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1133 Huff Road NW, #450

Atlanta, GA 30318
(801) 834-4519 (Cellular)
Medical Technologist
17 years laboratory experience in hospitals, clinics, reference labs and indust
ry settings including blood banks, trauma/transplant centers, AIDS and hepatitis
testing and all other generalist departments.
Outstanding communications skills and human relation skills with patients, phys
icians and medical staff.
Careful attention to detail, with a strong record of safe work performance.
Medical Technologist (MT 135063), American Society of Clinical Pathologists, sin
ce 1980
Clinical Immunohematologist Scientist (MTD 385), State of California, since 1997
Medical Technologist (MT 4551), State of Hawaii, since 2007
Blood Typing, Phenotyping, Antibody Screens, Simple and Multiple Antibody Work-
Direct Coombs, Direct Coombs Work-Ups (Gamma Eluates, Lui Freeze-Heat Eluates)
Titers, Arterial/Venous/Capillary Blood Drawing
Quality Control, Inventory, Equipment Maintenance, Blood Bank Data Entry
Prioritizing Patient Care, Delivering Blood To Floor, Surgery or Emergency Room
Enumerator, United States Federal Government, temporary job 2010 Census, Honolul
u, HI, April-May, 2010
Medical Technologist, Godwin Corp (TX) Contract to: Tripler Army Medical Ctr & T
ransfusion Service, Honolulu, HI, May-June, 2009
Medical Technologist, ARUP Laboratory (Blood Bank), Salt Lake City, UT, 2007-200
Owner and President, Students Uprising: Educational Counseling, Oakland, CA, 200
Home and Business Assistant, Family Care For Ill Relative, Oakland, CA, 1997-200
Clinical Lab Scientist II, Alameda County Medical Center, Blood Bank Dept., Oakl
and, CA, Fall 2000
Components Lab Manager, California-Blood Centers of the Pacific, San Francisco,
CA, Winter 2000
Asst. Supervisor and Technical Specialist (GS-10), Veterans Palo Alto Health Car
e System, Palo Alto, CA, 1998-1999
Medical Technologist, Ochsner Hospital Blood Bank, New Orleans, LA, 1992-1997
Medical Technologist, Medical Center of Louisiana (Charity Hospital), New Orlean
s, LA, 1991-1997
Medical Technologist, Bexar County Medical Center Hospital, San Antonio, TX, 199
Owner and President, Consulting Unlimited: Admin. & Medical, Las Vegas, NV, 1989
Legal and Real Estate, Family Estate Settlement, Las Vegas, NV, 1984-1988
Phlebotomist/Hematology Asst., Various medical facilities in Nevada and Californ
ia, 1977-1985
Clerical Support, Various agencies, schools and businesses in California, 1970-1
Certificates of Completion (4),Computer Basics; Internet Email; Introduction to
Microsoft Word; Introduction to Microsoft Excel, Community Technology Center, H
onolulu, HI, 2009-2010
Master of Public Administration, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV,
Medical Technologist Intern Certificate, Sharp Hospital, San Diego, CA, 1980
B.A., Biological Science/Medical Technology, Holy Names College, Oakland, CA, 19
A.A., General Academics, Chabot College, Hayward, CA, 1976
Extensive continuing education in Medical Technology (441 hours) and Public Admi
nistration (46.5 hours); Annual Infection Control Updates: Blood Borne Pathogens
, Hazardous Chemicals, Tuberculosis Prevention.
Tech-Chek 5320 (Blood Bank); Lab Q (ASCP) Book, 2008 (18 C.E.U.)
HIV/Infectious Disease Exposure, 2007; Wound Botulism Caused by Clostridium bot
ulinum, 2007
Determination of the Etiology of Meningitis is Critical for Patient Care, 2007
To D-Pos or Not to D-Pos: Clinical Laboratory Considerations for Transfusing D
-Negative Patients, 2007
Transfusion Medicine, 2006; Clinical Laboratory Scientist Review Seminar, 2005
Transfusion Medicine, 2005; Body Fluids and Urinalysis, 2005
Immunology and Serology I & II, 2004; Immunohematology Applied Concepts, 2003
Essentials in Clinical Chemistry I & II, 2003; Diagnostic Microbiology I & II,
Clinical Hematology Theory and Procedures I & II, 2003; Immunoserology, 2003
Infectious Disease Update, 2003; AIDS Update, 2002; Urinalysis and Body Fluids,
2002; Immunohematology, 2001; Transfusion Medicine, 2000; Leukoreduction 100% o
r Not, 2000; New and Practical Advances in Transfusion Medicine, 1999; The MNSs
Blood Group System, 1999; BCA-Self Check I, 1997
Developments in Pretransfusion Testing, 1996; Diagnosis and Evaluation of Hemol
ytic Anemia, 1996; Medical-Legal Issues for Laboratories, 1995
Organon Teknika Corporation-Self-Chedk I & II, 1995; Assessment of Problem Head
aches, 1990; Where Are We, Two Years after CLIA, 1988, 1990
Licensure Workshop, 1988; Utilization of Biofeedback for Chronic Pain and Anxie
ty, 1986; Stress, 1986; Lupus and other Autoimmune Diseases, 1986
New Clinical Testing in Hemostasis, 1986; HTLV III: The AIDS Virus and its ris
k to the Health Care Professional, 1986; Dealing with Stress-Understanding and m
aking it work for you, 1985; Transfusion of Uncrossmatched Blood in Emergencies,
Partially Crossmatched Blood as a routine, 1985; Diagnosed X-ray Training, 1983
; Immunohematology/Hemostatis, 1982

Problems Encountered in the Blood Bank, 2000; Blood Bank Problems that Require
Attention, 1995; Service Excellence Team Employee Training, 1995; Productivity,
1986; Cost Effective Quality Control: A Challenge for the Clinical Laboratory
, 1986; Practical
and Legal Accountability under Current Reimbursement Policies, 1986
Reducing costs in the Blood Bank without Sacrificing Quality, 1985

American Society of Clinical Pathologists for Clinical Laboratory Technologists,
since 1980Nevada Society for Medical Technology (NSMT); Medical Technologist of
the Year Award, 1987-1988