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Team oriented and results driven executive with over twenty-two years of experie
nce in the I/T and telecommunications industries. Excellent track record in b
usiness development, strategy, marketing and sales including the development and
implementation of new business models, partnership programs and structuring of
complex deals. Successful in interfacing and selling at the C-Level, leading in
itiatives, managing people and implementing initiatives across multiple organiza

* Sales/Marketing Management
* Corporate Strategy
* Client Development
* Marketing Strategy
* Negotiating Skills
* Alliance Development
* C-Level Relations
* Product Development
* Revenue Growth Strategies
* Leading Teams

* As the Client Services Manager of a global Bank for IBM, grew the account 25%
and delivered more than $75M in new signings.
* As a Principal in IBM Global Services, generated more than $200M in contract s
ignings over a six year period, managed a team that significantly exceeded reven
ue objectives, provided global coverage for IBM's largest client and assumed res
ponsibility for Financial Market, Banking and Insurance companies, driving over
$40M in signings in the last 3 years.
* As a Business Development and Strategy Director at Ameritech, developed wholes
ale marketing strategy for the company, developed channel alliances and major pr
oduct introductions worth over $50M and dramatically increased profitability of
a $20M product line.
* As a Marketing and Sales Director at Ameritech, managed and exceeded revenue p
rojections on a revenue stream of $400M, developed and implemented the corporat
ion's long distance reseller strategy (including deal structure and back office
fulfillment) and developed and implemented marketing programs in newly competiti
ve markets.
* Successfully led a sales team with a $60M territory, managed a 70 person call
center focused on Major Accounts, developed corporate and business unit business
plans and product managed a $50M product portfolio.

Lead the global IT services client relationship and business development for a g
lobal Bank. Responsible for sales, P&L, delivery and customer satisfaction for
the IBM services portfolio that includes IT strategy and architecture, middlewar
e, data center, server and storage and security services.
Highlights include:
- $75M+ in new contract signings
- Growing revenue 25% to $84M and achieving budget in 2007 and `08
- Signed major deals in IT Service Management, High Availability and Data Cente
r Strategy


Led the business development of I/T infrastructure consulting and services focus
ed on major accounts in the Financial and Communications industries. Responsibl
e for the sales, P&L, delivery and customer satisfaction of service led solution
s, including e-business on demand, I/T optimization, business resiliency, securi
ty and privacy, and networking services.
Highlights include:
-Managed a team focused on the Communications sector that achieved $150M (1000%
of objective) in signings and $63M (125% of objective) in revenue in 2000-01.
-Signed $30M+ in deals and achieved 230% of revenue objective as the Global Pri
ncipal assigned to AT&T in 2002-`03.
-Achieved $40M+ in contract signings in the Financial Sector in 2004-`06.
DIRECTOR - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (Information Industry Services)

Led the business development, new product development, electronic access strateg
y and the product marketing for a $20M product line for the wholesale business
unit of Ameritech. Managed a team of ten managers and a $3.0M budget - highligh
ts include developing a new market changing data product with an NPV of $50M, de
veloping and executing the wholesale electronic access strategy and rolling out
a channel partnership program.
DIRECTOR - STRATEGY AND DEVELOPMENT (Information Industry Services) 1998

Within the wholesale business unit, responsible for generating $1B in revenues,
led a team of five managers that was responsible for the business plan, marketin
g strategy, marketing research, business and product development with an overall
budget of $3.5M. Successes included the development of a new "one number" whol
esale product and a wholesale cellular channel program.
GENERAL MANAGER-SALES (Information Industry Services) 1997

Directed the sales and account management for a $60M revenue base of assigned ac
counts throughout the five state Ameritech region. Led a team of nine account m
anagers and managed a $1.3M annual budget -- increased profitability by implemen
ting an inside sales program and eliminating a tier of management, successfully
retained 90% of customers in a newly competitive market and executed a voice ma
il initiative resulting in a new $5M revenue stream.
DIRECTOR - MARKETING AND STRATEGY (Telephone Industry Services)
1995 -1996
Designed, staffed and managed the marketing function to retain and grow usage an
d access revenues in a market consisting of six million end users and a revenue
stream of $400 million. Managed a team of eight managers and an overall budget o
f $6M - highlights include exceeding budget by $20M, creating the corporation's
long distance reseller strategy and retaining over 95% market share of a newly
competitive market by developing new products, promotions and distribution chann
MANAGER - STRATEGIC MARKETING (Telephone Industry Services) 1994

Developed the marketing strategy, market segmentation and directed the on-going
market planning for a $500M "start-up" business unit serving the local exchange
carrier market in North America. Responsible for integrating the unit's product
marketing, merchandising and channel approach to the market place.
M.B.A. Marketing DePaul University 1995
B.S. Electrical Engineering Marquette University 1986