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11528 Birch Drive

Thornton, CO 80233

SUMMARY Hard-working and detail-oriented employee who constantly lo

oks for ways to improve work processes, increase productivity and reduce man-hou
rs. Proven ability to motivate and inspire other workers. Responsible for over
seeing a group of 15 co-workers. Delegated workload, created production schedul
es and ensured schedules were met.
Utilize my skills and abilities as well as my self-motivated and results-orient
ed work ethic to help my organization be more successful. Work equally well as
a willing team member or independently and require minimal supervision. Consist
ently add value to an organization and am a valuable team member.

EXPERICENCE BYERS PEAK, 4975 Miller St., Wheat Ridge, CO (Volt)

Operations Associate 11/2007-7/2009
Soldered components to circuit boards using surface mount and thru hole technolo
gy. Performed inspection, repair, cleaning, programming and assembly
of tens units.
Assembled needle probes for use in botox injections done in a clean room environ
ment. Prepared needle assembly by soldering needle, thermo-coupler wires and in
sulated wires from the cord to the circuit board. Inspection, cleaning and test
ing of needle assembly. Enclosed the needle assembly into a housing. Tested an
d cleaned housing probes. Packaged probes and boxed them up for shipment.

ON COMMAND, 5175 Joliet Street, Aurora, CO (The Employment Firm)

Rework Technician 4/2006-11/2007
Soldering components to a circuit board using surface mount technology bringing
it up to the latest revision.

BYERS PEAK, 4975 Miller St. Wheat Ridge, CO (Aerotek)

Operations Associate 9/2005-3/2006
Assembled compressors for a new type of oxygen mask pump


C.T.D.I., 16358 E. 33rd Dr., Aurora, CO (Flexstaff)

Solder Technician 6/2004-2/2005
Make modifications and repaired circuit boards using surface mount and thru hole
technology. In charge of the parts room, reorganizing it to make it a more eff
icient work area. Receiving inventory into the department and putting it into t
he proper bins. Selecting inventory to fill orders, doing weekly inventories an
d putting in an order request for component shortages.

CELESTICA INC., 1200 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, CO

Warehouse/Shipping 5/2001-11/2003
Selected products and materials from inventory to fill orders. Inducted select
ed products into the system to fill orders. Packed small and bulk items that a
re ready for shipment to the customer. Operated various fork truck equipment in
performance of duties.

W. E./AT&T/LUCENT TECH./AVAYA, 1200 W. 120th Ave., Westminster, CO

Level 1 Production Operator 7/1977-5/2001
Performed soldering using thru hole, surface mount and fine pitch technologies t
o make modifications and repairs to circuit boards. Experience in Ball Grid Arr
ay repairs, using a microscope, hand wiring, using various hand tools, x-ray and
inspection of the circuit boards. Did other various and complex tasks.
Received products and materials into the department. Prepared and packed circui
t boards for shipment.
Served as Production Coordinator and assigned and delegated work. Established d
eadlines and ensured co-workers consistently met deadlines. Interacted with Eng
ineers to fulfill requests. Also, served as Quality Coordinator, Safety Coordin
ator and Human Relations Coordinator.


Certificate in Computer Skills, 1997
ADDITIONAL SAP, Diversity in the Workforce, Electro-Static Discharge, Team Conce
TRAINING Coordinator training, various fork truck equipment trainings.
LICENSES Stand Up and Sit Down Fork Truck Equipment