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Melissa Wells

8001 E. Hayne Street. Tucson, AZ, 85710

(520) 990-3745

Upbeat dedicated professional with over ten years of QA and IT experience, in a
fast paced Multi-Media software environment. With an outstanding record of acco
mplishment regarding exceeding schedule expectations, while maintaining high qua
lity standards, optimizing applications and organizations as well as creating a
highly motivated team. Excellent relationship builder with recognized ability to
bridge the business-marketing-development gap and build cross-functional teams
to deliver successful, people-centered products and/or services.

AOL LLC, Tucson, AZ - 1997-2008
Senior Technical QA Manager (2005-2008)
Evaluated and tested client-based software, hardware, back end processes, and da
tabase scripts to verify functionality according to requirement documentation an
d standards. Testing incorporated automation, regression, performance, and stre
ss testing, as new software was developed and released both internally and exter
nally. Also responsible for development and maintenance of tools that aided in
the analysis of the test data and operational environment.
Key Accomplishments:
* Strong knowledge with several different SQA testing methodologies: Agile/itera
tive, Scrums/sprints, and Waterfall testing.
* Adept in testing techniques, including beta testing, integration testing, regr
ession testing, functional testing and parallel testing.
* Contributed to establishing standards and procedures for software design, test
ing and quality.
* Created and executed detailed test plans, test cases, smoke tests and end-user
test data.
* Created and organized test cases based on requirements documentation.
* Ability to adapt to rapid changes in requirements and testing prioritites and
business needs evolve.
* Made recommendations to senior management on potential software test process i
* Responsible for creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the
project requirements, and managing the constraints for each project assigned.
* Generated and analyzed data, test reports and provided weekly reports for exec
utive management.
* Initiated and managed the transition of the AOL Beta Program from an FDO (AOL
proprietary development language) to an HTML web based site.
* Ability to adapt to rapid changes in requirements and testing prioritites and
business needs evolve.
QA Testing / Quality Control / QA Management and Development / QA Testing/ Docum
entation / Community Feedback / Community Relations / Management and Employee Tr
Technical Manager (2000-2005)
Key Accomplishments:
Managed and coordinated all Windows based software releases with operations, leg
al, corporate communications, marketing, development, and product/project manage
ment teams. Reviewed consumer feedback and made recommendations to product/proje
ct teams. Provided level of effort (LOE's) for each project, to the correspondin
g project management team. Recruited and managed community of 1million+ beta te
sters via newsletters, formal testing events, and via online interactions such a
s bug reports, message boards and chat rooms. Created and administered feedback-
gathering and reporting tools for metric analysis and consumer experience report
* Managed staff of 14 employees responsible for all large Windows client release
s such as AOL 4.0 through AOL 9.0.
* Created and provided support for AOL's International Beta departments (UK, Fra
nce, Germany, Mexico, and Canada)
* Oversaw the deployment and release of all windows based updates to the main Be
ta Central site.
* Coordinated several large QA testing efforts focused on drilling down to speci
fic issues discovered from the testing community but not seen during QA testing.
* Served as the department manager when Senior manager was unavailable.
* Managed and created beta areas via FDO (AOL proprietary language)
Beta & QA Testing / Quality Control / QA Management and Development / QA Testing
/ Documentation / Community Feedback / Community Relations / Management and Empl
oyee Training
Call Center - Management (1997-2000)
Managed the overall facilitation of multiple projects' key performance indicator
s, including quality, sales, staffing levels, first time fix rates, attrition, a
ttendance and profitability. Directly managed a team of Project Coaches, and wa
s responsible for fostering employee leadership while taking an active role in p
romoting Quality Customer Service within the center.
Key Accomplishments:
* Supervised team of project coaches and their agents ensuring quality and custo
mer service levels were met and delivered based upon KPI and requirements from c
* Provided data for client-operations review and met all appropriate deadlines,
as outlined by client.
* Analyzed daily, weekly and monthly reports to current status and recommended f
uture resource planning.
* Created and maintained a solid client interface with open lines of communicati
on to ensure the highest levels of customer service.
* Held accountable for effectively managing project teams and department spendin
g while maximizing KPI achievement.
* Assisted in the adherence, planning and analysis of the center's operational b
* Documented and assisted in the implementation of center's policies and proced
* Supervisory responsibilities will include hiring decisions, termination reques
ts, time authorizations, the development and presentation of performance apprais
als, and professional development and coaching of subordinates.
* Held daily one-on-one meetings with team to discuss issues, goals, and to prov
ide support as needed.
Operations Management / Coaching / Management and Development / Testing/ Documen
tation / Employee Feedback / Center Relations

Oklahoma State University (1990 - 1995)
Tools/ Software/Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Dashboard Tools, Bug Logging &
Tracking tools, Sherlock, Jaws, SAP, Test Cast Manager, Mozilla, QA testing met
hodologies, NetAgent, Omniture, Outlook, MS Project, Site Catalyst, Remedy Tick
eting system, Trackit, SharePoint, Data Mining, CM, RM, Test Director, Quality C
enter, SDLC, Agile and Iterative Development, CRM tools, and Ghost..
Hardware & OS: Advanced Networking, LAN, TCP/IP, VPN, Windows Server, Windows P
C/XP/Vista/7, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and limited Mac.
Training: Search Engine Optimization/Markup (SEO/SEM), SBC, Managing within the
Law, Managers Training Managers, Striving for Success, Leading for Success, an
d Motivation is Key.

Subject: Melissa Wells Employment Recommendation
Melissa Wells worked with me as a Senior Technical manager in the Tucson AOL off
ice supervising up to 35 people responsible for the Beta testing program and the
tools utilized to support that program. She had three technical managers repor
ting to her, each assigned responsibility for several AOL applications to Beta t
est with the members. In addition, she set up an improvement program to solicit
employee suggestions and assign interested employees to implement the ones prio
ritized as the most beneficial to AOL. Many prospective changes were identified
from this program and the employees were very enthusiastic about their ability
to make a difference to AOL's business model. In addition, Melissa had several
first time managers. She did a great job of guiding them through the process of
learning how to manage effectively. Not only did her managers learn to oversee
employee work effectively, but Melissa also was able to teach them how to deliv
er difficult messages. She was exceptionally good at managing difficult employe
es. I had her stand in for me as Director of QA & Beta in Tucson at executive m
eetings and in my everyday tasks when I was away from the office.
Her organizational skills were critical when the Beta program transitioned from
using AOL internal tools to a web based system. The major portion of the transi
tion was executed within two months at the request of the President of AOL Techn
ologies. She supervised a Technical manager and his team during the project and
her technical expertise and her effective interface with the senior executives
kept the critical project on schedule with the required capabilities. After the
initial deployment of the web based system, Melissa kept her team on point and
continued to implement new functions that streamlined the work it took to launch
and monitor each Beta that AOL ran.
Melissa has strong technical skills and was very flexible, loaning her Beta empl
oyees to the Media Quality Assurance Group when they had a very challenging dead
line over an eight month time frame. She managed employees and managers who hel
ped with the QA of the media applications and quickly learned the new technology
herself. She also learned the requirements of QA and how to manage that area a
s well. Her willingness to help peer managers and employees was a key element i
n the successful launch of the AOL Media web site.
Melissa was trusted by employees, managers, and executives. She has great busin
ess focus and is an asset to any organization. She has exceptional abilities in
understanding what needs to be done and how best to assign and organize tasks t
o assure a project is completed on schedule with all requirements fulfilled.
In case of additional questions, please call my cell phone at 520-834-5391.
Nancy Earnheart
Director of Media QA, retired
Tucson AOL Office
Recommendations continued
Recommendation for Melissa Wells
Melissa asked me to write a recommendation based on the years that we worked tog
ether at AOL.
Melissa and I worked together on the launch of the most successful products in A
OL history. One notable example was AOL 9.0; this product was shipped to 10,000
,000 consumers in its first 130 days.
To do these kinds of things, the product had to be of superior quality. Melissa
and her
team played a key role in getting AOL to that level of quality. As with any tech
nical process, unit testing and quality assurance can only go so far, so AOL rel
ied on Melissa to run our beta/QA process. Only through Beta did AOL get the ass
urance that our products were ready to ship to consumers. To do this, Melissa h
ad to manage her team, a large community of volunteer testers and navigate the A
OL organization. She balanced these three things as she does everything in her p
rofessional life: with candor, directness and hard work.
Melissa also had to be a diplomat. Often, Melissa was the bearer of bad news. Sh
e had to maintain her independence, but still ensure that the news was heard --
and judged -- on its merit and not on emotion. I saw Melissa perform well in num
erous situations in the face of almost overwhelming pressure. She never lost her
cool, she wavered on the facts, and she never lost sight of the big picture. In
all the years I worked with Melissa, she helped us reach a good, solid business
decisions whether by saying a simple "no" or "yes" or through compromise.
If it weren't for the fact that I now live and work in Minnesota, I would hire M
elissa myself at the first opportunity.
Jeff Kimball
Cell: 612-321-1404
COO InternetBroadcasting