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Russo lays M e r c y hurst hockey season to rest

son was not canceled. a decision," Russo said. "It was a learning turely, in light of the fact that all students have
The initial decision to terminate the se* son experience for all involved." therightto appeal and the judicial process was
By P. Kevin McHugh was made by Pete Russo, athletic director, who Russo added that some of the outcomes of still underway when the penalties were an-
Merciad Senior Writer said in a press release,' 'Due to an unfortunate the situation were that it brought the / am nounced."
incident that occurred this past weekend closer together and showed that Mercyhurst The second phase of penalties included the
(February IS) on campus that included viola- does not have any * 'favorites*' as far as athletic suspension of five hockey players, the expul-
tions of the college alcohol policy, insubordi- teams go. sion of a non-athlete and the imposition of 20
nation and disrespect to college authority, the "We were willing to negate the hockey hours community service to be completed by
The events leading to the close of the college has decided to cease hockey activities season for what is good for the institution,'' he 30 students that were at the party.
hockey season no doubt leave a bitter aftertaste for the remainder of the season.*' said. "I think this sent a lot of messages to the Russo said that the 1991-92 hockey season
in the mouths of students, athletes, faculty and After subsequent review of the situation it community." was a success despite the setbacks. F
administrators. 4 was was realized that only five hockey players, i The new penalties were announced by Dr. team was cheated out of an NCAA 1
The initial media coverage of the discipli- not eleven as was initially thought, needed to Gary Brown, director of residence life, in a it greatly deserved. "If those inv<
nary action taken against the Mercyhurst hockey be disciplined, and so the team had enough press release dated February 21. "While I lowed the set criteria for choosing
program caused a definite level of hysteria at high caliber players to end the season. (Brown) applaud the Athletic Department for teams, and didn't concentrate on
the possible cancellation of the 1991-92 sea- "If I had to go through it again, I would upholding these high standards for our" ath- Mercyhurst would have been given \
son. However, upon closer scrutiny, the sea- make sure I had all the facts before I made such letes, the announcement was made prema- said.

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Rape Crisis Intervention comes to 'Hurst

CHECK By Grace Bruno
OUT Merciad Staff Reporter

What would you do if you were raped or

sexually harassed? Where would you go? Who
Friday, March 20 would you talk to?
According to Phyllis Aiello, director of
4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cam freshman studies, "a group! of concerned
pus Ministry. Prayer Group. administration and faculty" have gotten to-
9 pan. to 12 a an. Student Un gether * to address the needs of students who
ion. Dance. f are victims of sexual assault.' * The rape crisis
intervention program is a volunteer program in
Saturday, March 21^ which Aiello and Dr. Gary Brown, director of
Trained personnel from the Erie Rape Crisis Center visit Mercyhurst
residen t life, acted as chairpersons to work out
the logistics. The program is part of the af- help implement the new Rape Crisis Intervention program.
SAC Trip to Cleveland Flats.
firmative action plan which is coordinated by Brown agreed that the training was de- because students from the McAuley Career
Cathy Anderson. pressing yet "excellent" Brown added that Division aren't familiar with the faculty and
Sunday, March 22
Over spring break, the Erie County Rape though the training was intended to give the administration they probably won't seek aid
7 pan. Government Cham- Crisis Center came on campus to train 11 volunteers a better understanding of the impact here. She did point out, however, that if they
bers. MSG Meeting. members of the faculty and administration. of rape on a victim, the volunteers learned did seek aid "we wouldn't turn them down."
The training included educating the volunteers much more; they got "the whole picture." The program will be announced probably
of what sexual assault actually is and how to

Monday, March 23 There are a wide variety of volunteers in through word of mouth, The Merciad and
aid a victim in the process of recovery. Brown the group whose names will be announced Monday Morning, an internal newsletter for
7 p.m. Campus Ministry. stated, **It was advocate training to help the later. Aiello hopes that the variety will allow a faculty and administration. Although the vol-,
student through the process of getting excused victim to choose a volunteer who they may unteers hope to have the program running this
Scripture Study.
from classes, going to the police, and to the know and feel comfortable with. term, any student should fed free to approach
Tuesday, March 24 hospital..." Aiello agreed, "Our role is to The program is devoted to helping all any member of the faculty and administration
advocate for the students. We are not acting to Mercyhurst students. Aiello said honesdy that for advice or help. ••
3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Campus Min- supercede either resident life, security or the
istry. Adopt- A-G randparen L i
4 pJBUto5 p.m. Campus Min-
Rape Crisis Center of Erie.' \
The training that the volunteers underwent
McQuillen* hits sportswear market
istry. Raps on Religion. was long and emotionally straining. The vol- sportswear," hetsaid. "People into,
By Susan Lee Eback
4:30 pan. Student Union. unteers put in what Aiello called! 'a consider- ind racing are familiar with the name."
able outlay of time'' to be trained. For four Merciad Staff Reporter
Reconciliation. company distributes its merchandise
6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Campus days, the 11 members were in a classroom Dan McQuillen, a Mer- internationally. Ihey are the
Ministry. Prayer Group. learning material from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with cy hurst College sophomore,

outfitters of the Canadian

8 pan. Campus Ministry. Al- only a half hour for lunch. This proves, accord- recently won a contract with ^National Cycling Team.
Anon Meeting. ing to Aiello, that there is a "quality of com- a leading Canadian sports- 1 Their lines are also distrib-
mittment*' to students here at the college. "It's wear company fee his graphic uted in the United States.
Wednesday, March 25 part of what the college really is," she added. designs.^ ; * McQuillen became fa-
Penny Hanes, assistant, professor of ac- Louis Garneau of Mon- miliar* with the Louis Gar-
8 pan. Sullivan Hall. Women counting and one of the volunteers, said that treal contacted McQuillen for neau name while participat-
in Theology. the lesson was "very :valuable" and "in- the purchase of four origi- ing in cycling races. I I
tense." Hanes also feels that the lesson was nal designs for the company's "I went to the national
"depressing." She thinks that the magnitude T-shirt line. I championship races in 1987
Thursday, March 26
of. the problem is scary and feels that a lot of "I sent them eight de- in the 16 to 17-year-old
9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Student Un- students will become aware that past experi- signs, unsolicited, and they division," said McQuillen.
ion* Coffee House. ences that they were unsure of are indeed bought four," said ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Majoring in mathemat-
sexual abuse. Hanes said it was important that McQuillea He said there may ics at Mercyhurst, the Erie
"both males and females...learn respect for be negotiations for the purchase of more of his native is also a graduate of Mercyhurst Pre-
each other and with that respect comes a re- graphics to use on their T-shirts. paratory School
sponsibility." "They are a well-known manufacturer of

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Obscene phone calls Rush


Dever investigates obscene phone callers
^B V5 w ee^Kssm because of the dirt and body oils that law statute. The victim also has the
Vvv%NVvw.wy2v , > r.VAWAV.^W "• r ^ » » i • • * M ™ m

choice of handling the Incident inter-

$•&§ SS

By Karen McGuire covert your hands, fingerprints are
Editor-in-Chief *• § usually left behind.'' k I nally through the resident life of-
IWflWV.' w w w T' CMEWM**V^**A^VA\W^ -.%*.-*•».
fice, x
**X !
I Ewa
For the most part, however,
i 5
I ' 'Notoriously, this time of year obscene phone calls seem to be af- I If a residen t receives an obscene

brings out the flakes and perverts,'' fecting students more than the let- phone call, Dever suggests the fol-
says Bud Dever, director of secu- tors. Dever says the calls usually lowing: 1) Hang-up the? phone
immediately; conversation usually
rity. consist of screaming, perverted ref-
Since returning from break, a erences and calls from results in more calls. 2) Scream into
series of residents have been har- parties where groups of people can the receiver or blow a whistle.
Editor's Note: This column is designed to let the Mercy hurst Residents who receive calls
rassed by obscene or "no-talking" be heard in the background. The
community know what is happening in the international, national should contact security and imme-
phone calls. Four different residents calls also seem to take place late at
and local arenas. The news is gathered from a variety of sources. diately start keeping a log of the
from different areas around campus night around 1:30 a.m. to 2 am.
and The Merciad office reported Once an offender is discovered, dates, time ofday, type of call (hang-
calls last week. In addition, several the victim has therightto file har- up or obscene), notes on what was
Baldwin Hall residents have been rassment by communication, a vio- said, background noise, accents or
By Angela M. Camp frequently used phrases.
continuously receiving callsfroma lation of a Pennsylvania criminal
Merciad News Editor man using a fictitious name.
Dever says multiple offenders
are in volved. One of the offenders is
also writing anonymous letters to
female residents. "I have a suspi- Skates: Dave Murphy has a speeches will be held on Monday,
United Nations — Iraq has received a Thursday, March 26, dead- 17? *
tci? ,March24about April 21. Elections will be held on
cion that one of the guys who is meeting on
to come up with a plan to destroy equipment and buildings used April 22 and 23.
making the calls is the same one the possibility of skate rental for
to construct and repair its banned ballistic missiles. The deadline
who is writing anonymous letters to use in the Ice Center.
carries an implied threat of the use of force if demands are not met
women," he says. Senior Week: MSG isjnow
In the case of the letters, Dever Elections: Elections are fast accepting letters of intent for the
South Africa — On Tuesday, March 17, large numbers of white approaching. MSG is now accept- Senior Week Committee. The per-
South Africans turned out to vote in a referendum that will decide said, "We have taken measures to
see if fingerprints can be found on ing letters of intent The letters are son handling the money should be
whether they want to share power with the black majority. The due by April 9. An open forum and a junior.
mandate, requested by President F.W. de Klerk, was requested to the paper. People don't realize that
negotiate a futureforSouth Africa that is not based on race. tf

Mexico — On Tuesday, March 17, the government in Mexico City

Students "Tag-Along" Miscellaneous News: Dean
McQuillen spoke about the Middle
States Committee J and said the
closed the schools, ordered industries to cut their operations sharply
and banned almost half of all cars from the streets. This was due to
the heavy blanket of gray-brown smog over the city and air quality
behind Erie executives
By Stephanie Wainwright *
ested salespeople,"
manual was finished and sent to the
committee. The library committee
is working on being more strict in
ratings that were approaching new lows. ^^ The students were abletochoose
Merciad Staff Reporter enforcing j copyright rules. The
who they would like to work
Israel — The Palestine Liberation Organization is considering with. Some of the people involved Constitution for the senate is being
IIV laring a federation with Jordan in the hope that it may help bring Starting next week, marketing were from the following compa- revised.
t Israeli withdrawalfromthe occupied West Bank. The main
I majors will get a touch of the real nies: Times Publishing Co., US
idea is to pressure Israel into handing over all or part of the occupied world of business. The Marketing Air, National Fuel, and St, Vin- Club Funding: MENC is re-
lands. m Club is sponsoring a Tag-Along cent After choosing their salesper- questing $450 for their annual trip
event Each student who signed up son, students were given the phone to their conference. Here they will
will be paired up with a salesper- numbers to his or her individual in meet leaders in their profession,
England - Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Andrew,
The Duke of York, and the Duchess Sarah Ferguson (popularly son who they will shadow for the order to make arrangements for the gain contacts, and gain knowledge
known as Fergie) may be separating after nearly six years of day. Tag-Along. for professional developement Hie
marriage. The Queen's solicitor and a team of lawyers were This event began with phone total trip cost is estimated at $2,028
. . 'Thereason for the project was
consulted and it is underst calls to the Erie Sales and Market- including admission, gas, parking
that the Duchess would have custody
• : • : •
to help students gain some hands-
ing Executives Club. Salespeople and rooms. I
of the couple's two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess on experience and to pick up perti-
Eugenie. in the j! organization were t details that textbooks leave
asked if they would be interested in out,' J said Sherlyn Celone, chair of Trip to the Flats: On Satur-
working with students who would the event day,March 21 there will be a bus
study them by following them leaving at 6 p.m. and returning at 2
Miller asked that all students
around for the involved complete a response sheet p.m.
Charles Miller, advisor giving their opinion of the event
Marketing Club, said, "We had For further details contact Sherlyn
remarkable response of 37 inte Celone at 824-2970.
California - Prosecutors rested their case on Tuesday, March 17,
against four police officers charged with the beating of Rodney
King. TTie prosecution chose not to call King to the stand to testify
which surprised many people. An four defendants are expected to
testify for the defense. } ,

Washington D.C. - A safety advisory panel said that NASA could

be endangering lives by making planned cutbacks and dropping
moves to improve the space shuttle's main engines. The panel
questioned the agency's decision to save money^by eliminating
~\V4 improvement programs.

Washington D.C. - An enormous scandal has erupted since the

revelation that representatives using the House of Representatives'
Bank abused their banking priveleges. Prosecuting these check
abusers may prove to be difficult since they are in actuality the
lawmakers. I

Pittsburgh - More than 285,000 residents who use Allegheny

County's Port Authority transit system each day have been forced
*to scramble for alternative transportation after Transit workers went
strike Monday, March

Sam Hyman perform in the Mercyhurst chapter of Amnesty

March 15. The

Theiss defends winter formal

Dear Editor:
Smith commends
hockey avers
be addressed not by the newspaper,
but by their own peers. It is not
I am writing in response to Ms. only asinine to become that drunk,
Wainwright's Letter to the Editor but it's tacky as well. But, we were
in last week* s Merciad. Itis a shame all freshmen once and did these To the Hockey Team, ior at the tournament at Elmira
that you did not enjoy the formal, stupid things, so let* s not play judge reflect very weU on you, your parents
and if you had such a rotten time, and jury. I &• I wanted to take this opportu- (many of whom I've gotten to
don' t go to another one. There were Thirdly, we as the committee nity to thank the members of the know), and your coaches. To the
people who were dying to go to the decided to take a risk about the hors hockey team and the coaches for guys I had the chance to talk to at
dance and would have happily taken d'oeuvers and try to steer away some exciting and memorable Elmira - Scott, Mick, Andrew.
yourticketI want to now address from the hot foods because of the moments over the last few ^sea-
some of your gripes. sons. I have visited some places I
extensive waste in past years. Ilie
First, we as the college or as purpose of the food is not to feed might not have seen .•JIIW

MSG had absolutely nothing to do

To Scott, Mick, Mike, Sean
the masses; if that is what the body Meadville, Fredonia, ffrifohi* and
with the drink prices or the igno- wants, then the ticket price will Elmira! Chasing you guys around
and Dave - you're leaving
rance of the bartenders. All of those have to go up. (And you thought ings regularly. Then, you .would the map has been fun. Strange as it a legacy of excellence for
arrangements were made through that $8 . was too much!??) have known the extensive plan- may seem, in doing so, I've had the your successorstofollow,
die hotel, and had to be because of Finally, I would have to sayning that DID go into this formal opportunity to grow closer to my both on the ice and in the
the legal ramifications of having an that if you were so adamant aboutand wouldn' t be making snap judg- family as we watched you pursue
event of this magnitude. ments. your "hobby" across Pennsylva-
what you wanted in a winter for-
In the second place, the Winter mal, why were you repeatedly absent nia and New York. I thank you for
Formal Committee had NOTHING at the MSG meetings where this Thank you, that f * Randy, Sean, Troy, Mirko, Tom,
to do with the intoxication of the event was planned? I am almost Your performance and behav- Bill, and all the rest - it's been time
freshmen women. The immaturity Julie Theiss, Winter Formal Com
positive that you are a representa- well spent I know how proud your
of this croup of "ladies" needs to mittee Chairperson
tive, and should be attending meet- parents are, because they've told
me. We, your fans, arc as well
Alumni dispute admission to athletic events To Scott, Mick, Mike, Sean,
and Dave - you're leaving a legacy
Dear Editor, were told, as were Mercyhurst Whose tuition and alumni dol- it is his or her money that helps to of excellence for your MTO
College students, that our student lars went into building this facility fund such projects? •;• i on the ice and in the
As an alumni, I took the oppor- or alumni I.D. would not admit us anyway? Why should a student I honestly feel that the Mer- classroom. You have been, and
tunity to explore the newest edition to the facility for free. As for my cyhurst Administration and the remain, a the College,
to Mercyhurst College - the new husband and myself, the admission Mercyhurst Athletic Department Troy, Rob, Craig, Andrew, and the
ice hockey facility. | price was no real problem. As we Admission to school- should seriously, re-think their rest of the team - you have a tough
My husband, also a Mercy h urst talked we were both appalled that, sponsored athletic events, admission policies on athletic, act to follow. But I am confident
alum, and I decided to go to'a at least, Mercyhurst College stu- no matter what the sport, school-sponsored, student-payed for that you'll be up to the task.
hockey game, on*play-off night dents could not be admitted with- should be free to Mer-*, events. Admission to school-spon- You've all faced considerable
When we arrived at the facility, we out paying. sored athletic events, no mauer what adversity this season. And you've
cyhurst College students.
the sport, should be free to Mer- weathered it well. Thanks for all

The Merciad whose tuition money was used by

cyhurst College students.

the administration in the form of Sincerely,

the memories, and best of luck.
I'm already looking forward to
next season.
j Mercyhurst College's First Class newspaper government bonds, annuities, tax Kevin Goode (Class of '88)
as rated by the Associated Collegiate Press shelters and Lord knows what else Suzanne (Trumbull) Goode (Class Bill Smith, Computer Center
not be guaranteed admission when of '88) $T
Vol. 65 No. 17
Karen McGulre
Angela M. Camp
March 19,1992
1 NewsEditor
Professor debates teachers' ethics
consider it almost impossible to the social sciences, in the exact
Jule Gardner ' Features Editor Dear Editor: developihigh teaching standards sciences or in the arts, just to 1tr
Anne L. McNeils Arts and Entertainment Editor without a serious proficiency in the pace with what is discussed in the
Joseph Legler Sports Editor I am writing to make jj some professor's field of specialization. main technical journals, to read the
John Furlong Photo Editor comments about the article ' 'Pro- Even though the research activity Hill ilar magazines and books that
HoUy Fuhner T Copy Editor
P. Kevin McHugh Senior Writer fessors face questions of ethics' at a small school cannot compete are published, to attend scientific
Yvonne Maher? Advertising Manager that appeared in the January 16 with the activity at big schools, its and scholar meetings, to see what
Timothy Moriarty Faculty Advisor issue of The Merciad. value resides in the stimulation that is new as a better way to teach
I feel particularly disappointed it gives the teachers and the stu- difficult and new concepts, to en-
MERCIAD STAFF with the content of that article. The dents. hance the use of electronic tech-
Garth McCurdy J I RichShelton reason for this is that what I con- On the other hand, that research niques (computers, databases), to
Dan McQuillen
AdriaStalsky Suzanne Coneglio Katie Johnson sider to be the main ethically dis- activity is the only; guarantee of induce the students to discover and
TriciaKuhar Jason Hervoyavich John Bruno turbing aspect of the teachers doing research by themselves, lakes an
Amy Fitzgerald i Dave McQuillen Mia Uricki any other type of job outside Mer- awful lot of time. I
Todd Palmer Nicole Geraci Laura Blabac cyhurst academic activity (either I would say that the cur- I would say that the current
Steve Rush Michelle Ryan Beth Nichols ,' teaching at another school, run- rent regular teaching load regular teaching load of a Mer-
Leon Mumford Keith Courson 5 Julie Theiss ning a small business or whatever) of a Mercyhurst professor cyhurst College professor is proba-
Chris Fiely j Craig Rybczynski Glenn Ondick was overlooked in that article. bly more than what would be desir-
Melissa Potocki
is probably more than what
John Danknich Lisa Brown The scholar activity which I able to promote |t serious, student-
Grace Bruno , j Steph WainwrighUj would be desirable to oriented scholar activity. From that
Susan Lee Eback j[ consider essential to the integral
activity of a college professor was promote a serious, student- perspective, the fact that a teacher
• •

completely ignored in that article. oriented scholar activity* cannot survive being full-time
he Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Why do I conskterfthe scholarly committed to the academic life of
Mercyhurst College, Box 161, SOI E. 38th St, aspect of a teacher's job very im- \ ¥1 /111 and knowledge of what our institution really places a seri-
Erie, Pa., 16546. Phone 824-2376 portant? it is of interest in the area, enhanc- ous ethic problem: that of bow
[aterlal for publication must be submitted by n< n
There are many reasons: very ing the quality in the education that strong is the commitment of an
on the Monday before publication. often it is pointed out that the main the school can provide.j But the irtstihition and its teachers to edu-
difference between a big research scholar activity does not stop in the cation, to excellence in the forma-
university and a small college is small research activity that die tion of the students. (Which, let me
letters that at big universities the profes- professor can perform. It goes say it once again, » V I > I I on the ml

request sors are too devoted to their re- beyond things like a serious knowl- proficiency of their profiwva
search activities to have a g<
• : • : « edge of the new literature, the re- teachers, scholars and profession
determined search towards new techniques and als in their area of knowledge).
interaction with undergraduate
by the Editorial Board with the Editor holding students, while at small colleges, tonics to be applied in class, the
final responsibility. The opinions expressed in the professors are really commited _ courses and all the Sincerely,
The Merciad are not necessarily those of to excellence in teaching. educational aspects related to them.
The Merciad, its staff or Men This is essentially true, but I In any branch of knowledge, in Dr. Mario C. Diaz

BerspecMieis tta«ud

The Art of Shredding


By John J. Bruno Mercyhurst's chapter of Al- Penn State-Behrend will be The editors of the Mustang
Merciad Staff Columnist M*m
.«%. Anon meets in Campus Ministry sponsoring the film * 'Jungle Fe- Press are presenting a literary award

on Tuesdays at 7:45 p.m. ver," a love story that deals with in poetry with prizes of $100, $50,
Now wasn't that a nice n W W " -
the realities of interracial relation- $25, plus various special awards
vacation? I thought it was. Al-
The koadhouse Theatre will ships. The film will be held at Penn and honorable mentions. For more
most makes me want to...forget be sponsoring Speed Plow, a con - State-Behrend, Otto Behrend Sci- information, write to the Mustang
ibout k. You don't want to know. H V
temporary comedy by David Mametence Bldg, Station Road,on Thurs. Press, Dept of Poetry and Fiction,
Just this very moment The performance will be at the March 26, at 7 p.m. Admission is 2085 Mustang Ct Ste. #21., St
in Daytona Beach. Florida there Roadhouse Theatre, 1505 State St, free. Cloud, FL, 34771, including a self-
are probably close to 300,000 on Fri. and Sat March 20 and 21. at addressed, stamped envelope.
drunk people. What a crazy, crazy 8 p.m. There will also be show on Submission deadline is April 1.
world in which we live. However, out of all those drunks, the odds Sun. March 22. Admission is $7 The Warner Theatre will be
of someone eating a snow cone are extremely high. Some of you are and $5 for students. For reserva- sponsoring Swan Lake, featuring Alljuniors at Mercyhurst must
probably saying to yourselves, "So what" But, think about it tions, call 459-8215. "Swan Lake" ActH. "Moments," take the Writing Proficiency Exam
Think really hard and maybe you will realize what a truly incredible and New Ballet II. The perform- in order to graduate. If you are a
phenomenon snow cone eating really is. The Erie Playhouse will be ance w ill be choreographed by Jeff junior who expects to graduate by
It's like art, man!'It is complete and utter beauty. After all, sponsoring Noises Off, a Broad- Satinoff, artistic director, and will May of 1993, you must take the
what else would you call drunken, ignorant self-indulgence (drunken way show. The performance will also include dancers from Mer- exam on either Sat March 28 from
wisdom)? Yeah, right! There is probably some capitalist some- be at the Erie Playhouse, 13 W. 10 cyhurst The show will be at the 8:45 am. to 12 p.m. or on Tues.
where who has just seen the light at the bottom of the bottle. Don * t St The show will be on Sat and Warner Theatre, 811 State St, on March 31from2:45 to 6 p.m. You
worry if you can't understand any of this pointless babble. You're Thur. March 21 and 26, at 8 p.m., Sun. March 22, at 3 p.m. For infor- shouldjreport to Zurn Lobby. 4f
probably not alone, but don't let me put words in someone else's and Sun. March 22 at 3 p.m. For mation, call 454-4857. you are a senior who has not yet
mouth. i reservations, call 454-2852. met this requirement you must take
How about this administrative fiasco with the hockey team Black and Whites, by Daniel the exam on one of the above dates
that took place just before vacation? What a load of garbage! I still, Dial 2000 if you need security Burke, will be held in the Cum- or you will not graduate in May.
to this day, don't know exactly what happened. What I would like after 4:30 p.m.. mings Gallery. The art will be on
to know is where the administration gets off punishing student exhibit through Mon. March 30. The Ninth Annual Sister Mary
athletes more severely than the average Joe student not involved Charles Waschler .Lecture will
with athletics? Sure, if someone violates a rule, fine them or force By Steve Rush
present Lake Erie: The Lively
them to write a paper (or make them write 5000 times on the black S Corpse by Dr. Robert A. Sweeney
board ' 'I will not violate the alcohol policy. I will not violate the Dot -to & (A\»c\e. SP* *N **&«$ ujocV*:va •**$
of Ecology and Environment of
alcohol policy....''). Don't ban them from participating in athletics! V*r4 S ^ c fk*v\ sp'ilVs ioK orv \^W\4f u*ft«
Lancaster, NY. The presentation
Someone with this bogus, juvenile mentality succeeded in oc Ws [esVcftC-VooA + o dfcVe. will be held Wed. April 1, in Zurn
giving the whole hockey team the shaft And, by the way, there have 114, at 3:45 p.m. Refreshments
been reports of people, athletes and non-athletes alike, calling RAs will be at 3:30 p.m. at Zurn Lobby.
names and being punished for not being cooperative. Being unco-
operative and calling someone a name are two completely different
actions. As long as a person does what the R A says (i.e. turns down
musk, etc.) he or she should be able to call them any name that they
The Films For Discussion Series
want, and I encourage them to do so, especially if the RA is being
abusive or disrespectful him or her. will be presenting Paris Is Burn-
ing, a documentary showing New
People are being punished for name calling! Next thing you
know, you won't be able to even look at someone the wrong way York's sub-cultures mirroring the
without being shafted. All and all, I feel that the administrative dominant cultures in their dress
and their more glamorous balls.
I [v. ision -making before break was the equivalent of a P.T. Barnum

circus act The film will be held on March 24,

at 7 p.m. Admission for the general
Next year's gift to the school from the senior class should be
public is $3.
a truck load of petroleum jelly for the hockey team so it doesn't hurt
them as bad when they get shafted by the administration and the
ECAC. The word for today is "powertrip." * Edinboro University will be
sponsoring the film * 'Peppermint
Soda," at Edinboro University,
By Tate Davidson Memorial Auditorium. The,film
will be held on Thurs. March 26, at
by Steve Rush 9:30 p.m. Admission is free.

iAiHtsi l&ȣntentainnieii t
Critic picks Dancer puts best foot forward
By Mary Med ure
Merciad Staff Writer

award winners
By John Danknich
Almost everyone has experi-
enced being late for class. In most
classes, all you have to do is catch
up on the notes. However, certain
classes require physical, as well as
Merc iad Movie Cri tic mental, preparation.
According to Jill DiBuono, a
Well, March is here. In the sophomore elementary education
movie industry, that can only major and dance minor, dancers
mean one thing. The Academy arrive a half an hour before class to
Awards are upon us. Seeing as get dressed and warmed up. "If
how every other movie critic in dancers need special therapy, it is
America is voicing his/her views done before class," DiBuono said.
on who will win the Oscars, I She now wears an ankle support
kind of figured I should devote while dancing, due to a previous
an entire column to the Oscars, j injury.
Before I get into the nominations and predictions, 1 would like to DiBuono began dancing at the
point out that unlike Siskel and Ebert, I do not see everyfilmthat is young age of four with The
released to the general public. First of all, I don't have the time. Johnstown Conceit Ballet She was
Second of all, the cost of these movies comes out of my pocket So, unable to perform in herfirstre-
my opinions on films I haven't seen are based on the views of cital due to a case of the chicken Jill DiBuono and her eight-year-old cousin, Ronna, in costume.
various other critics and the reaction of the general public. So, pox. At the age of six, she began instructor in dance, the strict cur- challenges you to do a different
without further ado, let's do it $ taking jazz classes, although her riculum ^forces the dance depart- kind of dance.'' Mary Price Boday,
I'll start out with Best Supporting Actress. The nominees are: main focus was on ballet under the ment to offer classes at consistent director of dance department and
Diane Ladd (Rambling Rose), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear), Kate direction of Carla Prucnal, director times throughout the year. assistant professor of dance, said
Nelligan (Prince of Tides), Mercedes Ruehl (The Fisher King), and choreographer of the Johnstown Kirk said that it is difficult for that modem is just a different style
and Jessica Tandy (Fried Green Tomatoes). If I had a vote, it Conceit Ballet 4 dancers to maintain strict daily of dance. As a dancer, "you have
would be for Lewis. Her portrayal of the not-so-innocent daughter As a dancer, DiBuono has been c
regimens. 'This doesn't mean that to be so versatile." Boday added
was one of the best parts of Cape Fear. However, the Academy's trained following the cecchetti style dancers do not have social lives." that dancers have to be trained in as
choice will probably be Ruehl. Tandy would be the sentimental of classical ballet She said that He added that they must set priori- many styles of dance as possible.
favorite, but since she won Best Actress two years ago, I doubt she there are eight levels under this ties first' 'We want our dancers to Presently, DiBuono has some-
will win again. category. "Dancers must pass a become well trained, sensitive art- one following in her footsteps. At
iNext up is Best Supporting Actor. The nominees are: Tommy test in order to inrease a level." ists and critical thinkers," said Kirk. eight years old, Ronna DiBuono,
Lee Jones (JFK), Harvey Keitel (Bugsy), Ben Kingsley (Bugsy), She added that the test includes: Besides the great deal of time Jill's cousin, is dancing with her
Michael Lerner (Barton Fink), and Jack Palance (City Slickers). knowing dance combinations, dance spent dancing, DiBuono must devote old company. DiBuono is very
Palance was terrific as the crusty trail boss and has a good chance theory, and the various body and enough time to her academic classes, proud of her cousin. "Ronna will
of winning. Keitel and Kingsley will probably split the B ugsy vote, room positions. Currently, DiBuono especially those in her education be taking herfirsttest in order to
leaving Jones as the probable winner. Jones' performance was so has passed three levels. major. Getting her degree is very pass thefirstlevel of cecchetti style
powerful that it even overshadowed Kevin Costner's. As a minor, DiBuono's dance important to her. "I love to teach this summer," DiBuono added.
*The race for Best Director will probably be the tightest The schedule is not as demanding as a young children...someday I hope Take advantage of the future
nominees are: John Singleton (Boyz N the Hood), Barry Levinson dance major's. DiBuono says that to open my own dance studio back dance recitals to see DiBuono, as
(Bugsy), Oliver Stone (JFK), Jonathan Demme (Silence of the it is often "difficult to schedule home." well as the other Mercy h urst danc-
Lambs), and Ridley Scott (Thelma and Louise). The controversial academic classes around dance DiBuono added that modern ers, perform.
nature of Stone will probably hurt his chances of winning. The classes." According to Jay Kirk, dance is one of her favorites. "It
same goes for Singleton and should come down to
Levinson and Demme with Demme emerging as the victor.
Now, we come to the big categories. The nominees for Best
Mercyhurst takes role in Erie production
Actress are: Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Lou-
ise), Laura Dern (Rambling Rose), Jodie Foster (Silence of the By Melissa Potocki ballet Jeff Satinoff choreographed the
Lambs), and Bette Midler (For the Boys). As I see it, this is a two Merciad Staff Writer "Act II" of Swan Lake will third piece, entitled Moments, to
woman race. Even though Midler won the Golden Globe, her be the centerpiece of the perform- the piano sonatas of Alexandra
chances are slim to none. Davis and Sarandon were both so good, , As Saturday, March 21 ap- ance with a score by Peter Ilyich Scriabin. Moments deals with re-
that it would be hard to choose one over the other. This leaves Dern proaches, hang on to your hats, Tchaikovsky. * lationships and the poignant emo-
and Foster. Rambling Rose was not a widely released film which because the talents of Jeff Satinoff, The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre tions involved.
may hurt Dern's chances. I look for Foster to take home her second artistic director of the Lake Erie has supplied the sets and costumes A matinee at 3 p.m| and an
Ballet, and Eiji Oue, music director for the performance that will pro- evening performance at 8 p.m. are
Oscar. • • . . - . • z M §f $ and conductor of the Erie Philhar- vide the mystical setting where the scheduled. Tickets for adults are
All five of the nominees for Best Actor have a legitimate chance monic, are about to merge to per- moving story takes place. $16 and $14, senior citizens* tick-
of winning which makes picking a winnei difficult The nominees form* "Act II" of Swan?Lake, This production of Swan Lake ets are $14 and $11 and students*
are: Warren Beatty (Bugsy), Robert Dc Niro (Cape Fear), An- Concerto Barocco and Moments will be staged by Basil Thompson are $11 and $9. Tickets may be
thony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs), Nick Nolte (Prince of in one grand presentation. who is the Ballet Master with the purchased at the Lake Erie Ballet,
Tides), and Robin Williams (The Fisher King). Williams will win The Mercyhurst community will Milwaukee Ballet, and who has 609 French St on the second floor.
one of these years but not in 1992. In most other years, Beatty would be proud to recognize the five fac- worked with many choreographers. Celebrate the coming of spring
have been a front runner. Since De Niro is nominated every other ulty members ofv the D'Angelo Thompson has danced the classics by attending »these remarkable
year, his chances are slim. The only two names I hear that have any School of Music and the five on stages all over the world. productions of music and dance*
chance of winning are Nolte and Hopkins. I going to go with members of the Mercyhurst dance
Hopkins simply because I like Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter. program who are involved in this
He was definitely a more interesting character and more of a stretch event % %
than Nolte's role. 3 The faculty J^members of
Finally, we come to the category you've all been waiting for.
The nominees for Best Picture are: Beauty and the Beast, Bugsy,
JFK, Prince of Tides, and Silence of the Lambs. While I am glad
D'Angelo include Lee Wilkins,
assistant professor of music; Glen
Kwok; Robert Dolwick, assistant
Paris is Burning
Jenny Livingston has gathered delicate material concerning
that Beauty was nominated, its chances of winning are slim. It still profesior of music; LeAnne Wis- New York's sub-culture to create this highly controversial
is probably the finest animated film ever made. As I said before, JFK trom and Brad Amidon. film. It documents their lifestyles, their dress and particuf
is too controversial to have any chance of winning. Most critics The dancers involved in these larly their glamorous balls. The film is sponsored by Friend
were surprised with Tides nomination, so it probably won't win^ productions are.freshmenMonette of Film and the discussion will be led bv Sheila Kirk.
If any of you read my Top 10 Films of 1991, you know thatSUence Barrel and Juliann Rhodes, sopho-
mores Karen Sullivan and Amy Tuesday, March 24
was my number one film. Therefore, it should come as no surprise
that I think it will win Best Picture. Lynn Jjiek and junior Tina Wakzak. 7 p.m. - Introduction
Well, there you have it, my Academy Award predictions. We'll Wilkins amd Kwok will; be 7:15 p.m. - Film
find out how accurate I aimwhen the winners are announced on performing solos for Bach's Admission is free to the Mercyhurst community; $3 to the general public.
Monday, March 30.1 hope that I get at least one right Until next "Double Violin j Concerto in D
time, this is John Danknich signing offfromthe back row. Minor'' for the Concerto Barocco
PAGE 6 MERCIAD 19,1992
•_• • • > • • • • - . . . . . . . • * * i • • • • • • W i C i
»* * • •_ v " • • V A _ « • • . « * - • • • _ « • a ~ a " a " _ " » " a " a • • • _ • _
ftV«XUI i V « > ~ a a a a a a * . . . 4 a a a a » a V W T l
• - -<_•• * « * * * • • * • • • » « « • . • • . v « V « V • * •
. ^ * * *fc* * V \ . V ^ ' * * V V a * . * . * . * % . . . « X L 4
• _ • • _ • " > _ • • " _ » _ . _ • _ • ». a . a_a_a%_a_a• • a a • a a V •_• •

— —
- T — - - — — ™ ^ i » ^ * m m ^ ^ » m m a . m • « • • ( • * ^

V a a _ ^ L a * a . a m v a « « K * B • K a • a m a v W * « H m a ^ ^ ^

v • • • • » • . • » • •« . . * • »a. a • » » • • » » « . • *»
W \ O J I « V W O . a " • « • • • . » « . % N . V % * a • . " . • • o x

a a a a a a a aN «Ta * a a a a " a * ^ V . " » • • % • • • • • » _ • _ O « % ;

^_» * « * ^ z v . ^ A ^ _ ^ _ ^ _ * I Z V " a ^Az*z?0"iakiazaa • * » * fc.~ •
• » %ftI I * & • • V • at % • • • • m • m m » • • m • • ^ A4
* « * h • • k • > t > ^ V k I k * • m • • • • * * * • • t « 1 J B .

« _ « * * _ « ^ * • k _ « ~ * _ * v * k * - « « p j ^ a « * A ^ • a « « a r » i

^ • J * _ ^ _ * _ a \ _ a _ a _ V F T « _ a _ • / » _ » _ 1 a . k * * B f c T L l U | T » k _ « r p j _ » . *

• % • t t a V V W * T i * X ^TrnTa » ^ v v m a a % « « ^ • *v_*_
^ a J X I * t « "a~a~aT»~a~ar» a ^ r m ^ a < » T a ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ "arara_a a a a a
• k l • f a ^ a ^ a ^ k j ~ a T t a _ a . ^ L ^ L ^ C ^ J ^ ^ ^ . a a a ^ a a> a ^ a a a a k* ^
""1 a a a^a a a a a a a a a ^ a a^a ^a^a^a a a a a a a a a ^ a a a a I
* * * * * * * * a a a a a a a • k « k « a a a ^ a a a a a k\_a a
• a _ a _ a a^a. a a ^ a _ a _ a _ a _ a j a a _ a a * • ^ T « L a a a a a a_" a _
i k k ( » v v a a a v a a t V ft % T a a a ^ a a a a^a^PLajja
a a _ k • a^B a a a a ^ a a i a^a/arBf^a a\ a a a a a • k k k a^a\
a a a a_a a ^ a; a _ a _ a f a _ a ~ a a r a v a : a ^ " a . ^ a a ~ a n *
• a a a^ a a a a a m a a a V m a a a a a a * a a a a l i a
_ a _ ^ k J L M . a _ a _ a j B t V i a * * * 4 « * k a_a a a a a a a «
I " l ^ l l k ^ l f l l l k l k ^ l k k V B l T k f c W l l L l
a~a a~a a ^ ^ a a a a ^ a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ^ a T a ^

r aj jOa CXa- .' a
O>a IJ*aLQaJlajI B
^ ? ^L a' vV -av^*t^B-a ^
-t— —a ^a a a—aB a *
r k ia
.•••-".1 .»_•_". V-V
» m a .rwA
4 • a « « a_v a a^a a.a^ a

. * • * « .

Irish Aw

< ^ #
MISO sponsors events
• ^

By Jule Gardner became pregnant as a result of rape.

•Xhv" Merciad Features Editor The girl wished to have an abor-
'>• APaV'
tion, although abortion is illegal in

St Patrick's day has come and her country. The girl made plans to

Ne gone, but Irish activities continue have the abortion in England, but
as part of Irish Awareness Month, Was stopped by authorities in the

at %iaa r^fc
sponsored by the Mercy hurst Inter- Republic. She was later allowed to

go to England because of her psy-

s#^ !??»

• «&• national Student Organization

^ • ^ -

(MISO). I T i ) etiological state.


Four of Mercyhurst's foreign The point McHugh is trying to

Richaid Harris and Nick Roberts discuss Ireland with Scott Baker, Channel :
make is that the issue revolves
students were featured on WSEE
anchorman. Channel 35 news on Tuesday in around religious differences that

Career Corner
anchorman, Scott Baker's regular create turmoil in Ireland. The «a*

series, North.Coast Feature. case "highlighted that there is no

3Baker interviewed Kevin true separation of church and
McHugh, John Shanahan, iNick state, and until there is true separa-
Roberts and Richard Hartis, mem- tion; the Protestants in the ':.
get out of it,'' Jay Kirk, professor vertisements and articles where a i:« of MISO, in a discussion on North will never want to be part of
By Grace Bruno 4
of dance, stated, * is too short dancer can find out the upcoming the troubles in Northern Ireland. the Republic,'' McHugh said.
Merciad Staff Reporter to mediocrity." auditions for dance companies and McHugh and Shanahan, repre- As for a solution for the future,
Students who are focusing on schools. A dancer should also watch sentatives of Ireland, and Roberts there is no simple answer.,
teaching dance must have a resume fa •:i»r« auditions and track papers. and Hartis of England, gave their McHugh said, There are so many
and proof of graduation from an Although they don't require hav- personal outlook on the state of diverse and complicated issues
accredited college. With these in ing a resume and proof of gradu- Northern Ireland. The students also involved that there is no short-term a

Job searching for many of us is hand, a dancer must then make ation, contacts are, once again, exchanged views about the many solution in sight"
a fairly consistent process. We must contacts. According to Mary Price important Communication must misconceptions about the situation r Activities will continue for Irish
complete a resume, send out cover Boday, professor of dance, com- be open between dancers so that there and their personal experiences Awareness Month. On Friday,
letters and interview with an em- munication may be one of the most opportunities are known. # with the cn-gQing conflict between March 27, Guaranteed Irish, a
ployer. For the students at Mer- important aspects in the job search. When asked if there is a certain the Catholics and the Protestants. Pittsburgh band that specializes in
cy hurst who are studying dance, Because the job search is inconsis-. geographical iwrinwherea i-svr»> McHugh, president of MISO, Irish music, will play in the Student
though, the process isn't very con- tent, "word of mouth" is terribly will have the most opportunity, • : • i said, "If there is any chance that Union at 9 p.m.-
cise, i; f I | important "Every person you meet Boday and Kirk agreed that fit Northern Ireland is going to be port Also scheduled is a MISO
There aire basically two differ- is important for your career/' Boday "depends on the type of dance. ' of the Irish Republic, the various sponsored "Film for Discussion"
economic, cultural, social and po-
a «

entj concentrations a dancer can stressed, "Students can't burn If a dancer is focusing on classical entitled, the Miracle. The star of
i n:i bridges.''WAlthough talent and ballet he/she needs to go to a large litical differences would have Jo be the movie, Lorraine Pflkington, will
»se for a career. Thefirstcon-
centration is performing dance. The technique are vital in this profes- metropolitan area that has one or resolved." fly in from Dublin to present it to
second concentration is i teaching sion, it seems that "who you know'' more classical ballet companies. . McHugh also gave a reference MercyhursL The Miracle will be
dance. Although dancers from these and "luck" play big roles also. Dancers wishing to pursue careers to the controversy surrounding a shown on Tuesday, April 14 in
concentrations have different re- Students who are focusing on in commercial work,-movies or 14-year-old girl, in Ireland, who Zurn Recital Hall at 7 p.m.
quirements to fulfill when looking performing have different require- television need to go to Los Ange- THE NEW 1' I
for a job, they do have a couple of ments to meet Dancers must get les, Las Vegas or New York City.
basic tilings in common: they all their own auditions so it is impor- "The thought process used to
love to dance and they all must tant for a dancer to be up to date on be that New York was the only
strive to be the best Perhaps it is what jobs are available. Oneway place to be," Boday stated, "but
their love of dance and struggle to to do this, Boday says, is to read that's not true.** "There was a
be trie best that is most important to Dance Magazine. In Dance dance boom in the late 1970*s and
715 French Street
any dancer's career. "Love it or Magazine there are pages of ad- early 1980's," Kirk explained,
"where dancers started to move
around inse cities began to create
• » *

€lfiggifip-rl Arisi their own dance companies rather

than bringing a company in." FRIDAY NIGHT
* Both Boday and Kirk agreed
that the opportunities for dancers
are greater in Europe than they are
NEED EXTRA CASH? Cruise. Lines Now Hiring. Earn a-ftSSSS .:x- IXCLXM. I W

$2,000+ per month working on cruise in the United States. Not only are 888:-:•:•:-
SS-w •.-:%- •v-k-rVvy

ships. World travel! Holiday, Sum- salary andtbenefits better in Eu- ^ a a k a a a w a mm^ a a » • • a a^ • • » » a.^a
a * i i a » " « j » i f < < y k \ ^ a . ^ a T * • a « . * • k * . • * • • • ^ t ^ O l


mer and Full-time employment avail- rope, but a dancer may^ -NV•.%-.
-~ - *••*•-* *
W SSfi

able For Employment Program call crease his or her skills. In Europe a
ft it/* -
I ' J 1-206-545-4155 ext C 313 s kVt*

^ :

dancer will perform one repetoire •:-x*:*3-

l _ W -L. • • -M - * • • • " a / jTlll^f :^:>x

68 times in 11 months as opposed 5KB_ «c

• •
to the U.S. where a repetoire is iSW
^ «

fi w \ v

k f c

I$8.25 Starting Pay taught in six to eight weeks and ,v-

S*S •V\V
performed for only one week.
Flexible Schedule to Fit Classes

In Europe, dancersfare more ^ a ^ ^L « « a I

^ ^

A ^ n «. .

Become a Plasma Donor Full Training Provided respected, according to Kirk. The SS3 Wm
Earn $25 a Week reason being, Kirk said, is that'" the ^ Pciw &€

Plus Bonuses May Continue Full-time whole aspect of art in Europe is

Call for Details Over Breaks more respected.'* For instance,
maternity leave and leave forsin-
New on Thursdays
454-0070» All Majors Should Apply ju/y are longer in Europe, ti-
lt's obvious that job searching Hard Rock and
For Directions and
for a professional dancer is diffi- ivy Metal featui
1 Application limes cult because the process is incon- Bnergy FM 90*s
Call our Erie office at: sistent and long. It's also obvious
that once a dancer has a job, the
JimiJaymz i
111 West9th SL Erie,PA 16501 838-0752* work is strenuous both mentally
Male and Female Donors Needed and physically. Yet it is important All orders available for takeout
F.D. A. Approved xtra Tickets needed urgent! to realize that after the long hours
of practicing, teaching, audition- Happily married couple unable to have children desire
for graduation ceremony ing and performing there are re- to adopt newborn. We can give love, warmth, security
Bring in this adfor an ^^^^ and confidentiality. Homestudy completed.
wards of achievement and fulfill-
additional $5.00 Bonus I Please send to: ment so satisfying that the tension Call Nancy and Alan collect at: (201) 586-3493
and grief are easily forgotten. or P.O. Box 122 Mt. Lakes, N.J. 07406

Lakers not invited to nati

Burfoot shines in pro debut
Mercyhurst's own Scott Bur-

Mercyihurst icers foot made his professional debut

for the Erie Panthers in an ECHL
(East Coast Hockey League) game
against the Columbus Chill at the

j il ted NCAA Erie Civic Center on Wednesday

* He had two goals and one assist
in the first period leading the Pan-
thers to a 6-4 victory. After scoring
By Joseph Legler his first two professional goals,
Merciad Sports Editor
Burfoot was named the game's \
Most Valuable Player.
A stake has been driven through the heart of the Mercy hurst fx
Burfoot, an All-American cen-
hockey team by the NCAA selection committee. On Monday, Match ter,finishedhis Laker career with
9, the committee failed to invite the Laker icers to the NCAA (National fighting for a higher position in the
290 points, and was named ECAC ticing with a shortage of centers, pi

CollegiatesAthletic Association) Division III tournament I don't;' West Player of the Year for the and invited Burfoot to pi ar tice with playoffs against Dayton, Louisville,
know whether to laugh or to cry at this''bizarre'* turn of events. Either them this week. Erie center Dwaine Toledo, and Cincinnati.
second straight year only a few
way I can't understand the NCAA's so called ''logic*' when it comes! days ago. Burfoot stands 5'9N and Hutton was banged up in Monday Burfoot's former teammate,
to selecting teams for the nationals. ^f will wear number 16 for the Erie night's game against Columbus, Craig MacDonald, was named
I don't know the exact reason for the Lakers' omission, but I do Panthers. \ and Burfoot was able to fill in. ECAC West Rookie of the Year, j
have some speculations. The Panthers have been prac- Burfoot and die Panthers are
This is the scenario. | I I
The post season tournament is supposed to include the top eight
teams in the country. Four of these teams come from the Midwest and
four comefromthe East The East teams are chosenfromthe ECAC
J. V. Hockey beats Gannon in final game
(the East Coast Athletic Conference of which Mercyhurst belongs to).
goal in the first period. Assistant Kdly Gilchrist put the Lakers ahead
Two of these spots were automatically filled when Plattsburgh Stale By Craig Rybczynski
won the ECAC Westfinaland Babson won the ECAC Eastfinal.Two Merciad Sports Writer coach Daryll Georger said, "The 3-2 with his first goal of the game.
key to the victory was in the locker Defenseman Jason Sagendoiph and
remaining spots were left I
room before the game when the forward Domino Der assisted on
These two spots could, realistically, go to either Mercyhurst (18-
team finally gelled. Everybody felt the goal. Gilchrist's goal sent the
13), Salem (17-8), or Elmira (22-8). |
confident about the lineups and Lakers to the locker room with the
Elmira, having the best record and over 20 victories, was almost
assured of a bid. Even though the Lakers "beat up" on Elmira all The ••Battle of Erie'* was de- power play set up and we finally • < ' •

cided Feb. 23 at die ErieJCivic put all the parts of the game to- The Lakers put the game out of
season long, Elmira did still have the impressive number of wins.
Center, as the'Mercyhurst J.V. gether." f 1 reach in the third period as they
Sure, the Lakersfwere 3-0 against them this season (including a
shutout in the ECAC tournament), but any way you look at it they Lakers defeated the Gannon Golden In the first period, the Golden scored four•
times. Vail scored his
deserved their bid. * f Knights 7-2. Knights scored two early goals and second of the game to give Mer-
Elmira's choice is not the statistic that makes me want to hurt a Mercyhurst goaltender Rob led 2-0. The Lakers were held cyhurst a 4-2 lead. Gilchrist made
Thomas finished the season with a scoreless until the final seconds of the score 5-2 when htfeonverted a
selection committee member real bad. What bcthers me is the choice
of Salem over Mercyhurst Yes, that'srightth e mighty Salem skaters 4-1 record with the victory. Tho- the first period. Forward Clifford Gannon give away into his second
mas allowed just 12 goals in the scored at the buzzer as the puck goal Paluchak scored thefinaltwo
and their "cake-walk" schedule received an invitation over Mer-
five games' that he started. The eluded the right pad of the Gannon goals to give; Mercyhurst a 7-2
cyhurst |E;
I Salem won 17 of 25 games compared to the Lakers 18 of 32. Salem Lakers, behind Thomas, ended the goalie. According to Laker goalie victory. Georger said, ••The cap-
44 tains did a fine job as for as overall
had a better winning percentage but they didn't play as many games '91- '92 campaign at 6-3. "Igol Thomas, We took them pretty
as the Hurst did. What if they had played the additional seven games? to play and we have a good J.V. lightly in period one and then turned leadership. Garth McCurdy, Vail,
team at this college. We played it on. We played some hockey and Dave Devine and Steve Ipri all did
What would their record have been? I can only speculate.
tough and won hockey games." showed what we can do." * super jobs. Everyone had a * •

Salem also lost in the veryfirstround of the ECAC East playoffs.

|yt The offense was lead by Joe Early in the second period, mon goal for ourselves and die
Mercyhurst advanced to the finals in the West Salem also had a
Paluchak, Brian Vail, and Kellj forward Vail fired a shot past the college. Our primary goal was we
"cream-puff schedule; their only win worth mentioning was their
Gilchrist Jim Clifford added a singk clove hand of the Gannon goalie. wanted to win for Mercyhurst"
narrow victory over Elmira by the score of 5-4. An uneventful one
goal terribly exciting. The Lakers played some light-
weights as well, but overall they had a much more rigorous schedule
i(Piattsburgh, Elmira and Wisconson Stevens-Point to name just a
few). In their three victories over Elmira, the combined score was21-
Cyclers prepare for first race
10! We didn't edge Elmira, we destroyed them. On Sunday, March 22, the team
will be entered in itsfirstrace, the The cyclers first collegiate race
Let's not foiget that two of the Laker losses were forfeits because By Dan Warnke *
is on Sunday, March 29 at Carne-
a player was academically ineligible. Take away those "invalid" Merciad Sports Writer Frontier Spring Cycling Series. It
defeats and the icers are 18-11, just a few percentage points behind gie*Mellon University. This race
will be held at Moorheadville Air-
Salem. If the NCAA: takes everything (not just the win/loss record) kicks off the beginning of the East-
port in Harborcreek. The race will
into consideration, Mercyhurst is obviously the better team than ern Collegiate Cycling Series
consist of all the top teams in Erie.
While most of The team e; Championships.
Salem, So why were they left out? t '• to place riders in If Representing Mercyhurst in
It's probably because of the "equality NCAA
* *
on relaxing trips over spring break, the top three in both the men's and
the cycling team was hard at work women's categories. "With the way the race for the championship are:
when picking teams for the tournament Mia Urycki, Marcie Dziekonski,
Elmira| and Plattsburgh were chosen from the ECAC West in Augusta, Ga., training for the everyone isriding,I think we may Mike Alloway, Sean Wall,
Babson and Salem were chosen from the ECAC East Two teams spring season. have a chance of winning both Mumford, Brett Primett, and
from each division werechosen!Theconmiittee,tamyoi»iuon,chose The team worked mainly on events," said;Mike AHowav. a McQuillen."Big"JimMcKeever,
to have equal representationfromthe two regions rather than pick the endurance while in Georgia, riding sophomore whofinishedsecond H who is the team advisor, will also
four best ECAC teams overall. Mercyhurst was left out, because of an average of 60 miles a day. The place in last year's QUAD games be racing.
geographic placement. This is truly a sad thing to say, but it'strue. rides consisted of a great deal of bike race.
If the tournament is designed to host the eight best teams m the hill climbing.
nation, then the eight best teams should receive invitations; not ibe Since returning from the trip,
eight teams who happen to have a good record and belong
the riders have been working on
speed and sprintfwork. "We ate
Positions are available for
region of the country where another team is needed for balanced
representation. That's quite a mouthful to swallow. How poatovely
putting in about 250 miles a week
and the team is coming-together
studentstinterested ^in
absurd! However, what can you do about it? Absolufdy nothing. I
wrote this editorial to vent myfrustrationsfor the way I feelrwhich
really well,"? said Team Captain becomingtfnvolved in
and Coach David McQuillea ••Even
is irate. though this is our first year, I am The Merciad. For more
asking a lot from these riders.
Everyone is dedicated and training information, call
WOUK, „ , *, take this opportunity .0 thank ^ ^ ^ hard. Some people think we are
;cellentcoveragcof the Mercyhurst hockeyteam» J " * J " r ; crazy when they see usridingout Joe Legler at 824-23764
Garth did not have to write any of his articles for the paper but in the snow, but we know it has to
rt anvwnv it was verv much appreciated. be done."

Baseball goes | W&wk

on Florida trip
only strong suit for the Lakers. The
By Ed Hess > Mercyhurst offense combined for
Merciad Sports Writer 35 hits in the two^ame set
''After that first day, we were
As Kevin Costner said in the cautiously optimistic i about the
movie Bull Durham, "You win potential this team had," said Laker
some, you lose some, and some get Head Coach Joe Jordano. "Be-
rained ou t *'That phrase could also cause we are so young, we have to
aptly describe the Laker baseball learn new objectives that we must
team's recent spring trip to Florida. accomplish everyday.*
Mercyhurst posted a 3-4 record That may have been die prob-
with one rainout in its southern lem for the Lakers as they dropped
swing. f a doubleheader the following day.
After months of practicing in The Mercyhurst losses came to
the rec-center, the Lakers departed Walsh College and Division I foe
on a 20-hour busrideto the Sun- St Joseph's (Pennsylvania). The
shine State. The team enjoyed the Mercyhurst offense was silent as
Florida weather for about ten min- the Lakers dropped the first game
utes and then it was time to play by a 3-1 score and were blanked in
baseball. the second game 3-0. .
The Lakers got out of die gate "We had some very strong R o b Madia (22) skates toward a Plattsburgh defenseman in the ECAC West Championship
quickly as they disposed of two top pitching that day but unfortunately game. The Lakers made it to the final by shutting out Elmira 3-0 in the semi-finals. However,
twenty teams on thefirstday. Eckerd it was wasted by a poor peiform- their season ended abruptly when Plattsburgh came back from a two goal deficit and won by the
College, ranked 13th in die coun- ance at the plate," said Jordano. "It final score of 6-2. The Lakers finished the season with an 18-13 record.
try, bowed to the Hurst 10-7 in may have been a combination of
extra innings. Sixteenth ranked St overconfidence and exhaustion from
Joseph's (Indiana) played the Lakers the previous day.'* j <• Freshman Cameron in Florida that I think this team is this weekend for a swegame tourna-
in the opening day nightcap. The The Lakers bounced back to picked up hisfirstwin of the year capable of winning," said Jordano. ment tin vol ving Slippery Rock,
blue and green upped its record to win their next contest against Hei- against Heidelburg and Al Rush "We still are searching for consis- Dowling College, Mercyhurst and
2-0 with a 13-9 win. f '? delburg College by an 11-8 count and Kieklak suffered the losses to tency in all aspects of the game and the host team. Both Shippensburg
Freshman righthander Mike Mercyhurst again met frustration Clarion! and Indianapolis. Jeff should be able to make the neces- and Slippery Rock are ranked hi
Koziara posted his initial collegiate as their last two games in Florida Nicholson also cracked the first home sary adjustments before we begin thetop20, and the tournament always
win in the first game, and junior resulted in bsses. The Lakers bowed run of the young season against our northern schedule:" has national implications. The'Hurst
Bill Kieklak notched the win over to Clarion University 7-5 J Heidelburg. i The Mecyhurst baseball team won the tourney last year winning
St Joseph's. Pitching was not die anapolis University 7-1. "We definitely lost some games travels to Shippensburg University five of six contests. •*-

team wins fir mes

Softball team I Ml
Tennis starts strong struggles in south
By Jason Hervoyavich | destined to sweep Florida. But the
Merciad Sports Writer coin flipped another direction. years. We learned from our mis-
By Chris Fiely
"The team was headed in a takes in each game of our trip."
Merciad Sports Writer
The men's tennis team took the postive direction,*' says Greg Coach Eichas added, "Offensively
south by surprise. After a disap- Dickson, senior. But this was to be we are better, but we do need to
This is definitely a rebuilding work on our defense."
pointing loss to the University of short lived because the tennis team year,'' said Coach Toby Eichas as
Buffalo Feburary 22, the team lost its next three straight The losses First year player, Carrie
he described the 1992 Lady Laker Bresxnsky, joins her sophomore
needed inspiration, and the south- were at the hands of top national softball team.' 'We lostfivestarters
ern trip to Kissimee, Florida, be- teams: Rollins University, Arm- classmates on the 1992 squad. They
and two of our three leading hit- are Kathy Schubert (catcher, desig-
came the solution. strong State University, and Flor- ters.• I
During the first few days in ida Atlantic University.' "This stiff nated hitter),*Sue Mishreil (center
lj Last year, the team was 15-12,
Florida, the team went undefeated. competition at the end of our trip including a 1-6 record on its south- field), and Val Gordon (left field).
They beat top notch teams, includ- didn't discourage us, it would act Bloomsburg Quad Invitational this ern tour where they scored only 12 Returning juniors are pitchers
ing Michigan Technology, seven as a repellent to intimidation for spring. If they fare well, it could runs. This year, they scored 32 runs Alii Klopfer and Wendy Tullar.
matches to two, Florida Institute of future matches," says Phil Clark, mean a team bid for nationals. The in their 1 -7 stint in the south. | Christi Puz will occupy left field.
Technology 7-2, St Cloud 6-0 and senior and captain. • 1992 tennis team members are Phil Junior pitcher Wendy Tullar said, Lori Donnelly is the only returning
an emotional victory over Eckerd The tennis team has many posi- Clark, Andy Davidson, Jason Her- senior. Last year, Donnelly was
"We are a young team, and we
University 6-3 when the win came tive results to build on. The team voyavich, Jamie Pilkington, Paul behind the plate, but this year she
have a lot to learn and a long way to
down to die two last matches. The now has a record of 5-4. The rest of Sullivan, Pat O'Keeffe, and Greg will play at first base.
go. We are a stronger hitting team
team was playing well and seemed the, season is preparing for the Dickson. « Coach Eichas said, "Being able
than we have been in the past three
to recruit helped our team a great

Crew; wins big in southern competition deal We have a promising offense

and good team speed. Our pitching
is getting there with Wendy, who
to 180 (miles) in one week ot row- to row against Clemson on March world will participate in the regatta. was 8-5 last year winning her last
By Craig Rybczynski ing, so I think it was beneficial." 6. Mercyhurst won'in the men's six decisions, and Alii, who was 6-
The varsity men's lightweight four
Merciad Sports Writer In compeu'tion, the novice crew and women's heavyweight eight will represent Mercyhurst at die 5 and very consistent On the bad
teams split their two races in Geor- Also the men's lightweight tfour event The crew includes Doug side, we gave up 66 runs in the
gia. The women's novice heavy- and women's novice eight were Reynolds, Dave McQuillen, Hank eight'southern games, with more
weight eight defeated the home- victorious. Baugh said, "We did Healy and Rob VanderWoude. than half being unearned as we
town crewsfromthe Augusta and really well, and we woa the boats The first home regatta will be made 30 errors. We also have a 38-
The Mercyhurst crew team held Westside rowing clubs. The men's we needed, which were the varsity held on April 4, against Hobart and game season compared to the 27
its Feb. 27 through March 7 spring novice eight finished last against men's eight and varsity women's William and Smith Colleges. Baugh games of last year. One thing I will
training session in Augusta, Ga. the same two rowing clubs. Novice eight These boats are the backbone said, * 'The season, looks like a real say about the ladies, is that they are
and South Carolina.* men's coach, Adrian Sprackbn said, to any rowing program." ; mix. In some events we're going to very cohesive. It will take some
While in Georgia the'Lakers "The team in general, I thought, The Lakers will return to Au- be quite strong and in other races time, but they will learn.''
worked out twice a day and rowed performed up to expectations." gusta for the Augusta Invitational we'll only be competitive. At this jjjTheirj first game is Tuesday.
22 'endurance miles. Head Coach After their stay in Georgia, the on March 28. According to Baugh, point it's way too early to tell who* s March 31 at California University
Dave Baugh said,' * We logged 1 SO Lakers traveled to South Carolina 50-60 crew teams from around the going to do well."! of Pennsylvania.!