicates. R300
million payment for Edison Power that a treasury DCM forced his staff to sign, The Cable Car
payments. The Stadium Management Company tender, etc. Nor have we discussed the Point
Waterfront corruption started by Sutcliffe himself, the Umgeni Bird Park management company,
the ICC and UShaka millions disappearing, or the Electricity ghost staff and kickbacks that were
paid to a Mr. Naidoo in City Hall and eThekwini Water contracts scandals. The municipality has
been scammed for billions by a few high ranking officials, placed in key positions particularly, the
City manager, certain DCMs and Sutcliffe’s ‘Spice Girls’ (Jacquie Subban, Julie May….,…,…).
This fraudster has eluded the ratepayers into thinking that he is indispensible whilst enriching
himself with fraudulent billions. Sutcliffe has proven that an idiot slash thief could run the city
given the budget to employ contractors to do the work without questions over expenditure by
provincial or national government ministers and MECs that are on the gravy train.

Who ever heard of a Doctor of Geography? He has even given himself and his corrupt cronies
Scarce Skills allowances of 30% on their salaries. He even processed two separate pay runs for
his fellow thieves. The irony of the situation is that the kingpin of corruption Sutcliffe writes an
article about Corruption in the eThekwini Newspaper. Sutcliffe reaffirms that the best preacher is
the worst sinner. He is genuinely corrupt together with his accomplices that he placed as Heads
of Departments and other high ranking staff. Sutcliffe talks about using skilled employees when
he is really dismissing all the good skilled employees and is promoting the corrupt. Service
Delivery is a cover up in eThekwini Municipality. You must steal for Sutcliffe and his cronies or
you get demoted/fired. The unions are all manipulated in favour of management. Both IMATU and
SAMWU chiefs are in the pockets of Sutcliffe. Ask Dempsey Perumal and he will tell you how low
they can stoop for a quick buck.

Sutcliffe has his wife contracting to Provincial Government and eThekwini via the name of Felicity
She uses fronting companies. Corrupt Sutcliffe tries to call other staff thieves. Shitcliffe is the Ali
Baba of thieves. The Airpol System is rigged. Water Accounts are rigged. Electricity Accounts are
rigged. There is a slush fund that is worth billions to which only the ‘3 amigos’ control. They use
the billing system to extort these funds.
These 3 vultures are a disgrace to mankind and should be dealt with as they have done in Egypt,
Kenya ,the Ivory Coast and Libya.
Sutcliffe has now stooped so low that he writes his own praises in the editors columns using
African names as writers of the articles.

We are fully aware that these criminals give tenders to the Independent Newspaper editors in
return for good publicity. Derek Naidoo needs to answer about his wife’s interests in DevTec
Civils plus other companies and the R75 million that his wife received from eThekwini as well as
the millions that he personally benefitted from the Shallcross and Phoenix Flats refurbishment
projects. Who are Seelan Archary and Ramone, and what roles did they play in these failed
projects?? Jay Reddy from Dimension Data has bragged about the millions that he has given
Derek Naidoo by depositing the monies into nonprofit organisations. Jay Reddy has also bragged
about how his company Dimension Data receives millions of rands payment before doing the
work. It is for this reason that Internet Solutions, a company of Dimension Data have not paid the
eThekwini R2 million that they owe eThekwini since May 2010. Whose pocket did this money go

Lets not forget greedy Krish Kumar that has been caught with his manager’s wife. This thief was
kicked out of the Ashram for a year because of his arrogance. He has been licking his way to the
top ever since he started in the Mail Room. He takes out the billion rand loans to fund the
corruption and receives his share. Their fingers need to be stopped and they need to return the
monies they stole from dud projects. These people have suppressed our honourable mayor. Our
mayor was previously prevented from firing Sutcliffe. These criminals tried to silence the Mayor
by setting up his daughter. Thanks to the brave stance of the ANC, these criminals will be
disgraced for the rubbish thieves they truly are.

Time has come to expose the kingpin fraudster Sutcliffe together with his cronies. For an
irregular tender to be approved, you would need certain key people to participate…The Treasury
DCM (Krish Kumar) for a budget, the bid committee chairperson (DCM Derek Naidoo) to make it
sound innocent and approve it, the esteemed City Manager in the capacity of the accounting
officer, the Section 36 Report Writer..usually Ms J Subban or Mrs. Julie May (who is currently
trying to complete her degree). The cherry on the top is when the Legal Department as well as
the Ombudsman office nullifies the corrupt activities of the City Manager and his cronies in return
for promotions. These departments are tools that are used to hide the corrupt activities of Sutcliffe
and his cronies.

This email needs to be distributed internationally so that when these bad apples walk into any
country; they will be recognised immediately for who they ruly are……fraudsters. They must be
asked to repay the billions. Tenders need to be inspected and placed on hold if suspicious.
Silence does not mean that all is well in eThekwini nor that Sutcliffe is doing a superb job, it is
that Sutcliffe and his high ranking fraudsters have been suppressing others from speaking out.
They promote a few useless people that in turn will praise them. The trainees will expose the
travesty of democracy and await the legal suppression attempts. The second eThekwini Tsunami
is on its way with an increasing momentum...There is no stopping us now.
The previous City Managers where educated to run the City. Sutcliffe is not educated for this role.
He is a Geographer and a researcher that cannot really do any good except increase corruption
levels. Time to send him to the North Pole with his troop of corrupt senior officials. He builds
crooked homes without proper infrastructures. He needs to return his useless mail order
certificates and throw away the Doctor title that he cannot come close to.
Welcome to open democracy.

Lets circulate this email to anyone that is everyone!!!!!

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