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Curriculum Vitae

Vijay kumar.G
Mobile:- +91-9949961196

Looking for a challenging and growth oriented position where my knowledge will be valued. I
would like to work in an open environment of an organization where I can put my efforts as a part
of success of the organization.

Experience Summary:
• As an Oracle DBA consolidated experience of 3 years.
• 24/7 On Call Support and experienced in supporting multiple databases running 24/7
mission-critical applications.
• Managed multiple Production and Test Oracle Applications environments of different
releases (9i, 10g)
• Experience in Oracle 9i/10g Database Administration, Cloning, Backup and Recovery
• Experience in various DBA activities like Installation, Upgradation, Monitoring, Cloning,
Patching, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery and other activities of 9i/10g Application.
• Experience in using Oracle Enterprise Manager.
• Database Creation, Administration, Managing the table spaces, Objects and Disk
• Experience in Oracle Database 10g Installation and Administration.
• Experience on RMAN concepts.
• Experienced in documentation of General Operating Procedures, Troubleshooting
Guides, various operational tips and procedures.
• Have strong technical background, excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
• Providing offshore Support round the clock

Technical Skills:
O/S Linux 32 bit/64 bit , Sun Solaris & Windows NT/2000/XP
RDBMS Oracle 9i,10g
Oracle Tools Export & Import, RMAN,Toad, OEM

Major Projects:

Client : HDNL
Project Title : Home Delivery Network Limited UK
Duration : Oct ’09 – Till Date
Role : Oracle Core DBA
Platform : Suse Linux ,Oracle Database, Oracle Application R12
• Daily health check to ensure the integrity of the system
• Monitoring the instances for disk space,connectivity and performance issue.
• Raising and Handling service requests with oracle to solve issues.
• Applied patches for oracle applications,cloning activity
• Adhoc requests include taking backups (physical and logical),user management,
configuration changes.
• Installated RAC databases for Development and Production instances.
• Preparing the installation documents,instance catalogues,check list etc.

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• Providing process driven support to end users and application developers which
involves troubleshooting user problems, handling Tickets and Change request using
internal service Desk.

Client : Vanco
Project Title : Vanco Manage Services UK DBA Support
Duration : Jan ’09 – Sep ‘09
Role : DBA (Core)
Platform : RHEL AS Release 4,11.5.9 Application,Oracle Database
• Daily Health Check, Weekly Health Check and Monthly Dashboard Report.
• Space Management
• Database backup and routine maintenance activities.
• Cloning of Production instance to Test instance
• Monitoring Concurrent manager and concurrent requests
• Raising and handling Service Requests.
• Downloading and applying patches.
• User creation setups, Creation of Responsibilities
• Issue management – Files,Schemas,Tablespaces etc
• User creation setups, Creation of Responsibilities
• Monitoring Applications and Database Backups

Client : Hugh Symons Group

Project Title : HSC UK Managed Services
Duration : Apr ’08 – Dec ‘08
Role : DBA-Support
Platform : RHEL AS Release 4,11.5.9 Application and Oracle Database
Responsibilities :

• Daily Health Check ( Database and Application Check)

• Database backup and routine maintenance activities
• Applying Patches (Application and Database)
• Weekly DB Refresh from production to Test instance.
• Issue management – Files,Schemas,Tablespaces etc
• Create and Manage Application Users, assigning Responsibilities and user profiles
• Scheduling scripts in crontab,taking backups (Physical and logical)

• Bachelor of Computer Science (BSc) from S.K.B.R Govt Degree College, Acharya
Nagarjuna University(ANU),Guntur with an aggregate of 61.6%.

Personal Profile:
Name : Vijay kumar.G
Father : Koteswara rao
Nationality : Indian
Date of Birth : 31 Mar 1984
e-mail :
Address : Srinivasa Nagar Colony(w),
S.R.Nagar,Hyderabad – 500 038.

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Languages known : English, Hindi and Telugu.

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