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643 Belhaven Drive, Wilmington, NC 28411

(Cell Phone) 910-538-3391
Consultant for Inclinix, Inc./Wilmington, NC
Assisted Inclinix with enrollment for clinical trials throughout the United Sta
Ten years of specialty pharmaceutical sales experience
Served as Field/Sales Trainer for two pharmaceutical companies
Selected as interim District Sales Manager for Esprit Pharmaceuticals
Launched and successfully sold nine new pharmaceutical products in five differe
nt disease states
Consistently recognized for exceeding sales quotas throughout pharmaceutical ca
Four years of sales experience in banking industry
Trained bank associates on sales techniques and corporate marketing strategies


JENNIFER FAUCETTE SEWELL CONSULTING, LLC, Wilmington NC (8 month contract with I
nclinix, Inc.)
Owner of Consulting Company (Clinical Enrollment Director)
Personal Consulting Accomplishments
Served as Clinical Enrollment Director for five clinical trials throughout the
United States
Assisted Clinical Sites with enrollment for studies: Type I Diabetes, Type II D
iabetes, Pre-Term Births, PAD and Hemophilia B
Implemented strategies for contracts with: EV3, KV Pharmaceuticals, Astra Zene
ca, Diamyd Pharmaceuticals and Inspiration Pharmaceuticals
Conducted Initial Site Visits with Study Coordinators and Primary Investigators
to ensure that each site was enrollment ready and able to accept subjects
Led Clinical Enrollment Team as manager for each of the clinical studies
Enrolled multiple patients to participate in each of the clinical trials
Participated in Sponsor related teleconferences, pharmaceutical home office mee
tings and Study Coordinator meetings
Conducted chart reviews, patient screening days, and community events to identi
fy subjects for trials
ESPRIT PHARMACEUTICALS, Wilmington NC (2004-2007)
Specialty Sales Representative (Urology)/Chairmans Club
Personal Career Accomplishments
Served as Interim District Manager
Functioned as Regional Field/Sales Trainer
Selected as the only representative in the Southeast Region to implement Instan
t Cash Savings Program
Chosen to serve on National Advisory Board for new products and marketing tools
Sales Accomplishments and Rankings
Won Chairmans Club 2006
Ranked 15th in Nation for YTD % of Quota 2005 as well as an award for generatin
g most new scripts
Ranked Top 10% Nationally 2006; 8th in Region and 12th in Nation 2006
Ranked #1 District Manager in the Nation for Instant Savings Card Program
Received a Consistently Superior Rating on Annual Assessment


AVENTIS PHARMACEUTICALS, Wilmington NC (1997-2004)

Senior Sales Representative
Personal Career Accomplishments
Functioned as Field Sales Trainer/Home Office Sales Trainer
Organized and led district and regional meetings
Coordinated screening and in-depth interviews with District Manager for new hir
Developed and implemented Motivational Mondays for Carolinas District
Sales Accomplishments and Rankings
Awarded Stock Options- Top 1/3 of National Sales Force
Won National Role Play Contest; National Ring Award (102-103% of goal)
Ranked 2nd in Nation with Cardizem CD (1998)
Won Allegra visibility contest (2000)
Met 30% market share goal with Amaryl (2000)
Won Lantus goal attainment award (2001)
Ranked Top 15% in Nation and 10th in Region (2001)
Ranked 39 out of 243 associates (2002); 3rd for Lantus share attainment (2001)
Ranked in Top 10 of Southeast Region (2004-Fastest growing market)

NATIONSBANK, Wilmington, NC (1993-1997)

Bank Officer/Consumer Lender
Generated sales volume by networking with realtors and brokers
Trained bank associates on new policies and sales techniques
Developed sales plan to obtain personal goals and team goals
Organized and prepared weekly sales meetings
Initiated and scheduled all sales calls and presentations
Won several awards/trips

Bachelor of Arts, Accounting, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Management Development Associate Training

Onslow Memorial Hospital Foundation Committee Chairperson, Onslow County 2008-20
Fundraiser Committee Chair for M*A*S*H B*A*S*H Event
Raised over $200,000 for Cancer Wing for Onslow Memorial Hospital
Coordinated Silent and Live Auction
Coordinated Food/Beverage for 500 attendees
Make A Wish Foundation Board of Directors, New Hanover County 1996-2000
New Hanover Regional Medical Foundation Co-Chairperson,
Coastal Classic Golf Tournament, Wilmington, NC 1996-2000
American Heart Association President, New Hanover County 1998-1999