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Current Occupation: Volunteer Lab. Technician at UT health science centre.

Mobile: 9018254438
Address:810 Washington Ave,Memphis,TN,USA

Research Technician used to perform Molecular Diagnostics Techniques such as (DN
A & RNA extraction and purification, PCR, Agrose Gel electrophoresis and ELISA).
And Plant Tissue Culture Techniques Specially on Grape.
* (2002 - 2006) B.Sc in Agriculture Biotechnology
Cairo University, Egypt.
* (2000 - 2002) English high school, Cairo, Egypt.


1- National Food Company (AMERICANA), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

(QA supervisor)
(Jan. 2008 -Jan. 2010)
* Bakery Products Company (Cake & Biscuits).
* Perform Laboratory Chemical analysis such as (Water activity, Moisture Content
, measuring water hardness and TDS) and Laboratory Microbiological analysis such
as (Yeast & mould, Salmonella, Total plat count, Swab test, media preparation a
nd Incubation).
* Perform Laboratory essential duties such as (chemical preparation, Autoclaving
, Titration, pipetting, pH meter and Balances).

* Perform daily worksheet analysis report regarding work in Process (WIP) inspec
tion, and Good Manufacturing Practises inspection and Monitoring.
* Conduct HACCP analysis plan according to company's policy.
* Teach the employee food safety essentials course.
* Manage the shelf life samples withdraw and inspection.


(Agriculture Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt)

(Research Technician)
(Aug. 2006 - Aug. 2007)

* Research Technician in plant pathology project funded by (USAID).

* Member on Team work for epidemiology and control of mango malformation dis
ease, funded by Middle East regional cooperation (MERC).
* Handling of Molecular biology techniques (DNA&RNA extraction& purification, PC
R, Gel electrophoresis and ELISA).
* Implementing Tissue culture Techniques (Preparation of media, Selection of sto
ck plants, Establishment, Micro propagation, Elongation, Rooting, and Adaptation
* Improving the productivity of (Grapevine, Stone fruits, Pome fruits) Free from


* Food Safety Essentials Online course Approved from AIB (American Institute of
* TOEFL iBT score 73 on NOV 2009.
* Quality Management system (QMS) ISO 9001- 2000 Approved by Saudi Arabian Stand
ard Organization (SASO) on MAY 2008.
* Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score 860
On MAY 2007.
* Attendance of Alexandria Biovision conference for Biotechnology from 26 - 29 A
pril 2006.
* Workshop in teaching technologies in advanced molecular Biology from February
18 - 26 February 2006. Sponsored by higher education enhancement project (HEEPF)
and Cairo University.
* Advanced molecular biology Techniques at agricultural genetic engineering rese
arch institute (AGERI) two weeks 30 July - 10 Aug 2005.
* Summer training course on faculty of agriculture -Cairo University 2004 - 2005
* Basic techniques of biotechnology 3 days 17-19 August, 2004 in the centre of v
irology faculty of agriculture -Cairo University.
* Summer training course on faculty of agriculture -Cairo University 2003 - 2004

1- Language skills: English (Very Good).
2- Computer skills: Microsoft Office & Internet.


* Date of Birth: 12\11\1984.

* Nationality: American, Egyptian
* Place of birth: California, USA.
* Driving Licence: Valid.
* Military Status: Exempted.

* Available upon Request.