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Cheryl L Robertson

1157 Grovewood Drive, Clayton, NC 27520 (919) 369-4724 ? cr6cfe50@westpo
A competent, customer-focused professional with diverse experience in project ma
nagement, engineering, and financials. Proven ability to organize and plan compl
ex operations. Strengths and skills lie in:
1 Customer service, problem solving, and decision making
2 Budget preparation
3 Managing people, workflow, inventory, and labor costs and hours
4 Long and short range planning
5 Interpersonal and written communications
6 Organizing and planning factory rearrangements
7 Microsoft office suite
8 Material Coordination
1 As a new member of an Industrial Engineering Department, discovered that the $
2M budget was out of line with company financials. Introduced a new budget that
cut costs by 10%. Achieved additional savings of $40K by careful management.
2 Saved $400K annually on work related injuries. Collaborated with insurance com
pany to analyze materials handling issues. Identified problem as poorly designed
casters on heavy equipment. Selected vendor and implemented 1-year change-out p
rogram. Saved $30K by keeping the project in-house.
3 Reduced employee medical leave by initiating a state-wide company ergonomics p
rogram. Assessed ergonomics issues. Trained personnel. Coordinated troubleshooti
ng and follow-up with medical department.
4 Improved employee teamwork in a 90 table restaurant by clarifying and communic
ating roles. Revised schedules so that shifts could communicate. Set up monthly
meetings to address issues and concerns. Sales increased by $1000 a day, an incr
ease of 30%.
5 Improved employee relations and trust by communicating daily work plans and in
itiating meetings to resolve issues and concerns for a 25 employee line card man
ufacturing department. Efficiency and quality improved by 10% in the first quart
6 Assisted company in passing ISO certification. Reviewed and revised existing m
anufacturing procedures. Updated quality database to reflect current standard op
erating procedures. Company received ISO certification.
7 Diverted potential for spec related issues by providing full engineering suppo
rt to the Wireless market for telecommunications. Received and researched proble
ms, communicated findings and transferred materials to installation sites. Becam
e central point of contact for the Wireless telecommunications market.
8 Coordinated and supervised the efforts of 75-100 volunteers during company wid
e United Way Campaigns. Trained volunteers. Organized employee rallies and fund-
raising initiatives. Received 100% employee participation for the first time in
the facility' history. Donations increased by 10% in year 1.

Associate of Applied Science, Miami - Dade Community College, Miami, Florida
Extensive Training in:
1. Ergonomics
???Negotiating To Yes
2. ? Telecommunications Engineering &Technology
?? Dealing with Change
3. ? Steven Covey-7 Habits of Highly Effective People
????????????Stress Management
4. ? Leadership Communication Skills
?????????? 3M certification - Time Studies
5. ? Root Cause Analysis
??? Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
6. ? MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint
??? Customer Relations
(2001 - Present)
Building a family business
1 Supervise staff
2 Manage payroll
3 Manage inventory
4 Schedule labor

Optimal Technologies ? The Select Group

(Contractor ? June 2008 ? November 2008)
Documentation Control Specialist
1 Leading, planning, and implementing documentation control systems and pro
cedures to ensure projects are ?designed for manufacturability.?
2 Manage ongoing development, consistency, accuracy, and security of digita
l and physical documents.
3 Quality and process improvement resource for the company.
Flowserve North America
(Contractor ? April 2008 ? June 2008)
Quality Assurance Documentation Specialist
1 Insure that all necessary product documentation is complete.
2 Gather product specification documentation from customers including
3 Coordinate with internal design/engineering to make sure that all do
cuments, including
CAD drawings, BOM?s, and part lists are complete and meet customer
4 Utilize all data to produce a complete manufacturing packet that wil
l be used by mfg
personnel to produce the finished product.
5 Work with cross functional teams to ensure the accuracy of product s
6 Ability to read and interpret technical documents, including bills o
f materials, CAD
Drawings, and instruction manuals.

Carolina Electronic Assemblers

(2007 - 2008)
Documentation Specialist
1 Collect and maintain files of the latest revision level documentation necessar
y to define
product configuration and control manufacturing processes.
2 Download customer files (drawings, specs, BOMs) into CEA internal server for
manufacturing/purchasing/engineering use.
3 Compare BOMs when engineering changes are made; generate gross requirements re
port to ensure purchasing is aware of material changes.
4 Generate current Boms to engineering for manufacturing instructions update.
5 Ensure that older revisions are archived and removed from distribution.
6 Address all configuration queries from production, engineering, management, as
well as the end user (customer).
7 Resolve discrepancies between the customer BOM and CEA?s internal software sys
Carolina Custom Assemblies
(2007 - 2008)
Sales Support / Materials Coordinator
1 Initiate all customer orders into production
2 Gather all customer documentation (Bill of Materials, specs, work instruc
tions, pick lists)
3 Maintain and update all projects through internal product tracking sys
4 Receive all incoming material through the purchase order system; aler
t purchasing
agents/manager with any discrepancies.
5 Inventory control/cycle counts
6 Maintain files of all purchase orders and packing lists
Hagemeyer Custom Services
(2005 - 2007)
Material Logistics Expediter/Engineering Tech.
1 Expedite late purchase orders to obtain back ordered materials
2 Daily contact with vendors to expedite materials in a timely and cost
effective manner
3 Expedite materials for internal departments through the inventory war
4 Adjust internal purchase order system to reflect late due dates
5 Implemented an internal document control center for manufacturing
6 Various manufacturing projects handed down from Plant Manager
7 Classes taken - Introduction to Six Sigma

NORTEL NETWORKS, Research Triangle Park, NC (1984 - 2001)

Sr. Engineer/Engineering Action Center
(1996 - 2001)
1 Provide direct interface between manufacturing, internal/external customers, a
nd customer service engineering.
2 Perform root cause analysis for ongoing engineering issues.
3 Support engineering functions in the wireless market in Richardson and Calgary
4 Consult, train, and coach manufacturing employees on the manufacturing process
and problem solving methodology.
5 Schedule workload for 9 engineers in the central distribution center.

Industrial Engineer
(1990 - 1996)
1 Raleigh area prime for all ergonomic issues and evaluations.
2 Support all departmental financial activities including setting and revising b
udgets and cross referencing all expenses against monthly financial statements.
3 Administer programs for the development of standard operating procedures assoc
iated with external and internal audit activities.
4 Program prime for all material flow studies for the Plaza Distribution Center.
Production Analyst
(1987 - 1990)
1 Analyze new product development input.
2 Assess material and labor requirements.
3 Generate costs and billing to customers.
4 Assess departmental budget for accuracy of transfers.
5 Provide interface between customers and the new product development center.
Manufacturing Lead hand
(1984 ? 1987)
1 Assisted in the supervision of 25 production employees.
2 Keep production flow at a rate to meet daily requirements.
3 Track time and attendance of employees.
4 Give input into employee yearly reviews.
5 Assist the manufacturing engineers with experiments on line.