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4031 Bright Avenue O: 803.382.6153; H: 803.787.8272; C: 803.318.5902
Columbia, SC 29205
Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting - University of South Carolina, Columbi
a, SC
Depreciation Programs I, II, III, and IV - Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
MBA Graduate Program at Webster University (In Progress)
Oracle, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, MS Word, Audittape, Easytrieve+, Access Trained,
10-key Calculator, and Spanish.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of SC - Columbia, SC 1999 - Present
Senior Accountant - Medicare Overpayment: Palmetto GBA (2004 - Present)
Responsibilities: Administer CMS regulations and policies concerning the collect
ion of overpayments for Medicare part A providers; ensure proper recording and c
ollection of overpayments in a timely manner; establish extended repayment sched
ules; refer overpayments in accordance with CMS regulations; review and maintena
nce of extended repayment schedules; analyze and maintain payable and receivable
information on General Ledger system; test all CMS mandates and user group requ
ested changes for financial system before scheduled software release; work with
internal and Governmental auditors; contribute to the development of new procedu
res; train subordinates; complete special projects as mandated by management.
Management Control Reviewer - Medicare Overpayment: Palmetto GBA (2002 - 2004)
Responsibilities: Plan and coordinate Management Control Review for CFO Reportin
g, Part A, Part B and DMERC Overpayments; coordinate the conversion of manual pr
ocedures to electronic format for WebPort incorporation; coordinate all readines
s exercises for departmental ISO 9000 implementation; serve on ISO 9000 Function
al Leader Workgroup Committee; perform company-wide internal ISO 9000 audits; co
ordinate, with external auditors, division audits; participate in workgroups to
improve efficiencies; research and identify financial system errors; perform sam
pling, testing, training; plan and conduct workshops; complete special projects;
direct-report to Director.
Accomplishments: Division underwent external ISO 9000 audit with no findings. D
epartment received division "Process Improvement of the Year" award for 2002.
Accounting Supervisor - TRICARE Overpayment Collections: Palmetto GBA (2000 - 20
Responsibilities: Supervise the timely collection of overpayments of medical cla
ims and respond to all inquires as related to said claims; supervise preparation
of disbursements related to claim activity; ensure all area tasks are completed
within quality and timeliness standards set forth by TRICARE and Prime Contract
or; respond to audit inquires related to all area activities; monitor all work t
o ensure compliance with policies and procedures; ensure receipt of proper train
ing for all financial associates supervised; provide weekly, monthly, quarterly,
and annual updates to upper management; professionally supervise thirteen (13)
associates while maintaining high morale.
Accomplishments: First TRICARE team to receive "Team of The Quarter" award.
Accounting Supervisor - Sunstar Health Contract: Companion Property and Casualty
(1999 - 2000)
Responsibilities: Supervision of billing and accounting to include maintenance o
f subscriber accounts-group and individual; perform accounting tasks, such as da
ily cash balancing to include lock box reconciliation to daily bank feed to CIMR
and Sunstar management. Assist as needed in customer service and claims; assist
in weekly meetings to update upper management.
Time Warner Cable - Columbia, SC 1998 - 1999
Property Accountant
Responsibilities: Maintenance and reporting of all construction in state of SC;
recording and capitalization of all labor, materials and related taxes for all 9
divisions separately and collectively; calculation and capitalization of overhe
ad and taxes associated with construction; weekly and monthly sessions with mana
gement to budget capital activity.

Richland County Finance - Columbia, SC 1997 - 1998

Grant Accounting Supervisor
Responsibilities: Develop and implement accounting systems for use in recording
and reporting all grants obtained by the County; perform various accounting task
s, such as balancing ledgers; analyze expenditures; document, verify and correct
computerized accounting entries; balance grant reports to the general ledger, p
repare year-end reports for the annual audit; prepare and file quarterly and ann
ual DSS reimbursement forms and maintain time sheets for administrative cost rei
mbursements as allowed by related grants; supervise one accountant.
Richland Community Health Care Association, Inc. - Eastover, SC 1995 - 1997
Manager, Human Resources & Facilities
Responsibilities: Assist Executive Director/CEO with day-to-day operation of two
(2) health care facilities; receive, review and comply financial and other data
for CEO as related to personnel and facilities; conduct special studies and car
ry out special projects as assigned by CEO; carry out policies established by Bo
ard of Directors: receive and review external and internal reports for accuracy
and completeness; direct Finance Department during absence of CFO; assume respon
sibilities for the operation of the Agency during the absence of the CEO (superv
ised 45 employees), serve on various committees; attend various meetings of comm
unity-based agencies; work with other staff and agencies to enhance the quality
of care provided to patients; direct all aspects of personnel to include intervi
ewing, hiring, promotion, and contract negotiation; coordinate corporate benefit
package; direct facilities maintenance (including purchasing and capital improv
ements); coordinate bidding by outside contractors.
SC Department of Health & Environmental Control - Columbia, SC 1990 - 1993
Senior Accountant - Reports and Costs
Responsibilities: Prepare expenditure reports and invoices for various grant pr
ograms; review federal and other grants for reporting requirements; monitor expe
nditures and budgets for compliance with regulations; prepare Interdepartmental
Transfers (IDT) and Appropriation Transfers for reimbursement for other State ag
encies; furnished data against reports from the Financial Management System; adv
ise programs if expenditures were not within established guidelines; contact pro
grams to establish methods for collecting data needed for reports; maintain sche
dule of reports; prepare complex Medicare/Medicaid Cost Report for entire state
of South Carolina for the agency; gather information to assist programs with gra
nt applications; confer with federal and state auditors; prepare visit cost anal
ysis for Home Health Services.
Accomplishments: Computerized the Home Health Service Visit Cost analysis, ther
eby cutting the time needed to perform this function by 50%.
Stroman & Associates Accounting Services - Columbia, SC 1989 - 1990
Responsibilities: Coordinate financial services for small to medium sized busin
esses; prepare employee payroll; reconcile bank statement; prepare personal and
business taxes; prepare financial statement; maintain ledgers; audit inventory;
complete profit and loss statements.
SCANA - Columbia, SC 1980 - 1989
Accountant - Section Leader of Reports and Ledger Group (1986 - 1989)
Responsibilities: Direct and coordinate work of the group; maintain miscellaneo
us billing job order system for all special accounting purposes, cable televisio
n and insurance claims jobs; prepare and verify various monthly, quarterly, and
annual reports including Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Forms 1 and
2, Construction Run, Detail Ledger; Calculate Allowance for Funds Used During C
onstruction (AFUDC); calculate construction overhead percentage for allocation t
o capital projects; prepare journal vouchers as necessary; utilize various user
languages for efficiency; assist in training of new and transferred employees; s
upervise five employees.
Accountant - Section Leader of Depreciation Group (1980 - 1986)
Responsibilities: Direct and coordinate work of section; maintenance of depreci
ation calculation; calculate depreciation information for rate cases; maintain G
eorgia state property tax information; Calculate insurable values data; prepare
book and current value analysis; prepare depreciation study; audit inventory and
other company assets; assist in disposal of company assets through retirements
and sales; assist in various accounting decision-making functions; supervise thr
ee employees.
Accomplishments: First depreciation group in history of the company to complete
an in-house Depreciation Study for the entire company. Normally this task was
a function assigned to outside consultants. Assigning this function in-house to
the Depreciation Section, with reference to outside consultants, saved the comp
any tens of thousands of dollars. Also computerized "Lease vs. Buy" module used
to determine which was more advantageous for the company. Computerization resu
lted in a time reduction of 80%.