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Paolello Issue: Dr. B r o w n presents his side of the story

By Joseph Legler
and the whole incident was turned into a
Editor in Chief
media event — it's really sad."
Director of Residence Life Dr. Gary He said an appeal board denied Paolello
Brown, after obtaining written permis- a review of her case because of "condi-
sion from Missy Paolello, presented The tions she wanted set in the appeal pro-
Merciad with his side of the controver- cess" differing from the standard proce-
sial marijuana story that plagued the dures.
Mercyhu rst community a short time ago. "I don't think she was treated unfairly
at all. We didn't intimidate, badger or
Brown was silent throughout the entire threaten her at all," Brown said. "In my
episode because it is the school's policy mind all of our meetings were extremely
not to publicly implicate a student in any
laid back. She made a big deal out of
way unless consent to reveal informa-
nothing." |
tion-is given by the student Former
Brown said there was no jail threat, no
student, Paolello, gave Brown this privi- 1
y Paolello Dr. Gary Brown, Residence Life accusations of lying and no coercing
Director whatsoever as reported by campus news-
This incident was "not a real biggy to papers. He added that there are two sides
begin with," said Brown and Paolello illegal substance. of the Mercyhurst Student handbook; to every story.
was not the reason why the administra- All of the people who provided verbal penalties for Use of a Controlled Sub- "Students read something and they be-
tion took such an elaborate investigation statements were interviewed in front of stance: 1) a $200 fine, 2) Mandatory lieve it," he said. 'They can say anything
into it more than one member of administra- assessment (get counseling), 3) One year they want to The Merciad or Freedom
"Missy was not the intended center of tion. Larry Kozlowski, assistant director disciplinary probation and 4) Possible Zone and more often than not we cannot
this investigation," Brown said. "How- of residence life and Bud Dever, director parental notification. confirm or deny any allegations against
ever, she chose to become the center of of security were present for the inter- Paolello said Brown was acting on us. We believe in the privacy between
it" V ^ - views, according to Brown. The student's "nothing more than hearsay." Brown students and administration."
A Mercy hurst employee, allegedly in- statements were later put in writing and said three "eye-witness testimonies" are Paolello is no longer a student at
volved in the use of an illegal substance signed. much more than hearsay relating it to Mercyhurst due to a separate incident
with Paolello and others, was verbally Paolello was the onl y individual who people who witness crimes and testify in that occurred a few weeks ago. I t was
named by two individuals to Brown. would not reveal information about the court i - - * J

decided by all parties involved — the

This employee eventually admitted to incident She never confirmed nor de- Paolello contacted PA NORML (Penn- school, Missy and her parents — that
the allegations, i This was the primary nied her use of an illegal substance, sylvania chapter of the National Organi- Missy should discontinue her education
reason why Brown put such a strong eye according to Brown. zation of Marijuana Laws) and, accord- at this time and resolve the problems she
to this case. "We had to make a decision," said ing to Brown, that's when this thing got
"This grabbed my attention—an em-
has." . * I 1 ^ 1
Brown. "Should we accept the word of blown out of proportion.
ployee of mine involved in this type of Brown believes this ending was the
these three individuals and impose some PA NORML used Paolello to gather
best thing for all parties involved.
activity," he said. "It's almost unheard sanctions on all four?" media attention, he said. "In my heart of hearts I truly believe
Of*. :? W^tii The penalty to these individuals was "Missy was a victim being used by PA this is a happy ending because Missy is
Two other people confirmed to Brown the same sanction imposed on all other NORML to further their cause," Brown getting the help she needed," he con-
that both they and Paolello had used an people in violation of part four, section B said. "She got caught up in the glamour cluded.

Arrigo appointed SAC Chair

CHEO By Anne L. McNeils direction this school year. We came up students tell us what they want," said
A&E and Features Editor with a lot of good ideas." Arrigo would

Arrigo. He said he would like to plan a
like to "cut back titles" in the organiza- cultural series with visits to wineries,
Fun is the key word for incoming Stu- tion of SAC. He plans to create commit- museums and the opera. He would like
dent Activities Committee (SAC) Chair- tees to handle each of the different ac- to meet the "needs of a lot of different
Friday, April 50 | person Michael Arrigo. Arrigo said the tivities, such as movies, winter and spring lifestyles."
8 p.rn. Athletic Center* Perform- tun he has had in SAC in past years was activities days and tournaments. By do- ^Arrigo would like to continue some of
ing Band: Blues Travelers. ing this, he hopes to increase the "effec- this year's "more successful activities,
tiveness and efficiency" of SAC. such as the movie series. He wants to run
Sunday, May 2 He also plans to produce a survey for the series a 1 year long and hopes to show
9 a.m. Athletic Center. Coed Vol- students to aid SAC in meeting students' better films as well.
leyball Tournament. needs. He said the surveys will be im por- Arrigo also plans to work with
ta nt because student feedback is vital to Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG)
Tuesday, May 4 the success of SAC-planned activities. to plan activities. "SAC and MSG are
8 pan. Tye Dye Party. "SAC will always be the same unless Continued on Page 2
* - ^

Wednesday, May 5
Athletic Center, Sumo Wrestling.
McAuley fight ends in injury •

Thursday, May 6 By Joseph Legler.

Shuttles to Miniature Golf and Go Mike Arrigo: New plans for SAC
Editor in Chief
Carts* one of the key reasons he decided to
apply for the position. Arrigo pointed This past weekend a fight between several individuals at McAuley Hall resulted in one
Friday, May 7 out that SAC is the group that plans student being taken to an area hospital for injuries. j
9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Avolon. Spring "weekend activities and events, (such Sources close to The Merciad said the incident started in the basement at one of the
Formal. as) comedians, bands or dances. I like to townhouse apartments with some mild pushing and shoving and ended up at McAuley
be directly involved (on campus). I like with a brawLi * «
Saturday, May 8 to affect things." *The incident allegedly started after two students argued about t\ j£ NHL hockey teams,
Spring Activities Day Arrigo's plans for next year are to alter sources said., 1
"structure and organizational things. I Director of Housing Gary Brown confirmed that "there was a fight at McAuley Hall
Mark (Korcinsky) set us off in the right [which is being investigated vigorously."

Campus jQue stion:

double feature, which will take
Do yourthink)the: By Anne L. McNeils
A&E and Features Editor
selling only a few hundred stu-
dent tickets," MSG will be unable place on Saturday, May 1. Rock-
eteer will be showing at 8 p.m.
to bring concerts to the campus in
government is to blame in The Mercyhurst Student Gov-
ernment (MSG)meeting on Mon-
the future. He said both Allegh-
eny College and the University of
followed by Under Siege at 10
p.m. SAC is also sponsoring a trip
to the mall. The van will be leav-
the Waco disasater? day, April 26 opened with a dis-
cussion of plans to repair the vol-
Buffalo tried to book Blues Trav-
eler unsuccessfully. Bruno said, ing Baldwin Hall at 1 p.m. on
leyball court behind the "I can'tbelieve people would pay Saturday.
townhouses. President John $8 for a formal ticket and $30 on Bruno announced that Monday's
By Jule Gardner booze and not spend $9 on a con- meeting was the last "as this body
Bruno said he has engaged some
Merciad News Editor people to "knock out a nice jobn cert ticket" of reps." He added that represen-
on the court Plans include resur- r- Roberts added that while he tatives "can come again next
Editors Note: This column is designed to represent different facing the courts and possibly "re- week." Presid en t-el ectiGeorg e
appreciates all the ideas, be needs
viewpoints on Mercyhurst students about current, newsworthy doing the poles if they need it, »»
help because he is "up to (his) Paydock announced the candidate
topics. The opinions are obtained through a random telephone poll said Bruno. for SAC Chairperson for next
eyeballs" in work already.
of on-campus numbers. year, junior Michael Arrigo. A
Bruno then turned the floor over Korcinsky discussed the April
to Tate Davidson, editor of the recycling project "We collected vote was taken and Arrigo was
Tint Alesnik, senior, Spoitsmedlcine: unanimously approved as chair.
itNo, I don't How can you blame the government when it was that
Freedom Zone. Davidson re- 2.185 tons of paper, 3600 pounds
ported that every effort is being ofmagazines and 12 tons oftires," MSG meetings are open to ev-
lunatic Koresh controlling people's minds and saying there would eryone. They are every Monday
made to get the next edition of the he said. Mercyhurst is likely to
be no resolution? There have been no set patterns for a situation like evening at 8:30 p.m. in the Gov-
Freedom Zone out by Friday, come in second place in the Erie

ernment Chambers.
April 30 because it contains in- area for the project He also re-
formation about the upcoming minded students of the upcoming
Tex, junior. Psychology: Blues Traveler concert
They should have acted responsibly and protected the lives
The next topic was the Blues

Tara Puhlman, sophomore, Criminal Justice:

Traveler concert itself. Treasurer
Heather Heid said plans have been DC: A monumental trip
made to extend ticket hours in an
"No, for different reasons. They had little time and financial
effort to increase sales. Repre- By Jenn Trinidad Archives, the Lincoln Memorial,
resources. They gave them opportunity to get out and they had the
sentatives suggested playing Merciad Staff Reporter j the World War I Memorial, and
right to go in there."
Blues Traveler's tapes in the Stu- the Vietnam War Memorial. Some
dent Union and the cafeteria in Eleven students from students visited the Museum of
Elizabeth Johnson, junior, Marketing:
order to increase students' inter- Mercy hurst's Political Science American History and revisited
"No. The guy was a psycho. They knew he was going to do it and
est in the concert Selling tickets Association visited Washington, the Air and Space Museum. The
they gave him fair warning." door-to-door on Thursday DC, from Thursday, April 22, to evening was spent in Georgetown.
evening was proposed. SAC Chair Sunda y, April 25. Georgetown is an area in Wash-
Sara Plyler, sophomore, Accounting: Mark Korcinsky said, "If they're
"No. The way they went about it was reasonable. By the news On Thursday, the students vis- ington, DC, by Georgetown Uni-
not going to come to us, we have ited the office of Senator Wo fford versity with shops, 'restaurants,
reports, there was no way they were responsible for the fire." to go to them." Bruno also sug- (PA). On the tour of the Capital and bars.
gested "hyping" the concert dur- Building, they saw galleries, the Saturday was anotherfreeday
Scott Khoura, junior, HRIM: . ing the week by "having a party
"No. The government did what they had to do. I agreed with what (in the Student Union) every night senate chambers, and the rotunda. to walk around the capital. Some
happened and I don't blame the government at all. Koresh got what While walking around the mall, of the sites that were seen were
he deserved. He had more than enough time. For him to put the and jamming the record! they saw the White House, the Iwo Jima,War Memorial, the
children at stake like that was insane." Vice President Nick Roberts Washington Monument, and went Jefferson Memorial, and Arling-
said about 500 general admission inside the Smithsonian Institute's ton National Cemetery. In Ar-
tickets have been sold, compared Air and Space Museum. They also lington, in addition to the cem-
Mike McClorey, senior, Communications:
to 130 Mercyhurst student tickets got to see Union Station, the old etery, there was John F.
"No, I don't They're not responsible. They went through all the
that have been sola. "We're not train station renovated to hold the Kennedy's grave and the eternal
checks and balances and they should not be held accountable. It's
getting any interest from the train station as well as a food flame, Robert Kennedy's grave,
unfortunate that it turned out in that manner."
students.. J've heard the show is court and little shops. and the Tomb of the Unknown
Mike Bergemann, freshman, Research Analysis: going great, the tour is going Friday, the students were al- Soldier.,Some students also at-
"They should 've acted earlier. They did the best they could with great," said Roberts, but students lowed to go to places that they tended the AIDS March to the
are not purchasing tickets. He wanted to see. Some places that Capital Building.
what they had. They should've gone in on the second day after the
raid and ended it" pointed out that "if we end jup were visited were the National

Frank Ruffalo, junior, Marketing:

"No, the people in the compound are to blame. The government
did all they could and waited them out The tear gas alone could not
have started the fire."

David Pelaia, freshman, Management:

"No, it's not their fault They had nothing to do with the fire, so
how are they to blame?"
Jessie Baker, freshman, Early Childhood Education:
They had to do something. It wasn't entirely their fault It
probably would've ended the same way of close to that way, no
matter what the government did."

(from page 1) going to do every- be ready to handle any problems
thing possible to determine the as they come up.
community's needs. We're ready He also encourages everyone to
to work together and we're ready get involved with^SAC. Arrigo
for next year. We hope the rest of said SAC is a "learning
you out there are ready to work expcrience...(members) deal with
with us." people, equipment and, most im-
Arrigo wa nts to work with MSG portant, they have fun. We want Some of the newest member* of the Erie chapter of Kappa Gamma Pi, a Catholic college graduate
over die summer so SAC can be to work with everyone, so come honor society. Members were inducted into the society in a ceremony at the 11 a.m. Mass on
prepared for the whole year and work with us." Sunday, April 25, in the Christ the King Chapel.

Lowe wants to see some inspiration f

Writer wants to know hvhere Merciad stands * • T»

Dear Editor.
dom Zone/' I want to say initially aren't so easily found in the "real 5V

that I respect and agree with your world." We've got to take all that
It was Thomas Jefferson who contention that "The Merciad" is we can get here at "Mercyworld"
said the following inreferenceto a d i ffere nt sort of publication than and try to make a difference. I
newspapers: "Were it left to me to "The Freedom Zone;" that its in- know that sounds trite and ideal-
decide whether we should have a tent and limitations are different. istic but God help me, I believe it. By Joseph Legler
government without a newspa- I agree that "The Merciad" should What does "The Merciad" stand Editor in Chief
per, or newspapers without a gov- be objective and fact based news- for and believe in? And are those
ernment I should not hesitate to paper. What I differ with is the ideologies representative of the My most gratuitous thanks to
prefer the latter." While I feel this way that aim is achieved. students? all who contributed to the pro-
statement is an extreme?one, I The reason I hold newspapers Tell us about things that matter duction of The Merciad this •
agree with Jefferson's sentiment- to be of such great importance is to u s-things we can cha nge; things year. Be it a news, features,
that newspapers are a vital part of that they are not only a means of we have to accept; things we can sports, entertainment or opinion ^mmm
society. I write this letter to you presenting information but also think about. It was W. Axl Rose story; or even a letter to the
because as a student, I feel that of inspiring people to do things who said, "There's a lot goin on." editor, cartoon, page layout as- I
this newspaper is not living up to about them, if only just to think! He's right, Joe and it's up to you sistance, typing, cleaning, wa-
its potential. We' re in college-a time to broaden and your'staff not only to en- tering the plant — just about
Having read your response to horizons; to take up causes; to lighten us but to inspire us. anything — your work has been nothing short of marvelous and I
I become passionate; to take wholeheartedly appreciate everything you've done in making this
criticism concerning comparisons
chances.* These opportunities Jennifer Lowe newspaper a success.
of "The Merciad" and "The Free-
It's been real. Bye. ^^n M

McCormack reflects on
CJS Kansas City trip
Dear Editor, Megan, Teresa, Dan, Tom, Lisa,
Lara, and Sherrie for making my
trip both interesting and satisfy-
As an adult student who has re- ing, i We will all remember the
joined the ranks of the learning highlights of our experience and
enhanced, I find myself brought the people who made their im-
back to a time of wonderment in pression on usjjwhile we were
an intellectual environment main- there.
tained with this process in mind. I will remember and treasure
My recent adventure to Kansas Harry-the taxi driver, Dr. Jerry
City, Missouri, to attend a Crimi- Maynard-friend and associate of
nal Justice convention, of which Prof. Vernon Wherry, James
other CJS honor students were Inciardi and Margaret Zahn-two
my fellow companions, brought authors whose words I have read
forth this long-forgotten feeling. for class, Dr. Hagan and Dr.
I saw in them a sense of fulfill- Benekos calling everyone (or so
ment in their commitment to their it seemed) by theirfirstname, a nd
future endeavors along with a need too many more people'to men-
for knowledge to aid them in their tion. All of these people have
travels. I viewed much of myself made an impression on my life
in each of those younger souls and will now be a part of it for-
and was even envious of their ever.
youthful minds, which were ex- My Kansas City experiment was
periencing much of what we were a great success. I went to this
about to encounter for the first function, not to say hello and
time. good-bye, but with a real hope to
Vol. 66 No. 21 April 29J1993 I want to extend my sincerest make lifelong friends. I hope to
thanks to Shirley Williams for meet some of those same people
Joseph Leglei Editor in Chief John Danknich Asst. Sports Editor talking me into going and to say at the convention to be held in
Jule Gardner News Editor Michelle Ryan Copy Editor that the advice from Dr. Hagan Chicago next year. Shades of ca-
Anne McNeils A&E/Features Editor Yvonne Maher Advertising Manager and Dr. Clemons on air travel is maraderie abound, creating
Craig Rybczynski Sports Editor Timothy Moriarty Faculty Advisor better left unused (the lavatory on friendship and establishing rap-
an airplane is extremely small for port with people in your own field.
Merciad Staff a person of my stature). I would These opportunities should not
like to thank Mercyhurst College be passed by if at all possible.
Dave McQuillenf Mary Medure Lee Mia U-Rycki for allowing the students the use
Megan Circle Erin Hauber Monica Senile Elizabeth Johnson of a school van and the Criminal Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Trinidad Tonie Bolan Nick Krayger Keith Courson Justice Honor Society for picking
David Kosobucki Katie Johnson up the tabs on the rooms and pay- Leon E. McCormack III
Chris Kullman Jay Kennedy ing the cost of our attendance at Member-Criminal Justice
Rich Shelton Beth Nichols Nicole Geraci Heather Ryan^ the convention. Honor Society
John Shanahan David Rumsey John Furlong Suzanne Coneglio I would especially like to thank Mercyhurst College-class of
Liam Barron Steph Szabo Beth Haas Tiffanie Williams my HonorjSociety cohorts: 1995 f I H
Stephanie Wainright Karen Trapolsi Grace Bruno Jay Fitchpatrick
The Merciad is the student-produced newspaper of Mercy hurst College, Box 161, The Merciad welcomes let-
I 501 E. 38th St., Erie, Pa., 16546. Phone 824-2376
ters to the editor. I
The Merciad welcomes letters to the editor.
T otters must he signed, but the
editorial opinion is determined by the Editorial Board with the name can be withheld b
S t o r holding final responsibility. The opinions expressed in The Merciad are quest under certain conditions.
— M A . A O M n'ti, thrice nf T h e Merciad. its staff or Mercyhurst College.

gdom Anyone interested in joining
the Mercy hurst College Summer
prison reform drop them in the collection box in
the Student Union until May 7.
By Jay Kennedy Abroad Program should contact 'Tintypes," a musical review For more information, call Sharon
Merciad Staff Columnist Mr. John Wolper, Division Chair, of songs from the Gay Nineties to at ext. 2895. i
in HRIM in Egan 25. the Roaring Twenties will be pre-
Ever since the creation of opinion columns in newspapers, many sented by the Mercyhurst Col lege Erie Earth Day Celebration
columnists, including myself, over the years have been asked how Greensleeve Players on May 1 at 1993 will be held on Friday, April
they think of all those interesting things to write about. 1 Those planning a trip overseas 8 p.m., and on May 2 at 2:30 p.m. 30 and Saturday,May 1. The event
Our excuse for the longest time has been similar to this, this summer may get the Interna- at the Little Theatre. Tickets are is being sponsored by the Erie
"It takes a powerful imagination and a great deal of critical tional Student Identity Card, the free to the Mercyhurst Commu- Earth Day Coalition along with
thinking. We also observe the community we write for in order to only internationally recognized nity with a college ID. For reser- the Erie County Recycling Pro-
find unusual, controversial, or current issues that our readers will proof of student status, for a cost vations, call ext. 2401. gram and other agencies. On Fri-
relate to. It takes hard work, dedication, * and persistence in of $15. This card gives access to day night from 7 p.m. to mid-
putting in the time it takes to be the best possible writers for our low student airfares and student Applications are nowbeingdis- night, five local bands will be
readers." discounts overseas. In addition, tributed to students interested in performing live in the Cathedra]
This excuse, however, may be slightly is the card allows access to a 24- applying for summer jobs at Prep School Gym on West 10th
absolute rubbish. 4 hour, toll free, emergency assis- Mercyhurst. Most of the avail- Street, between Myrtle and Sas-
The truth is, we find all these interesting things to write about from tance hotline. For more informa- able jobs,: a re in maintenance, safras Streets. On Saturday, a pa-
a real smart guy named Bob. Really, he owns a private column tion on obtaining an International housing and various administra- rade will be held at Perry Square
writing agency in the basement of the White House called Drunken Student Identity Card, call 1-800- tive offices and pay $4.25/hr to at 10 a.m., followed by opening
Fools. Every columnist who has ever lived on the planet Earth has GET AN ID or contact CIEE, $4.50/hr. A yellow application ceremonies at 11 a.m. with exhib-
received his/her column from Drunken Fools (On Mars and Saturn, Dept. ISS-149,205 East 42 Street, form may be picked up in Person- its and presentations on the Square
as far as we know, they write their columns by themselves.) So, New York. NY 10017. nel (Egan 3) or from Marion Nies and at Gannon University until 6
when people say that our opinions sound as if they were made by a (Old Main 101). Jobs will be of- p.m. For further information, call
bunch of drunks, in a sense, they are quite correct. A presentation entitled, "Ad- fered in early May. Maintenance 451-6336,871-7656or868-2707.
When Ifirststarted writing my column for the Merciad, my Editor- vocating Prison Reform for Over assignments will start in late May
in-Chief gave me Bob's phone number. When I called him, he told Two Centuries,'' will be held on and administrative office jobs will Anyone interested in working
me to send him a sample of my writing. I did that. Two weeks later, Thursday, April 29 at 7 p.m. in begin when su mmer school opens at WMCE Radio next fall is asked
I received a large book of Mercy hurst College related columns in my the Student Union. Hosts include around June 21. Deadline for ap- to fill out an application form
writing style. They actually looked as if I wrote them by myself! the Pennsylvania Prison Society, plications is April 30. sometime following Fall Term
Here's one I haven't used yet:, Center for Justice,and Mental registration. The forms will be
I think the new apartments to be built in the middle of the Briggs Health Issues and Mercy hurst Circle-K, a service oriented available at the station beginning
parking lot are a great idea! Imagine the parking advantages! Sure, kf.
College Department of Criminal club, is sponsoring a book-raiser Thursday, May 6. Returning an-
you probably think that it would corrupt parking more than it already Justice. This event will be of in- for the Erie Heights Boys and nouncers and those interested in
has been, but you're wrong; that is, as long as they use my brilliant terest to those who work in the Girls Club. The club is collecting working for the first time must
idea of getting around that problem. field of corrections, criminal jus- books for children ranging from complete the form and return it to
Here it is. How about we build a parking ramp that would go tice, human services, mental ages 5 to 15 years. Anyone inter- Mr. Leisering (office in Baldwin)
around the building to the roof. Then, make the roof a new parking health and those concerned about ested in donating books should p ri o r to leaving for the summer.
lot! This solution will not only improve the parking problem, it
would enhance the apartment's living conditions as well.
Just think, you'd be up all night trying to study in competition
with all the .racket of your next door neighbor's stereo, when
suddenly, a group of cars drive by your window and drown out the
unwanted noise of your neighbor's stereo. Then, you'd be able to
finally study in peace. Sure, the cars would only be likely to come EMPLOYME.N ft
by everyfiveminutes or so, but it would be better than if they would OPPORTUNITY
never come by at all. ALASKA SUMMER
Also, thanks to the loudness of the cars driving by, you'll never be ^EMPLOYMENT
irritated again by the stupid television programming during your Earn $600+ per week in
much needed leisure time. I know what it's like watching that EXTRA CASH WHILE canneries or $4,000+ per month
annoying Burger King commercial on MTV for the millionth time. HELPING OTHERS. on fishin • boats. Free
BECOME A | transportation! Room & Hoard.
Under my new parking system idea, even if you turn your TV Over 8,000 openings. No
volume up full blast, you won't be able to make out their famous PLASMA DONOR. J experience necessary. Male or
Female. For employment prog.
slogan, "I love this place!" Instead, the people in the commercial
will sound like they're impersonating your roommate's '79 Chrysler.
New Donors Receive call: 1-206-545-4155 ext. A5249
on your 1st. lifesaving plasma donation — with ^ ^ Student Employment Services
Hey, you'll probably never have another argument in your apart- this ad; Physical required — Call for physician's hours
ment again, unless you want your arguments to sound like, "Alright INTERNATIONAL
Jeff, did you and Karen < VRRRRROOOOOM>> on my bed last CALL FOR DETAILS 453-3339
night?" | t a$ip « j >*M SERA-TEC BIOLOGICALS 111 West 9th St
Make money teaching basic
•1 Sleep will be less interrupted than ever before. Never again, will conversational English
that annoying alarm clock wake you up on time so you can go to abroad. Japan & Taiwan.
class and fulfill your college purpose, education. If my idea is Make $2,000 to $4,000+
executed, you won't have to worry about getting up because you '11 per month, j Many provide
be up the entire night anyway. In fact, whenever you actually do get room & board + other
benefits! No previous
to class, where it is a lot more quiet than your apartment, you can training or teaching
make up all of your lost sleep! certificate required! For
Here's my favorite part—No more emergency phone calls in the employment program call: '
middle of the night! No more phone calls of any kind.. .EVER! You (206) 632-1146 Kxt. J5249
won't be able to hear the phone ringing if you used.a 50 Watt 3706 Pine Ave. 452-4686
amplifier. Sportscards -- old and new lection
I suppose the greatest convenience would be the comfort of o f non-sno CRUISE JOBS
knowing that you'd be living under at least 20 mega-heavy automo-
Students Needed!
biles. You'd conveniently get your cleaning done every week, due
to the fact that oil would be leaking through your ceiling onto your
•New comic hooks:every week!* Earn $2,000+ per month + world
travel (Hawaii. Mexico, the
furniture and carpet I This would be so ideal! You would be cleaning | Large selection of Silver Age
Caribbean, etc.) working for
in areas you never thought to clean before, leaving your apartment Kenner Starting Line Up Figures Cruise Ships or Tour Companies.
looking as if a professional cleaned it on a weekly basis! M-T-W ;11 a.m. - 6p.m. Holiday, Summer, and Full-Time
My idea offers Mercy hurst a perfect opportunity to improve its TH^ F 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. employment available. For
housing...Carpe Diem!
How about that column? I certainly don't agree with it. It was SAT 11a.m.-4 p.m. TM
employment program call:
Cruise Employment Services
[probably written by a bunch of drunks. (206) 634-0468 ext.C5249

The Little Mermaid of Lake Erie
Shoe Gazing

By Megan Circle the picture, and instead of anyone production. Mercyhurst art pro-
Merciad StaffReporter being killed, Ursula is only pun- fessors Tom Hubert and Ernest
By David McQuillen ished and everyone lives happily Mauthe, with the help of students
"The | Mercyhurst Dance and ever after. of the Ait Department are creat-
Merciad Staff Columnist Music Departments are currently The choreography for this pro- ing the scene and props.
preparing themselves for their duction has been created by Mary Not only is The Little Mer-
Daddy sits upright in his chair own production of The Little Price^Boday, dance department maid of Lake Erie being per-
as he tells me of his arrival in Mermaid ofLake Erie. The pro- director, Jay Kirk, ballet master formed, but on the alternate days
America. His eyes always open duction is under the direction of of the Mermaid performance, a
of the Mercyhurst Dancers, and
wide when he tells this story and Mary Price Boday, and will fea- Ron Wilga, tap instructor for the varied repertory program entitled
he shakes his hand at me when ture a script created by Dr. Herbert Lake Erie Ballet School and "Potpourri" will also be per-
he wants to make his point dear. Goldberg, a musical score cre- Mercyhurst College. The formed by the dance department
The chicken he was cooking in ated by Lee Wilkins and narra- Mercyhurst dance students will Boday says-this program "con-
the kitchen would wait until this tion by Mavis Seargant be performing it along with 30 sists of repertory pieces that have
adventure was over, for there is I The Dance Department, Music area dancers who were chosen been favorites of the last three
always time for a story. I sip on the pop he had grabbed for me and Department and Art Department through an open audition. years." She also goes on to say
lean back on the couch. Daddy is my oldest friend. He's 93. have collaborated on this unique The 90 minute score has been that, "It is exciting for the audi-
rendition of Disney's The Little arranged by Wilkins, concertmas- ence that in two evenings, you
We aren't related. His name is Luigi Petronio, but like everybody Mermaid. Boday says that the ter of the Erie Philharmonic and can see two entirely different
else who knows him, I call him Daddy. You might think that sounds story, specially written by violin professor of the D'Angelo dance concerts." f
funny but that's what you would call him too. He stands about five Goldberg, stays basically with the School of Music. Students of the The dates for The Little Mer-
foot five and he has a thick Italian accent And if you met him, original story,but does have slight D'Angelo School of Music, fac- maid of Lake Erie are May 6 at
listening to him, you'd stare and wonder whether the world is still deviations here and there. For in- ulty member Glen Kwok, Jolyon 7 p.m. and May 8 at 2 and 8 p.m.
capable of creating a person like him. WE would listen to his stnrv. sta nee, for those who have seen Pegis and Robert Frankenberry, The "Potpourri" will be performed
the movie, you know that the and special guest Rita Verdecchia on May 5 at 7 p.m. and May 8 at
When he was 18, probably even before your grandparents were wicked sea queen, Ursula, gets 8 p.m. All shows will take place
of the Erie Philharmonic will be
born, Daddy left Italy with his family and came to America, Ohio killed at the end. In the Mercy hurst performing in the orchestra. in Zurn Recital Hall. Tickets are
actually, in search of something better. That isn't what he found. He version, no one is killed, rather, a In addition to the Music and i $6 for^—-
adults, $4 for children and
spoke no English when he arrived. He knew no one but his family new character, Ursula's mother, Dance Departments, the Art De- senior citizens, and the
and was unable to make friends because of the language problem. is introduced. When Ursula starts paitment is also involved in this Community
trouble, her mother comesfinto
He drowned himself in work. He tells me stories of getting up at
6 for work at a factory, working until 10 at night and dragging
himself into bed, too tired to stay awake for something to eat He Review encourages appreciation of talent
worked like that seven days a week. He had to. He was the only one
in his family working and he needed to help support them. Forget By Anne L. McNeils
relaxing with TV; there was none. Forget reading; it was all in A&E and Features Editor
English. Forget fun; there was no time for it Work. Never a break.
It almost killed him. * Every time I go to one of the
plays produced by the Mercyhurst
College Theatre Department, I 'm
Daddy says that he's younger now than he was then, that he was
surprised by the lack of students
closer to death then than he is now. I believe him. At that time, he
there. I can't understand it be-
got so sick he had to return to Italy, where a doctor saw his condition cause the plays always seem to
and put him in the Italian infantry. He credits that doctor with saving get good reviews and Mercyhurst
his life. The army strengthened him. Daddy smiles as he remembers definitely has a lot of talent run-
a 150 kilometer march from Verona to Trento in the 1920's, where ning around, but not that many
he wentfromthe weakest to the strongest soldier. Perhaps now he students on campus seem to be
was ready for what America had to offer. Now he was ready to interested. The Saturday, April
chance everything andriskit on something with greater promise. 24 performance of Tintypes was
no exception. There were about
I Leaving his wife and two children behind, Daddy took a boat from 65 or 70 people there and the
Italy to Sicily to America and eventually ended up in Cleveland to majority of them were not
look for a job. He found one in Erie. He began work, learned English Mercyhurst students. I especially cast sing one of the many
andmadesomefriends.Hebroughthis family overwhenhethought don't understand this because the featured in the show.
he could support them. play isfree.Fortunately for those cert. Essentially, though, Tin- hard. The performer's facial ex-
of you who missed Tintypes last types is a celebration of America pressions are also good. They are
Through the war, the depression, so many presidents, so many weekend, it's still running this through song. The show is made often able to convey more by their
changes in the world, Daddy went to work. To support his family, weekend. Performances are Fri- up of about 50 songs and many facial expressions than they$do
to send his children to school, to feed them all, he left early in the day, April 30 and Saturday, May times during the show, you' 11 find: through dialogue. In fact, many
morning and returned late at night If he could work overtime, he 1 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, May 2 at yourself ta pping your feet or even . of the scenes have very few or no
would. If he could work on the weekends, he would. He made cents 2:30 p.m. | softly singing along with the cast words and the audience only
per hour. He skipped lunch break. He did it decade after decade. Tintypes is not really a typical The first act of Tintypes drags knows wha t's going on by watch-
play. It's a collection of songs somewhat because there are a i n g the character's expressions.
Daddy leans over to me and tells me he wouldn't have had it any tied together by a very loose plot number of different scenes and Thiem deserves special recogni-
other way. He had a hard life, he says, but he is happy. His children The cast consists of five it's a bit difficult to concentrate as tion because he spends a great
are successfol. He has wonderful memories and he enjoys life as it Mercyhurst students; senior they change. It's also pretty seri- ^deal of time alone on stage with-
is. He reads the paper, cooks dinner, visits his wife's grave every David Pelletier, juniors Nichole ous, although you would expect it !*out speaking yet the audience is
single day; he goes out when he gets the chance. Bruno and Sherree Piechnick, to be a little bit more 1 ight-hca rted.Estill able to understand pretty
sophomore Patrick Thiem and However, the second act makes clearly what he's thinking.
And I wonder what Daddy thinks about the world now. We want freshman Nina Napoleone. Each the boredom you might experi- The best part of the show is
high-paying jobs; we want flexible schedules; we want comfort; we performer has a set role, but they ence in thefirstact worthwhile; |; definitely the Vaudeville scene in
want care; we want homes; we want vacations; we want coffee also take on other roles through- the second act is much funnier I the second act It opens with
breaks; we want; we want; we want We Want What does he think? out the show. Bruno plays than thefirstThere is a fantastic Thiem telling some (very poor)
Daddy gave everything he had for those he loved. He never^asked Susannah, a maid; Napoleone is tribute to Vaudeville which is hi- jokes. Theim is soon joined by
for breaks or complained about working hard. He knew what he had Emma, a social activist; Pelletier larious. Pelletier and two play off one
to do. is TR—Teddy Roosevelt; The singing in Tintypes is ab- [another beautifully. The scene
Piechnick plays actress Anna Held solutely wonderful. Director Igor continues to improve as each per-
For his courage, his love, his humor andforhis stories, I count and Thiem is Charlie, an immi- Stalsky could not have been £former comes to the stage, t
D.ddy e^hero. To him as . ^ h a
^ S l 7 o , ? t grantfreshoff the boat luckier than with the cast he chose So, if you missed Tintypes last
tuoughts aabout
o o u the world that I never had before. And while I dou t The songs are grouped accord- for this production. Each}per- week, don't make the same mis-
inougnis "» j A t o k o f h i m w h c i l I complain of
see him as often as l aracew>, * •«••». ,_. |^ing to themes and each group of former has a distinctive voice and take twice and try to make it to
being busy, when Ijfce! people ask too much of me. He is songs is introduced and carried even when all five sing together, one of this- weekend's perfor-
Campione," the champion. by brief scenes which hel p to keep the audience can distinguish each mances. 4
the showfrombeing just a con- one's voice without trying very

Pintea walks down Mercyhurst's m e m o r y lane

By Ju le Gardner nized and placed in the archives As a member of the President's different kind of place then," he (the only building of the time) to
Merciad News Editor for anyone interested in the re- Board of Advisors since 1969, said. Asa child ofthe Depression, a basement area. Eventually, he
search. Pintea has witnessed some of the he remembers scraping days, days said, they wore a path the older
In a time ma ny never knew but He has talked to people who more epic moments in Mercy hurst when Mercyhurst provided tem- sisters can still recall.
few have forgotten, a confused remember the early days (when history. As he leaned against the porary rest for the ache in many They didn't have to do that.
visitor walked into the vestibule male students weren't a glimmer wall, crossed arms over his belly, men's stomachs. Many times, they gave up the
ofOld Ma in. He saw a sister scrub- in the Hurst's eye) and peoplejust he told the tale of the year THEY The sisters, in addition to farm- food they grew, themselves,"
bing the floor* "Where is the recently hired, such as the, new came. Everything changed very ing the land around the college Pintea said. "There is something
President's office?," he was said football coach. Pintea asserted that quickly when male students were and maintaining the neatness of magniGcent about what they did."
to ask. He was pointed the way events "do not have to be ancient admitted. it, also provided meals for men People say you shouldn't look
and waited to meet the President to become a vital pa it of the his- There was a certain amount of seeking work in the 1930 's. These back. "Forward forever, backward
of Mercy hurst College. Presently, tory." w resentment from the female stu- men roamed the country at the never," or something like that
she entered and greeted him. "President Garvey felt, as I did, dents. After all, they chose to go mention of a new factory or pros- This is not the ideology of Larie
It was then the visitor realized that we should make a serious to an all-girls' school. They sim- pect for a paycheck. Places like Pintea.
she was the very same Sister of effort to get people on tape," ply weren't used to having young Mercyhurst were, at times, their "A great deal of what you are is
Mercy he had seen laboring on Pintea said. "We tend to say Too men around," Pintea said. "Of only chance for a hot meal. what you were,"lie said. "It won't
her knees moments before. "He bad' when an old person dies." If course, some of the women were "Every day there would be a ever end. Mercyhurst archives will
was a little astonished," said you do not take the opportunity to delighted," he added with hearty line of men shuffling up the hill," always seek more history.
Mercyhurst Oral Historian, Larie record history, it dies with a per- laughter. Pintea said. Through all seasons, Whether I'm here or not, the his-
Pintea. son who could share it, he said. The infancy period of the col- the line extended the length of the tory goes on."
Pintea, retired editor of the Erie "Roots are very important, even- lege fascinates Pintea. "It was a driveway and around Old Main
Morning News, is in the process tually. They become important
of taping interviews with people
connected to the history of the
college. The tapes are being orga-
when the next generation asks
you questions you cannot an-
Foreign students earn visas
By Mia U-Rycki sophomore Tracy Cross, of Lim- out that very afternoon if she will
Merciad StaffReporter erick, Ireland. "A visa allows a receive a visa. However, she won't
Due to a peaky roof inlEgan, the scholar- foreign person to live and work in receive the actual card for four
For most Mercyhurst students America." weeks.
ship computer injthe financial aid office visa means fast money, good for Right now, Cross and most of "We're at their beck and call,"
washout of order|for a fewfmonths.|How- such things as Converse high-tops,
college books, vacation expenses,
the other foreign students on cam-
pus just have a student visa. A
says Cross. "I can't miss the ap-
pointment in Dublin, or that's it"
everithefinancialaid office announced! and the Olive Garden. For other student visa allows them to work Many times these appointments
Mercyhurst students though, the only on campus. It must be re- are given out at a moment's no-
that the computer is bootedfupland func- word visa means so much more. It newed every four years and Tit tice. This can be unfortunate for
means employment expires oncethe student ceases to people living outside ofIreland at
tionaioncefagain. "Immigrants ca nnot work," says be a student, says Yvonne Ma her, the time. However, Aer Lingus,
of Waterford, Ireland. Once a for- the official a ir 1 ine o fire 1 and, gives
eign student who doesn't have a discounts for any Irish needing to
visa graduates, the only type of return home to get a visa.
work they can get is in their maj or "It costs a fortune to get a visa,"
AGING: A S H O R T Q U I Z Geld. And this is just as a co-op says Maher.^She spent a mini-
and only for one year. mum of $300 last year. However,
You are encouraged to try out this quiz to find out what you know Ma her applied for and received she was able to avoid paying an
about other people and>the aging process. her visa last year. Cross however, extra $200 for a flight to Ireland
is in i the process right now of since she was at home at the time.
TRUE OR FALSE: I* applying for one. It could have cost her a minimum
Each year 40,000 visas are is- of $500 to get her visa, she says.
1. Most older people are not interested in sex and are sued, 12,000 ofwhich go to Irish. Having a visa though, is worth
incapable of sexual activity. *»
Cross, who has already been con- the hassle, time and money, say
2. The majority of older people are grouchy and cantanker- tacted by the American Embassy both Cross and Maher.
ous. in Dublin believes she has a good "There's 20% unemployment
chance of getting a visa.! back home," says Maher. "I have
3. People become increasingly more religious as they reach She successfully completed the the option of gaining work expe-
old age. first step offillingout a general rience in America since it's hard
form and sending it to Immigra- to get it at home."
4. Most older people are in poor health and spend many of tion. Right now she isfillingout As Cross reiterates, The sacri-
their days in bed. the second form, the Application fices that we pay are worth the
Older people are inflexible and unable to change. for Immigrant Visa and Alien experiences that we gain."
Registration. Most of the infor-
6. As people age. they become morepolitically conservative. mation on this form is biographic,
including a section just for spe-
7. At retirement, most persons move to Florida and the other cific marks of identification.
sunshine states. 'This form tells them that I'm
8. With the aging process there is a marked decrease in in-
interested," says Cross. Merciad at824-
Cross still has a long way to go
telligence. before she can get herv isa, though.
There are many steps she must
9. Most old people are set in their ways and unable to
change. fulfill before she even gets an
interview with the embassy *in rates and infor-
10. At least 1/10 of the aged are living in long-stay in- Dublin, the last step. She needs to
stitutions: i.e. nursing homes, etc. £ get a full physical exam, includ- j
ing a chest x-ray. She also needs'^
mation. Classi-
Not one of these statements can be documented. to have her picture taken showing
her right ear and full face. And fied ads are an
in jail or caused any problems.
FALL TERM* MONDAY & WEDNESDAY - 2: IB - 4:05. With all these forms in her hand,
along with a birth certificate, pass-
to reach a
port, and a letter from a future
employer ensuring a job for a large number erf
year, she interviews in Dublin.
. This interview is thefinalstep in
the long process. Cross can find

*_* •_•_«•

The Cheap Seats (

Freshman Benedict stars for Laker baseballiteam

By David J. Kosobucki One thing about hot streaks is ever you look at it, Benedict has
By John Danknich
Merciad Asst. Sports Editor Merciad Sports Writer that they 'are usually taken for certainly been an unlikely hero
granted. A player will often begin for the Hurst
"And now, the end is near/* to think that they are invincible Benedict has also moved up in
It's hard to believe, but the end H& and they no longer do things they the ba tting order since the season
of my tenure as assistant sports » Every good athlete knows what need to do to be successful. They began. He now bats first Even
editor has been reached. As of it feels like to be in a zone. Every- loseb concentration. Suddenly, though he has never been put into
1%to&0 thing you do isrightThings seem what was once immortality the leadoff spot, he feels confi-
next issue, I return to my posi-
to go in slow motion. You are at quickly becomes reality. It is im- dent when he steps up to the plate.
tion ofsports writer/movie critic.
your top performance, f portant to remember that good "I feel much more at ease when I
It was just about a year ago that
Mercy hurst freshman Jeff things must come to an end. bat now," he said. "I used to get
I wrote my first column, and
Benedict is in a zone. It all started Benedict hopes that the end won't really nervous because I felt that
here I am writing my last one. 1 on Tuesday, April 13,jj against
Anyway,,a lot has happened in sports, both nationally and at be for a long time. "I'm trying I was batting each time to keep
Allegheny. Benedict ripped two hard to be consistent," he said. my starting position. Relaxing has
Mercy hurst, in the past year.
home runs, including the game- "The only difference between a been a key."
In a truly incred iblerun, the Laker hockey team made it all the way winner in the ninth inning to de-
to the NCAA Division II cha mpionship before bowing to a seasoned slump and a streak is whether or When out on the diamond,
feat the previously unbeaten not the ball finds the gap. That Benedict tries to get inspiration
Bemidji State squad. What makes this even more incredible is that Gators. Since then, Benedict has can change anytime. I have to from his favorite player, Chicago
Coach Gotkin himself called this year a rebuilding one. Even with been on a tear. He has had a list of make sure I do my part by putting Cub Mark Grace. Like Grace,
the losses of Rob Madia and Andrew Moir, expect the Laker icers multiple hit games and a few more the ball in play." Benedict possesses a smooth
to be at or near the top of next year's preseason Division II poll. big hits. The day following the Probably the strangest thing swing and a soft glove. It should
What I personally enjoyed most about the hockey season were the Allegheny game, the Laker first be no surprise to Benedict tha t he
about Benedict thus far is that he
fans. In my mind, there is nothing better than a packed house of baseman hit another long ball in a made such a big impact h is rookie
hastbecome a bigger offensive
screaming fans cheering on the team to victory. I had one of the best close loss against St Bona venture. season because his hero Grace
threat than he was in high school.
seats in the house from the press box and was privileged enough to A few days later, Benedict deliv- did the same in hisfirstseason in
While playing baseball at Cathe-
be a between-periods guest on several of the games that WMCE ered in the clutch again with a two the major leagues.
dral Prep High School, Jeffba tted
broadcast out two-run:;double against between .300 and .333 in his jun- Some athletes play sports be-
Speaking of WMCE, this past year I was given the opportunity to Garion. Both runs held up in a 2- ior and senior year. Now in his cause they love the game. Some
provide color commentary for men's and women 's basketball. I had 1 Hurst triumph. first year at Mercy hurst, he cur- people play so they can receive
dreamed for years of getting behind the mic, and I enjoyed every It is hard to understand just how rently is batting .349 with a team the high they getfromgetting in a
moment of it I was lucky enough to be help broadcast the Lakers' good things really are until you high four home runs. zone. Athletes can enter this zone
historic triple-overtime victory over East Stroudsburg University in ask Benedict yourself about the The power surge has been espe- often, but most only have a few
the championship of the Knobloch Olds Classic. streak. 'Things feel real good right cially pleasant for Benedict "I visits into the zone.
Since I'm on the subject of the men's basketball team, who would now," Benedict said. "I'm mak- had two home runs last year. I'm Just in case anyonefeelsthat I
have thought that a team that won only 11 games last season would ing good contact whenever\I surprised that I have more this am putting a hex on Benedict by
win 19 this year and narrowly miss the NCAA Championships. Of swing." In fact, during a stretch in year," he said. Keep in mind the writing about his streak, don't
course, who could forget the incredible night of Thursday, February the season, isff went over 20 at fact that he?faced high school worry. When I wrote about
11? On thatrtight,the Lakers broke the* fabled "Gannon jinx" and bats without swinging and miss- pitching last year. His overall av- George Paydock and last second
defeated the Golden Knights 71-70 on Terry Bush'* free throw with ing. "Itwon'talways be this way," erage would also be higher if he pressure field goals, Paydock
1.5 seconds left. As the clock expired, the fans rushed onto the floor Benedict said. "I have to take hadn't gone through the natural nailed a 21-yard field goal two
of the MAC, mobbing the team. The game was one of the greatest advantage of it while it lasts." freshmen growing pains. How- days later to tie Wittenberg,
I had ever witnessed, high school, college or pro.
Being from Pittsburgh, I had a lot to cheer about this past year. In
the National Hockey League, the Penguins won their second straight
Stanley Cup and appear to be on the verge of a third straight I don't
Crew team captures ten medals at Governor's Cup
think there is any doubt in anybody's mind that Mario Lemieux is
the most dominant professional athlete in the worid today. Just ask By Uarn Barron squad's progress. "The morale is and we're hoping for continued
Pat LaFontaine. . Merciad Sports Writer sky-high at the moment, and we're success in our upcoming regattas,
_ The Pirates won their third straight National League Eastern eagerly anticipating even better which are the most important of
Division title, but once again failed to advancetothe World Series, The Laker crew squad travelled results over the next couple of the season."
losing Game Seven of the NL Championship series to the Atlanta to Charleston, West Wirginia, this weeks," he said. "We've been The Lakers travel to Columbus,
Braves on Francisco Cabrera's pinch hit single. The Braves went on past weekend to compete in the unable to get out on the lake as Ohio, this weekend to battle
to lose their second straight World Series, this time to the Toronto host team's invitational regatta. much as we would like due to the against theirfiercestrivals at the
Blue Jays. The Hurst was in top form once recent high winds, but the team's Mid-American Rowing champi-
The Pirates losthalf of their team to free agency and seem destined again, as it took second place over- results haven't suffered too much, onships.
for mediocrity the next half-decade. The Braves went out and signed all in the prestigious Governor's
Cy Young winner Greg Maddux to give them the most dominant Cup. The Lakers entered ten races,
pitching staff in baseball. Now ifthe Braves could only hit above the and came home with ten medals
Mendoza line... - js . . . . which meant that every member
Speaking offtitUlty,The Buffalo BUls made it to their thndl of the squad returned to Brie with
strafebt Super Bowl, only to lose, again, this time to die Dallas some kind of medal. The 1993
Cowboys. I'm sure the BUls will enjoy being grouped wrfh the Lakers also went into the history
Denver Broncos and the Minnesota Vikings when it comes to Super books as the first Mercyhurst
squad to win both the men's and
^Ffcr ftelut part of my final column I would like to personally women's varsity eights at the same
thank all of the great writers who contributed to the sports section • , •

Perennial rival Marietta Col- The men's and women's soccer Geveland State University, 4-3.
this year. . -_ . «./-i__ir» tnr%v
lege won the 15 team event as a teams recently completed a very The women's team competed
Obviously, I'll start with my partner in crime, Craig. Gteek tooK
result of entering every event at successful ^indoor and outdoor in one indoor tournament and two
the hockey beat this year and made it his own. He also s.gned on as
the regatta. There were several campaign. The men's team won outdoor tournaments and went
« l r manforLakerHockey Night on WMCE. Ifonly Mr. Leisering undefeated. At the Allegheny In-
both of the indoor tournaments it
would let him get a word in edgewise... I Division I powerhouses compet-
ing at Charleston, and they in- competed in, going undefeated door Tournament,-Mercyhurst
Keith Courson will be taking over for nie next issue. The (12-0) to win the University of entered two teams which both
cluded North Carolina* Duke,
"Coursonator" was the eyes, ears, nose and throat * £ * j £ » Pitt-Bradford Tournament and theended up in the final.
Duquesne and Ohio State. The
team and the women's hoop squad,both in thepaper and on WMCE. Laker squads that were victorious University of Pitt-Johnstown The Green Team beat the Blues
Good luck, Keith, you're gonna need it!
Our «wet l^htod the ean" fieshnun David K o s o b ^ m e d were: men's varsity eight, Tournament 4*3 for the Lady Lakers' only
out to be one of thefinestwriter, on the staff. Hi. profiles were women's varsity eight,varsity defeat of the spring season.
alway. Interesting, informative and a joy to reao. women's four, varsity men's In the outdoor portion of the Mercyhurst also came away with
I can't end without mentioning .11 of ti.e other j W g J J * sprint, varsity women's 2000 schedule, Mercyhurst defeated the championship trophies from
meters and the men's freshman Fredonia 4-0 with goals from the Alfred Invitational Tourna-
wrote for Craig and I. Uam Ba ^ * £ * ^ $ £ Z £ £ four. The Hurst placed second in Mark Shookalook, Leon ment The Lady Lakers' final
LeonMumfordand!ast.butnotlea»t,Chri»KuUm.n,.Hotyoug y
the men's junior varsity eight and Mumford, Jeff Spider and Chris record stood at 20-1, with their
have my thanks. • . _ . >___ «»_MI* it. I did it my the varsity women's sprint Farver. Over the weekend,.the only loss coming to themselves.
The end is here. However, make no mistake abou t M did tt my Assistant Coach 'Adrian Hurst defeated Wooster 4-0 and They also outscored their oppo-
way. For the final time a. »s.i«t»nt sports editor, this is Jodn Spracklen is delighted with the lost a dose game to Division I nents 46-8.
Danknich signing off from the cheap scats.

Strong pitching leads Lakers to three victories
By Craig Rybczynski cording to Run tas, "We have im- relief pitcher Jason Ru ntas. second inning. The Hurst started Jason Runtas, Dan Messner and
Merciad Sports Editor proved a lot so far and it's one of The winning run scored as the off with a six-run first inning and Kevin Schultz as they all added
the better games we've played all Mercyhurst infield was drawn in cruised to victory. At the plate, two hits. Of the five, three are
The Mercyhurst Laker baseball year." with the bases loaded. Shortstop Mercyhurst got multi-hit games among the leaders in hitting on
team improved its season record Aside from McKnight's home Cra ig Gelded the ground ball and from Phil Gahring, Benedict and the team. Left fielder Welgoss
to 15-12, thanks to solid pitching run, the game was a pitcher's duel fired to the plate, but catcher Craig. Craig and Gahring each and third baseman Messner im-
that led to victories in three of as Laker Mike Koziara and Pitt- Sommers' tag was late. Thus, added two RBI apiece. proved their batting averages to
four games this past weekend. Johnstown hurler Stanley limited Mercyhurst was leftwith a split in The blue and green would add .328. First baseman Benedict's
The Hurst began the weekend the oppostion to six hits. Koziara the series. Freshman Jeff Benedict single runs in the second and .372 average leads the Lakers.
with a double-header split with held on for the victory as he al- continued his mastery of college fourth inning and three runs in the The Laker pitching staff again
host Pitt-Johnstown last Saturday lowed just one run improving his pitching by going 2-3 with a sing] e seventh to seal the victory for dominated its opponents as
afternoon. The Lakers triumphed ERA to 3.06. He also upped his and a double. Five other Lakers pitcher Rich Runtas. Runtas Crawford allowed one run in six
in the opener 2-1 on the strength record to 5-0 this year.i contributed to the effort with a pitched seven strong innings as innings ofwork. With the win, he
of Mike McKnight's mammoth In the nightcap, Mercyhurst and hit ri ) he had ten strikeouts and walked remained undefeated with a 2-0
two-run home run off pitcher Lee Pitt-Johnstown once again found On Sunday, Mercyhurst pow- two batters in the game. record this season. The pitching
Stanley in the fourth inning. themselves in a closel y contested ered its way to a sweep of Point In the second game of the efforts of Crawford and the entire
McKnight did his best Roy Hobbs ball game. This time, the Hurst Park College at Pullman Park. In double-header, the Lakers con- staff bodes well for a team that
imitation as he pounded the ball fell in the bottom of the seventh each contest, the Lakers cruised tinued to shell Point Park pitch- still has an outside shot at the
over the 58-foot Green Monster inning. % to 11-1 victories by adding run ing. Craig and Jason Runtas both Division II playoffs.
and hit a clock. The home run The Lakers battled back to tie production to solid pitching per- hit home runs to spark the offen- The Lakers have a tough sched-
erased an early 1-0 deficit the game in the top of the sixth formances. Rich Runtas and sive output Craig's grand slam in ule ahead of them as they take on
Despite the poor weather con- inning as Frank Sommers scored. Casey Crawford picked up the the fourth inning broke open a 2- Clarion University on Thursday
ditions and the performance of However, Pitt-Johnstown would wins. 0 Laker lead. He would also add at 2 p.m. and Gannon University
Stanley, the Lakers' Jason Runtas spoil Mercy hurst's comeback bid In the opener, McKnight con- another hit and an RBI. at home at 1 p.m on Friday. The
(2-3) and Gary Welgoss (1-2) also in the seventh inning. The Moun- tinued to prove he is a home run The Mercyhurst hitting barrage Hurstthen travels to play Saginaw
contributed to the offense. Ac- tain Cats pushed across a run off threat by hitting a solo shot in the was aided by Benedict, Welgoss, Valley State on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Dziekonski tops in Western PA

By Chris Kullman in tennis. One particular reason Mercyhurst cyclists Marcie Dziekonski clinched the district
started playing number seven Dziekonski and David McQu il len title with j'a photo finish sprint
Merciad Sports Writer O'Keefe attended Mercyhurst was singles and number four doubles, have been selected as long team over a rider from Millersville
because ofthe opportunity to pur- which meant he wasn't really in members to represent the Eastern College, j Viselli foughthard to
sue his dream of playing colle- the lineup. Over his four years at Region at the US National Colle- hang in with the novice pack until
Pat O'Keefe, senior captain of giate tennis with a scholarship. | the Hurst, O'Keefe has received giate Cycling Championships, the attacks became too much. He
the Mercyhurst tennis team, has Here at the Hurst, O'Keefe is a solid coaching, which is why, in held at the Massachusetts Insti- 'eventually finished 13th. In the
led a varied life at the Hurst. His biology/chemistry jj major. his senior year, he is playing num- tute of Technology in late May.1 intermediates, Davidson raced
tennis, school and social life have ''Mercyhurst has been good to ber one singles and number one
improved greatly since his move The announcement follows smartly, takingfourthin a 15 rider
me, and I am able to play com- doubles. j.
from Canada several years ago. Mercyhurst's performance in the field sprint. In the experts,
petitive teiutis/'said O'Keefe. The O'Keefe has a shot at the na- Western Pennsylvania District McQuil len crashed while in a five
O'Keefe started playing com- tennis coaches have always tionals in both singles and doubles. Championships, held at the Indi- rider breakaway and was unable
petitive tennis a t the age of 14. He stressed school work because the "The coaching has been very valu- ana University of Pennsylvania, tofinishdue to injuries.
was only 16 when he knew that he grades come before sports. able, and I would like to say 'hats where Dziekonski won the Thefinalresults in the race gave
wanted to pursue a college career In bis freshman year, O'Keefe off to them because they are re- women's division for the second Dziekonski and McQuillen the
sponsible for the improvements year, and McQuillen finished with points they needed to qualify for
in my game," said O'Keefe. second place in the expert men's Nationals and gave Mercyhurst a
The strength of the tennis pro- division. fifth place finish in the district
gram at Mercyhurst has contin- The Western Pennsylvania Dis- According to team advisor Jim
ued to grow rapidly. The play of tricts consisted of three races over McKeever, the team survived a
newcomers Kevin Daeschner, two days. Saturday saw 12 teams difficult year I to produce some
Vyom Bhuta and Markus Muenck line up for the opening road race. surprising results.;
has been solid. They came up Dziekonski continued to rack up "We suffered some rider losses
with wins where some freshmen points in the 25-mile women's due to injury and schedule con-
would normally succumb to the event,finishingthird. In the 50- flicts, and things didn't go very
pressure of playing more experi- mile expert race, McQuillen fin- well in thefirstrace of the season.
enced tennis players. The trio has ished fifth. Due to poor course But now we've come back and
won key matches that have en- marshaling, intermediate rider Dziekonski's championship is
abled the Lakers to go on their Tate Davidson and novice Lou really tremendous. To have
ten-match winning streak. Viselli got lost and were unable to Mercyhurst selected for the East-
On Wednesday, May S, the na- finish the race. * ern region (Maryland to Maine)
tional selections come out for ten- Shortly after the finish of the national championship long team
nis. "It would be the ultimate per- road events, rain began to fall and is a step above last year."
sonal achievement for me to get the afternoon 10-mile time trial To make the nationals, long
selected for the nationals to cap was canceled. Thefinalevent was team members must race at the
off my four years ihere at to be a criterium at the Indiana regional championships and fin-
Mercyhurst," said O'Keefe. Malll M I 'tmi ish within a pre-set ranking.
O'Keefe says that he admires
the French tennis players, in par-
ticular Yannick Noah, Henri
Leconte and Guy Forget "I like
them because they have a flam- INTRAMURAL SOFTBALL
boyant tennis style which I per- Sunday, May 2 Tuesday, May 4
sonally find appealing in a suc-
1p.m. Untouchables / Brew Oew 4:30 pjn.
Pat O'keefe cessful tennis player," he said. 1:45 pin. Browsers/ Strange Parade D
2hd D None /R.IAP.
5:15 pjn. Clams/No Names
Outside of tennis, O'Keefe is 230 p.m. Skeller Dwellers/ Blazers 6 pjn. FL Fly Swafiws/Not the Bills

r Seniors! ^
interested in golf and badminton. 3:15 pjn.
He also enjoys a challenging game 4 pa.
4010 Girls/We Own It
Mme Time /M. Conscious
Wednesday, May S

I Don't forget to complete yourJSenior of chess. lam sure everyone at the Will Be Made Up
Hurst will echo my best wishes to 4 3 0 pan. Brew Oew /The Rkhardheads
I Survey and return it to Dean Pat O'Keefe in his national title Monday, May 3
5:15 pjn.
6 pjn.
Strange Parade D/M. Conscious
Untouchables/ Prime Time
I 1 efforts and all his future endeav- WeOwuh/BitatdTs

^ McQuillen ^Office_by_ Friday^ J ors. 4010 Girls/ Blazers

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